Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 521: Postwar Road

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Chapter 521: Postwar Road

Elegant blonde hair like strands of gold silk danced in the air.

A pure white naked body that challenges the physical bounds of beauty bounces on top of me, shaking her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s wildly.

Loud moans contrast with the bright red eyes that stared straight at me, unfaltering from the pleasure.

I can’t summon my voice no matter how I try to praise her lovely appearance and I can’t lift a finger to reach out towards those alluring mounds either.

The only thing I could do was lie on my back and continue accepting the intense pleasure rising from my crotch.

Tongues lick both of my ears.

I don’t question how strange that is despite ‘her’ being on top of me.

I’ve already realized this is a dream.

Yet, it feels like I’ll wake up if I think too deeply.

I want to stay in this dream longer even if it’s only a little bit.

I hear ‘her’ voice in my ears.

「Let it out, Aegir. Shoot your seed in your mother’s womb and impregnate her.」

「Don’t do it, Aegir. You mustn’t c.u.m, creating a baby between a mother and child is unforgivable.」

My crotch pulses and ‘she” becomes distant.

「Aegir, c.u.m! c.u.m lots!!」

「Aegir, stop! Don’t c.u.mmmm!!」

My eyes open, and by the time I recognize I’m in my own bedroom, my hips have already lifted.


I can tell plenty of s.e.m.e.n is spraying out from my c.o.c.k.

I didn’t expect to wake up from my groan of climax and see a fountain of seed the first thing when I opened my eyes.

Having a lewd dream about the woman I yearn for and experiencing a nocturnal emission is rather pathetic, but I can’t help roaring and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. nonetheless.

My hips thrust toward the ceiling as the gloopy thick s.e.m.e.n scatters everywhere.

Wait, this seems too much to be merely a wet dream. There are no signs of it stopping.

As I slowly regain my senses from the daze of waking up, I notice something out of place.

There are two hands stroking my d.i.c.k and hot breaths tickling my ears.

「What an incredible release, I can’t believe this is what acc.u.mulates in one night.」

「Or perhaps you found our tormenting to your liking?」

「So it was you two?」

Ijaris and Yularen were the ones rubbing my d.i.c.k.

Now that I think about it, I do remember them following me into the bedroom last night so they could sing me a lullaby.

「Yes. You were calling out to your mother in your sleep and I was watching with a smile.」

「But a bulge began to form in your lower half and we felt it was necessary to relieve your……stress.」

I’m guessing that being pampered by mother this and mother that caused me to dream of Lucy.

「To release so much from desiring your mother……」

「Forcing seed into your mother against her will……」

The two of them stop moving their hands and embrace me on either side.


n.o.body is touching my p.e.n.i.s, yet it throbs more violently than before and shoots out a stream of s.e.m.e.n that is several times stronger.

Dull pain runs through my urethra and my b.a.l.l.s.

「Stop coming at me from both sides! I’m gonna c.u.m so hard and so much that my d.i.c.k breaks.」

The two of them chuckle.

My d.i.c.k, having emptied its load, wilts and becomes limp.

My mind feels refreshed and clear.

Since it happens to be morning, I might as well go wash my face.

「Celia. Today’s schedule, s.h.i.+ft it to the afternoon.」

「I will do just that. Aegir-sama, you’re looking dignified this morning.」

Really? When I smile confidently at her, her cheeks suddenly turn red.

「I have lots to do today too. I can’t s.p.a.ce out――」

That is when a maid walks by.

We’ve laid with each other countless times ever since I put my hands on her.

Celia’s eyes slant downward, as if she also knew.

「Thanks for cleaning so early in the morning. I’m counting on you today too.」

I give her an invigorating smile and a pat on the head.

The maid blushes and briskly skips off.

「Aegir-sama is refres.h.i.+ngly handsome! I thought for sure you would fondle her a.s.s or t.i.ts!」

「What do you mean?」

When I flick Celia’s forehead with a finger, she sticks out her tongue and says sorry with a playful smile.

I just don’t have any s.e.xual desire after c.u.mming until my b.a.l.l.s are shriveled.

「Ah, you forgot your cloak. I’ll go get it.」

Ceila walks into the bedroom with springy footsteps.

「By the way, about Gido. I don’t know if he’s stupid or determined.」

I recall the conversation from yesterday.

「Gyaaa!! What happened here!!? The room is covered in juice and it reeks! I-I can’t breathe!」

I remember.


「Tell me more.」

Gido catches my emotionless sounding words with his hands on the floor.

