Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

「Please start from me first . 」

On our first night as newlyweds, unlike our usual nights, they decided to take turns being my partner one at a time . After getting married, it’s natural for them to want to be loved individually on the first night . The legal wife Nonna will be the first one to be loved .

「We will be waiting in the room next door . When it’s over, no… . when Nonna-san loses her consciousness please call us . 」

Before the wedding, I did not embrace any of the other girls, so everyone was aware that I was in a state of abstinence for about a week’s time . They themselves knew that the deed will be intense enough to knock them out .

The two of the left the room, and only Nonna and I were left .

「Then, please go ahead . 」

Nonna stands next to the bed . The man has a duty to take off the bride’s dress . As if touching something fragile, I carefully strip the dress that was comfortable to the touch .

Nonna becomes the way she was when she was just born, but she didn’t hide anything and was standing in a dignified manner . Since we have just gotten married and became a couple, there is nothing to be embarra.s.sed about anymore, and she also needs to show me everything . Moreover, her body is not one where you need to hide anything . Her skin is like the untouched snow, with not a single scratch on it, and her enormous b.r.e.a.s.t.s stand out from her slender body; there aren’t any men who wouldn’t be excited from this .

I also take my clothes off and become naked . My c.o.c.k is pointing to the ceiling like there’s no tomorrow .

「You don’t need to hold back . I have been told that the G.o.d of love will watch over the sworn couple on the first night . 」

So the G.o.d of love will be peeping on us, not Miti .

「Our violent intercourse will become the proof of our depth of love, and G.o.d will become pleased . 」

What a perverted G.o.d, but I do agree with that .

「Well let’s get right into it……before that though, there’s this . 」

I took out a bottle from the side of the bed .

「What is that?」

「You’ll know when you see it . 」

I spread the contents on the room floor . At first they just seem like pebbles, but after they came out of the bottle they immediately began to s.h.i.+ne in lights of various colours .

「This is……luminous stones?」

She knows about them . This stone is taken from places such as mines, and is a gem you can rarely find underground . I was told that they weren’t formed from the crystallisation of magical power, but it still has that name . Once exposed to the air, it will reflect a faint light for a while and eventually become just a plain old rock . They don’t really have many applicable uses but, since they are quite scarce, they are expensive… . . It has a value of about 50 gold pieces for one bottle’s portion .

「……How beautiful, it’s like I’m in a different world . 」

Since this stone isn’t very practical, it is mainly used in things like rituals, and to spice up the activities between man and woman . The luminous stones I scattered on the floor were red, yellow and blue, and even though there were some of the same colour, there were bright ones and paler ones, and it was like we were in the sky filled with stars .

「Well shall we get started?」

The light from the stones aren’t strong, but with such a large amount, even if we don’t have the oil lamp we could somehow make out each other’s faces . I pick Nonna up and throw her onto the bed . I quietly continued to rub my erect c.o.c.k on Nonna’s thighs, as she was still mesmerized by such an enchanting scene .

「……Such a, for this to be such a wonderful first night……aah, it’s unbelievable . 」

When I got on top of her, she doesn’t show me any instance of resistance or embarra.s.sment . I kiss her while checking her hole and Nonna already doesn’t need any more preparation . It was so wet that even if you were to say that it was after just finis.h.i.+ng the act, she could still continue . She lay flat on her back and left everything to me, spreading her legs and ma.s.saging her own b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「If it’s now, it feels like I can accept you from anywhere . Do it hard with all your might . 」

「Okay . If you can’t take it, then say it . 」

I slide my meat rod over Nonna’s white skin until it reaches her pink v.a.g.i.n.a . That place should have been ravaged quite thoroughly by now, but even so, it’s still quite nice . It’s already wet and slightly opening up, but compared with my c.o.c.k, it seems pretty small and doesn’t seem like it’ll fit . However this hole, as well as all the nooks and crannies of this woman belongs to me .

I thrust my hips with great momentum without hesitation .


My c.o.c.k goes much deeper than normal, and is pretty much buried all the way in up to the root . Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggle from the force of my thrust . She lets out a voice of pain briefly but she soon calms down, raining kisses on me . She stretches her hand to my c.o.c.k to confirm that it has pierced her own hole, and smiles at the fact that there are no gaps .

