Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 564

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Chapter 564: Excuse

The time I spent watching Leopolt’s back was long……it felt like more than two weeks pa.s.sed.

「Shall we continue?」

Looks of pity and compa.s.sion which were directed at Leopolt as he left the hall turned back to me.

That unpleasant gaze is proof that things have worked as he and I planned.

「The details of your roles will be outlined separately at a later date. Now, since everyone has gathered here, I have someoneI want to introduce.」

「Introduce? Personally by His Majesty?」

「Must be a foreign envoy……no, the friendly king of Aless is already present, and it is too early for emissaries of the Federation or the Empire to arrive.」

All the main n.o.bles and post-holders are here.

Murmurs spread speculating who would be introduced this late.

I gesture to the side of the throne, inviting the person to step forward.


n.o.body comes.

After a few seconds of silence, I stand up and peek behind the curtains in the back.


A beautiful sleeping face with cheeks so relaxed that they appear to be melting.

Lucy was leaning back in a chair sitting in the shadow of the curtains away from sunlight, asleep.

Not interested in the earlier commotion, she must have dozed off from having to wait.

Before I can do anything, I am drawn in by her perfectly-shaped face.

It is like the descriptions of the G.o.ddess of beauty written in stories were sculpted in real life.

And that defenseless expression of hers is so adorable.

Her slightly opened mouth and her rocking body should make her look silly, but I can’t see Lucy as anything except cute.

Lastly, her very existence brings me joy.

Lucy is napping before my eyes.

She isn’t appearing in my dream, she is physically next to me.

She is and will be here for the years to come.



The crowd in the hall takes a step back when I suddenly start laughing.

「Aegir-sama, please don’t laugh without warning! And to her, don’t sleep behind the throne!」

「Nnn……Aegir, you’re too loud…… Also, I don’t like it when you laugh like that.」

I grab the hand Lucy extends naturally, as she rubs her eye in a somewhat unhappy mood, and I pull her up.

Once I stood Lucy by the throne, the eyes of the people in the room and the entire atmosphere changed.



「……so beautiful. I-it’s hard to believe she is of this world.」

Based on the current situation, it is unmistakable that Lucy is my woman.

It goes without saying that ogling her is forbidden, but staring too hard or admiring her poorly would also incur my wrath.

Lucy is stunning enough to make those who are used to being careful everyday gawk with googly eyes, let alone virgin brats.

「Her name is Lucy. The reason I haven’t presented her to the public till now is……」

I glance at Nonna, who has her head buried in her own cleavage and looks like she is on the verge of crying, then remember the exchange we had the other day.



The girls are gathered in the s.p.a.cious living room.

Led by Nonna, the entire gang surrounds me.

Except Lucy is not here.

She was asked to come, but curtly refused because she wasn’t interested.

「I’ve had enough!!」

Nonna slams her fist on the table.

If it was the mini table in her room, the teapot and cups would have clattered in response to her anger, but the table in the palace is so st.u.r.dy that it accepted the impact without budging and caused Nonna to crouch down holding her hand in pain.

「What a dummy.」

Carla rests her elbow on the table while fooling with Nonna’s hair.

「But Aegir has been a little mean lately. You’re a bit too attached to that person.」


I groan, unable to refute.

「Don’t we usually eat dinner together? It’s a time we spend together regardless of whether we’re wives or lovers. I think it’s very special and supposed to be precious time.」

Celia peeks out from under the table at the perfect time to continue where Carla leaves off.

「But while we’re eating, Lucy suddenly goes to Aegir-sama and says, “Take me to the beautiful pond”.」

「And we were all in the middle of eating too……the mood around the table was terrible after that.」

Maria hesitates somewhat in her speech.

With her being good-natured, she probably felt bad talking about Lucy behind her back.

「You also promised to play with the kids in the garden the day before yesterday, but you broke your promise.」

Melissa rebukes me.

Since we moved to the capital, I can’t play leisurely outside with the children.

I’ve been warned by several individuals that there is a big difference between the son of a feudal lord and the son of a king, and because of all the animosity I caused, wicked schemes may target those around me if I’m not careful.

Then again, the royal courtyard is large enough for adults to run around so it isn’t exactly cramped.

「It was the first promise in a while too……sorry I couldn’t go.」

「Couldn’t go……huh?」

I would schedule a family activity with Nonna and the others, but Lucy would squeeze in and drag me away.

This pattern repeated itself many times.

「Not only is Aegir-sama the head of a family, you are also the king of a country!」

「Right. And Nonna is the queen consort.」

Nonna pauses briefly and lets her eyes wander.

「In any case, ignoring her looks, how can you not be stern to a single woman!?」

Carla and the others whisper.

「She stopped for a second there.」

「Nonna-san has a weak spirit and a small capacity after all.」

「So being a queen is beyond the conceivable ability of the wife of a great n.o.ble.」

I smile sheepishly as I scratch my head.

