Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 458

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Chapter 458

Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

「People like that tend to slack off quickly. That should give them a sense of responsibility.」

Nonna holds out her chest after a job well done.

「Splendid work, madam.」

「Wonderful, madam.」

The two female attendants…… the slender and serious Sally and the pet.i.te yet plump and gentle Maruru……praise their mistress, who becomes more and more arrogant.

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「Nevertheless, the expenses are piling up. Since the war began, our pockets have been getting lighter. Adolph is also holding back my allowance for his reconstruction budget. He’s really taking advantage of Aegir-sama’s absence to do whatever he wants.」

As a habit, Nonna reaches for her shawl, but realizes that she wasn’t wearing one on her shoulder and opens her paper fan in embarra.s.sment. A few days prior, her shawl became dirty from regular use, however she didn’t have enough money to buy a replacement.

「Adolph-sama is using Aegir-sama’s trust as collateral to borrow additional funds for the reconstruction budget from merchants. For that reason, please try not to spend your allowance for now.」

Sally continues on.

「That man’s situation is none of my business! Oh, I know, I’ll ask Claire-san……」

「Madam, didn’t the master promise the prepayment to be 20 gold every month? We’re already nearing the limit for this month.」

「If you overspend, the master will be angry.」

Nonna puffs her cheeks and sulks.

「Aegir-sama originally said it was fine for me to use as much as I want, but Adolph had to ramble on. I mean, how can you put restrictions when I’m the legal wife!?」

「It’s because out of everybody in the family, the madam is the only one who spends all the money.」

「Madam, I believe the culprit was that dress set, which costed 300 gold.」

Nonna still wasn’t convinced, but her expression changed when rising smoke appeared in the corner of her eye.

「Isn’t that fire!? Is somebody trying to destroy my Rafen again!?」

「Madam, it’ll be fine, so please take walk slowly.」

「Your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are swaying so much that the citizens are looking. Wait!? Your clothing!!」

Nonna runs as fast as she could to check the origin of the fire, although she could only move as fast as a man’s brisk walk, allowing her two attendants to follow easily by jogging.

「Nonna-sama? I wonder what the big rush is.」

「They’re bouncing all over the place. Rumor has it that she stuffs her chest, but they’re real. I’m certain of it.」

「Hey, hey, if they jiggle any more ――ooh, they popped out!!」

「Look, I can see――!? Eh, her servant covered the tip barely in time! Dammit……how cruel.」

「Ah, Nonna……-sama…… welcome.」

The one waiting for Nonna at the site of the fire was Alice.

After the shy girl greeted her awkwardly, she raised both hands.


A giant pillar of fire that didn’t match her soft vanis.h.i.+ng voice erupted.

The red flames lick the pile of dirt in front of her.

「Not quite…… enough…… eiya.」

The color of the fire released from Alice changes from red to yellow, then to a whitish color.

「Too much…… it melted. It’s hard to control……」

「What on earth are you doing? I thought there was fire because of all the black smoke.」

Nonna questions Alice as she struggles to adjust the intensity of her fire.

She quickly takes a few steps back because it was too hot.

「Making……bricks. They apparently require the use of stoves or furnaces……or so I hear. ……I’m not very knowledgeable.」

「Alice-sama is cooperating with the manufacturing of fireproof bricks at the request of Adolph-sama. He claims that the process which normally takes a long time can be completed in a few seconds with Alice-sama’s magic.」

Sally provides the explanation in place of the quiet Alice.

「……your help is appreciated. But why did that man not inform me? During Aeigr-sama’s absence, the one in charge of Rafen is me, the legal wife.」

Nonna once again complains about Adolph as she opens up her chest area.

While it wasn’t exactly scorching weather, it is obviously going to be hot when standing beside fire in the summer.

「If Alice-san is tired, please rest. Since you are one of Aegir-sama’s concubines, you do not have to take orders from that man.」

Alice smiled uncomfortably and shook her head.

「It’s okay…… I’ll do my best…… I like this……more than fighting, so…… done.」

Seeing her finish, two muscular workers carry a new batch of base materials.