「Finally, I have taken everything in up to the root . I am proud as your legal wife . 」

Nonna was quite pumped up like never before, but even so my c.o.c.k is still too big for her delicate body . Cold sweat is leaking from her, and when I pet her stomach, it has expanded so that my shape can distinctly be recognized .

「I’m fine . Please go ahead and torture me as you like . 」

I can’t go on like this . I turn Nonna to face the other way .

「Eh! That is . 」

Nonna probably wanted to make love with me while facing me, so she resisted slightly . But I turned Nonna the other way and grabbed her thigh, picking her up .

「Kyaa! This is!?」

In this position, Nonna should be able to see all the lights scattered around the bedroom . This is because she is quite often especially affected by the mood . If I make love to her in this romantic scene, she’ll be able to feel pleasure even when my different-sized thing enters her .

「How gorgeous…… . This beauty……I have no words! The starry sky is in this room!」

I lift Nonna up and turn her back around to face me and made love to her . When I picked her up, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s shake quite fiercely, making ‘bafubafu’ sounds . How many men in the world could witness such a sight? 1

That gets me even harder, resulting in the two of us receiving stimulation together .

「Aegir-sama! I love you!」

When she is hugged from the front, my entire body from the chest to my stomach is being crushed by her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and I can’t get enough of it .

「Nonna you are my wife! My woman! These are my b.r.e.a.s.t.s!」

「Yes! Yes! All of Nonna belongs to Aegir-sama!」

I got a little bit violent in loving her, but Nonna accepts it . The intense deed continued on for awhile .


Nonna is climaxing, and I also e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e . Two-person’s worth of juices spew out from the place where we are connected, but I continue to move without paying too much attention to that . The time of love between just the two of us continued until Nonna faints .

I pierced deep into the back and I have already e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed twice . I pull out for now and the seed inside of her flows out, then I drink some water . I was going to take a little break but Nonna rests her b.r.e.a.s.t.s on top of my face .

「Ufufu, how are they?」

「Yeah, these are the best b.r.e.a.s.t.s . 」

I knead the b.r.e.a.s.t.s on top of me, and lick her nipples . Nonna’s nipples are quite small compared to her explosively violent b.r.e.a.s.t.s . It seems she herself is a little concerned that her nipples have some colour to them . But if I worried about something like that, Mel would go insane .

「No matter how much I look at them they’re incredible b.r.e.a.s.t.s……I’ve never seen such a woman . 」

「Ara, well I have never seen such a large c.o.c.k like Aegir-sama’s either you know?」

We look at each other and smile .

「You wanna have a match?」

「Gladly . ♪」

I stand in the center of the bed, while Nonna kneels at my feet and looks up at my c.o.c.k .

「Then here I come . 」

(Light Novels Ill.u.s.tration: Nonna and Aegir’s Match)

Nonna drools over her own b.r.e.a.s.t.s and squeezes my c.o.c.k in between them . My thing that is called monstrous by the other girls is snugly covered .

「……The head stuck out . 」

However, everything could not be wrapped as the very tip is sticking out in front of Nonna’s eyes . It probably has an incredible smell since it was craving s.e.x up until now . Unable to bear it, Nonna extends her tongue but she stops midway .

「I’ll make you feel good using just my b.r.e.a.s.t.s!」

「Haha, I’ll leave it to you . 」

Nonna moves her own b.r.e.a.s.t.s skillfully and rubs me . She isn’t simply squeezing me and rubbing, but she is. .h.i.tting my rod with her nipples, she’s deeply sandwiching and ma.s.saging me, and doing various caressing . The pleasure itself wasn’t that strong but the sight of my c.o.c.k being sandwiched and it freely moving around like that instantly amplified my pleasure .

「Ah, you’re about to release your seed?」

「You can tell?」

「Ufufu, I didn’t receive your seed hundreds of times for nothing . 」

In fact, I am already at the point where I can c.u.m at any time . I want to c.u.m while being wrapped in her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but it would be boring to let it out on her body .

「How should I receive it?」

「Can you drink it while it’s sandwiched?」

Nonna grins .

