Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

Several weeks pa.s.sed since Claudia returned home, and I finally decided to move into my own territory . The final deciding reason came from a letter Adolph sent, letting me know that the renovations for the main part of the former feudal lord’s mansion has been completed .

It seems that the lands the former Arkland feudal lords are ruling over are pretty bad, since the speed of the influx of immigrants are beyond Adolph’s expectations and is continuing even at this moment . Since I have borrowed from Claudia………I absolutely did not let her finance me . However, since I have ‘that’ money, I’m not lacking in food, supplies, or wages required to hire laborers, though it’s not like the maintenance of the highway and flood control would be better if I just increase the number of people . Nevertheless, I don’t have to keep them digging and burying holes, and there is just enough of a labor force to use in order for the renovations of the mansion to progress .

Leopolt took Nina and went out a little while ago . It seems like he has some preparations to do as the vice-commander of the army .

「Let’s take this and that with us . And we will also need this, right?」

「Are you stupid? They have chairs over there . 」

「Ara, Ruu, that’s not good . That chair is sealed off because an injured person has sat on it . 」

「Mommy, that’s scary, Sue is crying . 」

「Something like a move, as long as I have my spear, armor and food, then I’ll be fine! Isn’t that right Celia!」

「I’m different from you! I’ll give my snack chart to Miti . I wonder if they have pastry shops over there……」

「Aegir-san . Don’t take advantage of the confusion and touch my b.u.t.t . Mooomm~~」

「You should be more grateful that Hardlett-sama is touching you . If it was me, I’d stick my b.u.t.t out more . 」

It’s quite boisterous when women go shopping, but this is several times more than that . And that’s because, excluding the baby, there are ten people moving, eight of which are women . If I left everything to the women then I would never know when things will get done, so I selected Sebastian to a.s.sist me . We can’t leave this place completely empty so we can’t bring everything with us either .

The ones remaining are the three from the orphanage, and two from the household; for now Melissa will be the female owner of the mansion, while Maria will be put in charge of managing the servants and have the t.i.tle of female head chief . Even though I said managing, it’s just things like scolding them whenever they misbehave and giving them allowance .

「Kroll, you’re the only man remaining in the mansion . In the case of an emergency, protect everyone . 」


I give the sword a swing before handing it to Kroll . Kroll has been accompanying Irijina whenever she would train . He’s a child but if he does well, he could get a good swing in there .

「To die first and to run last, that’s what a man is . You got it?」


It has some weight to it, but he was easily able to support it from training his body through pumping water and chopping firewood . You never know what might help you out .


Celia pats Kroll’s head silently . It’s the first time that she touched Kroll on her own volition, which is cute, so I’ll pet her head . It’s a hilarious scene where a large, medium and small person are connected through petting heads .

「Um! Celia-san . I have something to say to you!」

「I don’t want to hear it . Then, shall we go?」

Kroll still has a ways to go1, you’re supposed to stay silent and see her off there . Moreover, Maria is coming to lecture him . Well, of course, Celia is my woman . If you call the master’s woman, you’re going to have a bad time .

「He’s still a kid . 」

Celia, he’s still looking this way, so don’t wipe your hand with a handkerchief . He won’t be able to trust a woman anymore .

The girls and Sebastian are getting in the carriage . There are several large four-horse carriages and carriages for luggage, and it’s quite magnificent .


Maria and Melissa will be parting from us for a while, so they get teary eyed . I embrace them with both hands and the three of us kiss while entangling our tongues . The wife of some pa.s.serby covers the eyes of her kid and runs off, but I don’t pay attention to that .

「I’ll be writing you letters every week, ‘kay?」

「I’ll write them too . 」

The deliveryman connecting the capital and my territory leaves once every week . This is something that I forcibly pushed on the civil officials at the royal palace . It feels like this is the first time that my status is used conveniently .

「Yeah, I’ll be back . 」

I said just that as I got on the carriage .

「Come over once in while!」

「Until I get my feelings sorted out, I’ll be troubling you . 」

「「Please let me know when you get another new girl!!」」

It is broad daylight right now, so there is lots of traffic . After getting looks of curiosity, bashfulness and a little disdain, we left the capital .

Going from the capital to my territory with a line of horse-drawn carriages at this pace will easily take a week . There are around 30 private soldiers, gathered in the capital, which are acting as escorts surrounding us . Even though I’m here, with this many people with me, I may not be able to watch over everyone, so that’s why I prepared them . In the unlikely event that bandits appear and Nonna’s teacup breaks, it’ll be awful .

「Aegir~ you’re not going to wear that armor? It’s pretty isn’t it?」

The thing Carla is talking about is that golden armor, which is enshrined at the back of a horse-drawn carriage and s.h.i.+ning brilliantly . I thought about leaving it in the capital, but looking at its appearance, it seems like it would attract thieves so I brought it with me, along with the treasured spear I got as a reward .

