Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 429

Report Chapter

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「――the aforementioned is the confirmed number of s.h.i.+ps sunk. Combined with the results of the fleet battle, there is no doubt that the enemy fleet is destroyed.」

「I see.」

My foot taps unconsciously as I listen to Leopolt's report.

「It's impossible for the extremely few small vessels and sluggish transport s.h.i.+ps to conduct a landing with what they have left. A land army is not needed to deal with them.」

「That's great.」

My heart is not here.

It is with the female prisoners who are probably warming their bodies in the bath at this time.

「We are attempting to retrieve the cannons from the grounded and sunk s.h.i.+ps.」

「It would be nice if we're successful.」

More importantly, I want to discharge my own cannon soon.

「Preparations to change course is about 80% complete. It won't take more than a week for the soldiers to rest and for the finis.h.i.+ng touches of the formation to be settled.」

「Good work.」

I also give a half-hearted answer to Tristan's report.

He looked dubiously at me for a second, but sighed after seeing my hand and muttered "that's it" in a lackadaisical tone. Oh, c.r.a.p. My hands were grasping the air as if they were fondling imaginary b.o.o.bs.

「That concludes the war report――」

When I stood up abruptly from my chair, Leopolt's silence kept me in check, while Celia jumped and hung on my shoulder, which forced me to sit down again.

「Next will be the report of the a.n.a.lysis on the frontal warfront, the place where we will be headed.」

「Yes, go ahead.」

I have to put up with this a bit more.

「Currently, the total enemy force is approximately 150 000.」

「Wait, there's no way.」

I intended to let all this a.n.a.lysis go in one ear and out the other, but I couldn't help raising my voice.

「The enemy there…… the Central army, was it? I heard they had 50 000. Even a.s.suming they increased their numbers a little, 150 000 is way too much.」

Leopolt nods and continues. c.r.a.p, this is going to be a long one.

「Exactly. A rough estimate of the Central army's forces come to 50 000. If we also account for any reinforcements from the western army that have lost strategic value, they would at most stop at around 60 000. However, that is limited to regular soldiers.」

Tristan takes over the explanation.

「It is a fact that they currently have 150 000. The enemy shouldn't have that many mercenaries on hand or have that much time to train soldiers, meaning they must have recruited citizens.」

Leopolt takes over again.

「Friendly armies and citizens ordered to be conscripted from the domain of the king and each feudal lord king's domain are partic.i.p.ating, and currently, a grand total of tens of thousands are facing off in the frontal warfront.」

I don't know whether that's something impressive or something messy.

「It would most likely be the latter. History has shown that a ma.s.s gathering of amateurs will lead to a tragic scene. For example, 150 years ago――」

It sounds like a long story, so I've had enough.

「We would need a different set of preparations than before. We also have to notify the soldiers in a simple manner.」

There isn't much of a reason to debate.

Have the soldiers make the minimum amount of groundwork and then we'll have to play by ear for the rest.

Leopolt, Tristan, and Celia all nod.

Celia's cute, so I'll pat her.

「If we're done, then Leopolt should go rest until we depart.」

「I do not feel particularly fatigued or have any issues concerning health.」

I squeeze Celia's cheeks and repeat myself.

「This is an order. Rest.」


I'm sure he's going to work all the way there without sleeping anyways.

He should be making an effort to sleep when he's supposed to sleep. Like me.

「And me?」

「You're responsible for the move. Do it properly.」

「Work until you die.」

Tristan slumps his shoulders.

If this guy has two days, he'll just slack off after getting things done.

He's not the same as Leopolt who has to be ordered just to rest.

As for the earnest Celia, she's a battalion commander now.

If I leave her alone, she'll work herself until she collapses.

「You work too hard. I want you to rest after finis.h.i.+ng most of your work, got it? Work is forbidden from evening to dawn.」


Celia replies enthusiastically.

「Also, please deliver this doc.u.ment to the name addressed. Don't peek inside.」


Celia is so honest and cute.

She does everything she is asked to do.

Now then, it's time to play.

「How are the female prisoners doing?」

After finis.h.i.+ng what I had to do and composing myself, I stick my head into the prisoners tent with an expression full of dignity.

