Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 463

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Chapter 463

Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

Tortoent – Within Fort: A Room in the Headquarters Building.

One of the rooms in the former Executive Office of the President of Libatis was arranged to be Maestus’s private room.

「Pardon me, General!」

Despite having knocked, the subordinate did not wait for permission before opening the door.

He was obeying previous instructions from Maestus to enter without wasting precious time.

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「Oh, Gouk. What did His Excellency Zaphnes say?」

While standing straight to greet his commander, the man awkwardly averts his gaze, then answers reluctantly.

「Sir, his order was: “There will be no retreat from Tortoent. Defend it till your last breath”. He also had a message directed at the General: “Your merits are first cla.s.s. Take care of your health until the next battle”.」

「Haha, I’m glad. But His Excellency is also rather awkward. He was forced to cram his cavalry, which were his trump card, into the city after the wall crumbled…… If he wasn’t, he would have summoned me or came here himself.」

Contrary to his casual tone, Maestus understood the severity of his situation.

He grimaces slightly as he rubs his swollen, bandaged face.

「Not only is Tortoent where our headquarters is, it is our central supply base and the symbol of the Libatis government. Just because the battle is going south ―― doesn’t mean we can give this place up easily.」


There was a smack sound of flesh being slapped and then the high-pitched scream of a woman.

「……enjoying yourself is fine, but you’ll touch your wounds.」

Maestus laughs heartily to ease his subordinate’s concern.

「Hahaha, how can I fight if I can’t even embrace a woman?」

He grabs the plump waist of the woman with both hands and starts thrusting vigorously from behind.

「Uuuh! Aagh!」

The general’s partner keeps her a.s.s in the air while her body lays weakly on the bed, tears welling up in her eyes as she grips the sheets tightly.

「Well, we don’t even know this woman’s background…… what if she is an enemy spy?」

「I picked her up in the city. If I’m unlucky enough to stumble upon a spy, then I’d be done for either way.」

Maestus tugs on the woman’s hair.

He let out a pained groan as he acted without any care towards the woman.

「If you told me, I could have forced the people……even without lip service, and arranged for a younger and more beautiful girl so you don’t have to settle for someone in their mid-thirties.」

「What are you saying? Obviously a mature lady is better than a little girl.」

A cruel grin forms on Maestus’s face as he climbs on the female and licks her neck.

When she gasped from the clinging, he immediately switched to his teeth to bite her.

「Hiigyi! Oww―― nooo!」

A cry not derived from pleasure escapes her lips and blood leaks from her torn skin.

「A young girl wouldn’t make this scream. And……」

He laps up the trickling blood and slowly rocks his hips.

Sweet yelps begin to mix with the woman’s scream.

「Look at this ripe and naughty body that reacts to my tormenting, it’s several times more entertaining than making a young girl cry. Go on, say it. Tell me how many times you climaxed from being violated forcefully. How many times did your naughty body s.h.i.+ver from the pleasure?」

The woman shakes her downward-facing head, but when her nipples get pinched, she arches her body up and shouts.

「E-eight from being forced……against my…… hiiguh!! Even though I’m married……even though such cruel things are being done to me…… and I’m treated roughly…… it’s done with skill……and with a large tool…… n-no moree!!」

「See that!? She came 9 times!」

Maestus gave the woman a few larger thrusts and then separated from her.

She collapses weakly on the bed, her a.s.s trembling and her breathing faint.

As Maestus fondles the woman’s sweaty b.r.e.a.s.t.s heavy-handedly, his expression changes.

「If I was the enemy general, I would commence another all-out attack either tomorrow or the day after. And in order to move my cavalry……」

「Tortoent is too crowded with residential buildings and facilities.」

Neither Maestus or his subordinate paid any more attention to the woman at this point.

「That’s right. Destroy the buildings along the walls and the main street before the sun rises. There is no need to take the populace into consideration, tear down everything other than the ones we’re using. If the cavalry can move freely, we can overcome a small disadvantage. I’m sure His Excellency Zaphnes will agree.」

「Understood. However, the troops are exhausted from the earlier battle. They would not want to be given another job right now.」

A smile even more ruthless than the one he had when he was teasing the woman appeared on the man’s face.

「Why do you think we’re keeping the citizens of Tortoent around for? The men will demolish and cut down the buildings, the women……will sleep with the soldiers and commanders to raise their spirits.」

「……are you sure?」

The subordinate peeks out the window at the South Yuguria flag being flown.

