Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: Road to Kingdom ⑥ 1 vs. 3 —Preview

I can see Celia hurrying to follow me.

Sekrit is regrouping the struggling wagon infantry.

Yakov is yelling some kind of order to his men and Leopolt is giving instructions to the whole army.

「Undo the defensive formation! Move the spear unit to the front!」

「Have all the archers aim in front……although he is one man, this is Lord Hardlett we’re talking about! Shoot him before he gets close!」

The royal army also changes formation.

All the movements on the battlefield are centered around me.

What a fun feeling.


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Rocks and oil crash down from above the heads of the archers trying to launch a volley of arrows.

Moreover Pochi skims the ground barely touching it and swipes at crowds of soldiers.

It would appear he is a vicious dragon a.s.saulting humans indiscriminately, but he is actually closing his eyes and swinging his arms and legs randomly.

「Counterattack!! Loose!!」

Their aim switches from me to Pochi without delay.

Arrows are fired into the air and ballistae also unleash their bolts.

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