Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 529: A Landmine Larger Than You Can Imagine

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Chapter 529: A Landmine Larger Than You Can Imagine

I toss a tip to the shopkeeper and head up to the second floor with Mistry in my arms.

There is lodging on the upper level of bars in most cases.

Inns provide decent lodging that allows guests who enter to have a good place to sleep, but the s.p.a.ce in cheap bars is prepared for couples who get in the mood from prost.i.tutes or liquor.

I throw Mistry onto the bed as soon as I step into the room and steal her lips.

Her weak resistance instantly disappears, leaving only the sounds of wet tongues tangling and short gasps for breath.


Even with my head clouded by alcohol, I know how much of a ha.s.sle it would be to embrace a woman in Reval’s house who is so openly hostile.

「You’re like a beast. At least lock the door.」

Instead of replying, I snicker and take off Mistry’s coat.

When the plain-colored coat she wore in order to blend in with the commoners is removed, I can already see skin underneath.

She isn’t wearing any underwear, let alone a s.h.i.+rt.

「I came here to do the deed, so wearing anything else would be pointless.」

Mistry opens up her body with a composed att.i.tude, but that behavior also seems self-harming.

「What if I refused?」

「Why are you acting so conceited? There are plenty of men who would want a woman to mount them for free.」

So if I didn’t agree to sleep with her or if she couldn’t find me, Mistry would have chosen any guy.

I glance at Mistry’s body.

A beautiful body……or rather, remnants of one.

Her overwhelmingly thinness and body in which bones can be seen through her skin in various places gives off the impression that she is a poor person struggling to eat enough.

Even though her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are somewhat big, they appear flat because of a lack of fat, and her limbs are so slender that they could break at the slightest touch.

Considering how I f.u.c.k women, I will really hurt her.

Then there are the numerous self-inflicted scars on her arm, the particularly large mark on her thigh, and the scratches and bruises all over her body……I won’t say it’s disgusting. But I’m too concerned about how they came about to feel aroused.

「What? If you say something as rude as “I won’t f.u.c.k you” after coming this far, I’ll kill you. Or perhaps you are impotent?」

Those eyes of hers along with her voice threaten me but only on the shallow part of the surface level.

「Impotent? Can you still say that after seeing this?」

I lower my pants and reveal my d.i.c.k.

It isn’t erect to the extent that it sticks to my stomach, but its size is large enough not to lose to the guys bragging about their 30 or 40 cm p.e.c.k.e.rs.

「Uwa, you’re huge……」

Mistry’s eyes widen, then she crawls on the bed toward me and grabs my member with both hands.

「The shaft is covered in b.u.mps, is it some kind of illness?」

Those are mainly the marks left over by Brynhildr’s fangs.

Wounds caused on my d.i.c.k by the blood-sucking process heal immediately, but the scars remain for some time.

It is especially bad now because of the recent incident where she bit me like crazy.

「It’s not an illness. This is how it naturally is, rest a.s.sured.」

If she thought I was sick, she wouldn’t want to do it.

「I don’t care either way. The head is also way too defined, how much do you intend to gouge out the insides of a woman?」

Mistry states offhandedly as she compares the difference in thickness between the rod and the tip.

「You’re so dark here, how many girls did you toy with? Are the rumors of your womanizing true?」

I can’t deny that.

Even I know how odd the color of my d.i.c.k is compared with the rest of my body.

「……your b.a.l.l.s are the size of apples, like a pig’s.」

After more or less inspecting my p.e.n.i.s, Mistry pats the bed.

「Aren’t we doing it? I will suck on it, sit down.」


She glares at me when I sit cross-legged on the bed.

「Sit with your legs open. It’s hard for me to do it.」

I do as she says, and Mistry dives in between my legs without hesitation to suck on my b.a.l.l.s.

「Going there right away?」

Her crimson-painted lips stick to one of my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es and she inhales briefly before pulling away, making a pop sound.

She repeats it several times before doing the same to the other side.

Although it appears she is doing the same thing, she is actually adjusting the strength of her suction, and she sucks hard once every few times, tip-toeing the border of pain and pleasure.


She occasionally peeks up at my face during her service to confirm I’m feeling good.

「Aah……that’s nice. I didn’t think you’d do this much.」

Even though she was the one who invited me to bed, she is still the daughter of a great n.o.ble family.

If we were going to have s.e.x I thought she would lie on the bed and order me to pleasure her.

I didn’t expect her to suck on my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es all of a sudden.

When I rest my hand on her head, Mistry and I make eye contact.

