Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 535: A Resourceful General's Misconduc

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Chapter 535: A Resourceful General’s Misconduc

Royal Capital Goldonia – Hardlett Residence.


Expensive wine bottles pop open, and music and songs start playing.

At the same time, hired dancers with pretty faces and long limbs dance with nimble steps.

Irijina takes the plates from the hands of the kids serving her and urges them to go play instead of working while stuffing meat into her mouth.

Carla and Mireille begin a drinking contest, spurred on unnecessarily by the cheering of those around them.

Maria and Melissa are happily drinking together, but the atmosphere eventually becomes strange and the two start transferring wine to each other mouth-to-mouth, which later makes them feel guilty and apologize to me by dribbling wine from their mouths into my mouth.

The party began to unravel around the time Celia, who promised to drink only one cup, started to drink her third cup.

Carla and Mireille become naked, Pipi climbs onto the chandelier and starts fooling around, Yoguri strips, and Myla and Celia pile on top of each other.

Mel is red in the face and walking around unsteadily, Kuu is repeating obscene words to a boy who isn’t even ten years old, which troubles Ruu, Annette and Adela are regurgitating like fountains, and Gretel, the daughter of the prestigious Beltz family, is obeying orders to give her paw and to sit like a dog from a drunk Marta.

Ivanna, who was provoked by Sekrit and lost in a drinking contest for the first time, is hunched over the table, pa.s.sed out and isn’t wearing any pants, leaving her precious place visible for children to inspect.

「Mother……you smell nice……」

「And you, Stephanie, smell as sweet as a flower. May I touch?」

「C-can I touch too? Open……your legs.」

「That’s not fair. Mother, touch me too……」

「H-how weird……the medicine is supposed to make it harder to get drunk.」

Next to the perplexed Natia are the Treian royal family, the mother Marceline, the eldest daughter Stephanie, the middle daughter Brigette, and the youngest daughter Felicie, all of whom are enveloped in a rosy atmosphere.

「Warm……but kind of cold……」

Celia is lying on Myla’s face and has peed herself, Myla is dead drunk and rubbing Celia’s wet a.s.s.

When she wakes up, I bet she’s going to freak out.

The party at the mansion in the capital of Goldonia where Nonna would have screamed if she wasn’t drunk, was yesterday.

「So this the first sunrise of the new year?」

I push aside the futon and gaze at the first morning as a 26 year-old.

Of course, I don’t feel any different. I’m not a child who grows dramatically every year nor am I at an age where my strength deteriorates every year.

「It’s been eight years.」

They say dreams on the turn of the year have special significance.

This year, I had a rather wonderful and nostalgic dream.

It’s embarra.s.sing to think back on it, so I won’t.

「Now get up. The new year’s going to be busy.」

I peel the quilt off the bed and expose the sleepyheads underneath to the cold morning air.


Nonna is the first to crawl out.

She sluggishly rolls off the bed and groans about the chilliness.

Leah rubs her eyes and wakes up next, giving my lips and my crotch a kiss as she ma.s.sages her hickey-riddled neck and a.s.s reddened by harsh spanking.

「Uuu, the morning I turn 43 years old……」

Last to appear with a hint of bitterness in her voice is Mel.

She takes one look at Nonna and Leah, then vexingly wraps the blanket around herself.

「I don’t mind being f.u.c.ked together with others, but I prefer it if I am with women who are over the age of 30 and closer in age to me, like Rita-san or Dorothea-san. Compared to Leah-chan and Nonna-san, their skin is tight……and s.h.i.+ny……」

「Hahaha, doing it with younger and older women at the same time is the best part. As proof, didn’t lots come out?」

Plenty of s.e.m.e.n which I poured into them last night spills out of everyone’s groins as if answering me.

「You girls and the others lying upside down in the living room are awesome. That’s all that matters to me.」

I lift Mel in my arms as she smiles with a pout.


One more person crawls out.

Uh oh, my memories are returning.

She is the sixth daughter of a household who was similarly having a party in the vicinity and came to greet me as a friendly neighbor.

We enjoyed each other’s company after chatting briefly, and along with a few drinks, ended up in bed together.

「Um……I haven’t used contraception……」

s.e.m.e.n also flows out from her crotch.

Not to mention there is a red stain on the sheets.

「I’ll take responsibility.」

I have to ask what her name is later.

There’s a reason why I held the new year party in the capital instead of in my territory.

「Two hours until the ceremony? Well, I should be fine.」

All n.o.bles, including feudal lords, were summoned to the royal capital by the king to celebrate the new year.

I wipe off the marks of a love affair as I clothe myself.

「He normally does it with more leeway in the schedule. It is terribly rushed this time.」

Not only is it on short notice, but I was also asked to not come alone.

He asks that I come well-dressed as usual and also asks that I come immediately with a knight to protect me.