「If you wear that armor while holding that spear……pfft!」

Celia covers her face and laughs . I don’t want to look like some upstart rich knight .

「But there really isn’t anything here . It’s just like the remote regions in the Federation……」

I guess it’s Nonna’s first time . It seems like she’s comparing the scenery which she saw on the way during the time when she was being transported to be sold as a slave in the past .

「What are you talking about? This is still just approaching Erich’s territory . My territory is more empty than this . 」

「Eeeeh!? But there are no villages or fields? Are you saying that you can get more empty than that?」

I pointed down below .

「There’s still a path here isn’t there?」

Nonna seems shocked, as she hugs Ruu who was beside her .

「Wawa, what is it? Uuu, your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are big……I’m being crushed~」

I also hug the resisting Celia .

「Haau, why are you doing this all of a sudden?」

This body pillow is for my exclusive use . And I’ve been resting my head on top of Mel’s lap for a while . I’ve been going back and forth on this road many times, but it’s the first that it’s been this comfortable .

If there are good things happening, someday, there will be an equal amount of bad things happening – I remember hearing that from somebody . Just as we entered my territory – and should be arriving in Rafen by tomorrow – when everyone was talking about their expectations of the new house, a scream pierces through everyone .

「Enemy attack—-!!」

「Right hand side!!」

「Get into box formation!」

The private soldiers shout loudly . They make rattling sounds as they don their armor and run, and I can also hear them unsheathing their swords . But those sounds get drowned out immediately by their shouts and bellows .

That’s strange, since it’s a relatively open area here . They should be able to spot enemies running at them from a mile away . Is it an ambush? That’s what I thought, but the answer came in from my ear .



「I know . …………It’s cavalry . And lots of them!」

The sound of the cavalry hooves further elevated the level of tension . Celia and Irijina are already done equipping their weapons, and Carla is fiddling with her bow .

「Celia, you come with me . Irijina, Sebastian, protect the carriage . Carla, shoot the enemies if possible . Don’t push yourselves . 」

Celia and Irijina jumped out of the carriage in no time at all, but the women who don’t have battle experience, especially Kuu and Ruu, are making a big commotion . Surprisingly being courageous, Nonna and Mel are staying calm .

「Nonna, I’m counting on you to look after everyone . 」

「Please be safe . 」

I jump off the carriage, and in front of my eyes, a man on a horse wielding a large machete, appears . I instantly thrust my spear at him to knock him off, but they’ve pushed this close to us? What is the private army doing?

「Lord Hardlett, they are not bandits! They’re a group of barbarians!」

As soon as the male ally said that, he was shot in the back by an arrow and fell over .

I see, so the mountain tribe has descended . Everyone is on horseback……and they’re using smaller horses than we are .


I hurl the fallen soldier’s sword at the barbarian on horseback, who is nocking another arrow . I tried to copy Celia’s throwing knives……but I failed, the handle part hit him straight in the face . Well, I guess it’s fine since he’s off his horse now .


Celia is running over . Since the enemies are all on horseback, it’s hard for Celia’s sword to fight them .

「Aim for their horses, they’re light cavalry . Drop them from their horses!」

The barbarians are wearing a mishmash of leather armor, but their horses are not wearing much of anything . The saddle is barely on top of them and they don’t even have stirrups .

「You’re going to fight on horseback without stirrups?! Impressive!」

I deflect the sword of the man who was trying to pa.s.s through me and swing at my neck, causing him to drop off his horse . Celia quickly stabs him two, three times and he dies .

An arrow flies towards Celia . She barely deflects it to the side but that was dangerous . In this free-for-all, there’s no time to look for Schwartz .

「This is quite random!」

I guess it’s their strategy, but they are charging at us on horseback while maintaining their speed, trying to lop off our heads as they pa.s.s through us . For the first person’s sword, I deflect it with my arm guard and pierce through his neck, for the second person’s sword, I duck to evade his swing, grab his arm and throw him down . The third person saw the previous two get taken down so he thought he would just pa.s.s me, laying low on his horse, but I smack the horse’s face with my spear and take him down to the ground along with the horse .


I pierce the two on the ground with my spear, and I’m able to hold out for now .

The soldiers who were in trouble cheered . But it doesn’t change the fact that we’re still at a disadvantage . Little by little, I can see that my allies are beginning to deal with them, but the enemies repeat their charge, coming from all directions, and they are toying with us .

「Carla, a rough estimate of the enemy count is fine . Can you see it from there?」

Carla took her bow and got on top of the roof of the carriage .

「Roughly 50 of them, all on horseback!」

That’s bad, we only have around 30 here . Not only that, nearly half of them are already injured and are useless .


With a loud shout, Irijina pierces through an enemy . Her spear isn’t that heavy, but it’s perfect for the lightly armored cavalry opponents .

「How many?!」

「Seven! Teirya!」

I have three, I can’t lose here .

