Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 554

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Chapter 554: Road to Kingdom ⑪ Blood Dances at the Coronation —Preview

Throne Room.

「A great hero with exceptional brute str-……ahem, exceptional prowess in the art of war. In praise of Aegir Hardlett, and with this coronation ceremony, let the whole kingdom know his might!」

Although he stutters a bit and appears slightly unwilling, the announcer fulfills his duty.

「It’s finally here, Your Majesty. You have been through a lot, but I’m glad you are able to safely make it to this day.」

Bending over and currying favor next to me is Kenneth.

Two weeks pa.s.sed since the day I killed the king, and there have been three sneak attack attempts and two rebellions.

Leopolt and Kenneth detected and quashed one sneak attack each, while the remaining attempt during my sleep was a success, though it ended not with the death of myself, but the deaths of five other men.

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The commander of the royal army led one rebellion and a neighboring feudal lord n.o.ble led the other……neither had enough momentum to get others involved because Kenneth had proclaimed his recognition of me as king, so they wilted like salted vegetables when threatened to be treated as rebels.

Far from flattering, he doesn’t show an ounce of affection. You’re who you are, I guess you can’t do anything about it.

「Your Majesty, Your Majesty, everyone is waiting so it’s about time to……」

Prompted by Kenneth, I stand up.

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