「Humiliation of civilians is forbidden by military regulations……huh? Feh, if Her Majesty hears of this, I will be hanged.」

Maestus plays the fool and pretends to choke himself.

In reality, his eyes shone with an evil glint.

「But the great Empress of South Yuguria, fearful of being struck down by the demon’s spear, chose to reign over Alteria, who made an honorable change of sides. In other words, she doesn’t need this place.」

The subordinate drops his shoulders and deliberately checks the window and door.

Although confused at his superior’s remark, he was feeling joy somewhere inside himself.

「A soldier’s imperative is, first and foremost, to win. If possible, a soldier will maintain the way of the knight and achieve a beautiful victory. If that’s not possible, a soldier should try to win at all costs, regardless of appearance. If that isn’t possible either, then the only choice is to sacrifice citizens and become the devil, no? His Excellency Zaphnes has the same line of thinking. There is no issue here.」

The subordinate no longer offers his opinion and simply salutes to accept his superior’s answer.

「By the way, this is extremely personal.」

Maestus smirks and unnaturally eyes the window and door.

「I pledged my allegiance to His Excellency Zaphnes. If it wasn’t for him, I would either by the boss of a gang of thugs or a stain on the guillotine.」

Maestus strokes the dented locket hanging from his neck in between with his fingers.

「I don’t need any other reason to swear loyalty to my Empress than “Zaphnes ordered it”. I do think she is a fine woman though.」

The subordinate, after listening carefully to what was said, covered his eyes and ears.

「What, I didn’t hear anything. ……I share the same sentiment, Your Excellency.」

Both men chuckle and then the subordinate’s face darkens.

「So, about your younger sister-」

Before he could finish, Maestus spoke over him in a light-hearted tone.

「That girl is merely my sister-in-law. Because of family circ.u.mstances, she is being looked after. She isn’t truly related by blood, so don’t worry about it. Well, it doesn’t matter anyways.」

「Is that so?」

The subordinate nods and glances over at the moaning woman on the bed.

「Are you about done?」

「It’s a shame, but it will be too late if I go for another round. Fine, take her away.」

The woman was relieved that she could finally be released.

Tired from the seemingly endless punishment, it was fortunate she couldn’t afford to notice the expressions of Maestus and his subordinate.

Maestus, finding himself alone in the room, opens his imperfectly-shaped locket.

「Piris, you lost your luck, huh?」

He scoffs and falls on the bed.

「Now, your fate depends on mine. I’m looking forward to the next battle.」

Minutes later, the man started to snore.

–Aegir POV–

Tortoent Envelopment. Goldonian Camp.

「Sorry to keep you.」

Waiting for me when I opened the tent were two pairs of long elegant ears.

「You have some nerve making me wait, human. In the first place, how dare a lowly human use a high cla.s.s elf warrior like me to run errands!」

The first pair of ears stood up at attention, indicating a feeling of displeasure.

「What’s this sme…… uwah!?」

As the other pair of ears poke into the tent, they flap up and down uneasily before hiding behind the owner’s head in embarra.s.sment.

Sekrit is asleep with her legs open and s.e.m.e.n all over her naked body after all.

「My apologies. I’m happy you came, Natia and Felteris.」

I casually greet them and exchange handshakes.

It feels like forever since I last saw Felteris.

I scan her from head to toe.

「Could you please stop that, it feels like your dirty eyes are contaminating my soul.」

She is a forest elf just like Natia.

Although she is over 175 cm tall, she doesn’t exude the same lithe and athleticism common among elves. Her hair is a shade darker than the green hair Natia possesses.

Her manner of speech is, unlike Natia, uptight and can be considered by many to be arrogant and condescending to humans.

Her exceptional proficiency, even among the elves, in archery and magic probably contributes to that att.i.tude to some extent.

Because of that, she had caused several complications ever since she came to the plains……

「Hmph. Your gaze disgusts me. I’m sure you’re imagining raping me right now. Humans are truly vulgar.」

I am certainly ogling Felteris.

I also don’t deny that carnal desire is welling up within me. But I can’t help it.

「What’s with that appearance?」

Felteris’s clothes were ripped apart like a worn out rag.

The bottom half was especially bad as not only were her pants barely holding together, her pet.i.te a.s.s was showing from her lack of underwear.

