Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 551

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Chapter 551: Road to Kingdom ⑧ Farewell Friend —Preview

Erich glares at me with a scowl he’s never shown me in the past.

Naturally, his expression was suitable towards a sworn enemy, but that doesn’t explain everything.

Envy and gratification――no, it can’t be.

「I predicted the friendly fire trick. And I had a countermeasure for the monster.」

Following his line of sight, I see several large cannons set on top of the city walls.

If I let the smoothie rush in at the start and charged through the gates, I would have been met with a severe counterattack.

Those cannons were rendered useless by the shockwave of the giant explosion, with their bases broken and their barrels bent in various directions.

「With all this chaos, I can no longer bring it under control from the rear. I have to step onto the frontlines myself.」

We have to defeat each other in order to advance.

「Bruno, Agor, and Cedric――have you killed them?」

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「So you have something more important to you than friends.h.i.+p.」

Erich draws his sword and walks forward on his horse.

He wants to duel me?

The escort knights hurriedly step in between us.

「No need. Stand down.」

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