Instead of leaving after their delivery, the men just remain beside Alice.

Their eyes were glued to her sweaty back and a.s.s.

They mentally molested her body and then were drawn into the large gap in Nonna’s chest.

「Geh, madam!」

「Uwah! No wonder they were so big!」

「You dare to direct those vulgar eyes at me as well!? I’m going to make up a story to tell Aegir-sama!」

The men instantly turn pale.

「Please forgive me! He’ll rip my d.i.c.k off!」

「My daughter is only 9 years old! If the feudal lord takes her as his woman, she’ll die!」

「Then you better work like your life depended on it. If you’re even a little bit lazy…… I’ll tell him that you groped my b.r.e.a.s.t.s.」

The workers run off at lightning speed.

「Let’s work at twice the speed!」

「Yeah, if we slow down, my wife and daughter will be impregnated!」

Nonna heaves a sigh.

「People treat you like that because of how defenseless you look. Getting sweaty to the point where your underwear can be seen and showing your skin clearly,.it’s immodest. Ara, there is something bulging from your b.u.m―― wait, you stuck something in there again!? Maruru, pull it out!」

「Yes, madam.」

Maruru reaches into Alice’s pants, grabs the handle of that thing and yanks it out.

「Don’t, if you pull it out here…… Nnoohooo!」

Alice lets out a rather nasty cry and her face warps in pleasure as a soft leather d.i.l.d.o is dragged out.

It was an abnormally long and slimy thing.

「It’s thin but long……」

「It’s easily over 80 cm. Stuffing this in your b.u.t.t……no, I can’t believe this fit……」

Nonna holds her head in amazement.

「Where did you get something like this?」

「Aau, aau……I used one month’s allowance to commission a leather craftsman…… how mean of you to pull it all out in one go…… and also lovely…… aheeheh.」

「If you play with your a.s.s too much, it won’t ever close in the future! We’re moving on.」

Nonna turns her back on Alice who is happily shaking her b.u.t.t.

Sally covers Alice’s exposed and gaping a.s.shole with a handkerchief, while Maruru places a sheet of paper with the words “Feudal lord’s woman. Touch and you will be executed.” on top before leaving.

「Ah, it’s Nonna-san.」

「Ara ara, how rare.」

「Madam!? H-how do you do?」

The place Nonna visited next was where food was being distributed to people who were rebuilding a house.

Moving around busily there was Maria, Mel, and the owners of a small restaurant in Rafen, Leticia and Sharon.

「……I can understand Leticia-san, but I can’t say I approve of wives of the feudal lord serving food to the public.」

When Nonna expressed her harsh but honest opinion, Sally and Maruru bowed deeply to Maria and Mel.

「Now, now, we’re doing it because we like to. I’m happy when I see them enjoying the food.」

Maria grins as she drops roughly cut potatoes into a large boiling pot.

「That’s right. I don’t get many chances to cook in the mansion so I’m afraid my skills will dull.」

Mel comments as she slices up a pepper at an unexpectedly fast pace.

「You don’t need to cook. You’re a legal wife!」

Nonna yells at Maria, who shrinks back, and Mel.

Maria stares blankly at her while Mel giggles.

「Growing kids will be eating too, so I really want to add more meat. But we aren’t getting very much stock and the price is also becoming quite high, so I thought the food distributors would be in trouble…… the one positive is that we at least have vegetables.」

Maria’s face darkens.

「Eh? If you don’t have meat, you can let them eat fish――mmgh, what are you doing!?」

「My apologies, Madam.」

Maruru covers Nonna’s mouth right when she says something.

「According to Adolph, the harvest of the villages are not affected too greatly by the occupation and recapture. However, logistics have taken a big hit, meaning the supply of high-cla.s.s ingredients requiring rapid transportation, especially meat and fish, has drastically decreased. Claire-sama is working hard to restore the supply, and if the state of battle improves in our favor, it should recover soon……」

Nonna looked at Sally quizzically, but seemed to be satisfied with the explanation.

