Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 413

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Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「That Celia, in the end she ran around until close to dawn. She's trying too hard.」

I smile wryly as I kiss the soft body in my arms and hold her up.

「Agh…… hiih……t-this is already the fifth time…… I'm going to die.」

The convulsing Loot rests her hand on the bed frame.

Her hips have given out long ago so I grabbed her waist to support her weight and keep her standing as I thrust.

「Almost there…… guh!」

I let out a groan when I plunge deep into Lott, whose entire body twitches.


My member reaches the depths of her hole and pulses strongly like it does during an o.r.g.a.s.m.

It doesn't cause me to go soft though.

That's to be expected at this point.

「All that moving and nothing comes out…… it hasn't gone soft once…… what's going on!?」

No matter how much pleasure I felt, I didn't e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e.

I'm not in any particular hurry as my eyes look kindly at Sekrit laying face-up on the bed.

When she becomes satisfied after getting accustomed to her new arm, my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n will follow in due course.

「Sticking your hard thing in me for the whole night…… you're going to break me……」

When Lott cries out pathetically, Sekrit stirs slightly with a low growl.

We're having s.e.x on top of the drunk and sleeping Sekrit's head.

「I'll alternate with your a.s.s next. Spread it open yourself.」

「You're going to do it more? If we're found out, she'll kill us……」

Lott expresses her concern while parting her b.u.t.t cheeks.

When I insert my d.i.c.k into her a.s.s, she lets out a b.e.s.t.i.a.l moan, spraying her juices near the pillow Sekrit is sleeping on.

「To begin with, it's not a mystery.」

I stroke the dark skin of the sleeping beauty while f.u.c.king Lott's a.s.shole.

「Aah! If you do that, she'll wake――」

Before Lott could finish, Sekrit's eyelids open suddenly.

「You were awake some time ago, right?」

「……obviously. How could I sleep peacefully with all that liquid dripping on my face?」

When Sekrit raises her upper body, Lott lets out a strange shriek, which isn't exactly a moan or a scream.

「This is one of the five worst ways to wake up. I'm still recovering from the brutal hangover plus I have this endless smell of s.e.x and moaning filling my senses…… not to mention the love juices splattering on my face. Then I see my man making love to my pet dog. Nothing could be worse than this.」

Sekrit glares at me.

Coupled with the effects of the hangover, she seems to be in quite the horrible mood, as her eyes look at me harshly like I'm an enemy.

「Sorry. I wanted to embrace you, but you fell asleep.」

「……is this your way of showing you care? I would have prefered if you mounted me in my sleep.」

Sekrit turns to Lott next.

She's looking at Lott like as if she was looking at an insect.

「M-my apologies! But Sekrit-sama told me to listen to this man's orders……」

「You have guts to do this over my head. I'll twist off your nipples later.」

「Hiiee…… please have mercy.」

It's my fault. I was the one who suggested to do it near Sekrit.

Lott clenched super tight when we were close.

There's nothing to fear when straddling the sleeping Sekrit as I thrust…… no, Lott's going to lose her nipples at this rate.

This groaning woman holding her head in agony is capable of doing anything.

「So, how long are you going to stay connected?」



Lott and I separate from each other.

「And you were using the a.s.s too.」

Sekrit's mood got worse.

In order to save Lott's nipples, I have to make it up to Sekrit.



Both of us approach Sekrit as she drinks some water to soothe her headache and hangover.

「……you, stay on the bed and lick my crotch and b.r.e.a.s.t.s. As for the dog, get your knees on the floor and lick the bottom of my feet.」

To improve the queen's mood, we provide the best service as possible.

――Many Minutes Later.

Our tongues were able to satisfy Sekrit to a certain extent, and she rolls onto the bed exhaustedly, clutching me while stepping on the head of Lott, who is on all fours on the floor.

I told her the way Lott is being treated is a little too cruel, but Lott seems rather pleased to be stepped on, so I accepted that as a form of love.

「By the way, I heard you did something unnecessary again.」

Sekrit whispers in my ear as she sucks on the nape of my neck.

「Unnecessary? Which one?」

I have too many moments that come to mind.

「You appointed the little girl as a squad captain, didn't you? That made Ivanna lose her temper.」


Now that I think about it, the one who reacted in the most disapproving way when I declared the establishment of Celia's squad was Ivvanna.

I wonder why, since it doesn't affect her directly.

