Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

It’s been a few weeks since we left Meldora and then another few days after that since we arrived with a larger party near the border where Erich withdrew and set up headquarters.

Right now, I am sitting down at a strategy conference, resting my elbow on the table without looking at the giant map.

In the meeting place, Erich and the other staff officers are pointing at the map and arguing, but they only discuss the repositioning of troops or the supply routes and there are no signs they would touch the topic of a decisive battle.

Bored of the matter at hand, I turn and whisper to the person next to me.

「They’re not moving, huh?」

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「The enemy cannot afford to mount an offensive. After we retreated, they did not pursue us. Hyaa…… geez!」

To entertain myself, I bring my right hand under the table and poke the side and waist of Celia who is standing beside me.

Although Celia resisted slightly, she did not seem to dislike my teasing and countered by prodding at my back.

「I understand the enemy’s situation, but we’re just talking about repositioning.」

「I see no change in the enemy’s squad placement or formation. I believe what Lord Hardlett is…… ah!」

My left hand slithers down Myla’s thigh.

She glares back angrily, but when my hand gently rubs her leg back and forth, I feel her open them up a tiny bit.

Unhappy that she was left behind, Myla was in a bad mood the whole day yesterday.

However, the more a woman is upset, the more pa.s.sionate the night time reconciliation becomes. Last night was pretty intense.

The dignified Myla drooled as she screamed like an animal and I was aroused every time she seemed close to pa.s.sing out.

In the missionary position, she would lock her legs tightly around my waist, in the cowgirl position, she would arch her body way back……I should stop reminiscing.

I won’t be able to make any excuses if I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e in the war council.

「I think it would be fine if we tested the waters with an attack.」

This time, Yakov brings himself up to my ear and whispers back to me so that no one else could hear.

「The thing is, the staff officers are going on about morale and about how our moves need to be based on proven results, that’s why our overall mobility is dulled. The General should speak up and…… geh!」


Yakov stops himself in the middle of complaining to Erich.

It’s not because he was conscious of his surroundings.

It was because a cloudy substance suddenly trickled from Myla’s legs to the chair and then along the chair until it spilled onto the floor.

Did the outcome of yesterday’s lovemaking leak out just now?

It got stuck inside her due to how thick it was and was probably loosened when I touched her thigh.

Thankfully, Myla is seated, so the others cannot directly see what is happening.


Myla blushes and purses her lips, trying to look straight ahead like nothing was wrong.

Not only was the chair a mess, but it was already spreading to the floor, so she could not stand up and could only stay calm in hopes that n.o.body would realize. Even so, there was nothing she could about the smell.

「……what is this fishy smell? It smells familiar.」

「I also hear a sound like sugar syrup being worked. Could this be an enemy spy?」

「That’s right, it’s the same scent coming from my wife after I left the house for military duties. Why is this smell on the battlefield?」

The staff officers and commanders start to notice.

I think it’s off topic, but if the current agenda has been thoroughly investigated, it wouldn’t matter.

Everyone follows the wafting smell and starts glancing at me.

Myla’s expression stays the same, but her body trembles and tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

If people found out that s.e.m.e.n dripped out from her during the war council, she might stay in bed forever.

I have to save her.

「Military Commissioner.」

I raise my hand and get up from my chair.

Even if Myla didn’t leak anything, I had something to say. Now I can get it off my chest.

「Why are we wasting precious time on trifling matters?」

Everyone’s gazes focus on me.

Of course, Erich gives me a serious stare as well.

「What did you say?」

「I believe I already told you that the aforementioned weapons were taken from the ancient ruins in Meldora and that they have been stopped. Why are we still hesitating to attack?」

The staff officers exchange looks, and after mumbling amongst each other, make troubled expressions.

