Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 506: Grand Assembly

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Chapter 506: Grand a.s.sembly

I throw my armor to the ground and check my body.

Because I was sent flying, my entire body hurts and I can’t tell exactly where I’m injured unless I see it with my eyes.

「I will help. It doesn’t look like you have any gashes or stab wounds. Next I will confirm whether your ribs are broken.」

Celia runs over to aid me.

「Thanks. By the way, how is Schwartz doing? Will we be having horse meat tonight?」

「He’s fine for now……considering he licked my b.u.t.t when I was treating him. He is being taken care of by Carla-san.」

That guy loves women in general, but he adores Carla the most.

I figured that he would be attached to Celia or Irijina with how long he’s spent with them on the battlefield……it’s not what I’m thinking, right?

「I believe he can’t be ridden for a while. Please look at this.」

She hands me a 50 cm long needle.

The first several centimeters of the tip is wet with Schwartz’s dark blood.

「Lots of them were stabbed in his lower half. I have more or less removed them, but I am concerned that they are poisonous based on their shape.」

「Hm, it was clearly a caterpillar after all.」

Celia shudders from head to toe at the mere mention of the insect.

Despite what a perverted horse he is, that guy tends to act tough and endure pain out of pride.

I guess he deserves some attention.

「I’ll look at the bottom next. Ah, hey!」

When Celia starts to check my lower half, a sweet pleasure lifts my hips up.

I look down and see a lovely woman exuding lewdness placing a hand on my waist.

It’s Adela.

「Adela, you came too. Are you hurt?」

「No, of course not. I was protected by my reliable lord.」

She grins as she wraps her hand around my waist and rubs her cheek against my crotch.

Her curly semi-long brown hair that is discordant with the battlefield sticks to my sweaty thighs.

Oohs come from around me.

A large number of soldiers sitting on the floor in total exhaustion and soldiers mustering the last of their strength to rebuild the earthen mounds are nearby.

Someone as beautiful as Adela will obviously stand out if she rubs her face on a man’s crotch in public.

「Woah, she’s hot.」

「Are they going to start doing it here?」

Adela doesn’t seem to be affected by the stares or Celia’s scolding and licks my crotch through my pants.

「Are you okay with this? Everyone’s looking.」

「I don’t mind. Fufu, your wife can’t do this because of her honor, but I am a mistress……」

Her mouth opens and she performs a mock b.l.o.w.j.o.b on top of my clothes.

Upon closer inspection, Adela’s face is flushed and her eyes are melting with desire.

She isn’t typically someone who has a fetish for having s.e.x in public, but she must have gotten excited from seeing me fight earlier.

Although it hurt and I thought I was going to die, I’m glad I did my best.

「What an erotic face……I can’t control myself if I see something like that.」

「Her tongue usage is incredible too. It’s moving smoothly in all directions. Does she actually have plenty of experience even at such a young age?」

「More importantly, don’t you think something seems odd with Lord Hardlett’s crotch? It’s like he has a cudgel in his pants.」

I can feel eyes from everywhere.

I mean, it makes sense when I’m standing in the middle of the soldiers.

Adela’s cheeks cave in and she sucks me strongly once before removing her mouth from my crotch.

「Do you mind if I take out your c.o.c.k? Or is it difficult for you to get hard in front of others?」

「Do I look like such a pathetic man? If a s.e.xy lady wishes it, I can get it up, whether I’m on the battlefield or in the palace.」

After boldly declaring as such, Adela softly mutters how manly that is and lowers my pants.

That is when lively footsteps approach from behind.

The nimble barefooted person plants firmly within several meters of me and leaps.



I turn around once the impact hits me and find Rafaella clinging to my back.

「I got scared again once the stuff you poured inside me was washed away……don’t mind me.」

Mmm, so she didn’t completely conquer her fear.

She only felt relief because my seed was inside her?

Well, that crash pushed my crotch in Adela’s face.

Her eyes are glued to the p.e.n.i.s resting perfectly from her forehead to her chin.

「Um……can I also join?」

Following the reserved request, a woman wearing a robe steals my lips.

She is on the docile side, but her breathing is heavier and her temperature is higher than Adela’s.

In addition, she starts rubbing her crotch while I’m kissing and embracing her.

Her composure is being maintained, but her degree of arousal is much higher than Adela’s.