「Sorry. I know I did something bad to you.」

The thing is, I can never refuse Lucy.

Even if I know I should prioritize my previous engagements.

「What’s most irritating is how she intrudes during s.e.x.」

Catherine jumps into the conversation.

She is also considerably upset.

「It was your day yesterday. I’m really sorry.」

The girls decided on an order of which nights belonged to them when we were in Rafen.

Oftentimes, things got out of control, but at least the girls who slept with me on one particular night were fixed.

However, Lucy also joins this activity on a whim.

「It’s annoying how she cuts in during the sweet cuddling time in the beginning, but what I can’t accept is how she monopolizes you to herself. Last night when I peeked, weren’t you also floppy!? I spent two hours warming your body too!」

Everytime I do it with Lucy, it almost feels like my soul is being sucked out, that’s why I almost always can’t continue with the upcoming girls.

Catherine has bags under her eyes likely because she stayed up all night masturbating after not being able to relieve herself with me.

「I’m sorry.」

I knew Catherine had a strong s.e.x drive.

I was going to ask Lucy to wait but……

”Is that so? Well since I’m free, maybe I’ll go cheat with someone in the city.”

Even though I knew she was joking and teasing me, I couldn’t help pouncing on her and kissing her desperately to stop her.

If by some small chance she actually cheats, I’d have to kill every single man in the capital.

I earnestly lower my head to all the women who I wronged.

「Um, it’s extremely hard to say but……」

Rita shyly raises her hand.

Rita wanted to perform her maid duties after moving to the palace.

But because the maids in the palace all have specialized skills, it’s hard for her to fit in, thus I made her my personal maid.

「I am a recipient of master’s, no His Majesty’s mercy so I do not mind if you prioritize the others. However, the disastrous scene in bed……it would be best if you keep your s.e.xual activities under control for the sake of your body.」

「Which ones specifically do you mean?」

Felteris, the perverted elf pops in from the side.

「First is the blood splattering. Not just the sheets, the walls and floor are covered……enough that we unconsciously look for a dead body.」

「Urk! That is a little out of my expertise……it is possible to deal with though.」

When Lucy and I get heated, since she’s a vampire, blood-sucking usually accompanies our s.e.x.

I will naturally be bitten by her and when she’s close to climax, she also asks me to bite her.

「I was going to pretend I didn’t see anything. But because I was also skipped, I’ve decided to speak out.」

Mel chimes in.

「You were walking on all fours in the corridor late at night with that person on top, right?」


n.o.body was supposed to witness that.

「Please be more aware of your position!!」

Celia flares up, but Mel has one more thing to add.

「Moreover you had a thick d.i.l.d.o in your a.s.s.」


Lucy stuck it in, saying it was a tail.

And she wanted to look at the moon, so we exited the bedroom and walked in the halls for a bit.

Celia and Nonna both look like they are about to faint.

「Sorry. I am supposed to be a man to you girls, but I let you see my pathetic side.」

I was the one who made all of the women surrounding me mine.

Of course they would be hurt if I show myself being humiliated.

「It’s no good.」

「Yes, we have to talk directly to Lucy after all.」

Nonna and Carla nod in agreement.

「No, I said I will talk to her.」

Carla brings herself near to my face and interrupts me.

「Who’s the one at fault here?」


Carla sighs.

「No, it’s all Lucy’s selfishness. But Aegir doesn’t get mad at her at all. So it’s pointless unless we talk to her.」

「It seems like she’s Aegir-sama’s benefactor and this is your first time meeting in a while so I know you are more considerate, but we’re at our limits. As the legal wife, I will teach her the order of the Hardlett family.」

The two of them promptly stand, followed by Mel and Melissa, who give me a light tap on the cheek before walking after them.

I can’t let them do something like lynching.

More importantly, their lives would be in danger if Lucy is upset.

Although a bit late, I chase after them and run to Lucy’s room.

「Fuwaa……what is it all of a sudden?」

Nonna and the others glare at Lucy who has just woken up.



「Kuh! Something like this.」

As expected, Nonna and company are being overpowered.

But I don’t feel any bloodl.u.s.t or vampiric energy.

So what are they being overpowered by?

First is Mel.

She kneels in front of Lucy, who wipes her face with a wet towel.

「A face that beautiful without makeup right after waking up!? I thought she would have layers of makeup……not only is her skin free of blemishes, she doesn’t have any wrinkles……her silk-like white eyelashes are also natural……n.o.body can win against that.」

Next is Carla.

She takes a step back as Lucy combs her long messy hair with a hand.

「She doesn’t even tie her hair when sleeping……yet each strand is like silk……the care and physical nature……t-this isn’t possible.」

Last is Nonna.

She is astounded in the presence of Lucy’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s peeking out from her baggy clothes.

「Their size is comparable to mine but they are parallel to the ground without support from any underwear!? I can’t believe that they aren’t sagging one bit……furthermore, the color of her nipples are light pink! Wouldn’t they rub a lot because of how big her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are!? And when they rub, wouldn’t they get darker!? Why do they stay pink!?」

Nonna checks her own b.o.o.bs and then approaches Lucy.

