Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

From the ridges of the hill, a face slightly peeks out to check the state of the battle . The volunteer soldiers are taking the attacks of the enemy’s pursuit and getting defeated . It seems that the casualties are not insignificant .

Even the supporting army infantry corps also got mixed up in the confusion, so we are just retreating while devoting ourselves to defense . The knights and soldiers are coming out from the gates one after the other and their military strength is getting even stronger .

The state of battle is at its worst and everything is heading towards a bad direction, and just about everything was going as planned .

The volunteer soldiers are running away as fast as they can and when they reached the point of climbing the hill, one light cavalry climbed the hill and blew his trumpet . Just then, the infantry company that had just retreated stops their feet, swiftly forming a perfect formation and standing their ground .

Not wanting to miss our chance, we chase after the enemy reinforcements that just came out, and we enact a battle royale right below the hill .

「 「 「 Charge!!!」」」

All the company commanders shouted together . From here on out it is a race with the enemy, there is no need for the archers or the reinforcements to have detailed formations . We just have to reach the gate faster than the enemy .

Suddenly, as the 400 soldiers came galloping down, the enemy who knew what they were planning, clearly started hurrying . And to the 200 cavalry that were charging, it became a frenzy .

The cavalry had me at the front as I jumped into the enemy squad, while I ordered the rest of the squad to take care of only the enemies in front of them . Thrusting and piercing the cl.u.s.ter of enemy soldiers, we head in a straight line towards the gate where there is no one left to block our path .

Most of the enemy troops were behind us . Like this, we can be relieved that the gate will not be closed, but contrary to our predictions the gate is gradually starting to close .

「Even if they close the gate here the town has pretty much no soldiers . They should not be able to defend against us…」

Whether it was the commander that was stupid or the troops’ own decision, the soldiers that have departed will not make it in time .

「Schwartz, let’s go!」

I knock his abdomen with my feet, the large horse instantly sped up, and the soldiers are also made into decorations as I rushed out . The gate is slowly closing, and already closed to the point where not even a person could fit through .

Just before it was completely shut, I jump off from Schwartz’s saddle and using that momentum, thrust my spear down . I won’t be able to pierce through the gate, but there was a slight opening, which I saw a soldier trying to put a bar across the gate on the other side .



The soldiers are slandering me, but I do not have time to be concerned with that . I unsheathe the Dual Crater from my back and make a single strike towards the gap of the gate . The iron plate that was holding the bar splits in two .

「You’re kidding! He cut iron . . 」

「What kind of superhuman strength…or is it the sword that is dangerous!?」

As if to answer that it was both, I push the gate with my hand . If the bar is not placed, then it is a matter of strength . There is only me on this side, and the other side had several of them but the gate was slowly opening .

「Kill that guy! It’s over if we get broken through!」

The soldiers were all hurrying back, chasing and trying to attack me .

「Your stance is poor . 」

It’s hard to fight with my sword while trying to push . But reinforcements have arrived .

「Aegir-sama! I will take care of the rear!」

Celia who was catching up on horseback was slitting throats while continuing to ride on . She jumped off the horse and lined up behind me, back-to-back with her sword ready .

「Don’t push yourself!」

I push the gate, but the other side seems to have increased the number of people from before, so it barely budged . From behind me I can hear Celia clas.h.i.+ng with others . If I take too long here Celia might not be able to hold out .

「I’ll do it too . 」

A bold voice closes in . If I take a look, a giant body easily exceeding 2 m is approaching in large strides, while enemies fly and bounce off him . I think the first time was when the orc appeared, but Mack seems to come running to help out since being left in the engineer corps, he hasn’t gotten a turn yet . It’s hot and crowded but he’s a good man .


For some reason Mack took off the armor from his upper body and was half naked while placing his hand on the gate .


At the same time as Mack shouted, his muscles bulged and his sweat scatters . The smell of a man working up a sweat makes you scrunch up your nose, but it’s not like I can say that . With the two of us pus.h.i.+ng the gate, it gradually opened . Then finally, as soon as the gap was large enough for a person to pa.s.s through, I jumped inside .