「We have certainly received Lord Hardlett’s report. You embarked on a mostly solo mission, aided by the friendly Aless, and captured Meldora……proving yourself to be a brave matchless general, and I have no shred of doubt about that.」

「……however, the things you mentioned like the ancient Jirubiru ruins, magic weapons, and giant mechanical soldiers……as well as sending an order from the center of the ruins to stop all weapons…… don’t sound very realistic.」

「Furthermore, you said that the ancient fortress has been sealed and can no longer be entered……」

So they think I’m lying?

When I stared at the staff officers, they awkwardly avoided eye contact and looked to Erich for help.

「I don’t believe you lied. You don’t have a reason to. ……it is, however, possible that you misunderstood or mistook what you saw. It sounds ridiculous even now when I repeat the story to myself.」

Does it?

There was a large s.p.a.ce beneath the castle which happened to be an ancient fortress.

We asked an automatic puppet we discovered there to disable the enemy’s mysterious weapons, led giant mechanical soldiers to conquer Meldora, then closed the entrance to the fortress to prevent future entry.

Yep, sounds like a lie to me.

「I haven’t seen any change in the enemy camp from the time you departed until now. Those weapons are still placed in vital points and staring us straight in the face. It would have been easier to understand if they burst into flames or fell apart」

「I’m not doubting Lord Hardlett by any means, it’s that the possibility of the weapons still working will lead to an inevitable defeat if we launch an attack.」

「Supposing we are able to retreat while minimizing losses, the consecutive defeats we will suffer during the chance we finally get to turn the battle around will cause the unity of the va.s.sal lords to waver, or worse, cause the people to lose confidence in the royal family……」

As Erich folds his arms, the staff officers, fearful of retaliation from me, supplement Erich’s reasoning.

They don’t have to be so afraid, I’m not going to lose my cool and attack them here.

Well, I understand what they’re saying.

If I was in their positions and were told this crazy story right before being ordered to risk my life in battle, my answer would also be no.

That’s why I should have used action instead of words from the beginning.

「If you see her, I’m sure you will believe what I said about the ancient ruins.」

I pull the hand of the female who I asked to stand behind me.

「Aahn, father.」

Appearing is Naesys――wait, that’s the wrong person.

Celia closes her eyes and points her face up at the ceiling.

「My mistake. I mean her.」

This time, I’m sure I pulled Tikuku.

「Rainbow colored hair, how unusual.」

「Her eyes are also like that of a monster…… no, there’s no way you would be walking around with a monster.」

Erich holds up a hand as people start to get restless.

「So, who might you be? What do you know about those weapons?」

I nod when Tikuku turns to me for permission.

「I am T-99, facility preservation and management support type automatic puppet. Based on the known information, I estimate the weapons you are referring to are the A-7 magic cannon and the R-12 scatter shot suppressing magic cannon. Both weapons have been forced to shut down by my authority 461 hours ago. As a result of the central core being frozen, it is impossible to reactivate them on an individual level. The Bados fortress is an integrated fortress for defending a wide area, allowing for remote control of large magic weapons within a 500 km radius.」

Although she spoke rapidly, each word was clearly enunciated.

Now, everyone should be convinced.

「What do you think?」

I ask full of confidence.

But their reactions were different from what I expected.

「It still doesn’t make sense.」

「Yes, that only raises one more question.」

Erich is similarly conflicted.

「From my point of view, this girl is simply someone who speaks fast and has strange hair and eyes. I need to see more concrete evidence.」

I didn’t think they would be so doubtful.

I can’t exactly dismantle Tikuku either, I have to rely on her to prove what she is.

「Tikuku, don’t you have any special skill to verify the truth of the ancient civilization?」

「Request is ambiguous, cannot comprehend. Please provide a specific action.」

I show Tikuku the records of the inconsequential transport corps piled in front of me for a few seconds, then flip it over.

「You can memorize all of that, right? Transcribe it back to me.」

「Very well.」

Tikuku replicates the list of what she only saw for a few seconds with 100% accuracy.

Once again, I look at Erich to see what he thinks.

「Impressive memory. I want her as my secretary. ……what does that have to do with the ancient civilization though?」

That wasn’t good enough either?