「Hmph, I just ran into some brigands along the way. I have to say, human males are all uncivilized and filthy……」

「That’s a lie! Before I rescued her, she was being violated by a group! Not to mention, she looked like she was enjoying the fact her body was being defiled!」

Natia refuted, feeling ashamed simply by recounting the moment.

Her ears were also pointed straight up.

Yes, this is Felteris’s hidden fetish, a vice which she should get rid of.

She was horribly raped by orcs due to a conflict which occurred in the past and awakened the s.e.xual fetish of attaining pleasure from being tormented by men.

It wasn’t anything tame such as so called ‘rough play’, rather it was a form of extreme masochism involving the likes of seedy individuals, gangrape, and actual violence.

Furthermore, she was a real beauty and proud sisterly type who was popular with younger males, which led to the contraction and spreading of a s.e.xually transmitted disease from the indiscriminate s.e.x and was ultimately banned from using the mansion’s bath by Nonna.

「If you’re not careful, you’ll get the disease again……」

「I have prophylactic medicine from Natia, so my pride as an elf is fine. It’s an amazing substance that also acts as birth control.」

「I think I’m a failure of an elf, but I don’t want you to speak of the pride of an elf…… wait, I gave you six tablets and you only have two left!?」

Felteris sticks her chest out while Natia is aghast.

「So, it’s about time we move to the main subject.」

I throw a cloak over Felteris as I s.h.i.+ft the focus of the conversation.

Her ears, which were slightly smaller than Natia’s, perked up in surprise before drooping down.

Afterwards, Natia’s ears couldn’t seem to calm themselves for some reason.

「The both of them agreed. I think they will come soon.」

Felteris looks up at me and declares with a dignified expression.

Hmm, she’s a prim and proper proud lady after all.

「O-of course I am. Praise me more!」

Felteris reddens. Her ears sway left and right independently from each other.

I often see this kind of movement when she tries to hide her embarra.s.sment.

Thinking it’s my chance to grope her a.s.s, I reach my hand down, but Natia pinches me.

「The two of them are also in high spirits. They said, “I’m willing to overlook a taboo if it’s a request from my benefactor” and “I’m expecting plenty of rewards. Get ready”.」

That’s good.

We can settle on appropriate rewards together later.

「They have something to take care of first, but their speed shouldn’t be any different from ours……they will catch up in no time.」

Natia wedges herself in between me and Felteris.

Her ears are slowly flapping up and down, which is what usually happens when she’s a little upset. I’ve gotten good at interpreting them lately.

「In any case, well done. I’ll prepare some warm water and food for you.」

Contrary to Natia, who happily wiggles her ears, Felteris stares at me.

「……after you had me travel far away to complete your task, you’re going to leave it at simply a bath and a meal?」

「Oh, how rude of me.」

Felteris aside, I’ve been relying a lot on Natia recently.

No matter how much she’s in love with me, I can’t keep taking and taking.

In order to retain her love, I have to respond accordingly.

「I’m not in love! And I don’t love you!」

「Request anything. The things I can do are limited because this is a battlefield though.」

Natia rubs her red face several times and takes deep breaths.

「I want tangerines……lots.」

Overwhelmed by her cuteness, I hugged her reflexively, but was instantly met with a knee and a palm strike that pushed me away.

Her ears were swaying separately.

「S-so I want you to give this girl a way to clear her name. She’s become quite infamous in Rafen and it would be sad to leave her with such a reputation――――」

「Hmph! Who cares what lowly people think! More importantly……」

Felteris pushes my back and guides me into the tent.

She throws off the cloak I lent her.

「Eh? Huh?」

The dazed Natia was left alone outside.

What does she want me to do?

「Put on your armor.」

That’s troublesome, but fine.

「Tear my clothes. Until they’re torn to shreds.」

I hesitate, though I comply when urged repeatedly.

「I’m happy to embrace you, so can we move to the bed?」

「Haah? What are you thinking? Are you strupid?」

She berates me.

「We’re going to be doing it on the floor. You don’t have common sense, do you.」

「I won’t say anything else…… wait, what are you doing?」

She suddenly spits.

Not understanding what she wants, Felteris proceeds to close her eyes and stick her face forward.

「You’re the absolute worst piece of trash. You’re below trash. There is no value in your life.」

What’s with this poor treatment out of nowhere? Starting to get a little annoyed, she brings her face closer.