「He’s come inside!」

「Kill him! Quickly!」

If it becomes like this then, it is something I’m good at .

The five soldiers that pushed the gate came and broke the balance; instantly, Mack’s strength completely pushed the gate open . The soldiers resisted until the end, getting sandwiched between the gate and the town walls and just like the sound of squeezing a fruit a stain like a red carpet was spread out .

「The path has been opened . First Cavalry corps, go charge!」

The enemies that are running away had their numbers reduced by the pincer attack of the infantry squad . All that’s left is for us to punch out into the center of this town and it’ll be over .

「Celia are you hurt?」

「I’m fine!」

But if I look at her, she must have gotten scratched by a sword or something as her cheek was wounded .

「Something like that is just a scratch . 」

I grabbed the shoulder of Celia who was trying to be tough and licked the wound . Celia’s body trembled and she turned red, then I sniff the womanly smell and the scent of blood to further heighten my fighting spirit .

All the doors in the town are closed; there are also houses that have things stacked up against the front of the door . The townspeople are also desperately trying to protect themselves from us . I spotted a boy who secretly came outside but soon after, his mother came running out while crying to cover him on the ground .

「Aegir-sama! In the front . 」

While on the path leading up to the feudal lord’s mansion, there is an erected barrier with things like boxes and furniture stacked up, and behind that are townspeople lined up with weapons .

「You guys have the great obligation from his Majesty to allow us to live in the town! Let us fight to protect this town to the last person!」

Further back, beyond that was a man on a horse that seemed like a knight who was supervising them . The knight’s courageous voice was unlike the faces of the townspeople, who looked as if they would cry .

「Do not let them get to the Count’s mansion!」

Two of the knights on horses came at us but they were not tough at all . One loses his head, the other loses his hand and they fall off their horses . It feels bad to cut up the townspeople as we advance, but why not threaten them a little .

「If you open up the path, we won’t do anything to you! If you don’t open up, then I’ll do this!」

While still riding Schwartz, I call for the knight who lost his hand and has fallen down to the ground .

「Don-! Don’t! Please help me–guuh!!」

A sound like a crushed scream and an unbearable noise echo throughout the village, the knight at the back was outraged, while the townspeople shuddered .

「Well, what will it be!」

「You guys! To turn your backs against these barbarians is the same as betraying his Majesty the king, those who run will be beaten up!」

The people clearly wanted to run away but with the knight at the back who was brandis.h.i.+ng his sword – they can’t run .

If it’s this distance…I can do it .

I hold up the spear and hurl it like throwing a javelin . Instantly, the knight knew he was being targeted put up a s.h.i.+eld, but the heavy spear of 15 kg easily pierced the knight along with the s.h.i.+eld . I did not have much confidence in throwing but it went well and I hit my mark .

「To throw a weapon like that…it’s…foul play…gubuu-!」

The knight collapsed, and as I approached with my sword drawn out the farmers scattered like how a spider’s nest would .


It seems that a woman, who was holding a short stick that couldn’t even be called a weapon, fell down . Her legs gave out in front of us as we advanced and she held her head as she trembled . I don’t have the intention to do anything, but she was in the middle of the road and is in the way . I lifted the woman and she was prepared to be killed, but when she opened her teary eyes she was quite the beauty .

I gave her a kiss so I’ll leave her on the bridge away from the main path .

「Hide for a while . It will be over soon . 」

「Eh! Ah-yes…my mouth . . did he suck it?」

It seems the girl doesn’t know what just happened .

「I thought you would reach your hand all the way to her crotch or something . 」

Celia was by my side and let out a chuckle . It seems she has gotten used to the battlefield so much that she is able to make jokes now . It’s strange that a girl who is still young is already used to the battlefield, but I guess I’ll have her stay by my side forever .

The town of Datrohn is not that big . If there weren’t any obstacles, it will only be a short distance from the gate to the feudal lord’s mansion .

The mansion that was elevated had archers ready at the front and they are ready to show their resistance, but their numbers were quite few . As expected, most of the soldiers had gone out of the town due to the earlier sortie .