I look around, point the handle of the pen I found downward and rest it on top of Tikuku’s head.

「Keep your balance so the pen doesn’t fall.」

「Very well.」

Tikuku stands straight without trembling a single bit.

What does Erich think?

「She has great balance. She must have a talent for acrobatics, just like the girl beside you.」

I turn and notice Celia also copying her.

When she makes eye contact with me, she shrinks apologetically.

The faces of Erich and the staff officers change from stunned to annoyed.

「Please Tikuku, can’t you do anything else?」

「Please provide a specific instruction and I will execute it.」

I can’t think of anything. Oh, right.

「Do something a human can’t do. Anything is fine.」


Tikuku’s head tilted briefly and then she turned to Erich.

Already having no further expectations, Erich watches with his elbow resting on the table.

「Executing action a human body is incapable of.」

Tikuku’s head rotates so that it faces backward.


The commanders and staff officers paying attention fall over.

Tikuku walks forward a couple steps and then returns her head to its original position after making one complete rotation.

「An action the human body is incapable of.」

Despite her expressionless, it seemed like she puffed out her flat chest proudly, but her head was slightly off-center.

Celia, teach her how to do it properly.

「How about that?」

「……sorry, the only thing I can say about this girl is that she appears to be a multi-talented performer. Honestly, I’m becoming more suspicious of whether the weapons were really stopped.」

That was when one of the staff officers timidly raised his hand.

「I have a suggestion, if everyone is alright with it.」

Judging from his reserved att.i.tude, he must have the lowest rank among the staff officers.

Nonetheless, Erich smiles and welcomes him to share his idea.

「Dorcen. Speak your mind. We aren’t getting anywhere with this street performance anyways.」

How vile.

「Yessir! I propose that we form a small a.s.sault force and attack the enemy base to force them to use the weapons.」

「Scouting their strength, I guess that’s pretty standard. Even if they are repelled, it’s not enough to be counted a defeat…… although if the army is not large enough, there is a chance the enemy will not use the weapon.」

When Erich points out a potential flaw in the plan, the staff officer named Dorcen’s eyes nervously glance at me.

「Right, the force must contain a small number of people but also provide enough of a threat to the enemy. The members must excel in battle and be known by name――」

Even Erich looks at me and jerks his chin two times to spur me on.

「I’ll go.」

As I interrupt Dorcen, Erich taps his finger on the desk, peering into my eyes as he does so.

「That’s right. I left it to you so I’ll have you take responsibility until the very end.」

Although he spoke in a disgusted tone, he doesn’t seem p.i.s.sed off.

He was just curious.

「Then I will select the point of attack!」

「Sure, I’m counting on you.」

Dorcen salutes and leaves the meeting place.

「Our real attack will come after we confirm the stoppage of the weapons. Everyone, we cannot relax but please rest your bodies.」

Erich proceeds to wrap up the war council.

I guess now is as good a time as any.

It’s time to look after Celia, Tikuku, Naesys, and Myla.

There is already a puddle at Myla’s feet.

I’m amazed at how much I pumped inside her.

「Lord Hardlett. I will be handing you the order doc.u.ments for the operation personally, so follow me to my room.」


I exit the a.s.sembly hall along with Erich.

As soon as we escape from line of sight, he stands next to me.

「What’s your real motive?」

「Fuu, so you figured out after all.」

A brief smile forms on Erich’s face, only to disappear just as quickly.

「Since it came from you, I have no doubt that those weapons have been stopped. There is no need to check any further.」

「Then why?」

Erich shows me a reluctant expression.

「The one I’m doubting isn’t you. It’s Dorcen.」


I’m convinced. The look Erich gave that guy was clearly strange.

It’s just a hunch though.

「He’s almost certainly guilty. In all likelihood, he is keeping in touch with South Yuguria…… however I don’t want to conduct a public investigation for a traitor. We can’t fight while suspecting our companions after all.」

「So, are you planning to set a trap……?」

Erich twists his neck slightly.