「I-it hurts――! Do it slower…… ow, ow, ow, ow!!」

What was going on inside was a gruesome rape――

「Give me the splint, I'll do it myself! You're going to tear my arm off!」

–Rather, it was the treatment of wounds.

They were rescued from a sinking s.h.i.+p after a battle, so many were injured.

「Nuu……I only smeared some ointment.」

「You only broke one bone, so why does it hurt so much? You still call yourself a man―― guess not…… muun.」

The Aless soldiers were applying healing salve and attaching splints to broken limbs, but they were much too boorish for the delicate women.

「Hahuu, hahuuu…… ah, my meat was taken!」

「Only my spinach was left behind!」

Next is the emergency rations.

A stew from a giant pot and freshly baked bread was being distributed to the prisoners.


「It really warms you up.」

Last is the bath.

Barrels lying around were filled with water for them to heat up their cold bodies.

「Haaー I'm nice and warm now.」

As the woman stands to get out of the barrel, she was instantly a.s.saulted with piercing gazes from me and the Aless soldiers.

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were on the small side, but the line from her collarbone to her nape was s.e.xy.

「H-how embarra.s.sing.」

She turns red from the attention of several men, however, she can't stay in the bath forever.

There was also the silent pressure from the other prisoners to hurry.


The woman steels herself and jumps out.

Cheers erupt when her lower body becomes exposed.

「It's more than satisfactory…… but you'll be seen, eh?」

「Mm……even though my bruise was on my thigh, they kept applying the ointment on my a.s.s.」

「Still, I want to take a bath. I'm taking my clothes off.」

The women glance shyly at us while stripping and each piece of clothing removed is accompanied by shouts of joy.

C'mon guys, we can't scare them.

「We'll only look and won't get in the way, so take your time.」

With that said, we gather around the bath.

Make sure to warm up completely.

「They're tending to us and feeding us.」

「And letting us clean our bodies…… it's a con, right?」

The prisoners begin to whisper with one another.

「But if they're going this far, we can expect they won't be too harsh on us.」

「Yeah, if they were going to treat us roughly, they wouldn't bother treating our wounds.」

It's a great help if we don't have to explain ourselves.

Excluding the few who were severely injured, the Aless soldiers and I carry all of the prisoners and split up into the several residences we prepared.

Each house has one woman and many Aless soldiers.

「Put on clean sheets. Light incense. Ready some water and wet towels.」

Arrangements for a comfortable environment were made snappily, but the woman is s.h.i.+vering on the bed.

I sit beside her and gently wrap my arm around her shoulder.

「Is there something not to your liking?」

「I've already accepted that I'll be violated…… it's just the number of people. Aren't there too many? Plus they're all muscular……」

14 Aless soldiers are here together with me. The ratio of men and women is 15:1.

「There's no need to worry. Despite our frightening outward appearance―― strip!」


I swiftly pull off my clothes, followed by the Aless soldiers.

「Hiih! So big!」

「There isn't anybody here who would be violent to a woman. Everyone is gentle.」

「「「Men of Aless respect women's bodies!」」」

I hug the trembling woman and press her against my chest.

At the same time, the Aless soldiers use an unusual amount of care to peel off the woman's clothes.

Fumu. For a woman at 165 cm, she has a relatively flat chest, but a nice a.s.s.

Being a sailor, while her skin is naturally tanned in the typical areas like her arms, she also has parts not normally exposed to the sun which are pure white.

Her pubic hair is trimmed and she seems somewhat experienced with men, although her pretty pink nipples and v.a.g.i.n.a says otherwise.

「Caress her gently.」


The woman's naked body was being handled by the Aless soldiers like silk.

「Ah…… it feels even softer than my first time. The gap between the barbaric appearances unnecessarily……」

Her short gasps due to nervousness gradually changed to longer and deeper sighs.

She gives off a strong motherly atmosphere.

We should probably lean towards the direction of requesting affection.

「Look around you. Everyone is erect from seeing your body. They're all seeking your compa.s.sion.」

「「「Revere the female body!」」」

The number of hands caressing the woman increases, and they rub not only her back, but also her nape, her a.s.s, and her stomach.

「Haa, haa…… my compa.s.sion……? Everybody desires me? Wants me?」

Feelings of l.u.s.t reside in her eyes as she fixes her gaze on the d.i.c.ks thrust in front of her one by one.