200 versus a few people, it might as well be a torture to death . Even so, they do not appear to be running and are determined to fulfill their mission to prove the excellence of the Arkland’s army discipline and morale .

As if to respect their will, all of us cut them down and as I put my hand on the door it seems to be locked from the inside . Making us call him this late, how rude, his appearance must be like a pig just like his ugly heart as well .

「Shall I set it on the fire?」

If it was just the feudal lord’s mansion it would not be a problem to burn it, but it’s a gorgeous building unlike the villages up until now . There might be important things that can be seized . It would be a waste to set it on fire, but I’ve also had enough of competing in strength and squeezing through the door .

「Alright, let’s use this . 」

Among the fallen soldiers, I pierce the one who has the best physical stature and wearing the thickest armor with a spear .


Oh, you were still alive, I did something bad .

I bash the door with all my strength with the man I stabbed still hanging on my spear . Together with the spear, it was a weight that easily exceeded 100 kg . It’s a subst.i.tute for a battering ram .

On the first swing, the door seemed to be crushed but, it was not yet completely open . Using a spinning motion and hitting it the second time, the thick door broke apart and fell inwards .

If he was able to survive after that, it would be amazing but unfortunately it seems he stopped breathing . Two knights rush out in a panic from the inside of the premises but I’ll send both of you to h.e.l.l together so don’t think badly of me .

I told the subordinates, who were amazed at the stunning sight of the masterpiece, to get off their horses and pointed my finger for them to invade the place .

「It’s been decided . Unless they are resisting with weapons don’t kill them and capture everyone! Even if the women resist don’t kill them . 」

If you guys who are fully donned in armor gets killed by a woman who is waving a knife around, then it would be better if you just died like that . All at once my subordinates rush in to invade the mansion . It is quite the large place but with this many people, it will be finished quickly .

「As for me, I would want to kill the women for sure . 」

「You would definitely do so, that’s why I’m keeping you at my side . 」

「If they even point a blade at Aegir-sama then I will slice them up . I will not allow that . 」

I hope that there are no women who would pointlessly resist in front of Celia .

It has been settled . The enemies outside the town have been surrounded and annihilated, while the ones still alive are surrendering; they are being bound by rope and led back into the town . And in the premises, after a brief sound of weapons clas.h.i.+ng, a man with his face covered came outside .

「I am…Cortoza Datrohn…」

The feudal lord that was dragged out was just like I imagined, an ugly pig . I might have seen someone similar in the past but I can’t quite remember . There are three important personnel including this guy: Some parliamentary official and this guy’s only son .

There were a few knights who were believed to be followers, but when asked to announce their n.o.ble names and when they were about to raise their sword, it seems my subordinates stabbed them repeatedly . It’s not like they were pointing their swords to cut them up or anything, but there are not many of my subordinates who could understand the ritual of n.o.bles thus the tragedy occured . I guess I could teach them a little bit next time, Leopolt would .

「I am Aegir Hardlett, Goldonia Baronet . This town is under the control of Goldonia . 」

I hold back the two from declaring their names . After all, I don’t want to hear something I don’t care about .

「First, this town will be occupied by Goldonia . You guys will be executed . 」

The three of them pulled back their faces .

「To execute the party that has surrendered, you don’t know the manners of n.o.bles do you!? You uncivilized person!」

「The northern army will get you for sure and kill all of you guys . If you keep us alive, they may have compa.s.sion for you!」

「That northern army . . 」

I want to learn about what they knew .

「If you guys want to survive, you need to present me with information that I am interested in . If you can do that and after telling me everything, I might feel like letting you free . 」

「I can’t do something as treacherous as that!」

The pig seems to be loyal, contrary to his appearance .

「Then as planned, it seems that everyone will be executed . There is no gain or loss for me . I don’t mind, you know?」

The three of them became silent . The pig’s son is visibly scared, but he seems stupid on the surface . Even if he were to talk, he probably wouldn’t give us any decent information .

