Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 499

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Chapter 499

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–Aegir POV–

The events of that day back at my home in Rafen when the girls and I were confirming our love for each other are resurfacing clearly――

「Nnh! Nnh! Kiss me more! Use more tongue!」

The one hugging me is Catherine .

We have only kissed so far and she is already out of breath like she sprinted at full speed .

Catherine is normally quiet and, if I had to say, gives off a cold and distant impression .

But being someone who has a stronger libido than others, if she doesn’t sleep with a man, she gradually loses composure until her l.u.s.t begins to control her .

If she becomes aroused in that state, she turns into a s.e.x beast who can only think about men .

「I can’t hold back any longer!」

Catherine topples me onto the bed .

Obviously, a weak woman like her isn’t strong enough to push me over, I simply allowed myself to be knocked down because her panting is cute .

「Haa, haa……in the way . 」

Once Catherine mounts me, she rips open my s.h.i.+rt .

It seems she isn’t rational enough to even undo the b.u.t.tons .

「A man……muscles……haa, haa……」

Following her kisses to my neck and loving bites, she grabs my chest and rubs her cheek against my pectoral muscles, then lastly turns around to tear off my pants, and straddles my head while pressing her a.s.s in my face .

「A male’s scent……hot flesh……this, I wanted this . 」

I hear slurping sounds and soon feel my lower half wrapped with pleasure .

I can’t help closing my eyes and groaning as the woman in heat services me without regard to her appearances .

「Fufu, you’re not going to let a woman do all the work, are you?」

Ignoring this a.s.s swaying left and right in front of my face will be a dishonor to my name .

I squeeze her b.u.t.t cheeks hard enough for them to change shape and stick my face in her crotch .

「Aaahn . 」

Catherine moans loudly .

However, I notice something is off .

「Mu, you’re not fully turned on yet?」

I pull my head back and insert a finger in her hole instead .

「……ahn . 」

Catherine lets out another moan, which sounds strange after all .

「I thought you would be in a pretty bad condition considering you were neglected for such a long time……I guess not . 」

Catherine is incredible when she is crazy for men .

She would suck you in and not let you go if you stick a finger or your tongue inside, and licking her once would cause her hole to overflow with juices in an instant .

Right now, she is certainly aroused, but this is probably the result of a one-week break .

All of a sudden, the sensation around my lower half lessens and sweat forms on the white a.s.s in front of me .

「It seems someone has used this quite a bit during my absence . Was it you?」

「Y-yes . I did it repeatedly . I practically only stopped to eat meals . 」

She’s avoiding eye contact .

I raise my body from the bed and hug Catherine from behind .

「Was it only you?」

「Errr……oh right, there was Melissa-san! And Maria-san, and also others……」

When I glance over at Maria who is laying next to me on the same bed, she awkwardly agrees in a vague manner .

That expression not only contains guilt and shame, there are hints of dissatisfaction and resignation .

「N-now, let’s continue……」

I kiss Catherine’s neck and then bring my mouth to her ear .

「Was there another man?」

「Urk, that’s……」

Catherine’s body s.h.i.+vers .

That settles it .

The other girls in the room stop conversing and the atmosphere becomes tense .

They’re probably thinking I might get infuriated .

I mean, it’s natural to get mad if someone else touches your woman .

If a man raped Catherine, then I’d cut him to pieces .

But based on Catherine’s reactions, she likely consented .

I can’t exactly blame the girl being unfaithful when I’m worthless enough to abandon her for so long .

A fire of jealousy is burning within me though .

It makes me want to do to her everything that man did .


「That’s not it! I didn’t meant to――!!」

I lean on Catherine as I hug her .

「How far did you let him go? Did he steal your lips?」

Catherine nods .

I suck on her lips and stir the inside of her mouth with my tongue .

「How about the bottom? Did he lick you?」

Catherine averts her eyes .

I spread her legs wide open and stick my face in her crotch to the point my nose is partially in her hole as I lick her lower lips .

「Then what happened? What did he do?」


Catherine looks away while squirming, then invites me in between her legs before wrapping them and her arms around my back .

「You let him penetrate you too!?」

「No, you’re wrong!」

My arm slips under her waist and I thrust my hips forward .

She doesn’t scream despite my violent insertion, rather her hole is the only thing that makes a sound .

I pull Catherine’s head by the hair and peek at her face as I swing my hips .

I use large and strong movements that make the entire bed creak .

「So, does it feel good? Is it bigger than his?」

Catherine moans with her eyes closed and nods to my questions .

Her nails dig into my back, causing minor pain to travel up to my brain .

I am very proud of that, which in turn calms the flames of jealousy somewhat .