「To be more accurate, I’m going to spring his trap and foil it by throwing you in it.」

That doesn’t sound very pleasant.

「The only information I gave to Dorcen was the report that you wrote and whatever you talked about during the war council. The report written by your subordinate――Tristan, I believe――was only read by me. He will create his trap based on that. See through it.」

I’m not going to worry why my report is being used as a fake.

It’s probably because I made too many errors.

「Understood. But can I ask something basic?」

Erich makes a face like he’s fed up.

I know it’s a dumb question, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

「If you know Dorcen is guilty, why not eliminate him immediately? If you’re concerned with how it affects others, you could make it look like an accident.」

Dorcen is the lowest rank within the staff officers.

He’s not expendable, but the entire army won’t collapse if he dies.

If he’s a traitor, it would be better if he was gotten rid of right away. He’s not a female either.

「……I have to be completely sure before making a decision when he isn’t 100% guilty on the surface.」

I wait for his explanation to continue.

「Frankly, Dorcen is someone I’ve known for a while. During the days in the Wings of Dawn, he was a clever kid who often followed me……recently, I got the impression that he finally figured out how to use his smarts.」

Erich closes his eyes and sighs like he was disappointed in how things turned out.

So he was one of his long-serving members?

Now that I think about it, I remember seeing his face back then every so often.

「He isn’t particularly attached to money and he doesn’t have a strong desire to be promoted. I can’t figure out the reason he’s contacting South Yuguria. Perhaps he isn’t satisfied with me somehow……」

Erich’s eyes open again.

「In other words, a personal issue. You still want to go through with the plan?」


An immediate answer, huh? I don’t exactly want to do anything for this Dorcen guy, but Erich will owe me one.

I should accept his request even if it’s a ha.s.sle and a little dangerous.

「So what will I get in return?」

「Haha, already negotiating conditional terms?」

Erich chuckles.

「After the battle in Meldora, I picked up the former King Busco and his two daughters. I want you to let them stay here.」


His voice sounds scary.

Well, I listened to Erich’s personal problem so it’s only fair if he listens to a personal request of mine.

「You idiot! Don’t lump my feelings toward a senior subordinate together with your carnal desires! Knowing you, I’m sure the two girls are already pregnant!」

Erich takes a breath and calms down.

「……they were the two girls standing behind you during the war council, right? Meaning the one on his knees behind them is Busco? I think he was occasionally getting kicked by them.」

「Haa, he’s a rather despicable fellow whose wife and children no longer love him.」

Busco has been following behind me on his hands and knees.

Normally, seeing someone prostrate before me is unpleasant, but this goes beyond that, and I’m even a little impressed that he’s willing to climb up stairs like that.

「Anyways, I’m counting on you. Take Agor’s battalion with you. You two are close and the numbers are just right.」

This is simply a warm-up battle.

I wonder what the trap will be.

A Few Days Later. Southern Border – A Certain Fort.

「Hm, it matches with the information so far.」

Sekrit, who was up in the trees, bends her body backward and falls head first.


As Agor and I rush to catch her, Sekrit twists her body in midaid and lands on the top of Agor’s head.

「It appears to be an ordinary fort with a stone wall and a wooden fence, guarded by roughly 2000 soldiers in standard positions. There are 2 big ones and 3 small ones sitting on the watchtowers.」

Sekrit ignores the agonizing Agor and re-equips the armor she removed to climb up the tree as she reports her findings.

She circles around, just far enough out of my reach, and returns to where allied soldiers were hiding

「……I see. Then let us begin as planned.」

I extend a hand towards Sekrit to check on her, but she casually backsteps and dodges me.

She’s angry that I didn’t take her to Meldora.

And unnecessarily so, especially since Celia talked boastfully about her experience in the ruins.

For this particular operation, I’m accompanied only by battalion commander Agor, Sekrit, and Tikuku.