She sucks especially hard and watches my face distort in pleasure.


Mistry scoffs and simultaneously forms a relieved expression.

「That should be good enough.」

Mistry pulls her body back and her mouth begins to make chewing movements.

I realized what she was doing after she swallowed me.

Plenty of warm saliva envelopes my c.o.c.k.

Her tongue slithers around my c.o.c.k that is soaked in a pool of saliva and the vulgar slurping noises bring pleasure to my ears.


As she holds the saliva in her mouth and moves her head, some of it overflows and trickles down her body, while some even seems to bubble out of her nose.

No matter how indulged in s.e.x the woman gets, this is something a n.o.ble lady would never do for me.

Even Nonna, after losing her reason from being drowned in pleasure, would refuse.

By the end of the indecent service, my legs are open wider.

「Spread them apart more. I can’t do it.」

「What, my b.a.l.l.s again? Wait, hey.」

Before I could object, Mistry parts my b.u.t.t cheeks and sticks her tongue in my a.n.u.s without any reservation.

She pushes her face as close to my a.s.s as possible and digs her tongue deeper into my r.e.c.t.u.m.

Her hot breath tickles the underside of my b.a.l.l.s.

She’s willing to do this too?

Even prost.i.tutes would turn their noses up at this.

Those deeply in love with me aside, most women would pa.s.s on licking my a.s.shole.

Not to mention I haven’t even wiped my body, let alone taken a bath.

As I contemplate why Mistry would go this far, she finally retracts her tongue.

「Are you ready now?」

My previously disinterested d.i.c.k is now standing at attention.

Mistry wipes the spit from her mouth and rolls on the bed.

「Isn’t it my turn to do foreplay next?」

「I don’t need it.」

「But I insist.」

A girl licked my a.s.shole.

I have to return the favor or it won’t feel right to me.

「I told you I don’t need it!!」

I guess my intentions couldn’t get through to her or maybe I hit a nerve, but she loses her temper.

Her hysteric scream echoes throughout the building and she continues roaring.

This may be a situation where I have to obey or she won’t calm down.

I penetrate her like she wants, and inevitably some flesh gets pinched, causing her to cry out in pain.

「O-oww――!! Ow, ow!! Stooop!!」

However, when I try to pull out……

「Why did you stop!? Do you dislike my body!? Are you going to call it filthy!?」

This happens.

「You asked for it.」

I grab her waist and swing my hips.

「Noooo! It hurts! Help me! Stop iiit! Forgive mee!!」

I cover her mouth so people don’t come to question us about the screaming.

Tears stream down her face as her screams are m.u.f.fled.

Anger wells in her eyes……as well as relief and resignation.

「I’m c.u.mming.」

I pull my d.i.c.k out as I near climax from my selfish hip movements.

Mistry closes her eyes and opens her mouth in expectation, so I oblige and stuff her cheeks.

Mistry trembles once and then holds my c.o.c.k with her hands.

My hands move to her head and I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e with a grunt.

Because of the many various unwilling actions I had to partake in, the amount I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed was rather small.

I only pour a half cup of s.e.m.e.n before taking my d.i.c.k out.


Mistry keeps her mouth open and shows me the cavity filled with cloudy white liquid.


She closes her mouth and moves her lips from side to side for ten seconds, mixing the contents with audible slos.h.i.+ng sounds, then slowly gulps down the s.e.m.e.n.

She opens her mouth again, deliberately showing me she swallowed everything, then proceeds to suck my d.i.c.k clean.

Everything she’s done to this point would have me believe she is simply a s.l.u.t, but she breaks down into tears suddenly at the end of our lovemaking session.

What an unstable mental state she has.

Nevertheless, I think I have a good grasp of what’s going on.

「You’ve been thoroughly trained, huh?」

Mistry is not a s.l.u.t at heart nor is she someone who has a fetish of being tortured.

She was taught by some bad guy to do these things.


I topple Mistry on the bed once more.

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Her v.a.g.i.n.a is swollen from the earlier intercourse and it doesn’t look like she has enough stamina in her thin body to withstand another round, but if I let this chance go, she will be crying as she does these things for the rest of her life.

I learned this trick from one of my favorite prost.i.tutes who told me that it could help someone with an unstable mind and thought it was worth trying.

Mistry props herself up.

「……will you listen to my story?」

「I’ll listen to everything you want to tell me.」

Mistry recounts her circ.u.mstances as I rejoice at the sign of progress.

It all started eight years ago.

Mistry was 16 years old and Goldonia was free from strife.