「Fufufu, you couldn’t feel good with guy’s shabby thing, am I right?」

I wanted to immerse myself in the feeling of superiority, but I’m approaching my limit .

It hasn’t even been ten minutes, yet for some reason I’m more turned on than usual .

「Alright, I’ll c.u.m on the same place he did . Was it your face or your stomach?」

When asked, Catherine reels in the sheets with her hands, hides her face, and holds my body tightly in place with her limbs .

The answer is clear . He came inside .

「You let him do everything, you cheating b.i.t.c.h!」

「Forgive me! My body wouldn’t listen . 」

Catherine, with her face hidden by the sheets she tugged, looks at me uneasily .

Scowling, I play-bite her throat, then smile softly and kiss her .

Catherine, sensing that I am not enraged, clings closer to my body in relief and brings her arms around the back of my head, ready to accept me completely .

My meat rod, able to read the mood, begins to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e .

Intermittent spurts of c.u.m shoots more with more force than usual inside Catherine, filling her up with more seed than usual .

It would be troublesome if that man had any chance to get her pregnant .

I strain my abs and t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es to squeeze as much s.e.m.e.n out as possible, was.h.i.+ng out her womb with a cloudy white stream .

If she has already been impregnated, I’ll have to release frenzied sperm to seize her eggs .

I hear several sighs around me .

「I was worried about what would happen there . Although to be fair, Aegir is not so petty that he would throw a fit because of cheating . 」

Carla comments beside me as my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n continues .

「Catherine-san, you should also remember to control yourself . I look away for a second and you go off doing such things……」

Maria heaves a sigh as she scolds Catherine, who could only answer half-heartedly while under me .

「That aside, he’s c.u.mming so much and so strong……does Aegir-san have a fetish for that as well……」

Not understanding what Mel meant by those words, I focus on emptying my load in Catherine――

「Nuu! Was I cuckolded!?」

The words that slipped out of my mouth unconsciously brought me back to my senses .

「Fue!? T-that’s right . You treated me awfully, that’s why I was stolen by him!」

Monica hugs Christoph and then humphs in triumph .

「……Mama . 」

Christoph rubs his face against Monica’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s with an innocent smile .

Celestina and Brynhildr recoil .

「Jeez . 」

I stomp over towards the two of them .

「I-it’s going to be carnage! Dear brother, you mustn’t! Monica should try to talk to him too . Please? Okay?」

Thinking I was going to punch her, Celestina grabs my waist and tries to stop me .

Obviously, the tiny girl could not obstruct me in the slightest and I kept walking with her hanging off my body .

「Are you going to get revenge by hitting me? Go ahead!」

Monica turns her head away from me, her shoulders trembling in antic.i.p.ation .

I lost my cool briefly when she declared she cheated, but I know clearly what I must do now .

I briskly walk up directly in front of Monica and bend down .

Celestina is lifted up in the air, making us look like a pair of frogs .

「I apologize for insulting and humiliating you . I hope you’ll forgive me . 」

I kneel before Monica, take her foot and kiss it .

「Uuu……d-do you not feel shame!? A great feudal lord of Goldonia like you bowing to a mere maidservant like me who has slept with another man, and kissing my foot on top of that……」

「None . I am in the wrong, so this is to be expected . 」

This action should be the most humiliating for a human .

I wouldn’t do this if the king ordered me, let alone any n.o.ble .

But if I’m apologizing to a woman who I’ve disgraced, I don’t feel any shame .

「Besides, I know you’re lying about the cheating . 」

From my experience, this is not how a woman who has truly cheated acts .

My d.i.c.k, which was ready to burst out of my pants, also sees through her lies and withers―― hm? Something isn’t right here .

Anyways, Monica probably wanted to get my attention because she felt slighted from me calling the name of another woman .

Pretending to have cheated is a bit childish, but for someone who has only worked in the palace, she likely doesn’t have much experience with love and relations.h.i.+ps .

It’s natural for her to resort to naive methods like this .

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「Urk……that’s right . Christoph-san became like a toddler and would cry whenever I left so I had him sleep in the same room . 」

「Yesterday evening, the kingdom’s eastern army visited Rafen . 」

「Without a prior announcement……?」

Erich told me they would come eventually, but I didn’t expect it to be this sudden .

This is kind of bad . If they arrive and demand to meet with me, the captain, and I’m not there, they’ll find out that I violated the house arrest .

「Nonna-san used her quick-wittedness and said you were ill . 」

Nonna is familiar with the ins and outs of being a n.o.ble and knows how to lie when she has to .

「Wouldn’t that lead to a visit out of concern?」

If the master of the house is sick, it’s naturally polite to at least pay a visit .