「Of course . Please let out plenty of it . 」

Nonna’s movements changed and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s start making slapping noises . She’s using her whole body to attack the protruding c.o.c.k that is on the verge of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. . My meat rod is being gently stimulated by Nonna’s large and soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「I’m c.u.mming!」


My rock hard c.o.c.k trembles once strongly, and Nonna, sensing my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, envelops it with her mouth . I press against her head instinctively .


My b.a.l.l.s feel a dull pain as I release a large amount of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, and the s.e.m.e.n flows into Nonna’s mouth . At first she desperately gulped it down and I thought she couldn’t drink it all, so I stuffed it deeper in her throat to pour in my seed directly in her body .



After the long, long e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n ended, I slowly pull out the c.o.c.k that went in all the way to her stomach . As expected, the satisfied c.o.c.k has gotten smaller . Nonna fell over symmetrically on the bed and was breathing quite roughly .

「Haah! Haah! Please take a look . I drank it all, not leaving a single drop . 」

Nonna opens her mouth and shows me . She has a large amount of s.e.m.e.n acc.u.mulated in her belly so it is emitting smell from her clean mouth .

「You did well . I’m happy . 」

「It is also the wife’s duty to drink up her husband’s s.e.m.e.n . 」

A wife is quite the lewd creature .

「Then it’s about time……as expected I won’t be monopolizing you for the entire night . 」

Nonna wipes her mouth and lays on the bed . It seems that the time has come to switch . She has exhausted her stamina, and my fire of l.u.s.t has been lit so if I attacked Nonna seriously now, she would easily faint . The attacks up until now were relaxing and having her enjoy the mood .

「Show me a little of your lewd appearance . 」

My c.o.c.k has withered from the previous large amount of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n . If I see Nonna’s naked body then it’ll get hard up to a certain amount, but I might as well do it while I’m completely hard .

「For something like that……how is this?」

While Nonna is still lying down, she grabbed her own b.r.e.a.s.t.s, bringing them to her mouth and holding them in her mouth . If Maria or Celia saw this they would probably die in agony from jealousy of not being able to do such masturbating acts .

I can hear the sounds of blood flowing back into my crotch . In an instant my c.o.c.k is pointing towards the ceiling and Nonna lets out a voice of happiness .

「Alright, I’ll send you flying in pleasure . 」

I get on top of Nonna, who’s laying on her back, and stick my c.o.c.k in her in her favourite missionary position .


Nonna screams but her insides are much softer than usual, so it goes in easily . I crush her b.r.e.a.s.t.s with my chest and glue myself to her . She loves being embraced like this .

I hold the hand that was going to rub my back on top of her head, pausing to kiss her intensely . Her legs are wrapped desperately around my waist, glueing herself close to me .



We call each other’s names while swinging our hips . The vivid sound of flesh slapping resonates among the starry sky rolled out on the floor, and she squirts, drooling while moaning . She reaches small climaxes endlessly, and Nonna can feel herself reaching her limit .

「I’ll……fly on……the next one…… . Show me……your face……」

For the last one, she chose my face instead of the beautiful background . We stare at each other at point-blank range, and I pull my c.o.c.k from her repeatedly convulsing hole . Nonna complains unsatisfied, but she knows what is coming next .


I slam the withdrawn c.o.c.k back in her to the deepest back, reaching all the way to the entrance of her womb .


Nonna is clinging to me with her entire body, and after gripping my back with her nails, she starts to lose strength gradually and sinks into the bed . She squirts intermittently at my crotch, but that also got weaker . She is starting to emit soft sleeping sounds from her mouth, and I wipe the outflowing s.e.m.e.n with a towel after pulling my c.o.c.k out .

「Fuu……it was more amazing than usual . 」

When I look, Nonna’s hole is still opened . I got a little uneasy as to whether it has gotten completely loose .

「It’s alright . If it’s like this, it will turn back to normal soon . 」

When I turned to look back in a hurry, Rita was standing there holding the sheets .

「Amazing, this is so romantic . If a woman was embraced in something like this by you, then you’d win hands down . 」

「Rita, I’m sorry but for today, prepare only for the four of us . 」

As expected, I don’t want to lay my hands on the other girls on the first night of our marriage .

