Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 489: Golden Sortie

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Chapter 489: Golden Sortie

Northern Village of Malt – Hopp.

The village of Hopp remained peaceful even after being occupied by South Yuguria.

Despite being on the national border, there were no fortresses or significant military facilities because the village was surrounded by tranquil fields of wheat which provided no defensive advantage to troops. It was a small village and thus it was difficult to have a large army garrisoned there. In the first place, there was no point in sending soldiers to protect the place.

But as of this moment, the peace has been broken.

「Uuoooooooohーーー!! Let’s go south!! It’s time we take back our home!」

「Defeat South Yuguria! Return the land to Vandolea!」

「Kill everyone who gets in the way! Burn down the towns and villages that yielded to South Yuguria!」

At the break of dawn when the sun has yet to rise, several thousand men a.s.sault the village.

The alarmed villagers who rushed out of their beds in fear of bandits discovered the attack was on a scale far beyond what they imagined and froze in place.

「What is all this!? Where did such a huge number come from……」

「If they came from the north, does it mean they’re an army from Goldonia? No, their equipment and weapons are mismatching, that’s hard to believe!」

「I-if we don’t do something……but against this many……we can’t do anything.」

The villagers resign themselves to the attack.

There are only about a hundred or so of them, so they thought they would not be able to fully protect the village no matter what they did.

Feeling powerless, they stared blankly and embraced the impending doom.

「Aah……what an end. We were simply living peacefully.」

What follows is a series of destruction, murder and rape――or that was supposed to be the case, however the scene which is not uncommon in war-torn areas had a slightly different tone this time.

「「「Burn everything!」」」

Men holding torches stepped into house after house.

「Oraaah, this is for you! Take your valuables and objects that contain memories and get out! You better not have any kids hiding in the house!」

Once the men yanked the villagers out of the houses, they set fire to the buildings.

「Aaah……our house……so this is war.」

「But somehow, they are strangely courteous. They checked in the nooks and crannies if there were any children before setting fire to the houses.」

The ruin, however, doesn’t end there.

「「「Rape them all!」」」

The unknown group captures multiple young women, strips them naked and pulls them into the shadows.

Knowing they will likely be killed if they scream or struggle, the girls close their eyes and accept their fate.

「I won’t resist, so don’t kill me……uuu, I’m a virgin…… eh?」

「Please have mercy on my daughters, in return you can do anything to me……huh?」

The removed clothes are folded neatly and placed on the bodies of the girls dragged into the shadows.

「Noooooo!! Stop iiit!!」

「Shut up! I’ll slit your throat if you don’t stop whining! Aah, the perks of this job.」

「Ow, it hurts, it hurts――!! Hey, it really hurts so don’t put your weight on me! I’ll charge extra.」

「I’ll hurt you even more! Oh, sorry. It’s hard to control myself.」

「Please spare my insides!! Noooo! ……I’m under contract so c.u.mming inside is fine.」

「Orraah, get pregnant!! Aah, I’m glad I chose to be a part of this plan……uugh!」

The ones being violated in place of the girls were women never before seen in the village.

The villagers exchange looks of confusion.

「Did you ever see those girls before? There’s no way such beautiful people wouldn’t become the talk of the town.」

「No, I’ve never seen them. It almost looked like they were brought with the soldiers, maybe they were kidnapped from somewhere.」

「You’re saying they deliberately took kidnapped women to our village to violate them……?」

「「「Kill them all!」」」

The unknown group grabbed all of the villagers and carried them off somewhere.

Men were dragged by the back of their collars while the women were picked up carefully and the children were pacified with candy before being lifted without complaint.

There was none of the initial despair among the villagers.

But the same can not be said about South Yuguria’s scouting unit who sensed the attack and evacuated promptly.

「Captain, all five members are alive. The village on the other hand――」

The five scouts turn back on their horses after reaching a hill in the distance.

The glowing from the flames of the burning houses eerily synchronized with the rising smoke and the morning sun.

Girls from the village squeal as they are raped and the men disappear as they are dragged away.

It was clear how things would end for them.

Although the people of the dominion were commoners, the soldiers still felt guilty abandoning the villagers and resorted to focusing on a.n.a.lyzing the enemy situation in order to mask it.

「Captain, do you think they’re an army from Goldonia?」

The leader shakes his head.

「No, I remember seeing the helmets they are wearing from somewhere. It belongs to the defeated Vandolea army. The demon Hardlett’s territory is to the north……these guys probably took the opportunity to sneak into his land while he was away on the battlefield. However, the Vandolea of the past was not so disorderly. Did they become desperate after their country collapsed or did only trash survive?」

The captain once a.s.sociated with Vandolea spoke with a blank stare into empty s.p.a.ce.

「In any case, we know they’re heading south based on what they are shouting. No matter how much we’ve been losing, we can’t let a bunch of bandits overrun South Yuguria. We have to return to Biado as soon as possible and arrange for a punitive force.」

The captain and his subordinates nod back and forth, then speed off on their horses as if to shake the screaming behind them out of their minds.