「Nonna-san immediately said that, um――Aegir-sama’s crotch is inflamed and leaking pus and didn’t want his honor to be damaged and asked everybody to refrain from visiting . The captain of the eastern army respected her wishes . 」

「What is she saying……」

My shoulders drop in disappointment .

This feels like it happened before . Nonna’s lies are not thought out very well .

「Either way, I have to go back . If it is discovered I fought in Malt, they’ll have my head cut off . 」

I jump on Schwartz, riding behind Celia .

「Hey, what about us?」

Christoph and Guigue have caught up .

「I also brought horses for you . They won’t keep up with Schwartz, but find your way back on your own . 」

Like she said, I can see war horses are running in the distance .

「Aaah, sorry――mama……c.r.a.p, I did it again!」

Christoph corrected himself at the same time as Celia landed her horse-top flying kick .

The Next Day . Rafen .

「So you’re the captain……sorry . I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t greet you sooner . 」

When I offer to shake his hand, the captain hesitates briefly and then grips my hand with a strained smile .

「It can’t be helped if it’s a disease . I’m glad you recovered . 」

The captain’s eyes dart back and forth from my face to my crotch, and after the handshake, secretly wipes his hand on his back in disgust .

Nonna, lined up beside me, avoids looking me in the eye .

「Let me get straight to the point . In the name of the Military Commissioner, Marquess Radhalde, I hereby release Margrave Hardlett from house arrest upon the arrival of the eastern army . 」

「I have certainly received the notice . 」

Now I can say farewell to the annoying confinement .

「Once you have rested from the march, we will head south and advance on the eastern region of South Yuguria . Our enemy’s inferiority is unquestionable, having been defeated on the main war front, but even a beast is capable of great strength on its last legs . Do your best not to let your guard down . 」

「I have no objections . Now, I don’t know if you are aware, but there was a huge uprising of volunteer soldiers in the Malt kingdom the other day . That country has already expelled South Yuguria . They can provide cooperation when heading south . 」

The captain’s eyes widen when he hears this .

「Really――that is a welcome miscalculation . I thought we would have to engage the troops garrisoned in Malt . As expected of Lord Hardlett, information travels quickly to you despite your house arrest and illness . 」

Well, I did my best yesterday after all .

「That means we will not face any obstacles . n.o.body will stop our advance . We just have to march to the southern tip of the Central plains and wait for news of South Yuguria’s collapse . 」

The captain laughs heartily .

I also join in and try to slap his shoulder, but he dodges my hand before it can touch him .

I think I heard Nonna giggle .

「I can’t imagine the enemy going on the offensive at this point . Relax and regain your――」

A set of footsteps can be heard approaching .

「Urgent report from the southern scouting party! A large number of South Yuguria soldiers are flooding into Kisatto and the mountain nation territory! I believe it’s a ma.s.sive raid!!」

「This happens after what I said? It makes me look like an idiot . 」

It doesn’t matter to me, but he still speaks out loud .

The captain dashes back to his army .

Leopolt soon appears by my side as well .

「What a miscalculation . Did the enemy have the forces necessary for such a ma.s.sive raid?」

Leopolt shakes his head .

「No . They do not have the ability to raid after losing Malt . They do not even have enough manpower to support a small scale raid . 」

「But they have actually come . 」

No matter how correct a theory seems, if proven otherwise, the theory is incorrect .

「No, there is still more to be confirmed . Is the invading force South Yuguria?」

「What do you mean?」

「I will order as many scouts to confirm . Please wait . 」

The scouts bring back a follow-up report .

「Enemies number around 17,000! There are several hundred cavalry accompanying them . 」

That’s a sizable force . Isn’t that simply a large scale raid?

Further information comes in .

「We have confirmed a large number of what appears to be lightly armed militia among the enemies . 」

It’s strange to include militia if they are aiming for a decisive maneuver like a raid, but perhaps they are there to inflate numbers .

「There are clearly non-combatants mixed in with the army . The raiding party is a mix of enemy soldiers and farmers!」

This doesn’t make sense .

「The enemy raid……no, the group departing from South Yuguria appears to be enemy soldiers, farmers with livestock, townspeople pulling wagons, and even wild animals that are heading north!」

The scouts finally stopped calling them a raid party .

「We are getting attacked by such a jumbled bunch? No, this is almost like……」

Leopolt and Tristan, who pops his head out from behind, come to the same conclusion .

「It’s like they are being chased by something――and trying to run away . 」

「Moreover, they’re running in our direction . It’s something that is scarier than the enemy and doesn’t distinguish between soldiers, citizens or animals……」

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