「I'm burning with desire.」

「I want your everything.」

「I'd like to be buried by the muscles of a man.」

Every time her eyes s.h.i.+ft to the next soldier, she gets a corresponding answer.

Her breathing turns into the panting of a dog eager to eat the meal dangling in front.

To provide the finis.h.i.+ng blow, I take her hand and guide it to my crotch.

「I've become like this because of you…… at this rate, it will explode. Can't you help me out?」

「So much l.u.s.t has pent up that it became this monster…… it certainly feels like it could burst at any moment.」

She gives me an upward gaze and, after stroking my c.o.c.k a few times, muttered "sure" softly.

And so, the 15 men pounced on the one woman.

――Three Hours Later.

「Hyuuー…… hyuuー……」

「You guys overdid it. Morons.」

I wave my hand in front of the face of the woman laying spread eagle.

「Eheheeh…… muscle…… man…… hot liquid……」

She doesn't seem to notice, simply staring blankly at the ceiling with a dumb smile on her face.

「I wasn't rough. I embraced her with the greatest love a man can give.」

「I was careful with the number of times out of concern for her body and only held her down three times. Normally, I do it five times with my wife and twice with my sister.」

Well, with 15 people going three rounds each, that's 45 shots.

Not to mention everybody releases such a large load, that's why the woman is in such a messy state.

Her holes, both front and back, are leaking s.e.m.e.n, she is covered head to toe in seed, juices have pooled on the bed and the floor, and her body is decorated with kiss marks.

「Geez, e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. like that's the only thing you know how to do.」

「But, my man. Aren't you the one who shot out the most?」

「Umu, the first shot continued for at least five minutes. I haven't seen such a magnificent e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n since Gildress slept with my wife.」

She has a nice v.a.g.i.n.a, I couldn't help it.

I actually wanted to let her rest on my arm and kiss her……

「One more shot…… one more shot……」

However, the Aless soldiers are leaning on the pleading girl.

I can't say this is the best atmosphere to whisper words of love.

「Let her rest already. She's being swallowed by the atmosphere and is losing her mind. Even if she's asking for it, if you push too far, you're going to break her.」

I stand up and put my clothes on.

「No one in Aless is foolish enough to break a woman!」

「Higyi! It went in my a.s.s!」

Is it really going to be okay?

I let out a sigh like Tristan and exit the house.

「What a coincidence.」

「――! ――!!」

I happened to come across Sekrit and Ivanna.

Sekrit has her usual sarcastic grin, although I feel a tiny bit of anger.

Ivanna is, as always, enraged to the point she can't make a sound.

Saying that I was just at an orgy is probably not a good idea.

「Don't misunderstand. I was simply examining the prisoners.」

Before I could finish explaining myself, a female scream came out from the house.

"I'm being squished by bulky bodies!! Stuff two of them in my front hole! I don't care if it tears!"

There are no more excuses.

Sekrit rubs my chin.

「Did you have fun?」

「……quite a bit.」

That detonated Ivanna.

「You're always playing with women! Even though you f.u.c.ked me and made me bear your child! Even though you're a father!」

Ivanna grabs me and shakes me by the collar. Tears well up in her eyes as she screams hysterically.

Her condition improves slightly when I hug her shoulder, but she doesn't stop yelling.

Sekrit snorts and turns her back on us.

「Just f.u.c.k the noisy girl and shut her up. I'm going off to cheat with someone.」

Sekrit waves her hand listlessly and leaves.

「Hey, wait!」

c.r.a.p. Sekrit is in the process of being seduced by a handsome guy.

This is a horrible point to concede.

「I'm going to pound you with knowledge of how to be a soldier and a father. Come.」

I can't just brush off Ivanna who is pulling strongly on my arm though, which meant I couldn't run after Sekrit.

――The Next Day.

「Man, the general was so generous.」

Yakov smiles.

The members of the 105th army corps were indignant from essentially being treated as sacrificial p.a.w.ns in the landing operation earlier.

Since Celia and I were travelling along with them, their rage was directed at Leopolt, the staff officer, instead of at me, the general.

Leopolt said that being resented came with the job and to ignore them as long as they don't cause any real damage, however, it would be better if those feelings of discontent disappeared altogether.