Western Prairies of Hopp.

「The enemy fell for the diversion.」

An individual donning a set of full plate armor says.

I can tell the person is female, but her voice echoes within the armor, making it hard for me to distinguish which one is her.

Well, I know it’s Sekrit anyway.

「The enemy dispatched pretty much their entire force from Biado to confront the Vandolea volunteer army. They number 5000……thinking normally, they should beat a bunch of ruffians hands down.」

The burning of houses, raping of women, capturing of villagers and slaughtering……all of it was a masquerade.

Prost.i.tutes were recruited and paid to act the part of the victims.

In addition, tents were set up at the destination where the villagers were taken to, providing a safe refuge until the end of battle.

There was no avoiding actually setting houses ablaze, but all the valuables had been carried out, so I just have to speak to Adolph later and ask him to have new houses built. Being a village in the countryside, I’m sure there aren’t too many houses.

「Those guys will fight the equally numbered enemy without drawing back and hold them at the border.」

The Vandolea volunteer army is not a disorderly group.

They still uphold a certain amount of discipline and can fight according to their superior’s command.

Bejček, their leader, isn’t skilled by Leopolt’s standards, but he’s capable enough for this operation.

Obviously, South Yuguria undoubtedly has the advantage in terms of strength in a battle of equal numbers.

The volunteer army is lightly equipped and hardly has any cavalry.

But that’s fine. Their mission is not to repel the South Yuguria army.

They just have to attract South Yuguria to the border and prolong the fight.

「In other words, everything is currently going exactly as planned, Golden Lager.」

Sekrit bursts out laughing after she spoke those two words.

「It’s about time. Hero of Gold, Golden Lager.」

Sekrit repeats the words needlessly. Yeah, it’s absolutely hilarious, huh?

Whatever, the time is ripe. I have to give the order soon.

「……soldiers of the Hardlett realm. The time to sortie has finally come.」

I try to change the tone of my voice but because I’m not used to it, my voice fluctuates between low and high pitch.

The soldiers look on skeptically and whisper amongst themselves.

「Hey, what’s this guy’s deal? His ident.i.ty, physical appearance, voice……there’s nothing that isn’t suspicious about him.」

「Leopolt-sama said to obey him unconditionally so I followed, but is this really a good idea?」

「A full plate of gold armor……even an upstart loan shark would find it embarra.s.sing to wear such a ma.s.s of vanity called armor.」

My brow twitches as I suppress the urge to kick all of their a.s.ses.

I’d probably say the same thing if I was in their position.

The soldiers received orders to listen to Golden Lager but weren’t told that I am actually the person inside the armor.

Although the army consists of elites, there are 400 soldiers total partic.i.p.ating in the operation, which is not a small enough number that can keep a secret.

「It’s because we can’t afford to let any find out this time.」

Since I’m leading soldiers to battle while under house arrest, it would be considered defiance of the king’s orders after all.

Therefore, I thoroughly removed any elements that would allow people to deduct my ident.i.ty.

I didn’t bring my Dual Crater or my Keravnos and even left Schwartz behind since he’s big and only knows how to stand out.

For my travel companions as well, Myla, who is known as a n.o.ble and knight, and Irijina are out of the question.

Luna is also recognized as one of my subordinates, so she’s ruled out too.

Yakov and Leopolt too……n.o.body is here with me.

「You aren’t supposed to be here either.」

「That’s why I put on the annoying full-body army. Don’t complain.」

Sekrit responds with a reverberating voice.

Well, she has the same height as an average male, so it should be fine as long as she hides her face.

Celia tried to copy her by wearing a set of full plate as well, but the armor was too heavy for her and prevented her from moving, prompting her to drop out.

「Aside from you……」

A pair of red eyes glimmer from inside a black robe. It’s Brynhildr.

Not many people know her, so she’s fine.

Rather, there’s not much I can do to stop her if she says she’s coming.

「Aah Your Majesty, there’s a blister on your foot! Let me treat it right away.」

「Nyu, popping it will make it easier to walk. I’m definitely going to walk to Biado with my own feet!」

Naturally, Celestina and Monica are part of the journey

I don’t know anyone else apart from the aforementioned four individuals.

「Aight, I’ve survived my fair share of carnage. It’s time I played an active part in this operation and graduate from the penal unit!」

「Yes, Dirty Angel. This is a bit of an unorthodox strategy, but let us work hard to leave a mark. Until then, we can only try our best to show our valor.」

「So you’re still going to address me with the same name even though you cleaned up your look……」

As a precaution, Christoph wasn’t told about my ident.i.ty either.

And could that guy beside him be Guigue? He shaved and looks like a knight now.

Yularen did mention that when she was f.u.c.king the penal unit, Guigue was the last one standing, which made her and Ijaris forget to hold back and enjoy themselves.

At that time, he must have expelled important parts of his personality along with his seed and wickedness.

By the way, Christoph was apparently already pa.s.sed out when the two approached the penal unit.