I actually thought Leopolt would be the one to say something.

「That woman is an overly proud person after all. When a useless mistress who doesn't do anything but shake her a.s.s on top of you is made captain――」

Sekrit realizes my gaze become sharper from those words and pulls my head close to comfort me before continuing.

「――I mean from that woman's perspective, you can understand how she can't accept your decision, right? I can't tell what that iron mask is thinking.」

「I want her to go with it though.」

I bury my face in Sekrit's bosom.

「In any case, she'll have no choice if it produces results. It depends on the little girl's resourcefulness. I've used my body to get status before too. No matter how much people scorn you, if you show unshakable accomplishments―― kuku, you're sucking harder. Are you getting jealous?」

Sekrit grins with my head in her arms.

It seems she's in a better mood.

「You don't have to get up early today. Let's go one round――」

When Sekrit pushed me down, I hear a high-pitched shout from outside of the window.

It was Celia.

「What do you want all of a sudden!!?」

「Someone like you isn't fit to be the leader of 1000 people. That's why you should immediately step down from the position. I thought I enunciated quite clearly, but if you can't make out my words, you're not even suited to be a soldier.」

The other party of the argument is Ivanna.

They're quarreling in the middle of the garrison.

「Kukuku, what an impatient woman.」

Sekrit rests her chin on top of my head when I peek out the window.

Her soft, sweaty b.r.e.a.s.t.s and her erect nipples press against my back, although now is not the time for that.

「The matter is not something you have a right to talk about! I was personally appointed by Aegir-sama!!」

「Hmph, it's a disaster for the soldiers to have a leader who only knows how to wag her tail like a loyal dog. Why don't you withdraw quietly back to your owner's side like a good dog.」

I hear Celia's angry and incoherent screaming.

I hurry and put my clothes back on.

「Now, wait right there.」

Sekrit embraces me and gets in my way.

「What are you doing? If I don't stop them now, it'll get nasty.」

Both Celia and Ivanna are the type of people who get hot-headed easily.

「If the owner steps in now, the root of the problem won't be solved. Even though she was the one who expressed it openly first, there might be others who share the same sentiment and have yet to come forth. You should let the little girl overcome this situation by herself.」

「Easy for you to say.」

Sekrit's words definitely make sense, but I can't stand seeing Celia in tears.

「Oh, they have started to wrestle with each other! It's getting interesting!」


That "hey" was directed at both locations.

First, it was aimed at Sekrit, who seems to be glued excitedly to the window.

Don't tell me she only wants to see them fight.

Secondly, it was aimed at Celia and Ivanna.

Why did it only take 30 seconds for a verbal exchange to devolve into violence?

That's as fast as mercenaries who get into fights at a bar.

「F-fine then! I'll make you understand by force!」

「How amusing. Your barks are certainly loud for a mere puppy!」

Celia is grabbed by Ivanna, who at a height of 170 cm, overwhelms Celia at barely 160 cm.

As Celia is pushed over and loses balance, her legs are swept the moment she wobbles and she gets thrown.

「Such throwing techniques won't work on me!」

Celia has the upper hand in terms of agility.

Although she was splendidly flung by Ivanna, she turns her body in mid-air, lands safely back on the ground, and attempts to attack again from the side.

「They're going to get hurt. Shouldn't we stop them?」

「A bare-handed fight is nothing more than a playful activity. Let's watch a bit longer.」

I guess so, but that's when guys do it, not women…… and not my cute Celia.

「Oh, she got her legs! The little girl is too light and her entire body was tossed up―― haha, what a skilled landing.」

Sekrit is enjoying the scuffle like a spectator enjoying a match in the arena.

Before I knew it, Sekrit was pulling on Lott's hair, kneeing her in the back and doing whatever she wants.

「Aah, Sekrit-sama, that hurts…… more…… do it more……」

On the other hand, I can't keep calm.

However, if I jump in now and take Celia's side, Ivanna will be more unwilling to accept it.

「Well, keep waiting.」

「If it looks like she's about to get hurt, I'm interfering even if I have to break the window.」

Celia and Ivanna continue their brawl without regard for my concern.

Celia launches a high kick to compensate for the difference in height.

Ivanna, like she knew what was coming, comfortably evades and then sweeps Celia's pivot leg.

「This is nothing!」

It looked like Celia was about to fall, but she quickly sticks her hands on the ground and pushes herself back up like a spring.