Celia was too excited and would likely make a blunder so she was held back by Erich.

Agor is coming obviously because he’s the commanding officer, Tikuku is coming because I’m worried what would happen if she’s out of my sight, and I had intended to also bring the visibly angry Brynhildr and Sekrit to make up for not taking them the last time.

However, Brynhildr didn’t even present herself to me, while Sekrit, who I thought agreed silently, turned out to still be upset.

Last night, I wanted to lay with her like I did with Myla……

Except she only used her mouth for a bit and quickly went to sleep before I could c.u.m.

I pleaded for her to continue, but she refused, leaving me utterly helpless. Because of that, I couldn’t calm down last night.

The soldiers around me talk noisily.

「Lord Hardlett has had that b.o.n.e.r since this morning.」

「Is he turned on from seeing blood……regardless, it’s huge. I initially thought he had a sword in his pants.

「No, he gets like that when he wants to f.u.c.k the enemy. What a fearsome man.」

「……hey. Why are you also getting hard? Why are you breathing so heavily from seeing Hardlett?」

If weird rumors arise again and suppress the recent evaluations of myself as a fierce general, I’m holding Sekrit accountable.

「I will fulfill my role. But I won’t be mounting you for a while.」

Sekrit removes the prosthetic attachment for daily usage and latches one that has a hose equipped.

「I’ll use this instead of a c.o.c.k to relieve myself.」

Her red tongue slithers out of her pale lips and licks the tip of her artificial arm.

「How long are you going to writhe in pain? Commence the attack.」

「This woman, treating someone who was going to help her in such a manner…… begin the attack, do as we planned!」

Agor shouts his order angrily.

The soldiers in hiding jump out and charge toward the enemy fort.

「Enemy attack――!!」

「They really came! So it’s them――」

「Get to your stations and intercept them! Special cannons? Those will be used at the fort ruler’s discretion. Give your best effort first!」

「Are you all ready? Don’t screw this up.」

Although they were briefly stunned, the enemy soldiers reacted quickly to the surprise attack.

Like Erich said, it’s very suspicious.

「Hooh. This is……」

Sekrit glances at me, then the corners of her mouth curl up.

I didn’t tell her what Erich told me, so it must be her gut instinct.

On the other hand, our allied soldiers know nothing of the situation.

They are running as fast as they can to get closer to the fort before the enemy weapons activate.

Agor, as the exemplary commander he is, is running slightly behind the first line of soldiers and inspiring his troops, while we are hanging back until it’s our turn.

「Anyways, what a mysterious individual.」

Sekrit eyes Tikuku.

She isn’t making any metallic sounds as she runs, but her movements are odd.

Her slender arms are somewhat spread out and she’s taking small but fast strides.

Although she is running like an infant who doesn’t know any better, she’s easily keeping up with us.

No, she’s actually slowing occasionally, meaning she can probably go much faster.


Agor shouted his order when a suitable distance was closed, signalling his soldiers to shoot about a thousand flaming arrows at the enemy fort.

Like most battalions, Agor’s army consisted of a thousand members.

A thousand arrows were fired, meaning everyone had their own bow and arrow.

Our objective this time, at least on the surface, was to verify whether the enemy weapons were stopped.

For that reason, we needed an impactful attack.

And so it was decided that everyone, including those not part of the archer unit, will blast the enemy.

Surely, such a collective volley will provide a sufficient threat……

「Kuku, pathetic.」

「Accuracy rate: 22%.」

Many soldiers who aren’t primarily archers miss badly, let alone hit their target, and some fail to even shoot properly, instead they misfire into the ground in front of them or set their arm on fire.

「Don’t laugh. All that matters is if it looks intimidating.」

I peek at the group of men and women huddled together at the back.

The people Erich ordered me to protect at all costs are not Agor’s subordinates, they are information officers.

Our surface objective of confirming the status of the ancient weapons will only be achieved when this group, specifically deployed for that goal, sees it with their own eyes.