I’m accustomed to sudden departures because of my daily life, but I’m sure laid-back feudal lords in the remote regions are panicking.

「There are no more enemies anyways. There is no need to be overly concerned about the defense of the frontier or the loyalty of the feudal lords. The king can act as he pleases.」

It was Leopolt who put the cloak on me.

I thought it was Celia like always and let him do it, man that felt weird.

With that said, I have to bring him and Adolph with me today.

「Where are Celia and Myla?」

「They were yelling at each other in the bath earlier.」

Adolph pokes his head out and answers.

「Ah, figures.」

Last night Celia p.i.s.sed her pants when her a.s.s was on top of Myla’s face.

I decided to let them sleep peacefully on the final night of the year and not wake them, but it was a disaster in the morning.

While waiting for Celia and Myla, I try acting pretentious and say, “Today’s a very important new year ceremony. Don’t misbehave in front of everyone.”


The ones who responded astoundedly were Adolph and Sekrit, who woke up aloofly and came to fix my collar.

What irked me the most though was Leopolt, who snickered silently.

「Enough. Let’s go!」

Celia and Myla turn their face away from each other and come along.

I exhale sharply and step out of the entrance first.


I proceed to trip on a puddle of water frozen by the cold and then retaliate by kissing Sekrit forcefully.

When we arrived at the palace, the scenery was as colorful as a field of flowers.

n.o.bles’ armor were sparkling, the attire of knight escorts glitter in primary colors, and even the carriages and horses had fluttery ribbons attached to them.

「Somehow it makes us look bad.」

「We’re geared for actual battle. It is essential to be combat ready at all times!!」

Comparatively, we are mostly wearing black-lacquered and steel-colored equipment.

「If only the Dual Crater was still pretty.」

(Happy New Year.)

「Quiet, you.」

The current form of the Dual Crater is beyond crude and feels almost wicked.

A hammer from a blacksmith’s forge would be more elegant.

「My my, if it isn’t Hardlett-dono.」

A chubby grinning old man approaches me.

「It’s Lord ――」

Myla whispers, but I don’t remember him.

「Oh no, you’re a general who saved this county. It is not appropriate for Hardlett-dono, the undefeated brave general, to be dressed like this in a new year celebration. You should appear more glamorous to also ease the hearts of the populace. Or do you perhaps think that such modest attire is sufficient for an invitation from His Majesty? I also noticed that your retainers look poor. My oh my……」

Leopolt and Adolph don’t seem intent on responding.

I can ignore him too, but he’s a little irritating.

「Wait. Lord――, right?」

I retrieve a worthless memory I stored in a corner of my mind.

As the old man continues to spout sarcastic remarks, I mutter under my breath.

「Do you have time to argue with me? I saw Lord Guomasuri chatting with the Government Affairs Commissioner.」

「What did you say!?」

The old man straightens himself and hastily runs over to Kenneth.

「What did you tell him just now?」

Leopolt asks.

「That man is aiming and competing for the 15th seat of the traditional n.o.bles. I had a bit of information on him.」

I heard it from Mistry during pillow talk.

She barged into her brother’s room, sang him a lullaby, then after he fell into a deep sleep, brought me several doc.u.ments.

To thank her, I licked her p.u.s.s.y for about an hour and whispered sweet words of love to her, and in response she told me, “I’ll definitely be back soon. I promise!” before returning to her home.

「Lord Hardlett, this may not be the best place to talk about it……」

I suppress the urge to retort, “then don’t talk” and turn around.

It is a new n.o.ble who addresses me this time, but I don’t recognize him.

「My name is―― it seems a member of my household has disrespected the Military Commissioner…… can I please ask Lord Hardlett to smooth things over?」

Wait, this name sounds familiar.

「No can do. Lord Radhalde desires a direct apology. Having a third party mediate will aggravate the problem. Asking for advice is also bad. In the first place, he gets annoyed if an apology is late so if you’re going to do it, today is probably your last chance.」

The man’s eyes widen and he quickly runs over to Erich.

「What was that just now?」

Adolph asks.

「I heard Erich was quite enraged in the shadows. I have my own information network.」

This is information from Martory.

When she got in the bath with her brother and struck up a conversation, he apparently didn’t mind babbling about a bunch of topics including those related to work.

To thank her, I fondled her persistently until her face melted like she was suffering a fever, and in response she told me, “I’ll bring you something again soon” before returning home.

「Both are information that I wasn’t able to obtain. I’m sure it is the same with Rebecca-dono.」

If I look closer, I can see Rebecca hiding between glamorous n.o.bles and peeking at me with eyes widened in shock.

「You have a serious problem with information transmission though.」

I just have to not say anything unnecessary.

「Berecca doesn’t have to eavesdrop either, she can just talk to me.」

I smiled at her but she glared back and stomped on my foot.