Ivanna was taken aback and showed a small opening, which Celia takes, grabbing the joint of her arm and trying to twist it.

「Not good enough, little girl!」

Ivanna calmly swings her other arm.

No matter what Celia did to the joint, she could not put up any resistance to Ivanna's fist afterward.


So Celia immediately jumps aside and lowkicks Ivanna's thigh.

However, Ivanna doesn't take much damage from an attack in an off-balance position.

Getting a kick in actually resulted in a late retreat, meaning Ivanna's fist reached.

Despite a clean block, the difference in weight sends Celia flying a fair distance before falling on her a.s.s.

Ivanna sees her chance to pressure from above, but Celia rolls away to get away from danger.

「Stay still!」

「No way!」

Celia hops up and shuffles around Ivanna with nimble footwork to try and find another opening.

Deciding it would be impossible to chase Celia, Ivanna lowers her hips in preparation to receive the attack.

Celia uses her superior speed to attack while Ivanna knocks her down with power and technique, though Celia's masterful body control allows for quick recovery and leads to another attempt at an attack. This sequence repeats several times.

「It's the same development again and again. I'm getting tired of it.」

Sekrit scoffs.

Curious onlookers have gathered around the two of them.

a.s.suming they were sparring, n.o.body tries to stop them.

Because one of the fighters was Ivanna, there was no vulgar heckling.

「A fight between girls will also be a form of recreation to the soldiers. I'm glad I wasn't part of it.」

「What would you do?」

I finally ask to satisfy my curiosity.

Sekrit's mouth warps.

「It would take one hit for each of them. When the little girl jumps in, I'd end the fight with a kick to the face. I'm faster than her after all.」

I shouldn't have asked.

「For that woman, I'd grapple with her head-on, since my strength and technique surpa.s.s hers. I would flip her over and break her arm or something.」

Not everything is bad though.

Ever since Sekrit lost her arm, she hasn't been spewing these wicked remarks, and was more self-deprecating.

It's safe to say her confidence has returned after getting her artificial arm.

「Good thing you're not facing them then. There doesn't appear to be a large difference in strength between those two.」

The aura around Sekrit suddenly changes completely.

「That's only if they're bare-handed.」

Sekrit, who turns around expressionlessly, and Celia, who rolls on the ground again outside the window, come into my view at the same time.

「If she draws her sword, that woman is――」

Celia crouches briefly before standing up and snaps back at Ivanna in frustration.

「Who are you calling puppy, you-!」

「――she isn't weak.」

Celia's shout resounds.

「You were that woman's plaything!」

Ivanna's eyes open wide and a torrent of murderous intent can be felt from where I am.

She unsheathes her sword without an ounce of hesitation and charges at Celia with her fangs bared.

「Not good!」

I shake Sekrit off my body and rush out of the house.

Celia was stunned by Ivanna's sudden drawing of her sword and simply stood still, staring blankly at the incoming Ivanna.

The surrounding soldiers could not react in time either.

Unlike previous exchanges, Ivanna swings her sword without uttering a single comeback.

In the split second before I could raise my voice, she closes in on Celia and――――


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She trips and falls.

We hug each other after a peck on the lips.

「As an apology for the slap, I'll listen to anything you have to say. Let out all your feelings.」

「……let it out, huh?」

Ivanna resigns herself and then closes the window of the storehouse.

Okay, her expression is gradually becoming angrier.

「How could I lose to such a girl, it-it's so vexing! So vexing――!! Laying a trap during a brawl is against the rules!!」

She pounds my chest furiously.

「I'm a proud general of the Federation! And she made me fall flat on my face in front of the soldiers―― grrrr!!」

Her fists. .h.i.t my solar plexus, stomach and sides.

「Calling me a plaything!? She doesn't understand that I still occasionally get nightmares of being violated!!」

A high kick lands on the back of my neck.

「Why is there no more Federation-style fried bread and soup, it's my favorite dis.h.!.+ All that's being served are carrots, which I hate!」

A weighted punch hits me in the jaw.

She's talking about topics unrelated to the fight now.

「d.a.m.n those idiots of the 105! Always staring at my a.s.s! Are they not looking at my chest because they're small!?」

A beautiful spinning kick lands on my shoulder.