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Of course, her dark pink nipples are nice too.

「Urg, so bad……my nose is turning up.」

Lucy lets out a little scream.

That feminine voice and att.i.tude causes my crotch to bulge, but now is not the time for copulation.

「In the end, it is merely garlic, it isn’t that bad of a smell! Oh yeah, I haven’t greeted you properly yet!」

Irijina takes rapid strides toward Lucy.

「Stop, don’t come near me, I mean it. I’ll tear you――don’t. It stinks more when you do that.」

「What’s wrong? I just want to greet you. Don’t run.」

Irijina pursues as Lucy flees.

「I guess I’ll cook garlic dishes every day from now on.」

「We don’t have to go that far to repel women. But pickling Aegir in garlic might be an option when we absolutely want Aegir with us.」

「Getting f.u.c.ked by a man who stinks……fu, fufu that’s humiliating!」

Nonna and Carla discuss in whispers.

「Good grief, I was such a buffoon.」

Sekrit pulls off her prosthetic arm and stands up.

She has the thing that looks like a cannon, is she planning on firing it here?

「I haven’t peed myself since I was a kid.」

She said it like it was insignificant, but still feeling embarra.s.sed, she brushed my hand away and left hurriedly.

「I can’t believe I also wet my pants……」

Celia follows Sekrit out.

「You didn’t do it since the day before yesterday, huh?」

「It was the week before last!」

Well, the situation calmed down, but if I leave things as is, the same problem will repeat itself.

「You should clear up where everybody stands.」

Enshrined on top of Tikuku, who is standing next to me, is Bug-helmina.

「It is hard to break into a country from the outside, but rather simple to collapse it from the inside. You alone make up Goldonia at this point. Even if it is just a dispute between mistresses, it may spark an unexpected fire around you.」

Lucy sends Irijina flying.

The knocked down Irijina coughs and the garlic scent in her lungs disperses in the air, causing Lucy to choke.

The windows being clasped shut by Celia and Carla are having a decent effect on Lucy.

「It doesn’t look like she has any intentions of getting along with the others. In that case, you should decide her position within the family and establish her relations.h.i.+p with the girls.」

「It’s not good enough that she’s someone precious to me?」

Bug-helmina shakes her head.

「No. It’s one thing if she is the sole person precious to you, but isn’t everyone here precious to you? The more powerful a nation is, the more defined the roles of those around the ruler must be.」

「I don’t want a ranking.」

I notice Nonna’s mind is wandering.

She must be thinking that her standing as the legal wife is going to be taken from her.

「Don’t worry.」

I don’t plan for Nonna to lose her position.

With that said, I can’t lower Lucy’s status even if it is a formality.

「I have an idea.」

I grin.

――Flashback ends.


「She is my……」

Though captivated by Lucy, everyone is waiting for me to finish the sentence.

Nonna trembles and tucks her pale face into her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Carla, beside her, is keeping a hand on Nonna’s dress to keep the risky parts from spilling out.



Gasps of surprise come from everyone as I puff out my chest proudly.

A mother is a truly special existence.

Even without an official post or t.i.tle, she won’t be seen as inferior.

She can also naturally appear in public with the king.

Additionally, I don’t have an origin story to begin with so I don’t have a true birth place or parents.

In other words, n.o.body will find out it’s a lie.

It’s perfect.

Except the reaction of those in the hall was chilly.

「……no no, that’s not possible. I mean, she looks as old as His Majesty.」

「A mother-in-law……? Then there’s no purpose in hiding her background.」

Nonna’s expression, now relieved that her position hasn’t changed, s.h.i.+fts to different comic faces at the sudden parent she gained.

「Lucy……no. Mother, do you mind?」

It’s normal to use polite speech with my mother.

「Of course not, Your Majesty.」

Lucy stands next to me with a wide smile.

「I am His Majesty’s mother, who was separated from him.」

No signs of fear show on her face despite a crowd of people in front of her.

Or perhaps she is imagining everybody as potatoes.

「Isn’t she way more confident than you?」

「Shut up.」

Nonna and Carla mutter back and forth.

「However, I am uneducated and ill-mannered, and therefore I only wish to be by His Majesty as a family member. I know nothing of politics or socializing.」

Her words are contrary to her soothing voice and her regal gestures.

So what she’s saying is not to try influencing her and not to invite her to parties to win her over.

As someone who was royalty in the distant past, she knows how to tell everyone without causing offense.

She finishes with a smile.

Not good, that’s an evil smile.

「Now that it’s clear I am His Majesty’s mother, I would also like to say that I am His Majesty’s lover due to various circ.u.mstances. If I happen to be pregnant……please throw a magnificent celebration.」

Lucy bows politely and steps back.

It leaves me behind to be a.s.sailed by a fierce gaze.

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