「Then you can put in lots of beans. We can give what we eat in the mansion to the citizens. Because Tristan laughed at all of the head chef’s tricks, we have plenty of excess. I love meat, but that’s not the case for beans.」

「I will arrange for it immediately to be a charity gift from the madam.」

Sally complies with the request as Nonna sighs while watching Maria and the others hand out hearty soups to children and elderly.

「Well, try not to push yourselves. That goes for Leticia-san and the younger sister too.」

「Actually, Sharon is a younger b――」

Nonna, who was facing the other way, quickly turns around and grabs Sharon’s face.

「Younger brother? Did you say younger brother!?」

「N-no……that was a mistake.」

Leticia averts her eyes, but Nonna, confident in her hearing ability, doesn’t calm down.

「I have a thorough grasp of almost all of Aegir-sama’s lovers! If you…… are trying to steer Aegir-sama in a strange direction……」

Holding onto Sharon’s head, Nonna threatens him and then walks away.

「Are you alright, Sharon? Sorry, your sister misspoke……」

「Yes, I’m fine. More importantly, Nonna-sama’s b.o.o.bs rubbed against my face, yet I didn’t feel anything at all…… I knew that the feudal lord-sama was the correct choice…… sis, I’ve decided. I’m going to take him!」

「……the tasty hot pot is almost ready~」

「……let’s include lots of the beans Nonna-san gave us.」

「Madam, please calm down.」

「How can I stay quiet about this!? Aegir-sama already doesn’t discriminate between older and younger girls. I don’t know what I’ll do if he lays hands on people of that side!」

Nonna breathes heavily as she boards an escorted carriage to the city walls.

She is going to visit the settlements surrounding Rafen.

「What are you huffing about? Are you in heat?」

The moment she pa.s.sed under the simple castle gates, defiant words were hurled at her from above.

A wave of anger washed over Nonna immediately, accompanied by a slight amount of joy, as she burst out of the carriage.

「Like a pervert who is in heat all year round can speak!」

The person on top of the gates was Carla.

She was standing on the highest part of the narrow gate currently being repaired, wearing her usual half-sleeved skirt.

「Carla-sama, we’ve finished with the stone work here. How does it look?」

The laborers working on the city wall repairs walk along an unstable footing to her.

Carla closes one eye and inspects the wall.

「It’s not good at all, look how slanted it is. You’ve been doing this for 25 years and don’t even know how to stack stones properly? Redo it!」

Carla steps on the laborers face.

His shoulders slump in disappointment, but doesn’t show any anger or hate against the humiliating act.

「She scolded you chumps after all! Measure things more accurately!」

「No boss, you said we’d have to redo it because we’re also slanted. You knew that and told us to go get stepped on anyways.」

「Boss…… yelling at us when you have a bulge in your pants doesn’t w―― owww!!」

Nonna glares at Carla as the laborers go back and forth with each other.

「Carla, your underwear is completely visible. Even if you’re doing so unintentionally or feel embarra.s.sed, as Aegir-sama’s wife, you should not be showing your underwear to workers!」

「It’s not like I’m letting them touch me, what’s the big deal with letting them peek under my skirt? Who cares?」

「I don’t claim to know your s.e.xual fetishes, but this issue has to do with the Hardlett household! An obscene and perverted woman is unfit to be a part of it!」

「What are you talking about when you have two obscene lumps hanging on your chest!? And you have two nipples as black as the bottom of a shoe!」

Nonna, enraged, pounces on Carla, though their arguing doesn’t stop.

「Who did you say is black!? I applied the stain remover Natia-san gave me every day, so it’s now a pretty pink color! Take a look at the nipples that Aegir-sama has told me are cute!」

「You’re going to expose your b.r.e.a.s.t.s in public? Who’s the pervert here!!?」

As Nonna loses her cool and unleashes her chest, Sally spreads her arms to block the men’s line of sight.

「Carla’s the one who is over thirty and whose special place is all black!」

「W-what? It’s not black at all! It was trained by Aegir and just developed a little color! It isn’t very different from yours. Let me see!」

「No, stop it you pervert! I’m being raped, Aegir-sama!!」

Maruru calls over the wagon to hide the scene and places a sign with the words “if you look, I’ll tell the feudal lord”, which instantly scatters the onlookers.