I have no reason why.

The king appears before I have time to chase Rebecca.

The king speaks of the promise of prosperity for the kingdom, unity between the n.o.bles and citizens, and perseverance in the face of war damage.

In return, he expects admiration to the kingdom and an oath of loyalty.

I endure the exchange of customary words by patting Myla’s b.u.t.t.

She growls softly in anger and writhes as usual.

「Lately, it seems Myla-san likes being groped in crowds.」

Celia whispers.

Don’t say that here, even if you’re bad-mouthing her.

You’re going to cause my pants to tear.

Although I could care less about the congratulatory messages, there were a few things mixed in that I was curious about.

The first is the new system.

「It is the duty of each lord to govern the lands that I have given him. However, looking at the scars of the war, it would be somewhat heartless to force one lord to shoulder the responsibility of the reconstruction, and a delay in reconstruction would lead to a disturbance in the people’s minds.」

At the sound of potential aid, the poor feudal lords wait expectantly for the continuation.

「While the kingdom should make every effort to rebuild, excessive interference to bestowed land would be detrimental to the relations.h.i.+p between the king and the lords.」

Disappointment washes over the faces of the poor lords.

「The ideal is for each lord to support each other and be connected like a steel chain, without reliance on me and the kingdom. To do this, the n.o.bles who serve the kingdom must share the burden……」

This is where faces turn pale.

「However, I am not the one who will organize this. All of you have roles to play according to your positions and t.i.tles. The one who will coordinate this will……」

Needless to say, it’s either Kenneth or Erich.

「A certain amount of money will be collected from each n.o.ble and the authority to use it will be given to two individuals. This is like a second tax. Those two holding the funds will obtain greater power and opportunistic n.o.bles will have to decide where they stand. Conflict between factions will intensify. What does His Majesty want to achieve?」

Adolph comments with an astonished expression.

It is supposed to be Leopolt’s job to answer, but he doesn’t say anything.

Useless. I’ll have to answer.

「If there is conflict, men will die and women will grieve. The king will use his wealth and power to make those grieving women his, throw them in bed and……」

No one is listening to my deductions.

「Next we will hold the ceremony to confer peerage.」

This might be the main event for us.

「Don’t get too nervous and pee your pants.」

Leopolt and Adolph step forward as if driven away by my voice.

This is the reason why I had to bring them along this time.

Individuals from other places who were newly granted a t.i.tle also step forward, but an especially long line forms around me.

「Leopolt-san is a viscount, Adolph is a baron, Tristan is a baronet, and Irijina-san, Luna-san and the stupid Yakov are knights…… what a reckless issuance of t.i.tles.」

Having five personnel promoted at the same time is so unusual that people start gossiping.

What’s so bad about it? I just used up the number of peerages the king allowed me to give.

I’d say I was pretty sloppy with the selection.

「……you could have also give me a viscount t.i.tle.」

Myla sulks.

Sorry, Leopolt’s was given in the spur of the moment.

Tristan is not present in this ceremony.

That idiot insisted to the very end that he doesn’t want any t.i.tles. He didn’t want to appear in front of the king. He grumbled about not wanting to leave the house because it’s cold outside, so I said “suit yourself” and came to the capital without him.

Of course, a peerage will not be recognized if the person is absent from the ceremony, which is what Tristan is aiming for.

But I have an idea. I’ll teach him that skipping out will be costly.

Celia also told me she didn’t want a t.i.tle because she doesn’t want to serve anybody other than myself, even if it is just on paper, which I approved.

She’s cute, so I don’t have a problem with her choice.

「Setting aside the man who came from the Federation, isn’t Irijina from Arkland……」

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「Do you have a problem?」

This skewer is really hard and tastes pretty bad.

「I needed to make sure of something.」

「And what is that?」

The middle isn’t cooked.

If this is a scam, I’m flipping over that stand.

「I wanted to see if His Majesty still had ambition.」

My hand stops moving and I throw the skewer to the ground.

「The result is as you witnessed. He has no desire to take the friendly land to the north, the land of a formidable enemy to the south, or even the land within his own nation.」

「That’s because you……proposing to wage war against an ally and an opponent we can’t win against is foolish.」

I hit Leopolt in the head once and tell him that we’re going back home.

「Obviously, I will not suggest fighting a battle we can’t win. But if Lord Hardlett was in His Majesty’s position, what would you do?」

There’s no point in attacking the Empire, and even though Aless is overly familiar, I wouldn’t want to fight them.

As for the Federation, regardless if they are defenseless in the east, we have no chance of winning if they turn their millions of soldiers on us.

Seizing control of the river like Leopolt said is not so easy.

But then what am I going to do about the promise to Nonna?

Not only did I turn the Dual Crater into something monstrous, if I don’t fulfill what I promised, I would look really uncool.