Our allies immediately drop their bows to the ground after one shot. The ancient weapons have yet to fire.

「What was next again?」

「Fire bombs. We don’t have siege weapons because of our strict march.」

Sekrit answers.

But when I reach out to her, she slaps my hand away.

Soldiers light the porcelain vessels on fire, swing them by the attached ropes to build up centrifugal force and then hurl them.

The pots shatter on the outer edges of the fort, on the walls, and a few inside, spilling the burning oil contained within the bombs.

That was when retaliation came in the form of arrows and ballista bolts, causing the first casualties on our side.

The ancient weapons still remain silent.

「I mean, of course they will.」

「Power source of the A-7 magic cannons have been completely turned off. It is impossible to use them.」

Tikuku says to me.

At the same time, an arrow from the enemy hits her forehead with a soft clink, who then silently rubs the spot with her hands.

Didn’t I tell her to be careful not to injure her face?

「What was after that?」

「It should be obvious.」

Sekrit’s breathing becomes rough.

「It’s party time.」

Our allied soldiers yell wildly as they encroach on the fort.

Sekrit also pushes her way to the front.

「A unison attack, huh…… I want to join in too, but I’ll be a little more patient.」

As soldiers reach the wall, they throw the torches over the top, break the wooden fence with hammers, and attempt to climb up with ropes and ladders.

「We can’t beat them in a shootout against their turrets! Keep them in check as you climb up quickly!」

「Use your s.h.i.+elds to tightly guard your side from arrows and stones! Give up if you get hit by a catapult!」

「Match your timing and climb up the ladder together. If you go separately, you’ll only be knocked off!」

Of course, the enemies won’t let us do as we please.

Countless arrows fly at our soldiers, boulders are flung from catapults installed inside the walls, and crossbows aim from the gaps of the outer wooden fence.

「Shoot down the ones holding the ladders! Defeating the s.h.i.+eldbearers won’t do anything!」

「The gates are impenetrable thanks to Her Majesty’s grace. Just watch out for anyone who tries to climb over!」

「Go ask the ruler of the fort one more time to use the special cannons!」

Allied soldiers flood into the fort while the enemy tries to prevent it with a rain of arrows and stones.

There are no signs of the ancient weapons or cannons being used as the “normal” siege progresses to its climax.

「If they’re going to shoot, now should be the time.」

I speak loud enough for the information officers to hear.

If the ancient weapons fired now where our troops were cl.u.s.tered together, we would be dealt a serious blow.

That’s if they could fire.

Oh, someone I recognize is climbing the ladder…… no, that person is stepping on an ally soldier’s head and jumping up.

It goes without saying, it’s Sekrit.

「What’s wrong? Try shooting me.」

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Sekrit spreads her arms out, taunting the enemies.

「The cannons bestowed to us by Her Majesty are unbeatable!!」

「Hurray, South Yuguria!!」

Eeei, my head hurts.

A comparatively soothing voice followed up.

「Are you alright?」

「Tikuku…… this isn’t what you told me. I thought you said you stopped them.」

Naturally, I feel a little resentment towards her.

Sure, getting hurt has something to do with it, but it’s mostly because I provoked the enemy with such confidence and ended up looking so uncool.

「Re-confirming―― the A-7 magic cannons have been completely stopped.」

「That can’t be, I mean, I was blasted by one just now.」

I flick Tikuku on the forehead and wait for another explanation.

「Negative. When the A-7 magic cannon is fired, all human bodies within the 10 m blast radius would be blown to smithereens. I repeat, the A-7 magic cannons have been completely stopped. They were not fired.」

Holding my aching head, I look up at the weapon.

White smoke and heat haze was coming out from the barrel.

My eyes s.h.i.+ft down to the burnt area on the ground.

Almost like it was flaunting its high power, a huge crater was left in the land and black smoke and fire was still rising from the center――

「Wait, it’s strange.」

I promptly stood up.

I send a glare at my allied soldiers running away in panic at the sight of my defeat and stop them in their tracks.