With our immediate enemy defeated, the only chance to resolve the issue is now.

Thus, I distributed some money to them in order to cancel out their dissatisfaction.

I also notified the brothels in town to prepare accordingly.

It required a tremendous sum of money, but it can't be helped during times of war.

You can't be frugal when it comes to raising morale.

To prove that point, the 105th army cheered loudly after I finished my explanation and rushed out of the garrison. They're simple-minded, so letting them swing their hips to their hearts' content will allow them to forget about their grudge towards Leopolt entirely.

Celia learned of the ridiculous order and tried to look for me with her cheeks puffed out, but I managed to get away.

Irijina grabbed her, saying that she was making a special hotpot dish, so she probably won't continue chasing.

Although the city was flooded with soldiers from the 105th, there were no complaints of their usual fighting or s.e.xual hara.s.sment.

All of them were lined up at brothels with money gripped tightly in their hands so they didn't have any time to do any deplorable acts.

「But we can't play like this.」


Patena is not a big city.

In antic.i.p.ation of our troops being stationed here, many people flowed in from the surrounding area, but sending close to 5000 soldiers into the city all at once blew a hole in the maximum capacity.

As a result, brothels and s.e.x-related establishments all over the city hung up banners of thanks for the full house.

Left with not much choice, Yakov and I decided to share a drink in a deserted bar on the outskirts of the city.

「If you want, you could find two or three girls to sleep with.」

「I'll be getting my priorities mixed up if I did.」

If I didn't embrace the female prisoners and did some extreme things with Ivanna yesterday, I might have lost to my s.e.xual desires.

That was when a small girl plops herself in the seat beside me.

She's wearing clothes an adult would wear that fully expose her body, but there was no bulge in my pants.

「Let me fill your cup. ……um, erm, we have tastier alcohol for one silver coin.」

The young girl tempts me by rubbing my lap and glancing at the stairs leading to the second floor.

It seems she's inviting me to buy it.

「How old are you?」

「Err…… err……」

I smile and drop a gold coin into her pocket.

She is still a child.

I'm sure she has her own circ.u.mstances, but I don't feel like sleeping with her.

Just take the money and go.

「d.a.m.n hag! Why do I have to pay silver to embrace your dried husk of a body!?」

「Haaah? Acting tough when you're dirt poor!? Get out, you pleb!」

It seems Yakov was also being seduced, although she was a middle-aged woman easily over 50 years old.

Despite the 105th laying waste to the prost.i.tute supply, there are still some available, I guess.

「We're going, Yakov.」

I turn my back on the little girl who panics over the gold coin I give her while Yakov continues to be insulted to the end by the other woman.

「You're not very smart either. She might be a little worn out, but you could have still been sufficiently entertained.」

「……I'm in shock at how wide the general's range of women is. Yet, that girl just now, wasn't she cute even though she's a kid? I would have gobbled her up if she asked.」

You guys are really like bandits, huh?

Nothing changes when we leave the shop.

Every place we wanted to visit was full, leaving the only available stores we could enter the "decent" restaurants and bars.

For the reason of being honorable establishments, they were utterly empty.

「I have a clear picture of their deplorable nature.」

Not a single one bothered to purely enjoy well-cooked food.

「Yeah, all those guys think of are vulgar …… oh, general! What about that place?」

The shop Yakov found was painted in a repulsive color and had a dark and narrow entrance.

It's a promisingly shady shop.

「Fuiー that was great. I thought my hips would give out.」

「Man, I cried out too. For it to cost only 30 copper…… d.a.m.n, we almost have to leave Patena!」

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From what the soldiers said, this seems like a little-known good establishment.

The way she did that was reminiscent of a painting and it elicited sighs of adoration from those around her.

「So pretty…… I heard she's as strict as a demon, but this……」

「Yeah, it's like she's a G.o.ddess. I resented the security unit and her for tearing down the street stand I set up without authorization, but I wouldn't mind getting scolded by her now.」

As Myla was receiving praise from the soldiers, commanders would try to seduce her under the pretense of congratulatory toasts.

Although their attempts to woo her were obvious, Myla sensed there wasn't any vulgarity, so she simply thanked her subordinates and refused any invitations, saying she still had things to do.

Her composure actually helped to slightly improve her reputation among the people who hated her.