It seems he had a dispute with Guigue, which I don’t know the details to, and now that he’s become like this, there’s no way of finding out what happened.

「And the last person……」


It’s Busco, who has an ugly face that can make anyone uncomfortable just by looking at him.

He wasn’t told about my true ident.i.ty either.

He isn’t trustworthy nor did I want to bring him in the first place.

「It’s an insurance policy. If we pretend that he forged doc.u.ments for some kind of plot, you simply have to take administrative responsibility if this incident gets discovered. You don’t have any issue with cutting him loose, do you?」

「That’s true.」

Preparations are just about complete.

「Alright everyone, it’s time to go into battle!」

My voice sounds disgustingly high-pitched even to me.

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It’s so annoying that I can’t speak in my regular voice.

That decision is correct. My appearance is clearly that of a militia and they should be able to overcome a difference of a mere two times with a single offensive.

「Alright, here they come. You guys ready?」

I call out to my ally soldiers with a smile on my face hidden within my armor.

「Of course! Wait, did your voice crack just now? That sounded totally different, almost like our……」

Not good, not good, I spoke in my normal voice without realizing.

I need to talk more like Madam.

「Here they come, boys. Everyone ready?」

c.r.a.p, even my speech pattern became like Madam’s.

Sekrit is reeling and spasming from laughing too much. If she dies because of that, there’s no saving her.

「How dare a bunch of defeated soldiers challenge us――」

「Man, how helpful. I’m going to expose myself if I talk more.」

I chop off the tip of the enemy spear thrusted at me from the top and take one step forward and slam my sword into the soldier’s abdomen.

Normally, inserting a sword into armor from the bottom would result in the blade exiting out the back, but the outcome of doing this with the sword I have now would be the sword hitting the dorsal armor plate and the tip bending.

「Power control is pretty important.」

Rather than having that happen, I control my sword so it stops halfway, in other words where his stomach is, and then I twist it before pulling it out.


Blood gushes from his mouth and belly as he falls signalling me to search for my next opponents.

There are two of them, one on either side of me. They are wielding a sword and short spear and are 3 meters and 4 meters away respectively.

My usual approach would be to take initiative and cutting through sword and body of the one on the left, then block the spear of the one on the right with my gauntlet before bisecting him with a back swing. But I’m scared my current sword will bend from the load and the durability of my gauntlet is questionable.

「I’ll use a bit of ingenuity.」

I ignore the right side and run toward the soldier on the left.

「Guh, too close!」

In one breath, I was able to run up to the swordsman and eliminate the room required for him to perform a slash.

The typical response to this would be to step back or……

「You distasteful rich b.a.s.t.a.r.d!」

The enemy attempts to shoulder tackle me with a half-hearted stance.

Right, if the enemy can’t swing his sword, I can’t either.

In that case, it makes sense for him to use the next best thing, his body, to ram me, so he can follow up with a slash.

「I’m glad you’re playing by the book.」

I accept his tackle head-on.

After the sound of our armors colliding, I don’t budge in the slightest, while the enemy is knocked back greatly

Unfortunately, the gap in our strength and weight is too large. He’s the only one who gets sent flying.

I’m not going to do something as foolish as letting him recover.

I casually swing my sword down at the head of the unbalanced enemy.

My aim was not at the heavily protective helmet, but rather the gauntlet on his hand which got repelled and is flailing.

The blade of my sword cleaves the leather part connecting the two iron plates together and severs the right hand so it dances wildly in the air.

「Now then, next is this side I guess?」

This enemy can no longer fight without his dominant hand so I direct my attention to the other soldier.

Sure enough, the spear of the enemy on the right comes straight for my torso the moment I turn around.

I purposely choose not to chop off the spearhead and press down the tip to the ground with the b.u.t.t of my sword.

If I do that, the enemy holding firmly to the spear will lean forward.

「Here you go.」

I flick my sword for a swift slash to his face that’s begging to be targeted.

The blade enters from behind his ear and carves a line across his face, pa.s.sing right under his eye on the other side.

The gash is not deep enough to slice his face off, but this is enough to kill them.

「So strong……」

「Yeah, that guy isn’t just pretentious. He’s got incredible skill.」

I turn back to my admiring allies and point my sword at the enemy.

It’s better to keep quiet and not reveal myself if I can help it.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Autumn.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.

Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City. Mad Demon G.o.d

Condition (Hero of Salvation, Golden Lager)

Travel Companions:

Sekrit (full plate), Brynhildr (silent), Christoph (MAX motivation), Guigue (beautiful)

Celestina (charisma), Monica (confused), Busco (insured)

Eastern Region

Friendly Troops: Malt Volunteer Army (fake): 400

Vandolea Military Volunteers: 5000

Enemy Troops: Malt Garrison: Unknown

a.s.sets: -68 000 gold (cost to dispatch soldiers -50 000)

s.e.xual Partners: 799

Children who have been born: 70 + 567

Current Location: Rafen

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