「He stood up! The demon stood up!!」

「S-so what, we’ll shoot him until he dies!」

I stomp the ground a few times and then spread my arms again.

「You didn’t finish me off. I think you need another shot.」

「Cheeky b.a.s.t.a.r.d――! Aim――!」

The ancient weapon points at me.

I take one step forward at a time, but I don’t step outside the range of the blackened mark left by the previous shot.

The ancient weapon should have a lock on its target.

It’s also a close range shot. They don’t have a reason not to shoot.

「C’mon, shoot me.」

「D-dammit…… eeei, fire!!」

Once again, the ancient weapon glows red and the ground explodes―― the area way in front of me that is.

「It missed!?」

「T-that happens sometimes! Just finish him with the next shot!」

I chuckle, walking toward the place that exploded from that attack.

「a.n.a.lysis complete. Based on the surface temperature and residue, I conclude that the attack is not from the A-7 magic cannon, but from the combustion of a vegetable-based oil and gunpowder――」

I hold up a hand to silence Tikuku.

It’s fine, no need to go on.

「What’s wrong, are you done?」

「Tch! It’s not worth using this weapon on an injured person like you. Archers, finish him!」

I deflect the incoming arrows with my Dual Crater and Keravnos.

The enemy soldiers start getting anxious.

「H-hey, why aren’t we shooting!? Didn’t we already learn that arrows don’t work against the demon!?」

「Don’t ask me! Maybe we ran out of ammunition?」

「My lord! Please hurry and get rid of the demon!」

The ruler of the fort turns pale as his soldiers panic.

I quickly peek to the side and dash out of the charred area.

The ruler grins broadly like he won the jackpot of a lottery.

「Fuhaha, demon, looks like the time has come to say your last words! Fire!!」

The base of the ancient weapon was lit, but nothing else happened.

「What are you doing!? I said, fire!」

The soldier holds a torch at the base of the weapon, setting the oil slathered there on fire, but that’s all.

「The jig is up.」

I stab my Dual Crater into the ground.

What I discovered was a pot filled with gunpowder and oil.

If something like this explodes under me, of course I’m going to be sent flying.

It’s a good thing I didn’t die.

「It’s quite a cheap trick now that it’s revealed. Isn’t that right, Mr. Magician Trick?」

Sekrit sits on top of the corpse of the enemy soldier who was about to light the fuse and laughs at the head she freshly severed.

Hey, don’t mishandle the opponent’s corpse. I think they were pretty skilled to coordinate the petty explosion trick with the lord’s orders.

In short, this is the current situation.

Like Tikuku said, the weapons were already stopped.

However, if it was discovered that the weapons said to be their trump card were turned to useless pieces of junk, the Goldonian soldiers would receive a huge boost in morale while the South Yugurian soldiers would suffer a drastic drop in morale.

That’s why they had to hide it.

They had to make it seem that the weapons can only be fired at the most crucial times.

Then we received information from an insider that we should be cautious on our mission to confirm the status of the ancient weapons.

The enemy saw this as a chance. If they could make us believe their weapons still work, we would not be able to advance for the time being.

And the insider himself would be the one formulating the plan, so the enemy has plenty of time to set up any number of traps.

「But this confirms that Dorcen is 100% guilty. It’s going to be hard to tell Erich.」

I slump in disappointment and walk over to my allies.

「Did you see that? It was a trick.」

I kick over the pot of oil.

「Those things are nothing more than fancy paperweights. There is no need to be afraid.」

I signal Sekrit with my eyes and she snickers, setting all the fuses on fire.

「Eat my magic!」

I wave my Keravnos in time with my roar and launch the other traps the enemy had set up.

Man, how refres.h.i.+ng. I always wanted to do that.

I’m satisfied.

Now I can leave the rest to the other soldiers.

「Crush them.」

「Go! Chargeee!」


Agor follows after me with a command to his troops.