「There are people watching. You shouldn’t stand out.」

Catherine is someone who supposedly died so she shouldn’t show her face so brazenly.

A commander in the kingdom’s army may recognize her face.

「I know. But my body can’t help throbbing when I see you slay those monsters to protect us.」

After a long sigh seemingly coming from Catherine’s womb leaks from her mouth, her tongue pushes into my mouth.

「At this rate, I might find a random man nearby……please have mercy.」

I can’t ignore her now.

I pull her robe over her face to keep it hidden and caress her a.s.s.

「Three girls at once? As expected of the infamous womanizer, Lord Hardlett.」

「On top of that, they’re doing it in plain view……so daring.」

「s.h.i.+t, I’m envious. Not of Lord Hardlett, but of the women around him. I also want to be embraced by that thick arm……」

The soldiers murmur and everyone stares like they’re licking us with their eyes.

Adela and Catherine receive l.u.s.tful gazes and I receive jealous looks.

It’s natural as a man to be jealous of another man hogging three unbelievable beauties to himself.

In that case, the least we can do is to show them how we have s.e.x as a form of comfort.

Just as I grin and glance at the reaction of the spectators, all the stares from before disappear and the soldiers leave like they aren’t a.s.sociated with the scene. Those still remaining in the area don’t bother looking at us and are shouting unnecessarily while fixing the earthen mound.

「What happened?」

「I wonder.」

I turn my head at the source of the voice beside me.

It was Erich.

「Lord Radhalde, you were unharmed?」

「Yes, since I wasn’t in the frontlines like you. I came intending to praise how your military exploits are demonstrated regardless of a human or insect opponent.」

Erich gives me a look of disapproval.

I pull away from Adela who starts to slurp loudly.

She elegantly wipes her mouth with a handkerchief, raises my pants, and then bows politely before leaving.

「Well, I will also excuse myself.」

Catherine bids farewell in an unnatural tone and voice and s.h.i.+elds her face with a hand as she leaves.

Covering herself with two hands would seem suspicious so she holds her left hand over her eyes and nose.

Catherine hastily runs away in that pose.

Erich stares long and hard at Catherine.

I hope her ident.i.ty doesn’t become revealed.

「……that method of concealment just now struck home for me. So she’s one of your women? If it’s okay with you, can you lend her to me for one night?」

I have to decline for more than one reason.

「I also wanted to ask about that person on your back. I don’t suppose she’s a ghost of someone who died because of a love affair, right?」

Rafaella clings to me tightly, determined not to let go.

「Hahaha, a faithful man like me wouldn’t do such a thing.」

「Faithful, you say?」


Interrupting our conversion, Nonna and the others come running over.

Nonna, Mel and her daughters Kuu and Ruu, Leah, Miti, Maria and Gretel, Melissa, Mireille, Rita, Sofia, attendants Sally and Maruru, as well as the civil official Marta excitedly flock to me.

Adela and Catherine, who ran away earlier, Rukino, who is waving her hand from as far away from Nonna as possible, and even Casie, who is weirdly shaped, are nearby.

「Faithful, right.」

All of them fight to hug me first, and when I return the embrace, I feel the warmth from everyone’s groin areas.

They are all moist to some extent, but Mel and Rita are especially so.

It’s not on the level of simply being turned on, juices are already dripping down their legs.

「Hey, I’m first! Don’t squeeze in from the side!」

「You have to be last because your body is big! You’ll crush him!」

「Please, you’re my attendant so don’t hug him in the confusion!」

「Someone stepped on my foot!!」

With so many people involved, some start to complain.

「Faithful, huh?」

I can sense Erich’s evaluation of me drop further and further.

As I ponder how I should arbitrate, something several times noisier comes charging in.

「Oh gosh, that was scary! What was that thing!!?」

「Just when I thought I got away, what’s with that disgusting insect hydra!?」

「Uuu……I can’t believe my magic was deflected by its bare hands.」

Black and white elves come running in.

The girls who should have gone on a trip, not wanting to fight anymore after the battle with South Yuguria, came grouped up in a large ball.

「Wait, who are you people!? Aegir-sama made some more lovers again? There are so many, like 400 people!! Stop, who do you think I……wakyaa! Help me, Aegir-sama!」

The ruckusing group swallowed up Nonna and the others and ran off somewhere.

They seem to be scared of something, but from what I’m hearing, it doesn’t seem to be the bugs.

