Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: Road to Kingdom ④ Last Party —Preview

Morning――with that said, the sun has already risen and it’s closer to noon.

Goldonia’s capital is finally in our sights.

「They are more prepared than we thought.」

The main road leading to the south gate of Goldonia has been dug up, and the dug up earth is then mixed with rubble and piled up in various places.

「It’s because they know our main force is cavalry. Although simple, their defense is quite irritating. In particular, the mobility of our wagons and chariots are considerably limited.」

And stationed in front of the gate are tens of thousands……if what Rebecca wrote in her letter is true, then two army corps totaling 30 000 are waiting in a rectangular formation that will not allow us to break through.

「Soldiers are deployed on top of the city walls too. They must be the capital defense force of 15 000. They have very few cavalry and spearmen and instead have a high ratio of archers and crossbowmen. It’s not likely for them to step outside.」

To prioritize speed, we didn’t bring large cannons capable of destroying walls.

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Thus the only way to enter the capital is through the gate, which is tightly guarded by the enemy’s 30 000 men.

In other words, we can do something if we can hold onto the gate.

I know how the gate closes and the mechanism behind it too.

A while back, I got drunk and shut the gate accidentally.

At that time, I thought Erich was going to kill me.

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