Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 498

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Chapter 498

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「How dare you……I choked and blacked out . It felt like a long time pa.s.sed again . 」

Brynhildr mounts my stomach and grabs onto my d.i.c.k firmly .

My b.a.l.l.s shrink, preparing for her to possibly rip my manhood .

「Pus.h.i.+ng so deep into my throat……what was that about getting my stomach pregnant? I thought I got skewered for the first time in a while . 」

Her hand tightens around my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es .

I feel them shrink even more .

「What do you mean, shrinking? They’re still as big as apples . 」

Brynhildr squeezes my b.a.l.l.s hard enough to give me a twinge and then loosely ma.s.sages them .

It seems she won’t tear it off out of anger . In fact……

「Sorry Brynhildr……for making you suck on something so dirty . 」

I say as I rest my meat rod on Brynhildr’s face .

Despite looking furious, she doesn’t shout or push me away .

「I’m really sorry . Presenting a disgusting unwashed tool to a n.o.blewoman……」

When I move my hot member across her face, Brynhildr’s eyes follow it, and her nose sniffs the air .

「The smell, do you like it?」


Although she yells out in protest, I grab her shoulder and push my d.i.c.k in front of her nose .

If my guess was incorrect, she would have already snapped me in half .

That’s why I’m pretty certain she likes my foul-smelling c.o.c.k .

I observe Brynhildr again .

She has gorgeous blonde hair, a lovely face, skin as white as snow, and a body that is filled with beauty from head to toe .

However, that otherworldly beauty is packaged in a young and immature physique .

Calling her a peerless young lady is appropriate, but her slanted glowing red eyes and the bewitching aura exuding from her body indicates she is more than just a pretty girl .

「So Brynhildr likes that kind of thing――」「Fool!」「Gnuh!!」

Brynhildr kicks my d.i.c.k upward with her toe .

The shock shoots through my abdomen, causing me to fall forward onto the bed .

I accidentally said it out loud .

「Don’t misunderstand, you idiot! It’s just that n.o.body has ever stuck something so gross in my face for three hundred years and I was just a little curious! I’m not a pervert!」

「You don’t have to hide it, I mean it’s fine for everyone to have their own fet……gueh . 」

Brynhildr flips me on my back and straddles my thigh .

「If anyone’s a pervert, that has to be you . Look at this . 」

She grabs my d.i.c.k which hasn’t gone limp at all after getting hit, presses it against her belly, and starts grinding her hips with her hairless crotch sandwiched around my shaft . The feeling of skin rubbing together is tantalizing, but the obscene scene unfolding before my eyes compensates for the lack of stimulation .

「Take a good look at my body . Your monstrous root is going to enter this tiny body . 」

Brynhildr places two extended fingers against her genitals and uses them like a ruler to measure the length of her ca.n.a.l .

「My hole is only this deep . As for your d.i.c.k……」

Her thin elegant fingers line up along my p.e.n.i.s .

It doesn’t even reach half the size of my swollen member, or a quarter for that matter .

「See, it’s nowhere near enough . My womb is past this point . 」

She similarly measures the length below her belly b.u.t.ton and compares it with my d.i.c.k, coming up short again .

「And this part is the back of my womb……it’s not a place you’re supposed to enter . 」

A devilish grin forms on Brynhildr’s face .

「Or is it……」

Brynhildr leans forward while stroking my d.i.c.k with her hands .

「Do you want to force it deeper inside? Hm?」

I can only give a pathetic reply .

「Yeah, I want to go deeper . Half is not enough to satisfy me . 」

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Brynhildr slides her hand a little further down my shaft towards the base and asks me if that is what I meant .

「Brynhildr, shall we begin tonight’s immoral love-making now?」

「Haah? You moron…………ahem . Dear brother, you must not! If mother and the others find out……」

I was too riled up that I don’t remember much about what happened next, but when I woke up, the room was covered in my seed from the walls to the ceiling .

Brynhildr’s front and back holes were red and swollen as she yelled, “There’s a limit to how perverted you can get! I thought my life of three hundred years was going to end in bed!”

For some reason, my a.s.s also hurt, but my instincts told me to forget about it .

The hypnotized mother and older daughter were also covered with s.e.m.e.n for some reason .

Anyways, it seems I went at it all night .

It would be bad if I stayed here any longer and my ident.i.ty gets blown, so let’s secretly visit Celestina and leave Malt promptly .

Waiting for me when I returned to the palace was a troubled Celestina and an elated Monica, who was standing imposingly with Christoph clinging to her waist and rubbing his cheek against her .

「What’s going on? And Christoph, where were you this whole time?」

Monica’s eyes widen and she extends her arm at me .

Her chin is tilted up like she’s proud of what she has done .

「It seems you enjoyed yourself last night . After being chased away by me, you ran to eat up another woman……that’s fine . 」

My head snaps in Brynhildr’s direction, wondering how Monica knew .

「Don’t look at me, she’ll find out, stupid brother!! Ah, c.r.a.p!」

「Eh, dear brother?」

Celestina reacts, but that’s besides the point right now .

I prepare myself for another strike from Monica, but she remains composed despite a vein popping on her forehead, and instead pats Christoph .

「Oh well, I can’t really blame you too much this time . That’s because I also――slept with Christoph-san last night . 」


My pounding heartbeat grows louder in my ears .

Time seems to slow down .

The first image that pops in my mind is Catherine .

Vivid memories revive .

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