「I won’t wage a war we can’t win or a meaningless war. However. if the flames of your ambition have not disappeared, I will deliberate on it.」

Don’t inch close to me little by little like that.

「The king did not get angry because we have no chance of winning. He didn’t even consider the possibility. The king’s ambitions have come to an end.」

He changed the way he addresses the king.

「I don’t want to fight for a while too. I’m tired from the drawn-out battles.」

I turn my back on Leopolt, thinking our conversation is done.

Leopolt doesn’t chase after me.

「What if peace continues for eternity?」

He asks suddenly.

「Isn’t that fine?」

My status is margrave, the highest t.i.tle for a n.o.ble.

I have the dwarven gold mine and an expanding amount of arable land.

My territory is bountiful year after year and I live without any inconveniences.

The wives and lovers I have, beginning with Nonna, are all wonderful, young or old.

I can party with good people, seduce new women, make love to them and impregnate them with my seed.

I don’t have anything to complain about.

The one thing I can’t do is meet Lucy.

My promise to Lucy is to become king.

The highest rank as a n.o.ble is not good enough.

That promise clashes with the smiles and happiness of all the other women.

「What are you thinking about?」

「Are you the devil?」

I shove the other skewer into the mouth of Leopolt, who approached me as I was lost in thought.

He did the same move as the devil in the play I watched with Nonna.

No, there is no devil that chokes on the juice of half-roasted meat.

「We’re really going back now. I’m going to lose my mind if I talk to you any further.」


This matter is on hold.

I can’t believe Leopolt got himself banned from seeing the king right after attaining peerage, but then again, he still has his t.i.tle, so I guess it’s fine.

「Did you hear about the baronet under Hardlett-sama?」

「It swelled up like a radis.h.!.+?」

「He was absent from the ceremony with that kind of illness…… how much of a playboy is he?」

Unlike the serious fiasco involving Leopolt, the hilarious rumor about Tristan is spreading rapidly among the citizens.

I have no problem with it, although I might have gone too far. Let me buy him some high quality tea and dirty books.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 26 years old+. Winter.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.

Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City. Mad Demon G.o.d. Poison Resistance (strong). Counselor (temporary).

Main characters in the present story:

Celia (quarrel) ⇔ Myla (quarrel)

Leopolt (viscount, banned from visiting), Adolph (baron, thin), Tristan (ham actor baronet)


Nonna (hangover), Carla (hangover), Mireille (hangover), Mel (concubine), Kuu (king of dirty jokes), Pipi (at peace)

Melissa (meet after a long time) ⇔ Maria (love), Miti (concubine), Sally (convalescent), Maruru (convalescent), Catherine (talking about the past), Gretel (dog concubine), Sofia (lover), Leah (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (naked), Alice (lover)

Mother: Marceline (parent and child), Daughters: Eldest – Stephanie (the forbidden), Second – Bridget (lapse from virtue), Youngest – Felicie (lily garden), Claudia (new year mountain climbing), Clara (crying)

Adela (flowing out), Annette (fountain), Benel (slight reaction), Dorothea (side story)


Irijina (knight), Sekrit (winner), Felteris (celebratory nudity),

Natia (mixing failure), Marta (going too far with spinning the dog), Baroness Rukino Escaote (governor), Rukue (her daughter), Seika (her son?), T-99 (house-sitting), Head-helmina (house-sitting)

Polte (staying at home for new year’s), Yularen (new year’s holiday), Ijaris (new year’s holiday), Luna (knight), Rafaella (lonely)

Altair (new year event), Remia (new year event), Guigue (new year drinking), Sebastian (butler), Kroll (new year woman)

Yakov (knight, laughing), Mack (knight escort), Christoph (eating mandarins in front of a fireplace), Zillia (eating mandarins in front of a fireplace)


Ivanna (revealing), Cedric (sisterly love), Martory (tribute), Mistry (tribute)

Piris (stable period), Busco (low-life), Gildress (new year man), Andrei (lolicon)

Celestina (has a request), Monica (messenger), Jim (determined partic.i.p.ation), Dingus, Rinuga (direct appeal)


Schwartz (free), Lammy (nothing), Mirumi (lots of eggs), Alraune (luxuriant growth), Brynhildr (going to the capital)

Smoothie (parenting), Pochi (giant lizard), Child lizard (meditation)

Territory Population

Total: 365 000

Rafen: 47 000, Lintbloom: 8 000

Richemott (former Libatis): 34 000, Zwei Elfie: 2900


Personnel: Infantry: 1000, Cavalry: 500, Escort: 30

Armaments: Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 15, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 10, Chariots: 30

a.s.sets: -240 500 gold (gold ore extra large +30 000), (ceremony attendance expense + party -500)

s.e.xual Partners: 818

Children who have been born: 71 + 567 (++)

Current Location: Capital

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