「It is exactly as I say. I can’t serve the chief any longer. I think I will go on a journey alone.」

「Alone? Don’t you have a wife and a house?」

Gido doesn’t lift his head.

「I told her this morning I’d be divorcing. She simply said “Oh”……a natural response. After all……after all-」

Gido looks up, his face wet with tears.

「My c.o.c.k――is gone.」

During the fierce battle, Gido suffered a serious life-threatening injury.

He managed to survive thanks to an operation by an excellent doctor who was present, but his manhood was reduced to three centimeters.

A tearful, tearful story begins.

「First, it was mistresses……」

「Starting with an affair huh. Sc.u.m.」

When he returned to Rafen and the injuries except the one to his d.i.c.k started healing, he apparently snuck out under the eyes of his wife helping him rehabilitate to meet in the house of his affair partner.

The partner was excited by her first secret rendezvous in a while and Gido made her climax many times with skilled foreplay unsuited to someone of his age, but then they reached the stage where the topic of his injured p.e.n.i.s was brought up.

『Eh? What’s this……I can’t believe it.』

The s.e.x ended on the spot and as he was leaving, he told her, “I feel bad for my wife, so let’s not meet anymore”.

「The other mistresses too……all of them……every single one……」

『I guess there’s no point meeting anymore if you’re this small.』

『How disappointing……even though you have a nice face. From now on, let’s date without having s.e.x.』

『We can continue being friends if you give me money, what do you want to do?』

『I’m sorry. Actually……I’m going to get married, so don’t come anymore.』

「How many did you have? Just die.」

Gido breaks down in tears while Celia berates him in the background.

I silently put a hand on his shoulder.

Gido’s injury is one of honor and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

However, the girls aren’t at fault either. You can’t hold onto the hearts of women who love big d.i.c.ks if you don’t have one.

「My wife……she was ostensibly worried for me, especially in bed. But……」

『c.u.mming. That felt good, Gido. I love you.』

Gido sobs again.

Celia starts to cut the split ends of his hair.

「I’ve slept with her so many times and made her climax so many times……that I knew she was acting! We got into a fight because of it……and I finally raised my hand against her.」

I immediately send Gido flying into the wall with my fist.

「Not only were you ungrateful to her, you hit her? What good is it to be small in your heart!?」

Gido accepts Celia’s additional attack to his side and hangs his head.

「Yes……that’s why I want to go on a journey to reexamine myself. I might never come back……」

End of flashback.

Gido then took the parting gift I forced upon him and disappeared in the south.

I later told what happened to Gido’s wife, who initially burst out in anger questioning why I didn’t stop him, only to crumble in tears blaming herself.

I was thinking of making her my lover if the stupid Gido ever dumped her, but I didn’t feel like it with her crying, and so I let her return home dejectedly.

「What an idiot. Taking your wife along is what a man would do.」

I mutter, ending my thoughts thinking he’ll probably be back again.

He’s a man, albeit one with a 3 cm d.i.c.k, but if that’s what he decided then there’s no use mulling over it any longer.

「Alright, let’s eat.」

Celia came back when I was done thinking.

It took quite some time for her just to retrieve my coat.

「It’s because you dirtied the ceiling and floor! I had to call Rita-san to clean it!」

「It was an orgy. Christoph was also responsible.」

I try messing with her.

「Uueegh!? Peh, peh, peh! Ooe!」

You licked it, huh.

When I tell her it’s a lie, she puffs her cheeks angrily.

I haven’t been able to joke around like this during the war.

「B-big trouble~」

The maid from earlier comes running back all of a sudden.

I ask her what’s wrong, putting an arm around her shoulder and touching her a.s.s.

「……you got a bit h.o.r.n.y between then and now, eh?」

Sweat drips from the maid’s brow as she explains the situation, oblivious to my caresses.

「The supposedly confined Visitacion broke free! She turned her sheets into a rope and escaped through the window!」


I hurry to where she was being held and see the dumbfounded guards, who cower in fear at my arrival.

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「My apologies! We didn’t think she would escape this way……we thought posting guards outside the window would be enough to deter her.」

It feels good to see three girls happy. The muddy emotions in my heart from the Gido and Visitacion incidents are being cleansed.

「There are two girls. The other one is s.h.i.+tty brat!」

Oh right. How did I get that wrong?

Eventually Rukino slowly separates from the circle and moves toward me.

I jokingly spread my arms and she dives into my chest without hesitation.

「Ooh……hic……how can I thank……egh.」

She can’t form proper sentences in between sobs.

I try to surprise her by grabbing her b.u.t.t, but she willingly pushes herself against my hand.

