Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 533: The Two Who Me

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Chapter 533: The Two Who Me

After receiving permission to enter the room, Martory meets with Leopolt.

She gives way and trembles slightly.

Leopolt finally comes to a stand still and glances at me.

He must be hinting at the incident written at the end of the report.

「Wait and see how things play out. I’ll think about it after checking, so don’t do anything provocative.」

Leopolt bows slightly and leaves, then Martory runs to me with small steps and mutters.

「I don’t like him. He’s scary.」

「That’s natural.」

Not many people are more hated than he is, don’t worry about it.

「So, what’s wrong? I don’t see your younger brother.」

Martory and Cedric shared a room.

No matter how close they were as siblings, this normally wouldn’t happen, but Cedric insisted, saying he would feel guilty for barging in suddenly and borrowing rooms.

Regardless of the parlor containing multiple beds, it sounded quite fishy.

However, I couldn’t bring up my suspicions to his face and reluctantly allowed them to stay in a single room.

「He was sleeping with me up until now.」

「Kuh! I knew it.」

That kind of relations.h.i.+p between siblings is forbidden.

He must have poured his seed as he sucked on her t.i.ts while getting spoiled by her.

「When I stroked his head and sang him a lullaby, he fell asleep immediately. He’s the same as when he was little even though his body has grown much larger in size.」

Martory comfortably receives my jealousy and shows me a suggestive smile.

「Well, you’ll do it right?」


We don’t say anything else and take off each other’s clothes.

After all, this is happening during the day and I won’t be able to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e if Cedric comes in at the most important moment.

「Can I ask you to do foreplay first?」

I sit on the edge of the bed in my underwear and place a cus.h.i.+on on the carpet.

「So kind……you don’t want me to get hurt.」

Martory’s golden curls bounce as she walks onto the cus.h.i.+on on her knees.

I softly brush her distinctive hair.

This kind of casual contact is what draws men and women closer.

「You like blondes?」

「Yeah, keep it a secret from the other girls though, you hear?」

Martory giggles happily as she puts her hand on my underwear and lowers it.



Martory is left speechless as my d.i.c.k whips through the air and pops out.

I purposely stay silent and let her take it all in.

「It’s too big……and too dark……eeh……how am I supposed to do this……」

Martory, thinking that I’m in a hurry, grabs my member with both hands and pulls it down to her mouth.

She sucks on the tip, licks the shaft and drags her tongue all over it, her hot breaths tickling me throughout the process.

But her caresses are awfully unsatisfactory.

「I-I’m sorry. It shouldn’t be like this……」

I snicker and hug Martory.

It was not a mystery.

Martory is not a genuine lover of such things.

Her experience with s.e.x consists of forced actions and being violated against her will, which only made her perform haphazardly out of desperation.

Since she hated men deep down, her skills would only be superficial.

「That is true, but you’re also just really big and there isn’t much I can do.」

I roll onto the bed with Martory in my arms.

「Then let’s talk today.」

「Talk? But……」

I interrupt her by making her grab my c.o.c.k and stick my own hand into her crotch.

「We still don’t know anything about each other. I’ve heard about the bad stuff, but hearing only that is rather sad. Let’s talk more……about perverted stuff while having fun teasing one another.」

Martory smiles.

「I’ll start with myself. One time I snuck into a married woman’s house at night and her husband came back so I had to escape through a window and ended up falling into a well.」

「You went from the t.i.tle straight to the climax!」

Afterward, we exchange funny stories and naughty stories and laugh together.

Martory also told a few tales herself, deliberately going into detail whenever she was f.u.c.ked by a man to stoke the flames of my jealousy, and joyfully rubbed my d.i.c.k when she saw it work as she expected.

In the meantime, the time is getting closer to dawn.

「You should probably go back to the room. If your brother wakes up and doesn’t see you, he’ll come looking.」

「Fufu, you want me to leave it like this?」

Martory smirks mischievously.

My d.i.c.k, which was being stroked slowly the entire night, has several threads of thick pre-c.u.m dripping from the tip down to the base.

「Hahaha, I guess this isn’t good. Will you help me finish?」

I lean over Martory, rest my d.i.c.k on top of her belly, and let her hold it with both hands.

「You’re not going to put it in? I’m already soaking wet……I also have contraception ready.」

I quietly shake my head.

「No, with how much I’ve acc.u.mulated I’ll surpa.s.s it.」

I have actually gotten maids in the mansion pregnant before even when they were using contraception.

It always happened when s.e.m.e.n was saved up.

「Ahaha, surely you are exaggerating.」

I move my d.i.c.k along her stomach.

Since I’ve been holding back during our conversation, I can c.u.m whenever I want to.

「I’m c.u.mming.」

I hold Martory’s shoulder and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, arching my body.

「Ah, it’s throbbing so much……fueh!?」

My seed sprays out audibly, pa.s.sing through the circle created by her hands and splattering on her body.

Some hits her average-sized b.r.e.a.s.t.s, travels through her cleavage and squirts onto her neck and chin.

「Wai-! What is this amount!? Geho!」

The intermittent stream flies over her chin and onto her face, some stains her hair, and some even flows into her mouth.

My d.i.c.k pulses loudly as a puddle forms on her skinny abdomen, which drips down her lower body and dirties the sheets, then s.e.m.e.n also gushes up and sticks to her face.


By the time my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n dies down, Martory is already covered from head to toe.