「I’m aware . However, it would not feel good if they were to get on the sheets that were wet by another girl’s feelings, right?」

The sheets contain quite a lot of moisture from the traces that Nonna left . Rita swiftly changed them and left some drinks before leaving the room .

「Sorry for this, you’re a great help . 」

As expected, if we left it as it was Carla would also feel unpleasant .

「It’s nothing, since I believe that my devotion will be returned to me someday by your c.o.c.k . . 」

Rita hastily leaves the room . I pick up Nonna and carry her over to the bed prepared for her in the next room, calling Carla as well .

「Uwa……it’s pretty . 」

Carla also seems to be fascinated by the starry sky in the room . I go around her and take off her dress while inviting her to the bed .

「It smells like Nonna……」

That can’t be helped . It’s because I made love to her that much .

「You don’t like it?」

「No, that’s not . Actually, that woman, I don’t dislike her that much . 」

She can’t hear us, right!? I check the thickness of the wall by tapping the wall connecting the adjoining room . As I thought, the two of them don’t actually have a bad relations.h.i.+p with each other .

「But now it’s mine . I’ll disperse Nonna’s scent . 」

The place where it has the most of Nonna’s smell . She puts my c.o.c.k into the deepest part of her mouth . She’s sucking seriously as if she wants to milk me right off the bat, and a bit of her boorish personality shows and sometimes her teeth sc.r.a.pe against me, but to my hard c.o.c.k, it’s quite good stimulation . Sitting on the floor at my feet in an imposing stance and caressing me doesn’t quite fit the atmosphere, but Carla looks satisfied .

I started to get aroused from the intense movements and as I was about to press against her head, her mouth separated from me .

「It would bland if the first is with my mouth . 」

Lastly, she took the saliva acc.u.mulated in her mouth and smeared my entire c.o.c.k messily, rubbing it a few times .

「Can I get on top?」

「Of course . But you’re doing everything . 」

「It’s fine . It’s not like a man has to be attacking on the first night . 」

Carla drops her waist and takes me in . But she didn’t sit down all the way and her hips are slightly floating . It would also be painful for her to take me in all the way to the root .

「Kuha……this huge d.i.c.k, as usual it’s quite fiendish . It’s much bigger than a bad donkey’s right?」

「You are also shaking quite well . 」

Without thinking, I grabbed onto the two shaking mounds with my hands . Carla has a lean body and glamourous flesh . When I squeeze her, her hole tightens in conjunction .

「That’s right, I’m also actually quite big right? That woman just has monstrous t.i.ts . 」

Carla can also be cla.s.sified as having large b.r.e.a.s.t.s . It’s just that Nonna’s enormous b.r.e.a.s.t.s are too big and are overshadowing everyone else’s . The one who truly has the most sorry chest is Maria… . .

「Don’t think about the other girls . 」

Carla bites me on the nape of my neck . You were the one who brought it up though .

「You could tell?」

「Yeah, it expanded after all . 」

「Sorry about that . ……Also could you start moving soon?」

「Sure, watch this . 」

Carla clasps both her hands behind her head and sticks out her hips . Her movements are not simply back and forth, and up and down but it was like she was dancing – she was gyrating and twisting around, then she bent forward as if urging me to suck her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, showing off a diverse range of moves .

「How’s that? Is it good?」

She placed one hand on my chest and one hand on her own hips and danced . Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are jiggling around, bringing me more excitement .

「Amazing moves . Did you practice?」

「Yep, every night with a pillow between my crotch going ‘Aegir, Aegir~’ … . it expanded!」

I can’t help but get fired up when I hear about such a free girl practicing s.e.x techniques for my sake every night . Not being able to be patient any more, I grab her waist and thrust upwards savagely .

「Nnh! Amazing!! … . . After, Melissa also taught me a little . 」

I’m starting to imagine the scene where Carla and Melissa are intertwined with each other while practicing .

「……it expanded even more! You cheater!!」

Carla places both hands on my chest and moves her hips roughly . It wasn’t like the previous movements where she was trying to have fun, they were movements for the sake of receiving my s.e.m.e.n .