「Sniff sniff, sob, sniff.」

I find Natia at the end of the queue, who is rubbing her eyes and crying, and call out to her.

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「What on earth happened during the excursion? Based on your position, I don’t think you met with the bugs.」

Balbano looks around as he talks and gulps when he spots one of the charred heads of the insect hydra.

「T-this one appeared as well, huh……even I and us dwarves may or may not see this insect in three generations…… it might be the end.」

Pochi slowly descends beside Balbano, who slumps his shoulders.

As usual, it causes quite a stir.

「T-there it is……so this is the flying lizard that Lord Hardlett is rumored to have tamed.」

「Haha……amazing. I’m sure it can win against the giant centipede too. It can win, right?」

The soldiers, while frightened, seem encouraged by Pochi.

The spiders and worms are certainly no match for Pochi’s large body.

Meanwhile, Pochi is adjusting its body unnaturally as it slowly lands.

It looks to be avoiding the insect corpses.

Right, Pochi has one problem.

「Pochi hates bugs. It can’t be helped.」

Pipi says on its back.

Pochi has a true dislike of insects.

Pochi won’t even squish the regular-sized insects that crawl out in its hut and cries for Rita to deal with them or uses the insecticide Natia made to eliminate them without touching.

「Is it going to be okay?」

There are plenty of elements to worry about, but at least all our allies here.

「Lord Hardlett, Lord Radhalde, may I have your attention?」

Erich and I nod in response to Leopolt.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Autumn.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.

Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City. Mad Demon G.o.d. Secret Golden Lager.


Nonna (jostling), Carla (nursing), Mel (taking refuge), Leah (rescue), Pipi (rejoined), Miti (jostling), Maria (jostling), Catherine (escape), Gretel (jostling), Melissa (jostling), Kuu (jostling), Ruu (jostling), Mireille (jostling), Casie (5 head figure), Rita (cooking), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (sleep), Mother: Marceline (consultation), Daughters: Eldest – Stephanie (denied), Second – Bridget (agreed), Youngest – Felicie (either)

Sofia (jostling), Dorothea (in trouble), Claudia (imposing stance), Clara (riding on shoulder), Adela (masturbating)

Celestina (reigning queen), Monica (mama attendant), Benel (coma)


Dingus (eastern army commander), Rinuga (refugee leader), Rafaella (back parasite)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)

Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Yakov (emergency sortie), Gido (desperation), Mack (emergency sortie), Christoph (fainted), Guigue (nursing)

Adolph (stressed), Sebastian (frugal), Marta (jostling), Sally (jostling), Maruru (jostling)

Jim (sortie, low morale), Suzy (sortie), Solana (given up), Altair (founder), Remia (victim)


Erich (Locked on), Ijaris (rejoined), Yularen (strongly locked on)

Sekrit (a.n.a.lyzing), Ivanna (practising on her own), T-99 (maintenance), Brynhildr (concealed), Natia (tear-inducing agent), Felteris (proud elven female warrior)

Annette (free), Piris (insane, house arrest), Baroness Rukino Escaote (jostling), Seika (touched)

Busco (promoted), Gildress (training), Visitacion (confined home with child)


Lammy (moving), Alraune (transplanting), Mirumi (hunch), Pochi (entomophobia), Messerschmitt​ (sleeping)

Tropical Smooth-scaled Monitor Lizard (pursuit commences), Schwartz (critical condition)


Escort Unit: 43

Infantry: 3000

Cavalry: 400

Archers: 400

Cannoneers: 400

Bow Cavalry: 1000

105 Army Corps: 3700

(war time, weapons are produced as necessary, being deployed)

Cannons: 45, Large Cannons: 23, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 18, Chariots: 38

Reinforcements / Allied Forces:

Eastern Army: 13 000

Mixed Refugee Team: 5800

Elves: Black: 200, White: 200 (rejoined)

G.o.d Altair’s Army: 2500 ⇒ 2800 (Rafen charity work, inviting)

Teries Fleet: Battles.h.i.+p Suvorov, Battles.h.i.+p Leviathan IV (temporary), Large Combat s.h.i.+ps: 3, Medium Combat s.h.i.+ps: 7 (in repair)


a.s.sets: -75 000 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 805

Children who have been born: 70 + 567

Current Location: North Kisatto, abandoned fort

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