「You’re only a barbarian with no redeeming features, a worthless man…… ara, did I anger you? Hmph, if you’re going to hit me, then do it.」

Felteris sticks her face out even further.

「……you want me to hit you?」

She nods eagerly.

I reluctantly pat her on the cheek with an open palm.

That amount of force is the same as what I use during rough play with Carla and Mel.

「Are you kidding me!? Use your fist to punch me in the middle of my face! Women should be hit two or three times until their nose bleeds before getting f.u.c.ked!」

「What kind of common sense……whatever, just come.」

I toss Felteris onto the bed.

「Then at least call three more repulsive men!」

Tired of her antics, I mount Felteris.

「I-I am a proud elf warrior, I won’t yield to this humiliation. Nnoh!」

「Shut up already. You’ll feel good soon.」

Natia was isolated outside, but I think she’ll be fine.

I’ll tell Erich to send her a mountain of tangerines.

Two Days Later.

「Now is the time to bring down Tortoent and determine the trend of this battle! Advance――!!」

Erich’s order cascaded down to the commanders of each army and then to the drum and trumpet players.

An attack not very different from the previous one commences.

Fire shoots out from cannons and blasts the reinforced city wall.

Catapults fling iron b.a.l.l.s, flaming stones and pots of oil into the city, which naturally provokes the same counterattacks from the enemy.

When the archers step to the front and loose their arrows, the enemy responds in kind with their own arrows and bolts from above the walls.

Armored turrets rattle noisily as they roll forward.

Infantry with ladders prop up greats.h.i.+elds to protect themselves as they approach the walls.

It’s a replication of the first attack.

「So, what do you think?」

This time, I am staying beside Leopolt instead of being on the frontlines.

「We’ll have a harder time, I’m sure. The enemy has learned the way we attack. They will intercept with a greater degree of efficiency.」

「Isn’t the hole in the wall rather large?」

「The enemy cavalry are most likely waiting inside for us, fully prepared. They specifically went through all that effort to eliminate their mobility, after all.」

The one who answered was Tristan.

First, let’s overlook the situation.

Arrows fly from the armored turrets as they close the distance on the walls……however, those that reached a certain distance get bombarded with cannonfire which bore holes in the tower.

The siege structures either lose their ability to act as boarding tools after the upper portion gets blown away or they become riddled with too many holes and collapse on themselves, unable to support their own weight.

「They’re making a concerted effort to station cannon squads below the walls. Their targets are only the siege towers. In that way, they are hidden from sight and we have no way to attack them aside from a lucky bounce of a catapult projectile. So our turrets are already useless.」

Focusing on the soldiers carrying ladders this time, we see that the archers are supporting the advance of the s.h.i.+eld bearers.

To deal with them, the enemy launches consecutive fireb.a.l.l.s.

The s.h.i.+elds of the infantry catch fire and the archers, overwhelmed by the incoming fireb.a.l.l.s, can no longer maintain formation.

Arrows and bolts follow up from the enemy, forcing our allies to flee in panic.

I feel Erich’s cold stare coming from the headquarters.

「I thought I wrote in the report that the small magic staffs have not been stopped.」

「I wrote it, but the Margrave didn’t.」

Don’t mind the details.

Anyways, they’re just mediocre magic users, more or less on the same level as pots of oil that fly a little bit further.

「The greater threat is the speed at which the enemy is moving up. We’re changing the points at which we climb the walls from, but they appear to responding extremely quickly. Scouting would be impossible, but I a.s.sume they either expanded the paths within the city or have a large amount of wagons dedicated for movement.」

「That’s possible since they fit an entire army of cavalry.」

Either way, it seems unlikely that the ladder approach will work.

「Everyone, ready!? Alright charge!!」

Lastly, allied heavy cavalry and heavy infantry gather together and try to enter the city through the broken section of the wall.

Of course, it’s a brute force method that entails going through a rain of arrows.

Although a simple camp was set up in front of the walls by the enemy, our allies fought valiantly to scatter them.

Eventually, they rushed into the city.

「I wonder what will happen.」

From inside the walls where we can’t see, yelling and sounds of clas.h.i.+ng swords can be heard.

And then, quite some time pa.s.sed.

「It’s no good――!」


「They’re running back.」

Allied soldiers flood back out of the walls and disperse.

Seconds later, the enemy cavalry give chase and hunt down the stragglers.