「……I believe you when you say contraception doesn’t work. It’s so thick that it clings to my face……if you released inside me, it would be impossible to flush it or sc.r.a.pe it out.」

Although 25 is supposed to be the age my body stops growing, my manhood is getting bigger and the amount and density of my seed is increasing every year. Lately the sperm itself has enlarged enough to be visible.

「What’s going on here?」

When Martory cups my somewhat shrunken t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es post-e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, my stomach starts growling.

「It’s the sound of reloading.」

「I don’t mean to be rude, but does Hardlett-sama have a lineage of non-human mixed with your blood?」

There is none. I’m positive. I don’t have any, right?

Anyways, this should be it for today.

Also, Cedric will faint if you go back to the room as you are, so take a bath.

「Ah, wait. How did you get to Rafen on your own?」

「Eh? I transferred from one long-distance carriage to another from city to city. I am in no position to call a carriage to pick me up every time, besides I’ve been a tomboy since I was young, so I can do this much.」

So there isn’t anyone accompanying you?

「No. If there was, they would put a rope around my neck and stop me.」

I see. Enjoy your bath.

Cedric eventually woke up after sleeping for a good ten hours.

Martory firmly insisted that the two of them stay a while and Cedric busily resumed his usual important work.

He would constantly have a smile on his face though, and he would answer delightedly whenever his sister called for him.

「By the way, you came running in alone. I suppose n.o.body accompanied you?」

「No, I didn’t have time to gather the personnel. Because of that, I’m rus.h.i.+ng to communicate with the people at home and my work contacts.」

I see. He didn’t bring anyone with him.

Thank goodness.

A Few Days Later――

I lay on my back in the middle of a lake.

It’s not like I drowned or became crazy enough to swim in the middle of winter.

「This is pretty nice. Was this the fourth? Or maybe the fifth?」

I’m lying on a boat which is floating on the water.

It is about 8 m long and 1.5 m wide, and unlike a simple flat-bottomed boat, the back half has a roof attached on top in case of rain.

「Building a boat by yourself is impressive. There is no tilt and no leaking either. I believe the boat’s name is Aless……」

「If you mention that name again, I’ll stuff you and strap you to the bow of the s.h.i.+p.」

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Sekrit angrily throws a blanket at me.


Sekrit didn’t pause long before whipping a dagger through the air.

The dagger flies in an arc, easily travelling over 30 m, and severs the string.

(Cable disconnected! Aah, save meeeeee!! Mayday, mayday!!)

Poor Casie, she gets swept by the wind and carried away.

I want to help, but she’s already too high up and out of my reach. It’ll be too late even if I turn the boat back.

「Hmp, my mood is ruined. The daytime ends here.」

Sekrit lowers her hips on top of my face.

「Lick me. If you get it wet, you can f.u.c.k me as you please.」

「I better do my best then.」

After a considerable amount of tongue-work, resulting in a moistened v.a.g.i.n.a, I begin having s.e.x with her.

The boat rocks back and forth and eventually arrives at the sh.o.r.e, where we disembark while our bodies are still connected and then stop by a tree to continue our fiery embrace.

We are engulfed in the flames of l.u.s.t, so the cold doesn’t bother us.

Staring at us the entire time is a certain fox.

「……s.h.i.+t, I can’t stand! There’s a limit even when I say f.u.c.k me as you please.」

Sekrit groans as she grabs her waist.

Hanging her on a tree and thrusting was too much after all?

Well, a tree around 1 m in diameter did snap.

I lend a hand to support Sekrit, who walks like an elderly woman with a hand on her hip, and we return to the mansion together only to encounter an unknown carriage.

Two high-pitched voices can be heard shouting from the entrance.

The first is Nonna. Now who does the second one belong to……

「Like I said, it’s a real inconvenience for us when you come unannounced! Preparations need to be made, so please find an inn!!」

「And I keep telling you, I’m here to see Hardlett-sama, not you! Let me in!!」

That familiar voice, isn’t it too early?

「Aegir-sama is not home right now! The scouting unit was lost just now……ahem! Anyways, that’s besides the point!!」

「Hey, Mistry.」

I intrude on the collision of the two shrill screaming voices.

Nonna clicks her tongue, whereas Mistry greets me with a bright smile.


Mistry pounces and kisses me, going so far as to insert her tongue in my mouth too.

I simultaneously feel an impact to my groin. It was Sekrit, who punched me from behind with her prosthetic arm.

Mistry separates from me after the sloppy exchange of saliva.

「I’ve been waiting, Hardlett-sama! This woman was so annoying.」

Mistry points at Nonna.


Nonna turns red in anger.

I don’t say anything.

「Fufu, this woman was audacious enough to claim she is Hardlett-sama’s wife, how irritating. Not like it really matters, since a man of your caliber can find another woman like this anywhere……」


I don’t deny and answer vaguely.

Nonna becomes on the verge of tears, but I signal with my eyes that this is part of my plan.

After her fair share of insults towards Nonna, I grab Mistry’s shoulder.


「Yes? ♪」

I close my eyes for a second before opening them again and send the same piercing glance I would use on an enemy in battle towards Mistry.

It’s a painful experience, but Mistry needs to face a powerful shock.

Just when I was expecting her to shout at me, someone else interrupts.

「Who are you!!?」

The person coming down the stairs is Martory.

What bad timing.

「And may I ask who you are? You have such a vulgar face.」

Both of them ignore the furious Nonna and glare at each other…… why did they become hostile as soon as they saw one another’s face?

Perhaps Mistry and Martory resonate with each other because they share various similarities.



As I watch the two intimidate each other with their faces pressed close together like street thugs, I go patch things up with Nonna.

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