「Nonna-sama, she has pink nipples, huh?」

「Those giant t.i.ts and such cute nipples…… that’s so hot. Oh, I better be careful what I say or my family will be impregnated.」

「d.a.m.n virgin, the supreme one here is Carla-sama with her darkened p.u.s.s.y. How nice would it be to get her to p.i.s.s on me?」

「Boss……I’ve worked for you for 10 years and didn’t know you had such fetishes.」

Nonna and Carla fought a little longer, having forgotten themselves, but gradually calmed down, fixed their clothes and separated.

「Fuu……whatever. I’m going to inspect the suburbs. Try your best not to fall from the wall.」

「Haa, haa……do whatever you want. Just be back in the evening. It’s not entirely safe yet.」

Nonna returns to the carriage, while Carla climbs back on top of the wall.

「Ah, I just remembered. You over there, come here.」

「Eh? Me?」

Nonna calls a worker who is carrying wood to come closer to the carriage.

「This is a fee for Carla’s stupidity of course. Also, tell me if she cheats because I’ll spank her a.s.s until it’s swollen.」

「Hey, didn’t you realize?」

The worker wipes his dirtied face with a towel.

「Ah, Mireille-san.」


After Nonna was greeted by Mireille, she handed over the money silently and motioned for the carriage to depart, maintaining eye contact.

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「Hey, you definitely didn’t realize me! Carla, don’t laugh! Yeah, I’m a masculine woman who likes to get muddy after all! I actually feel calm when I hold a shovel and pickaxe!」

Nonna shouts her intention and pats the heads of a few nearby children before boarding her carriage.

「E-excuse me…… I am Polte, a domestic affairs official sent by Adolph-sama to do a damage investigation. You are Sally-san, correct? I have something to ask……if you don’t mind.」

「My apologies. The madam is leaving, so I will have to return later.」

A Few Days Later. Rafen Mansion – Banquet Hall.

There was popular music playing and people wearing magnificent outfits dining in the banquet hall.

A party not unlike those before the war was being held.

However, the grand window, which was normally opened to allow the beautiful nightscape of Rafen to be admired, was covered by a red curtain.

It was to hide the city as it underwent construction.

Adolph complained whether this kind of event was really necessary during wartime, but Nonna insisted that it is exactly during these trying times when it’s meaningful for neighboring n.o.bles to gather, an opinion supported by Claudia and Gretel, which ultimately decided the outcome.

「I see you are in good spirits, Madam Hardlett.」

「Yes, you as well, Baroness *****. It is unfortunate what happened to your husband.」

Nonna embraces the guest meekly.

「I know it must be tough, but your son is still alive and well. Your family line survived. If you ever find yourself in trouble, rely on the Hardlett household and we will be your strength.」

Moved to tears, the guest of about thirty years old gripped Nonna’s hand tightly.

「I will also pa.s.s the information to my husband. However, if you want to meet, please inform me. No matter the circ.u.mstances, you are not to meet with him alone, even if it’s a mistake.」

「R-right. If that is what you say.」

After Nonna got up from her seat, she sighed.

「If Aegir-sama meets a thirty year old widow who suddenly lost her husband, he’ll eat her up in five minutes.」

「Regardless, it’s been a while since the neighboring n.o.bles gathered, but the damage is greater than expected.」

Gretel, who is from a prestigious Count’s family, comments as she hands Nonna a dish of water and a leash connected to her collar.

「……can you do something about this? You are of n.o.ble birth and people might see you.」

「My apologies, Nonna-san. Since master is absent, you are currently my owner.」

Gretel lovingly strokes her collar before changing her expression back to a serious one.