「Help them.」


Leopolt swings his arm, signalling the field artillery to shoot.

We can’t expect them to land a hit at this range, but it’s enough to draw the enemy’s attention.

「Get into charging volley formation!」

The bow cavalry also slowly stepped forward.

「Everyone, cease your attack! Straighten the ranks!」

「Don’t pursue too far. Something bothersome is coming!」

The enemy cavalry holds back several meters outside the wall, allowing our allies to get away safely.

After a few minutes of staring at each other, the enemy slowly withdraws to the confines of the city again.

「Charging through the gap also seems difficult.」

Tristan slumps his shoulders, somewhat discouraged.

「The gap is only a few meters wide after all.」

It is too dangerous to rush into the gap in a single file line with tens of thousands of cavalry waiting for us.

「Now what?」

「Our offense was squashed. Should we give up attacking or should we play our trump card?」

Well, we obviously have to play the trump card.

When I give the signal, Celia springs into action.

「Alright, here we go.」

My personal troops shout their battle cries as they march toward the enemy camp.

The enemy soldiers instinctively adopt a defensive stance, but antic.i.p.ating a small force, they have an air of complacency about them.

「The next wave is coming. Stay alert!」

「It’s alright, there are fewer of them than before.」

「But isn’t that the demon’s flag? Don’t let your guard down, we don’t know what they’ll do!」

My slow-moving army and the enemy on the walls stares at each other.

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Eight fireb.a.l.l.s fly toward me.

As expected of magic weapons, not a single one is off target.

「The good thing is the target is big.」

I aim my sword at the first fireball.

The flames disperse with the sound of shattering gla.s.s.

Almost immediately, Schwartz’s mane gets singed.

I time the next two shots and then swing my sword diagonally, taking both of them out at the same time.

My field of vision was briefly covered by the scattering sparks.

「They move pretty slow.」

When the sparks clear, I am confronted with three at once next, which is a little tough.

I intercept the first one which arcs down from above my head, then in a flowing motion, intercept the next one in front of me, and then I throw the canteen of water on my waist at the last one.

On contact with the canteen, the fireball explodes, sending a searing wave of heat all over my body, but I am somehow able to avoid catching fire.


「You’re awake? Then get to work.」

I point my now-glowing red sword at the next two shots and thrust sharply.

It was rather close to me, however, the fireball didn’t explode or leave sparks behind. It was absorbed by the Dual Crater and disappeared.

「Well, I guess that’s that.」

I swing my Dual Crater once and rest it on my shoulder.

The enemies around me seemed shaken.

But an even louder voice quickly erased the sense of unease.

「What is that?」

I turn around and see a single rider breaking through the wall of spears formed by my allies.

The bow cavalry loose a volley of arrows, but the enemy brushes them away, not deterred at all.

「It’s General Maestus!」

「Ooh, he ran through the enemy soldiers on his own!」

「What courage! What bravery!」

Without slowing down, he pa.s.ses through the rain of arrows, defeats three cavalry along the way and heads toward the chariot.


He slashes at the wheel of the cart and disables it.

「Kyaaa! It’s tilted!」

「Ow, ow! Don’t step on my foot!」

Unable to endure anymore, the girls burst out of the cart.

Maestus lifts his spear and shouts at the South Yuguria solders.

「The ident.i.ty has been revealed! It is just a rickety wagon with people inside!」

His outcry was answered by a surging wave of cheers.

「It’s frustrating to admit, but it was an impressive trick.」

I couldn’t help smiling. I had the luxury to.


Maestus also destroys the adjacent chariot.

This time, a stomach-rumbling growl accompanied the four legs and tail that emerged from within the cart.

「What the-!?」

Maestus’s horse screams and reels back, standing on its hind legs in surprise.

Unfortunately, that one contains Pochi.

「Besides, the old cart has served its purpose already.」

After one of the women who came out of the cart brushes her a.s.s, she turns to me and smiles.

I return the gesture.

And then, a group of elves swarm out of unharmed carriages.

「What are these people? Their ears……」

「Who cares, all we know is that they’re enemies. Shoot…… buwah!」

Dust swirls up unnaturally and obstructs the enemy’s vision.

Similarly, an unnatural whirlwind a.s.saults the enemy.

「I can’t see in front of me! What’s with this dust―― and this wind!!?」

「Not only is it impossible to shoot arrows, we can’t even see the face of the person next to us. Sand just got in my eye――」

It’s wind and earth magic.