「Pardon me…… is Hyuutia-sama here?」

The people who stepped before her were the leaders of the villages close to the border.

Everyone had tense expressions and sweat was dripping down their heads like a waterfall.


Myla's face changed suddenly and her eyes became sharp.

The village leaders sweated more profusely as they nervously tried to explain themselves.

「W-we allowed the South Yuguria soldiers to station in our village because they threatened to burn everything if we didn't, definitely not because we wanted to――」

「Our town definitely didn't help the enemy army with their duties to get rewarded with money, it's because they clearly intended on exploiting the citizens as slaves if we upset them――」

「We certainly provided food for them, but they were essentially robbing us, it's not because we were selling it to them at 50% of the reasonable price――」

Under the occupation of the South Yuguria army, the towns and villages on the border prepared for the garrison of the soldiers, transported supplies, offered physical labor to maintain special roads, and sold goods to them.

Obviously, a small village could never defy an army, but the range of activities they were "threatened" to do seemed strangely wide and the true motives of securing positive treatment for their villages in the case of South Yuguria's victory was questionable. However, the fact is that the South Yuguria army was routed and Hardlett's army returned.

「Yes, I was hasty. I thought South Yuguria's great force would spell the end for Goldonia……」

「I should have believed in Lord Hardlett's strength, but I ended up giving in……」

Myla glances from leader to leader. The village leaders squeal and duck their heads.

「There are many things I would like to ask, however―― I have orders from Margrave Hardlett.」

Myla promptly takes out a doc.u.ment from her pocket.

"All the citizens of the villages occupied by South Yuguria are to be unquestioned even if they cooperated with the enemy"

"This treatment will last until the territory is taken back"

"Damage done by the enemy's occupation and the battle to reclaim the territory will be compensated after the war"

"I apologize for my incompetence and allowing the enemy to take over, even if it was temporary"

Myla closes the piece of paper and announces the end of the written instructions.

At that moment, all the leaders slumped their shoulders in relief.

「My…… what a benevolent man.」

「Instead of pointing out our disloyalty, he offers an apology. He has such a big heart! He doesn't even punish us for our cunning dealings.」

Myla walks away from the leaders heaping praise on the feudal lord and pulls up her tent.

It quickly became night time.

「What do you people want?」

Three men appeared in front of the tent.

One was a muscular man, the second was well-built and extremely handsome, and the last one was slender with a babyface that tickled the maternal instincts of a woman.

「We were asked by the leaders to come. We were told to attend to Myla-sama.」

「We will do anything. Of course, we will not disclose anything, so feel free to say whatever comes to mind.」

「Whether you want to step on us, f.u.c.k us, make us lick your a.s.shole, we'll do what you ask!」

Myla raises her index finger and points to the entrance.

「Get out. Tell the leaders I have no need for any men.」

After chasing the men away, Myla buries her face into a pillow and mutters.

「Those idiots, what kind of perverted freak do they think I am…… they were certainly fine men…… especially the muscular one…… argh, what am I saying!?」

Myla tightly fastens the entrance of her tent and slides her pants to the side.

「Why did he take Celia and Irijina but not me?」

She closes her eyes and pictures her beloved muscular man in her mind.

A finger slips into her crotch and she starts working it in and out.

「I'm finished over here so hurry up and summon me to your side. Jim can handle the aftermath by himself!」

Squelching sounds can start to be heard from her finger digging into her crotch as she bites her pillow, making sure she doesn't let her voice out.

「I want to be embraced by that st.u.r.dy arm…… I want to be mounted by a ma.s.s of muscle…… I want something thick inside me, to the point I can't hold my voice back…… I want words of love to be whispered in my ear!」

The movement of her fingers quicken and she gradually increases the number of fingers from one to two, then to three.

「I'm sure he's embracing a woman right now. Uuu, I also…… I also…… want it!」

The lonely female body trembles as she finishes by pinching her c.l.i.t.

「Lord Hardlett!! c.u.mming!!」

In her mind, her beloved man climaxes, pouring a large load of seed into her v.a.g.i.n.a.

Her legs stretch and tense up while she somehow stifles her moans from the countless o.r.g.a.s.ms.

「Uuu! Uuhー! Uuuuuー! I came……haa, I feel so empty.」

Myla adjusts her pants and then she hears a reserved knock at the entrance.