「Aegir-! I love you! I will always love you-!!」

「Carla, you will always be my woman! Uu-!」

Seeing how I stopped moving, Carla drops her hips and fixed them in place . Then when she felt the seed shooting up, she stiffens and collapses on top of my chest .

「Byuu, byuu, byuu, ……it pulsed 12 times . 」

「Don’t count it, it’s embarra.s.sing . 」

「Nfu, I’ll ask Nonna and the others how many times they got tomorrow . 」

I’m concerned about the relations.h.i.+p between my wives . We will be together from now on until we die afterall . That is not only the relations.h.i.+p between myself and the girls, but it is also the bond between the girls themselves .

「Aha! The amount is amazing!」

When Carla pulls out my c.o.c.k, she leaves a puddle of my seed on my stomach .

「Such a waste . 」

Carla scoops it up and plasters it against her genitals, that spectacular scene causes my c.o.c.k to once again stand erect .

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When she saw that, she stood up and moved all the way to the window .

「If you squeeze it slowly more from the base then……」

「Like this?」

I did as Mel declared and milk came out with twice the amount of force . It was a waste so I put it in a cup . When I show Mel the acc.u.mulated milk, she turns red and looks away .

The foreplay is finished, and it’s about time we change positions to become one . My c.o.c.k is still raring to go and is plenty enough to please Mel . Mel sighed and she started to speak solemnly while staring at my c.o.c.k .

「As usual……I’m just a woman who gets pleased from having a man close to 20 years younger embrace her . 」

「On top of that, you’re squirting breast milk . 」

When I poke fun at her, Mel grips my important place tighter . I spoke up without thinking .

「Yes, that’s right . I’m a pathetic woman who was driven mad by this monster . I finally gave birth to a child and became a wife . 」

The child and the wife, both of those are things you wanted right? But it would be insensitive for me to say .

「Until it’s over, this monster will be taking care of me as a woman, right?」

「It’s not like your hole closes up when it’s over right? If you’re pretty then I’ll embrace you forever . 」

「I’ll try my hardest to take care of that . 」

The both of us continue to rub each other’s genitals while talking, but the one who made a sound first was me .

「Now come . 」

I sit cross legged and called her over .

「Thanks for the meal . 」

She is already wetter than she has ever been before .

「Uuu!! Aha-! Fu…… . in this position I can’t move furiously, is that alright?」

「Yeah, that’s fine . This is good . 」

In this position, Mel’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s are perfectly in front of my face .

「Ufufu, so you’re going to drink while you’re entering me?」

I got exposed, but that’s exactly correct . It seems that my instincts seek the breast milk of a female . Perhaps it is because of things like a mother’s love, and it might be because a 20 year old man wants something embarra.s.sing .

「Have as much as you want . Sue is also weaned, so I don’t mind even if you drink it all . 」

The stimulation from the insertion already causes juices to leak from her nipples . I suck them, almost as if biting them .

「Nnah! Even though I just weaned my child, I have a large baby now . 」

I alternate between left and right nipple and suck all over the place . There is still enough of Mel’s breast milk for me to gulp down .

「Delicious……This might become a habit . 」

「Nnmou, ah-! While you’re piercing me with your big c.o.c.k, nnh-! Such simple mindedness nnh!」

I move my hips slowly while burying my face in her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and drinking her breast milk . Mel is petting that head of mine gently .

「If you want breast milk, then I’ll give you as much as you want . However, when Sue grows bigger, I won’t be able to secrete any more . 」

「That’ll be a waste . 」

「But there is a way . 」

Mel strokes her stomach that was slightly inflated from being stabbed by me .

「Three of them were safely born . It’s a little worn out over the years, but it can still give birth . 」

Mel is 37 years old, she can probably still give birth to 2 or 3 more . When I thought about hurrying up the mating process, my crotch pulsed . Just the thought was enough to get me aroused and it might get me to premature e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e .

「Ara? Already? Ah-!?」


I hug Mel, who was riding on my lap, and thrust my hips upwards . After a short moment, Mel’s stomach slowly expanded . My c.o.c.k is tightly inside her so it won’t spill .