「The sun is already setting . I’ll at least get you guys something to eat so the three of you should think carefully . If you want to protect your pride then the next morning it will be an execution . 」

After telling them that, I signal to Leopolt who I met up with and left the place . Leopolt and I were convinced that the three of them would give in .

「Please look here . 」

I stepped into something that looked like a large warehouse that belonged to the feudal lord which Agor led me to . There was a large collection of goods, wheat and pickled vegetables, dried meat and more than the eye can see . Thinking from the situation of the villages that we have captured until now, it was an unbelievable amount .

「Perhaps this town has become a place to acc.u.mulate goods for Arkland . 」

The vanguard squad that we wiped out did not bring the transportation squad with them, but they were probably going to refill their food from here and then move out .

「This is quite the amount . If it is just us then it would be several months’ worth of food but we can’t carry all of it . 」

It would be best if we could hand it over to the main troops . But the main troops have also carried their own supplies . It’s not like they would be troubled by having extra, but it’s not that important either . In the first place, Goldonia’s economy is doing several times better than Arkland . It’s fine if we fight without relying on the enemy supplies .

「Then why don’t we celebrate this victory and throw a banquet for the people . 」

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「Is that alright? Without asking the main troops . 」

She lowers her head gently . How obscene it is for a fully naked woman to lower her head like that .

「Well then, shall I service you? Or will you be tasting my body first?」

Firstly, I should get rid of Rita’s nervousness . I will subst.i.tute the greeting by having her remain standing and licking her entire body . Her overall body is quite plump, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are modest, and moreover her a.s.s is large . It’s not like she was fat but there was plenty of meat on her a.s.s so it felt nice to grab .

And what stood out was the fact that her entire body had scars, they weren’t deep but there were many scratches, and also some birthmarks . It seems like that pig doesn’t know how to treat women .


I bury my face in her a.s.s from behind and stretch my tongue to her p.u.s.s.y . To injure such a wonderful female body is such a foolish thing .

「I will service you . 」

Briefly caressing her, Rita also took off my clothes and brought her face close to my crotch .


My c.o.c.k sprung out and she was surprised for a second, but she didn’t say anything and let her tongue crawl over it . It seems that she was trained quite a bit; her attack is quite harsh for a man who was pent up after battle . Unable to hold back, I throw Rita on the bed and got on top .

「I’m putting it in, is that alright?」

(Light Novels Ill.u.s.tration: Rita the Maid)

「By all means, gently…」

Of course I had no intention to break her . Also, doing it when you have an a.s.s as big as yours, you should be fine .



With a slippery sound as I push my c.o.c.k in her, it should be plenty wet enough but she makes a creaking sound . For the time that I was pent up in battle, it might be bigger than usual . The woman’s inside was also convulsing like she was surprised .

「Are you okay?」

「Yeah…your tool is quite large so I was quite surprised . You can go ahead and move . 」

If that’s what you want, then I won’t hold back . The sound of flesh slapping starts when I thrust . In the missionary position, I ride Rita’s a.s.s and when it hits my waist it feels quite good .

「Your body is quite st.u.r.dy and tough…your large c.o.c.k also feels good . Nguu!」

Her face is twisted and she is letting out cold sweat as she says it so it was quite obvious that she was trying to please me . But being able to feel good from here as we do it is a man’s real long-cherished desire .

Not just thrusting, but also gyrating the hips and giving kisses, and sometimes pulling out and using my tongue to play with her p.u.s.s.y and c.l.i.t . After about an hour or so, the reactions that the woman initially showed have completely changed .

「Aaah! Licking such a place! It feels so good, please keep moving your hips! I’ve never felt anything like this before!」

Getting c.o.c.ky and attacking even more .

「Do it moree, don’t stop!? Please put it in up to the base! It’s fine if you break me…no, please break me!!」

Her reasoning and her polite way of speaking has completely disappeared .

「That pig cannot compare with you!!」

Rita’s legs are tightly wrapped around me . I pull out forcibly and rub her weak spot with my d.i.c.k .

「Aaah-! I’m going to squirt…please look, something amazing is coming ouuuuttt!!」

A loud noise was made and Rita collapsed but I have not c.u.m yet . I haven’t stopped moving but Rita is breathing feebly as she hugs me .