「Wait one minute!!」

Myla waves the sheets to disperse the lingering scent from her masturbation, wipes any residual liquid from her crotch, gives her face which melted from the pleasure two slaps and then opens the entrance.

「「「W-we have come to attend you. Please entertain yourselves with us!」」」

Standing in front of her was a young girl and two boys who have yet to hit p.u.b.erty.

Myla would later deliver a punch to the faces of the village leaders.

South of the capital of Goldonia – South Yuguria Side, Frontlines.

Zillia surveys her surroundings with a serious expression.

「Look at the incredible number of soldiers. The ground is completely covered.」

A subordinate answers with a similarly serious expression.

「I hear 200 000 were gathered this week. This will leave a mark in the history of the Central Plains.」

Zillia sadly throws a loaf of half-eaten bread on the ground, which is taken away by a stray dog within a few seconds.

「200 000, huh? ……the number itself is impressive, but we're surrounded on all sides by recruits. Even compared to a provisional squad like ours, they are horribly lacking in training. It's like we're giving spears to farmers. They would only know how to march forward」

The subordinate agrees and continues on.

「Our opponent is also acc.u.mulating recruits. The conditions are the same.」

「That's what makes it worse. You have amateurs wielding powerful weapons and armor. What kind of mess――no, I guess this isn't something a mere commander like me should be thinking about.」

Zillia instructs the subordinate to inform her if any orders come in and then returns to her crude tent.

She didn't have to flip open the entrance. It was so worn out that she could walk through the hole in the flap.

The provisioning of supplies can't catch up to the drastic increase of soldiers.

「How long will the supply of tea last―― wah!?」

As Zillia was about to sit down on the bed with her tea, her shoelace suddenly snapped.

「That was clo―― eh?」

When she put a hand on the desk to support herself, a leg of the desk breaks.

「W-what's going on!?」

Lastly, her cup shatters suddenly without even touching anything, spilling the tea everywhere.


Zillia hugs her body to comfort herself.

「The attack commences next week…… perhaps I will-」

As her body trembles from the ominous premonition, someone bursts through the entrance.

「Hey Zillia! Do you know what we're having for dinner tonight? According to rumors, we're having steak―― uwaaaah!」

Christoph, who suddenly intruded, tripped, despite his shoe lace staying intact.

He rolls into a cupboard, which knocks down multiple porcelain cups onto his body.

「Ow! Ow! I'm dying! Uwaaah!!」

Although the cups fell from a height that was enough to shatter them, all of them hit either Christoph's head or body and none of them broke.

「I-I'm so unlucky. This is the end for me……」

Christoph sulks while pouring tea into a cup that hit him in the head.

「Ah, there are three tea stems floating upright in the cup.」

The fated time approaches.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.


Myla (done the first part), Sekrit (clandestine meeting), Leopolt (staff officer A), Tristan (staff officer B), Yakov (unknown, but justice)

Irijina (opening pot), Luna (fish dish), Gido (meat dish), Ivanna (vegetable dish), Brynhildr (tomato dish)

Annette (grain dish), Celia (strange mushroom dish)

Army - Port City: Stationed in Patena

Under Protagonist

Escort Unit: 100

Infantry: 10 200

Cavalry: 1100

Archers: 1100

Cannoneers: 430

Bow Cavalry: 8700

Independent Celia Squad: 1000

Cannons: 50, Large Cannons: 25, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

Reinforcements / Allied Forces

Aless Soldiers: 13 970

105 Army Corps: 4900


Battles.h.i.+p Suvorov (medium damage), Battles.h.i.+p Aless of Aless (heavy damage, reached the bottom)

Large Combat s.h.i.+ps: 2, Small Combat s.h.i.+ps: 8, Transport s.h.i.+ps: 20

Total Forces: 41 500

Enemy Force

Frontal Warfront - Regular Soldiers: 60 000 + Conscripts: 140 000

River, West Coast - Regular Soldiers: 40 000 + Magrado Local Army: 30 000

Meldora Fleet: annihilated, only a few small s.h.i.+ps remaining

a.s.sets: -10 000 gold (recuperation cost -9770) bill payment; debt

s.e.xual Partners: 783, children who have been born: 69 + 565

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