「While you were acting separately, I received the same proposal from two nearby families. Rather than the unknown and unbacked Nonna-san, they told me I should be the legal wife, being connected to the Beltz family. They asked me to rely on them if I ever needed help. I gave them ambiguous answers.」

「Tell me their names. Hahaa…… those prideful bi-……malicious women. That house belongs to Count Coover from the north. I’ll make the necessary preparations and teach him a lesson. The other house is…… that small one. Taking revenge for that argument we had earlier? How dare he challenge us without considering the difference in power. If he doesn’t back off from one warning, then I will accept the fight.」

Nonna arches her back and laughs fearlessly.

She is one of the youngest among the wives of the feudal lords, but she already showed no traces of restraint.

「That is……just fine.」

Looming outside the window was Claudia.

「Yes, I am the official wife of the Hardlett house. My relations.h.i.+p with Aegir-sama doesn’t change either. Should I be afraid of weak families who are merely older than me?」

Gretel gulps.

As the saliva travelled down her throat, the bell attached to her collar jingled.

「We’ll pull in those who depend on us and crush those who oppose us.」

Claudia nods approvingly.

Her deep crimson ankle-length dress wrapped tightly around her body.

「Haa, haa……madam, don’t leap to the second floor. That’s an impossible task for me.」

The one who was out of breath was Claudia’s attendant, Clara.

「Now then, shall we head back?」

Nonna removes Gretel’s collar, while Claudia slathers more lotion on her black l.u.s.tre skin.

「Hasn’t socializing become more entertaining? All the more during wartime or when families are feuding with each other.」

Claudia teases as she grins and flexes her biceps and neck muscles.

「A little…… I guess.」

Although taken aback, she agreed with those words.

Nonna skips about with Claudia’s warm gaze on her, and her appearance was bright like never before.

However, the words she muttered in an open place to herself were not heard by anybody.

「Aegir-sama, you’ve reached the top. This is high enough…… if you want more…… if you aim further up……」

There is one more story to add.

「Gehoh, gehoh, didn’t you hear it over here?」

Mireille chokes on the dust kicked up by her digging.

With a towel around her neck and her sleeves rolled up, it was hard to tell her apart from a male laborer.

「Yes, it’s a rather silly story though. They say someone sobs every night, which sounds pretty nonsensical at first, but it feels more real when multiple people corroborate the same account. It should be just within the city walls…… well, it’s a place where it’s not uncommon for people to die.」

「That’s pretty disgusting. Woah, I hit it…… this is a sh.e.l.l from a catapult?」

Mireille knocks her shovel against the object several times, confirming it is steel and not a rock.

The metal ball is buried pretty deep.

An unusually chilly wind blows against the necks of the two females.

「It’s right on the mark. Dig around it and check.」

「Uuegh…… there’s definitely a dead person under here. Please don’t haunt me. The one who killed you was South Yuguria.」

Mireille hollows out a ring around the cannonball and tries to pry it loose.

And then it happened.

(It hurts)

「Ah, there it is. I’m counting on you to take care of the rest.」

Carla turns around and runs, but the pale-faced Mireille grabs her neck.

(It’s so narrow.)

Mireille lets go of the cannonball, but its center of ma.s.s slowly s.h.i.+fts.

(It’s so dark.)

When the metal ball slid to the side, the voice became clearer.

「Hey, don’t stop me. I’m running!」

「Pull me up too! I only agreed to this because you invited me!」

And then the steel orb completely slipped off.

(Let me outta hereeeee!!!)



Mireille fell on her a.s.s and Carla tripped during her attempt at escaping, falling flat on her face.

(You’re so meeeaaan!! I was blown away by the wind. I tried so hard to go back home and something fell on my head all of a sudden. I was pitch black and narrow and I couldn’t breathe and I was hungry.)

Appearing before the duo was the translucent Casie.

Because the cannonball pressed down on her body for such a long period, her head deformed to the point that it was the same size as her body, making her look like a flat and stretched thin snowman.

(You’re so cruel, so cruel! I want to go home!!)

Furthermore, she held so much resentment within her that she could be seen by everyone.

「Gyaa, what is that!? A double-body person!?」

「No, no, a human like that doesn’t exist. Besides, it’s floating.」

「Could it be a ghost…… or not, a ghost wouldn’t have such a strange shape.」

And so, the poor double-body Casie drifted back to the mansion.

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