Mistry, the eldest daughter of the Schmidt family, was as arrogant and selfish as any young n.o.ble lady, though that wasn’t special.

Her only worries were an increasing weight and the persistent marriage proposals.

It was always the first son of Marquess so-and-so or the only child of so-and-so minister or the second son of Duke so-and-so.

They were all candidates worthy of the distinguished Schmidt family.

The environment is one other females would drool over, but to this 16 year old girl, she saw it as boring.

She longed for a romance like the ones she read in stories.

And she found it.

She met an independent knight who partic.i.p.ated in a combat tournament held within her territory.

The 17 year old girl at the time approached him with her ident.i.ty hidden and was drawn to the wild nature not possessed by any of her suitors.

And the man could not help being attracted to the 17 year old girl either.

Thus the two of them pursued a relations.h.i.+p that crosses social boundaries――and this would be where the story normally ends, but reality is different.

To put it simply, the man was a piece of trash.

Mistry was practically raped, and since then the violent s.e.x was thoroughly ingrained into her body.

Pain and suffering was a given, she was told to lick the man’s a.s.s, she was told to drink his urine, and she was lent to other men to be g.a.n.g.b.a.n.ged.

Her clothes gave away her status as a daughter of a n.o.ble family and she was frequently asked for money too.

Even so, the 17 year old girl remained naive.

She clung onto the ideal of a perfect storybook ending and placed the blame on herself when the man yelled at her.

「……whether it was something dirty or something painful or whether other men violated me…… it made me a little happy when he praised me for doing a good job.」

Everything ended a few months later, when she got a baby in her womb.

There’s no way a 17 year old girl wouldn’t get pregnant if she was having unprotected s.e.x like crazy.

And so with her heart half-filled with fear and half-filled with joy, Mistry told the man everything, including who she was.

The words “they were joined in a marriage that transcends cla.s.s” stuck in her head.

However, the men turned pale when they discovered the girl they messed up was the daughter of the feudal lord and quickly vanished within the day.

Disappointed and stunned, Mistry had no other option than to tell her father the truth.

「I was. .h.i.t by my father for the first time in my life. He also kicked me, stomped on me, and whipped me.」

Afterward, they had a big dispute about whether to give birth to or abort the baby.

The commotion was picked up by a n.o.ble who loves rumors and the news circulated through the capital, turning her mountain of suitors to ruin.

「To top it off, I had a miscarriage. I lost everything……」

This is where she stops talking and sobs.

I pull her into my chest and hug her.

Mistry was mentally broken and tried to drown her sorrows with alcohol, which led to her inability to eat properly.

She also distracted herself by hooking up with random guys without a care for her own body and even attempted suicide multiple times.

Those countless cuts on her wrist were from that and the scars on her thigh were from throwing herself from the second floor.

「My period also stopped coming somewhere along the way. That’s why it’s fine if people came inside me.」

Her family initially comforted her and got angry at her, but eventually stopped caring.

「But I received a marriage proposal last month from a guy who wanted to win favor with my father――that’s why I smiled and cut my wrist in front of him. Ever since then, my family…… and the servants……fufu, everyone gives me the same look.」

Before continuing, Mistry takes a small bottle from her coat.

「You know, the day after tomorrow, on the night of the full moon, I was going to drink this poison and die. But I don’t have to anymore.」

Mistry tosses the bottle in the garbage bin.

「Because somebody found me. There is someone who understands me. There is someone who belongs to me.」

Mistry states in a sugary voice and kisses my chest.

「I actually still liked the man who destroyed my future up until now. I was going to die thinking of him. After all, I loved his hardened body, the rough way he has s.e.x, and how he alone understood me.」

She pulls out a cheap-looking comb out from her coat pocket, probably given to her by a man.

「But I don’t need this anymore.」

She snaps the comb in half and throws it in the garbage bin.

「Since I found you. You’re way more muscular than that man, way rougher, and s.e.x felt so much better. Plus you only have eyes for me……right? Darling.」

「What do you mean by darling?」

As if aroused by those words, she pounces on me, her body trembling.

She didn’t answer my question. It’s like she entered her own world and can no longer hear anything else.

「I’ll do anything for you. I’m not scared of dying. I’d actually be glad to die with you.」

Her s.e.xual feelings should have been under control, but she is panting while licking my body.

I saved Mistry.

Her background was heavier than antic.i.p.ated and her wounds were deep, but it’s all trivial.

I didn’t think she would fall this far in love with me after one round.

「Darling, I love you……loveee……I want us to die together……darling……」

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