「W-we’re done for! Runnnn!」

「How could this be!? The country is finished――!!」

The outcome has been decided.

Our allies leap out triumphantly while the enemies focus solely on fleeing. At this point, troop count or tactics don’t matter.

「Well, that’s that. Time to tend to my wounds and relieve my……hm?」

My eyes land on a particular group of enemy soldiers.

「This is it for me…… my leg’s broken…… I can’t walk……」

「Don’t give up! I’ll carry you…… actually, that’s too much for me, so I’ll lend you my shoulder!」

I hear a familiar voice.

「My bad, ――toph. Anyway, why are you unharmed?」

「A flaming arrow hit me in the head and I was knocked out until now. Fortunately, it was right in my helmet, so I wasn’t hurt. With that said, I have no idea what’s going on, let’s just run for now!」

A familiar muscular back, one that only looks strong.

「Good thing the enemy doesn’t have cavalry! If we can reach the riverbed ahead of us, we can escape! Hurry, Chri――」

That’s a familiar name.

「Hurry, Christoph!」

「I know, Zillia. You watch out for stray arrows too.」

There’s no mistaking it. It’s that idiot.


When I yell at him, he turns around and our eyes meet.


Christoph stares in disbelief, then covers his face apologetically with his helmet before running off.

As I was debating whether or not to chase after him, a melee broke out and I lost sight of him.

「What is that idiot doing?」

Quite some time has pa.s.sed since he was captured by South Yuguria.

I’m happy he isn’t dead, but what is he doing in a place like this?

「He was probably brought along as a prisoner or to carry baggage or something.」

I sigh, thinking what a hopeless guy he is.

「Lord Hardlett, we have confirmed the neutralization of the weapons.」

「Good work.」

The information officers gather around me.

「So I had to do all that for you to finally believe me.」

I say sarcastically.

The burn I suffered still stings.

「I-if you don’t mind, I can also treat you……」

The one who hesitatingly offers is the female officer I protected earlier.


When I bring my face close to her, she averts her eyes in embarra.s.sment.

I corner her by moving where her line of sight is and smile, prompting her to also reluctantly smile back.

I finish by grabbing her hand with both of mine and rub them coaxingly, causing her to blush and nod with an upward gaze at me.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.

Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.


Myla (escaped a tense situation), Celia (disappointed), Irijina (commander), Luna (bow cavalry commander)

Gido (torn off), Pochi (lizard), Leopolt (staff officer A), Tristan (staff officer B), Agor (totally exhausted)

Yakov (like a bandit), Mack (engineer corps captain)


Ivanna (lethargic), Sekrit (VS) T-99 (VS) Brynhildr (ー)

Natia (manufacturing drugs), Annette (princess of the 105), Piris (recovery), Baroness Escaote (nursing), Seika (unsatisfied with nursing), Naesys (sisterly love), Nasis (sisterly love), Busco (low-life)

Army – Southern Goldonia

Under Protagonist: (Injured soldiers, recovering soldiers, as well as conscripts, return of security unit)

Escort Unit: 60 ⇒ 70

Infantry: 4500 ⇒ 4800

Cavalry: 670

Archers: 670 ⇒ 680

Cannoneers: 380

Bow Cavalry: 7000 ⇒ 7500

Independent Celia Squad: 400 ⇒ 500

Conscripts + Security Unit: 17 000 ⇒ 10 000

Cannons: 40, Large Cannons: 23, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 45


Reinforcements / Allied Forces

105 Army Corps: 3500 ⇒ 3600


Battles.h.i.+p Suvorov, Battles.h.i.+p Aless of Aless, and others: All grounded.

Transport s.h.i.+ps: 20


Ally Forces: Royal Army: 50 000

Conscripts: 35 000 ⇒ 50 000

Enemy Force: Regular Soldiers: ?

Conscripts: ?

Cavalry Army: 25 000 ?

a.s.sets: -10 000 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 793, children who have been born: 69 + 567

Current Location: South Yuguria Pre-war Border

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