「You still came this much after thoroughly embracing two people……? I’ll have to prepare for my next birth . 」

I wanted to change positions but Mel held my shoulders down .

「If possible, could we not continue like this? I’ll give my milk to this young man while he gives me his seed . If you do it with a motive then you’ll feel unbelievable pleasure . 」

The body that I was hugging was dyed red in arousal . Mel’s face seems to have no more luxury and even if I don’t move roughly, she’ll lose her consciousness . As if responding to her body, her c.l.i.toris got larger and is. .h.i.tting my crotch . My sweaty body has an extra piece of flesh touching me slightly, but it’s soft and very comfortable to hug .

「Even though you’re over 30, you’re still beautiful . 」

「What is this, all of a sudden?」

「You still have skin, beauty and hips and stomach that I want to impregnate, that doesn’t lose to young women……」

「Wha-! What are you talking about, it’s too embarra.s.sing!」

No matter how much Mel complains, I pile lots of praises on her while in between my gulps of her milk . Of course, my hips don’t stop and continue to move .

I suck, thrust and praise, and finally Mel reaches her limit . Among the slow movements, her insides are convulsing, as she climaxes and hugs my head .

「Guuuuuu, ah-! Aaaaaaah……」

It was a relaxing climax, but something unexpected happened here .



Because her arms lost her strength, her weight is loaded onto my c.o.c.k and it enters even deeper . Whether it was due to it being a special night that her s.e.xual feelings are increased and the entrance to her womb is loosened . Also Mel is a woman who has given birth to three people so it was comparatively easier to open her womb .

With a squelch, the tip of my d.i.c.k peeks into her womb . It was pain since the time she gave birth, and the pleasure of giving everything to a man .



From the feeling of violating a womb, that I could not enjoy except with Melissa, I start e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. . And the impact of feeling me e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e directly into her womb caused Mel’s head to swing back, she didn’t even let out a sound, and her face warped in pleasure in a manner that she could not show her face to her daughter, then fainted . Breast milk is squirting out from her b.r.e.a.s.t.s like a broken fountain .

「It seems that you have satisfied everyone . 」

Rita comes for the third time, she quickly exchanges the sheets that were covered by breast milk .

「The night is already ending . I couldn’t sleep at all . You will give me thanks the next day, to my body, right? 」

Rita grins and was about to leave the room .

「Sorry for making you do things like a cleaning lady . 」

Rita is wearing maid-like clothes but she is my lover . Although it was pushed onto her forcefully, she’s different from the servants and it’s not like she has to do the work .

「Please don’t worry . If I am of use to Hardlett-sama . 」

I am curious about that . Why is Rita doing this much and working like this?

「Rita, why are you working so much for me?」

「I have an ulterior motive . 」

「Is it money or something?」

「No, it’s not . 」

Rita turns around and points at my crotch .

「I, should I say it is your thing……? To say it frankly, I love your large c.o.c.k . 」

The words came out .

「The first time I saw Hardlett-sama’s thing, I thought it was some sort of joke . It was like the size of a horse, and the shape was also fantastic . A largely expanded meat umbrella, a rod with lots of veins crawling over it, in addition it was hard like steel……everything was perfect!」

「O, oh . 」

「Actually being embraced I felt its wonderfulness and it was more than my expectations, and I thought it would be fine if I died . 」

So that’s it, Rita quietly says .

「If you’ll be affectionate with me using this wonderful c.o.c.k then I’d even sell my soul to the devil . Even things like licking Hardlett-sama’s feet or peeing on me would be like nothing . 」

「I, I see . 」

「Therefore don’t hold back and work me hard, and please occasionally pound me with your d.i.c.k . I will be delighted with that much . 」

I thought she was originally a woman who felt happiness from being ruled over, but unexpectedly she is deep in the darkness .


The door opened and Nonna and Carla excitedly came . After our first night, it’s natural to think that we would sleep together .


Mel, whose consciousness flew away, also realizes quickly .

「It’ll be morning soon . Let’s sleep lots today until evening . 」

The two of them jumped into bed . The sleeping Mel is on my right hand, Carla is on my left hand, and Nonna got on top of my body, then we fall asleep .

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