「You let me see Rukue again. If my a.s.s is what will make you happy, please touch it as much as you want.」

「I am a beast of a man. If you show me such a sweet face, I might just strip you naked on the spot.」

Rukino responds by kissing my chin and sliding a sleeve of her s.h.i.+rt off down her arm.

「I don’t mind. I won’t say you have to take responsibility. I’m fine with no contraception and no responsibility.」

My groin throbs.

Naturally, it’s a man’s duty to take responsibility.

I also believe that I am qualified to love a woman only if I am willing to take responsibility for getting her pregnant.

But nevertheless, those words coming directly from a woman’s mouth struck me in a way totally opposite to my paternal instincts.

Screaming that throughout the town would give at least half of all the men a b.o.n.e.r.


「Seika. Don’t disturb them.」

Rukue wraps her arms around Seika, who tries to block me as usual, and she gestures to me to proceed with her hand.

Wow, receiving permission from the daughter on top kind of turns me on, but I can’t go all the way here.

The disgruntled Celia is stuffing her mouth with my portion of bread, plus there are four sets of eyes and b.o.o.bs peeking from the half-open door.

「Well, let’s put that aside for now.」

I kiss the portion of Rukino’s bare chest that is beginning to show from her clothes s.h.i.+fting and reluctantly adjust her s.h.i.+rt back to its original state.

「Your territory has already been seized by another n.o.ble.」

Although there was no official word on the matter, the neighboring lord who did not conspire in the betrayal went ahead and absorbed the land.

Due to our difference in standing, I couldn’t appeal to the kingdom.

「So I will find a suitable place……a small area with at least one city and three villages……could I ask the three of you to be the governors? You may not look skilled at territory management, but Adolph can always step in to help if you’re in trouble. This will keep House Escaote alive.」

The three of them exchange looks.

They seem to be reflecting on what I said, unsure what it means.

Celia’s mood worsens and she jams more food into her mouth.

She’s becoming more like a mouse than a cat.

I’ll shower them with more information while they’re lost.

「And then I’ll have you, the head of the family, accompany me to evening parties. If you’re absent for too long, people will misunderstand and believe your household to have fallen. Attending will confirm your status.」

That causes Rukino’s face to stiffen.

It makes sense. She didn’t receive any special punishments for being a.s.sociated with a traitor, but individuals who know the truth will also be partic.i.p.ating in the party.

It’s not hard to imagine the dirty looks and mean comments directed at her when she appears in a social gathering.

I give Rukino a thumbs up, indicating to let me handle it, and then take my seat in front of my meal.

「……eh, there’s only salad.」

「Mogu, mogu.」

Celia ate everything else, huh.

Fine, I’ll take it from her mouth.

「Mom, look at this dress, it has a slit in the b.u.t.t area.」

「Wah, the chest area is also terribly revealing! Not only will it show the shoulders, it shows the nipples too! This man-!!」

「It’s fine, I’m sure Hardlett-sama has a plan. Mom will do her best for you girls.」

Leave it to me.

I’ll prove to you why I’m called the resourceful general.

「Hgg, hrgh.」

「Now, now, Celia. Don’t steal the salad too.」

Seeing how the conversation was over, Nonna and the others rush in from behind the door.

「It’s dangerous to shelter someone who worked with a traitor! And if you’re going to attend an evening party, you should go with me, not a freak who emerged out of nowhere! Also, there’s a fluffy fox walking around in the courtyard. It can make for a fancy fur――」

「Aegir, I’m bored――!! Since the war is over, let’s go hunting!」

「Aegir-san. Those girls are all still young so it wouldn’t hurt if you left them along for a few years. Each day for a ripened woman like me is very precious! Pay more attention to me.」

「Hardlett-dono! A combat tournament is going to be held in the neighborhood!! How about you and me enter as a pair!!?」

「Hardlett-sama. I have finished summing the data for the financial statement for the territory, including that of the new land. Please spare some time after you finish eating.」

The last remark turned my sunny mood cloudy again.

I’m impressed all of that work was done in one day, but I don’t feel like giving any praise.

「Hggh, hgah……urk!」

「Hey, Celia’s choking! Why is there so much food stuck in her mouth!? Aegir, turn her upside down and shake!」

I go into thinking while I’m holding Celia and jostling her by her legs.

There are the two elves who have become ‘mothers’, Visitacion, and then Rukino……for some reason, I’m encountering lots of moms lately.

I feel a s.h.i.+ver run down my spine when Lucy, who I recently dreamed of, appears in my mind.

I’m not sure I understood its significance.

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