「It’s fine…if you’re not that gentle . Please go wild . From the bottom of your heart…use your splendid c.o.c.k and pierce me…embrace me and break me please!!」

As I was about to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, Rita wrapped both her arms and legs around me so tightly that there was no s.p.a.ce between our bodies . Even if she lifted her waist slightly, we would not be separated, that’s how glued we are . Moreover, her insides were undulating to increase my pleasure, feeling very good, I was able to release my desires .

「You were good…」

After we finished, I pull away Rita who was still clinging to me . Although she was reluctant to let go when I pull her away, as soon as I prepared an arm pillow for her she immediately jumped on it and placed her lips on the nape of my neck . Her nervous body and mind were relaxed, her charmed eyes were asking for me to spoil her and Rita was no longer the pig’s belonging but she has become my woman .

According to everything that Rita told me when she was on top of the arm pillow, the feudal lord collected good-looking women and under the guise of servants made them into s.e.x slaves . It seems that he didn’t have s.e.x with them normally, but entrusted them to his son and his subordinates, and enjoyed treating them roughly . They would not give out contraceptives, if any of them got pregnant or got sick they would be thrown out and left out by themselves, and there were also quite a lot who have been killed on the premises .

Thinking of that pig’s treatment, he could kindly use this as reference .

「Compared with that, Hardlett-sama as a person and as a man, they are just too different . 」

She smiles sweetly while resting her head on my arm pillow .

「You’re magnanimous, your body is quite strong and st.u.r.dy, and you know how to treat women, comparing Hardlett-sama to that man, he is the same as a dirty pig from a pigsty…that pig was bragging about his own d.i.c.k, but he was only half your size . 」

It’s a compliment that itches but she’s looking at me with a face that seems to think of me as her beloved and she’s cuddling up to me so I could not think they were just flattery from her gestures .

「Kissing with that man was the same repulsive feeling as having a poisonous insect crawling up my spine…with you it was like tasting a G.o.dly high-grade wine . 」


「Yes, also the d.i.c.k that man was so proud of only had the ability to cause a woman to suffer, your tool that was way larger caused me to rise to heaven…aaah, so lovely . 」

She dived in the futon and kissed my d.i.c.k . I tried to ease Rita’s tension, but it seems I relaxed her too much and she became something weird . When I was starting to get bored of her overly-sweet compliments and pillow talk, there was a knocking sound .

The girls were bringing water timidly and entered the room . The four of them came together because of their fear and their worry for Rita .

They came prepared for Rita to get tormented by me, but in front of their eyes there was a girl who had a sweet and enchanted face who was charmed by me .

「Rita-san? Are you finished being with him?」

「No way! It’s a waste for it to be over like this . Also, Hardlett-sama’s strength is still far from…」


「Wha- amazing!」

「What is that!」

「A horse!?」

When Rita turned over the bed cover, the girls raised voices of astonishment . My d.i.c.k, which was receiving post-coital activity inside the futon, once again stood erect . There are no women who weren’t surprised when looking at me . Is it really that much of a monster?

「Do you girls want to take part as well? Everyone will surely be taken to heaven together . 」

The girls are bewildered, but perhaps they were thinking that there was no way that Rita could tell a lie and trusted her, or there may be various advantages in getting along well with the new master . All the girls were raising shrill voices and fawning over me .

At first everyone was all stiff, but as each one was brought to climax their fear decreased and their envy increased . After taking down three of them, the last one, without even touching her, liquid started to flow out endlessly from a fountain and she willingly opened her entrance with her finger and welcomed me in .

The s.e.xual desire that had built up in me during the battle was solved in one night by five women . The girls are no longer afraid of me, just by stroking their thighs they would open their p.u.s.s.ies, when I place my hand on their a.s.s they would put their hands against the wall and spread their a.s.shole open as much as they can .

The next morning, I slept with my entire body entangled with the girls, and Celia who came charging in to get me out of bed was making a strange noise that could not be expressed .

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