「d.a.m.n relatives! How can they say "It's Ivanna's fault that my standing has gotten worse" when they only got into the army with my referral in the first place!? Rasheela, I hope you die! Albeck, you die too!!」

After that, she went on complaining about things unrelated to Goldonia, such as her wages being too low, and cursed people she couldn't stand.

「Fuuー Fuuー」

Having finished more or less dumping the contents of her heart, Ivanna takes a short break, her shoulders moving up and down as she breathes heavily.

「Are you feeling better?」

「A lot better. I didn't hold back when hitting you, are you alright?」

I'm not so fragile that I can't withstand a woman's blows.

「I got carried away. And what I said just now……」

「What was it again? I'm an idiot so I forgot already.」

Ivanna giggles and then looks down in embarra.s.sment.

I'm getting a good feeling about this.

「Maintenance is being done on the fleet right now, so I have some free time. If you want, would you like to, um……you know, sleep with me.」

「Of course.」

The door of the storehouse swings open right as she finishes.

「Aegir-sama! It's an emergency! Uu, what are you doing……」

It was Celia who came rus.h.i.+ng in.

She scrunches up her cute face when she sees Ivanna.

「The aforementioned are the supplies necessary to restock the fleet. Please have them prepared by tomorrow.」

Ivanna goes back to her usual unhappy face and plainly lies her way out.

She's quick to change her att.i.tude.

「What happened anyways?」

Celia realized she paused and resumes her report right away.

「A small enemy force has just landed! In the Barmewen district!」

「Landed!? Barmewen is……」

Celia pulls out a map from her chest.

「Here? It's pretty far west of Patena, in a remote region.」

We don't have an unlimited supply of soldiers, so the districts on the border are inevitably less guarded.

「We should still be monitoring it though.」

「Apparently, the enemy sent only a few transport s.h.i.+ps, and a group of approximately 1000 has already landed.」

Ivanna tilts her head.

「A thousand? Then it isn't a true invasion. It's either a diversion or a test to see how fast we respond…… or perhaps a throwaway group to not allow my fleet any time to be repaired……?」

「Either way, we can't leave them alone. We have to intercept them.」

Even though it's required, it's not exactly desirable to send a large army to a remote region for a handful of enemy soldiers.

That might be the enemy's goal.

「Sorry Ivanna. s.e.x will have to wait.」

「Wha-!? You!!」

As unwilling as I am, I have to go talk with Leopolt.


Celia, who normally follows me without question, is filled with excitement.

「They have a thousand! My unit also has a thousand! I can get ready in two…… no, I'll show you I can prepare in one day!」

Celia's task force is certainly an ideal match for the situation.

「Facing off against equal numbers so early…… hmmm.」

As I walk and ponder at the same time, Sekrit, who is in the shade of the storehouse, mutters in a voice that only I can hear.

「The saying goes that things are the most dangerous the second time around. Initially, you would take every precaution possible, but carelessness is born during the second time.」

It's a story you hear all the time.

「But that's a lie. In my experience, those guys die first. Getting a bit of experience outweighs the cost of being less cautious. Remember this. The ones who do things first, die first.」

The result of meeting with Leopolt was that the interception of the enemy detachment will be handled by the newly established independent battalion―― also known as the "Celia squad".

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.


Celia (battalion commander), Myla (short break), Irijina (standing by), Luna (commander), Sekrit (practicing)

Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Gido (escort unit), Yakov (angry), Brynhildr (vampire, free), Ivanna (refreshed), Annette (princess of the 105)


Under Protagonist: 42 000

Escort Unit: 100

Infantry: 10 450

Cavalry: 1100

Archers: 1200

Cannoneers: 450

Bow Cavalry: 8700

Independent Celia Squad: 1000

Aless Soldiers: 14 000

105 Army Corps: 4940

Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

Battles.h.i.+ps: 1, Large Combat s.h.i.+ps: 5, Small Combat s.h.i.+ps: 20, Transport s.h.i.+ps: 20 (Under maintenance, resupplying)

Stationed in Port City, Patena

Enemy Force: Confirmed Portion

Western Army: Approx. 50 000, Magrado Local Army: Several Tens of Thousands

North Coast Landing Force: Approx. 1000

Fleet Stationed in Tebia: (Battles.h.i.+ps: 3. Large Combat s.h.i.+ps: 10, Medium Combat s.h.i.+ps: 50, Small Combat s.h.i.+ps: Approx. 100)

a.s.sets: 0 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 783, children who have been born: 69 + 565

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