Unlike humans, a high ratio of elves have an affinity for magic. Natia is the exception.

「Hurry up.」

「Quiet! It’s heavy!」

During that time, the elves climb swiftly up the walls.

They are people who live in the trees so they are experts at acrobatics and easily scale the vertical plane.

The black elves, who are not as skilled, manage to climb up with the support of wind magic.

「Err…… that, right? Eeh.」

「Over here too, take that!」

The elves standing on the wall neglect the writhing enemies, neutralizing the cannons and burning stones with water magic and destroying the catapults and ballistae with wind and earth magic.

The reason the elves aren’t directly targeting the soldiers is because they by nature hate fighting and killing.

「That’s right, if it wasn’t for our lord’s request, we wouldn’t involve ourselves with a human war.」

My right arm gets pulled.

「Thank you.」

It is the chieftess of the black elves, Ijaris.

「We overcame a great dissent within our village for this. You’re quite the bad fellow, so you better be prepared for the consequences.」

The one taking my left arm is the chieftess of the forest elves, Yularen.

I had requested Felteris and Natia to appeal to the two women for help.

「You said it, my urge to kill was rising when I was stuffed into that box. I was really debating whether or not to strangle you to death.」

「Aside from protecting against arrows, did it have another purpose?」

If you want to complain, complain to Leopolt. He’s the one who proposed the idea.

「Resume the attack! Go, go――!!」

The Royal army restarts the siege.

With the weapons protecting the walls getting taken out one after the other, the armored turrets did not have to endure cannonfire and the infantry could mount the wall without fear of being shot by magic staves.

The enemy cavalry which should be protecting the interior of the city were also rendered helpless in front of the walls due to the dust cloud.

What once was a furious counterattack seemed like a lie as our allies surged into the city.

Another beneficial report came in for our side.

「The citizens are revolting! All of them are rebelling together!」

「Nu-nuooooh! Justice!!」

I thought the battle was settled, but I’m not so tactless to stop Jim and the others who rushed forward with joy.

「Many monsters have appeared to the rear of Tortoent! It seems that they brought elves along! The path of retreat has been cut off!」

I hear the enemy shout.

That sounds like a lie Leopolt would come up with.

「We’re done for, run away!!」

「If we don’t hurry, we’ll be killed!」

I guess that was enough to be the decisive blow as the enemy with the shabby equipment – the recruits – fell apart.

They fled toward the city.

「It’s over, huh?」

I let out a sigh.

While I want to check on what’s going on in the other areas, I can’t see anything because of the dust.

At that moment, I push away the two elves and guard myself with the Keravnos.

Out of nowhere, sparks fly from the shaft of my spear and blood squirts out from a newly-made cut on my side.

「I failed.」

My eyes met with Maestus’s eyes.

He blended in with the dust so I didn’t realize sooner.

I ready my Keravnos silently and stare him down.

That attack just now caused a fairly deep wound, but I can’t let him find out.

「……I’ll finish you off next time!」

Maestus puts away his spear and dives back into the dust cloud.

It’s frustrating for someone handsome to get the better of me like that.

「A bit slow, eh?」

It’s even more frustrating that it had to happen in front of two beauties.

「More importantly, wasn’t that man just now――good-looking?」

I’m fuming now.

「We have cornered an enemy squad who failed to run away in time! I would like for Aegir-sama to also join!」

Celia runs happily over to me.

Alright, I’ll vent my anger on these guys.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.

Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.


Myla (pursuit), Celia (urban warfare), Irijina (pursuit), Luna (pursuit)

Gido (light of hope), Pochi (chariot), Leopolt (staff officer A), Tristan (staff officer B), Agor (urban warfare)

Yakov (pursuit), Mack (rest), Jim (liberation combat)


Sekrit (battle), T-99 (battle mode), Brynhildr (ー)

Natia (sulking), Felteris (pervert), Ijaris (joined battle), Yularen (joined battle)

Annette (princess of the 105), Piris (unveiled), Baroness Escaote (astonished), Seika (astonished), Naesys (sisterly love), Nasis (sisterly love), Busco (jester), Ivanna (sleep pastime)

Military Strength: Unknown during confusion

a.s.sets: -10 000 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 794, children who have been born: 69 + 567

Current Location: Outside Tortoent

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