Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 497

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Chapter 497

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Well, it feels like a strange amount of time has pa.s.sed . 」

Brynhildr tilts her head, looking down at me as I lay face-up naked on the bed .

「Whatever . Now take it off . Carefully . 」

Brynhildr stands on the bed over me with her legs straddling my head .

The hem of her long black skirt drapes over my face, revealing her similarly black underwear and white thighs .

While still lying on my back, I raise my arm, slowly brus.h.i.+ng my hand from her calf to her thigh .

「What fine skin, not a single blemish or rough spot……it’s like touching silk . 」

When Brynhildr orders me to take off her clothes, I have to gently caress her and praise her like so or else she’ll be in a bad mood . If I do something like pull her skirt down, she’ll grab me by the neck and slam me into the ground .

My hand travels further up and pauses when it reaches her underwear, letting me check Brynhildr’s face .

「Mm . 」

With a composed expression, Brynhildr casually lifts up one leg .

When I softly press my lips on her toes, she closes her eyes in content .

It seems she has given me the OK .

My finger slips between her cool skin and black lace underwear and slowly drags the garment down .

Brynhildr has the physical appearance of a 12 or 13 year old girl .

She has a small b.u.t.t, which appropriately matches her stature, letting me remove her underwear without a hitch .

Her forbidden garden is exposed to me inside the darkness of her skirt .

「It’s smooth as usual . It makes me feel guilty when I stare too long . 」

No matter where I rub, I only feel the sensation of skin .

She hasn’t shaved, hair simply hasn’t grown in that area . Normally, such a young body would not know a man’s touch .

Obviously, bringing that up will get me slammed into the ground, so I’ll keep the thought in my mind .

「That’s funny, coming from someone who makes a mess of it every time . 」

I kiss the hairless crack and the part slightly above it, then reach outside her skirt and unhook the clasp at her waist .

Her skirt falls and the half-naked Brynhildr, after giving my forehead a poke, sits down on the bed and raises her hands, imitating a celebratory gesture .

I loosen the string on her back to remove her dress and slide the strap of her innerwear off her shoulder .

Just like her thighs, the skin of her upper body is also sickly pale and smooth like silk .

There are no scars or black spots marking the white surface, with the only accent being her oval belly b.u.t.ton and the barely noticeable mounds on her chest decorated with a faint circle in between pink and flesh color on the peak of each breast .

Brynhildr’s infantile body is completely visible .

She straddles my chest and keeps her arms raised for a few seconds almost like she’s showing off her upper body .

There is no doubt she is beautiful, but her body is too immature to be considered a woman . She is also too young to be called a young lady .

However, her mannerisms and facial expressions are seductive, contradictory to her appearance .

「What do you expect? How many centuries do you think I’ve lived? ……given three more years, ‘that’ would have grown more to fit your preferences……nevermind!」

Perhaps embarra.s.sed, Brynhildr slides herself down and lowers her mouth to my crotch .

She proceeds to open her mouth and tries her best to fit my meat rod inside, but……

「――stinks!! You haven’t been was.h.i.+ng properly!」

「That’s not true . 」

Is it because I recently had s.e.x with Monica?

No, that’s a pretty normal thing for me .

「Conversely, I was able to f.u.c.k her without problem so I should not smell that bad――ah . 」

Then it hits me .

Monica and I walked in the sewers and fought with a monstrous ma.s.s of filth .

Our senses of smell have been numbed to the point that we aren’t perceiving weaker scents .

「I showered myself with water but was concerned about being seen and didn’t take off my armor……I guess I didn’t wash the sweat in my crotch area . 」

「――so you didn’t . Wait!! I’m not putting such a dirty thing in my mouth! Wash it this instant!」

Of course, Brynhildr’s grievance is valid .

But this is a residential building and doesn’t have a bath, plus the well is public, meaning I can’t wash myself there .

「Kuu……what a disaster . I can’t believe after coming this far, I have to postpone it . 」

I stare imploringly at Brynhildr .

「I’m not doing it even if you give me that look . 」

Brynhildr turns her head coldly in the other direction .

I close the distance between us and stare sweetly at her .

「You really won’t do it?」

「If circ.u.mstances were better――I mean, why do I have to suck that dirty thing!?」

She pushes against my clinging head .

I no longer care about how I look . My crotch is about to explode .

I hug Brynhildr’s slender white thigh .

「My d.i.c.k is about to burst and it’s painful, sis……please……I want to release in your pretty mouth . 」

「What shameless――fine, it can’t be helped! Sit on the bed!」

Stamping her feet in frustration, Brynhildr sits me down and lowers herself in between my legs .

She really is out of my league .

Her f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o begins .

「Nmmu……stinks . 」

My dark ugly meat rod enters Brynhildr’s thin lips .

Her tiny mouth stretches as far as possible and her cheeks bulge out .

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Her elegant blonde hair, eyes like rubies and juvenile body contrasts her n.o.ble air .

「I’d like it if you at least didn’t crush my b.a.l.l.s . I still want to make babies . 」

As I resolved myself for the worst, Brynhildr jumped on top of me .

Meanwhile . In the Throne Room .

「I’m never letting that sc.u.m embrace me again! How could he yell another woman’s name when he’s on top of someone――I can feel my blood boiling just thinking about it! I thought he was somewhat manly too……so frustrating……sniff . 」

Monica sobs as she mops the floor, trying to distract herself from the humiliation .

「I have to clean this place quickly for Her Majesty, and also, oh right . 」

Monica picks up and holds the wooden plank prepared outside the room under her armpit .

「I wonder what the previous kings were thinking when they had a hole dug directly under the throne . Not to mention there are plenty of suspicious monsters down there……I’ll eventually get some stone artisans to seal it up properly, but I guess I can cover it with a plank for now . 」

Monica inserts a stick under the throne and uses it as a lever to move the heavy chair .

The hole leading to the secret pa.s.sage is too dangerous――for the time being, it should be blocked off .

「Uugh, heavy……I’m surprised that man could lift this……no, he flung it aside . Such brute strength . Uuuuuurrgh――eiya!」

The throne slides and reveals the gaping hole .

Suddenly, a shadow squirms .

「A-a monster!?」

Monica was about to scream for help, but the wobbling shadow slowly groans weakly .

「A……a……light……a person……outside……」

「W-wait, you’re Christoph-san!? What were you――ah . 」

Memories come back and remind her of the events .

They defeated an atrocious monster and infiltrated the palace from under the throne .

She didn’t remember seeing this man with them .

An image of him fainting also comes to mind .

And after they entered the palace, to delay being discovered, the throne was returned to its original position……

「D-don’t tell me, were you under there all this time?」

「Rats are scary……centipedes hurt……darkness……eyes……glowing eyes . 」

Christoph climbs the ladder and stumbles into Monica .

Although initially shocked, she did not reject Christoph’s embrace .

「Umm……it’s alright now . Why don’t you take a bath, eat some food and sleep in a warm bed . 」


Christoph buries his face in Monica’s bosom .

「Hey wait……well actually, you’re pretty handsome . ……hmm . 」

The muscular man she hates appears in her mind .

「I-I’ll teach you!」

As Monica pats the trembling Christoph’s head, a grin forms on her face .

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