Once again, three cavalry come charging . If you use the same tactics, I’ll get bored .

I take advantage of the difference in reach, and take out both their arms before they can swing at me . Two pairs – four arms fly in mid-air, and the last person gets their head cut off while he’s still in shock . It wasn’t pretty like how Irijina defeats them, but it’s a gross and flashy way of spraying their blood . To that extent, the effect it has on allies and enemies alike is huge .

After charging, the cavalry are looking to return to fighting once again, but they are falling one by one . Carla’s arrows are flying at them . Her skill with the bow is quite considerable, even when compared to that of a person in the army . When they slow down, she shoots them down one after the other, and for the ones that are far away, she aims for their horses .

Seeing as how our resistance is getting stronger, they decided to retreat for now . They move after being commanded and instantly pull back .

「The enemy is retreating!」

「Don’t let your guard down . They’re cavalry, we can’t outrun them . Don’t break the box formation until they completely retreat . 」

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Carla fires off an arrow as if chasing them away, but one of the barbarians noticed it and used his sword to stop it .

It’s the same for the soldiers, but more than anything, we have to bring Carla to a town as soon as possible . When the Eastern army came to Rafen, they also brought several doctors with them as well . It should be way better than bringing her to a nearby village .

「Is Carla alright?」

「Yeah, somehow, but her abdomen is hot . 」

It seems that Carla was able to regain consciousness while we were fighting . According to Sebastian, who pulled the arrow out, it’s not a fatal wound, but it’s not a wound that you can rest easy about either .

「Uuu, can I still have children?」

「It missed your womb . Also, you had something way bigger than that arrow enter you, so it shouldn’t be a problem right?」

「Haha, you’re right . I got stabbed by an amazing spear~」

Carla laughs, and the surrounding women also laugh, but her voice was strained . The wound also hit the muscles and may have gone through all the way to her internal organs . There is also a possibility that it could have been fatal if we didn’t have this special ointment .

「I’m tired……going to sleep」

Carla loses her consciousness while lying on Nonna’s lap . Nonna hurriedly tried to shake her off, but she couldn’t just wake her up or anything so she stopped . It’s better to let her sleep until we reach Rafen .

The driver of the carriage switches with Sebastian . It seems like he has a high proficiency in this .

「Sebastian . Hurry up, but quietly!」

「I understand . 」

He didn’t raise a single complaint at the contradictory order . The horse-drawn carriage picks up speed and heads to Rafen .

Rafen, the next day

「It’s better if we apply the ointment before the wound rots . She will be fine like this . 」

The doctor says after confirming the wound on Carla . Everyone breathed a sigh of relief . Since the injury reached her internal organs, she would have to stay on a liquid diet, and it seems she would be completely healed after two weeks .

「After we just arrived at the new house, I’m bedridden, that’s the worst~」

「If you were to mess around immediately, then the citizens would get anxious . It’ll be nice if you just slept for a while . 」

After hearing that Carla would be alright, Nonna starts to badmouth her again . The other women mutter ‘here we go again’ as they pick their rooms and organize their belongings .

「Hey, what will I do about my meals?」

「The servants will bring it to you . Please eat it in bed . 」

「Hey, how will I go to the toilet?」

「Please use the tub over there . Isn’t it your specialty?」

I can hear the banter between Nonna and Carla . But Leopolt’s face isn’t affected in the least .

「The incident this time is a misfortune and I’m glad that she’s safe, but it isn’t over yet . 」

「What do you mean?」

「The attack against Lord Hardlett is just one part . There are multiple reports coming from villages all over saying they have also received attacks . I believe that the mountain tribe is moving in force . Their numbers are probably ranging from several hundred to a thousand . 」

So they finally came .

「So what’s going on now?」

「The attacks on the eastern villages are sporadic . The eastern army, in charge of maintaining security, are battling them individually, but there are casualties . 」

If I just drive them away, I’d be going in circles, and there’s also the incident with Carla, so I really want to crush them .

「Leopolt, if we use all of the Eastern Army, would we be able to annihilate them?」

「It would be impossible to kill all of them, but we can crush their base, and stop them from functioning as a tribe . 」

That should be fine, they took the first move from us, but counter-attacking after they attacked us isn’t bad, just like in the theatrical plays .

「Order the squads that are guarding the villages to go down . All squads will gather in Rafen . Take the citizens from the villages and return here . 」

First, we have to eliminate these pests . And let’s do it thoroughly .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 20 years old . Spring

(Traditional age reckoning)

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount . Eastern Independent Army Commander . Troop Count 2000

Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area . Private Army 70

a.s.sets: 5050 gold (5000 gold Debt )

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear

Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed), Gold Armor (lol)

Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter), Kuu, Ruu,

Rita (imitation maid), Sebastian (butler)

Capital: Melissa, Maria, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Catherine

Servants: Nina

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander),

Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)

s.e.xual Partners: 41, children who have been born: 6

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