Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 396

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Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

Rafen – Feudal Lord's Office.

「……we got through it somehow.」

Adolph lets out a relieved sigh as he sits in the central point of defense, the feudal lord's office.

Stuck on the desk is a sign that says "feudal lord proxy".

「Let's see, casualties suffered by the guards…… minimal. The security unit has confirmed no addition of poison after the enemy's invasion of the aqueduct. But because of the enemy…… err, parts of the enemy have contaminated the water, the aqueduct will have to be shut off for half a day.」

「Half a day should not hinder the daily lives of the citizens. ……let's not think about the parts.」

Reporting to Adolph is Polte, who normally acts as his a.s.sistant, but is visibly unaccustomed and awkward to her new role.

「I'm sorry…… I have absolutely no knowledge about military.」

「It can't be helped. I don't even understand it myself. There's n.o.body else here, so that's why I'm sitting in this chair. I'd be saved if an expert in the field could handle everything……」

Adolph glances at Solana and Suzy.

The two of them graduated from the military academy in Libatis as the first and second seat respectively, and should be more well-versed in military matters than a domestic affairs official like Adolph.

「Hey miss, what kind of look is that!? We're in the middle of war right now.」

「Eeh, is that so? This much should be normal.」

Solana becomes enraged at Suzy's outfit which is the total opposite of what a proper soldier should look like.

Her clothes are definitely the Libatis military uniform, but they're worn loosely on her body instead of being neatly b.u.t.toned up.

Her thighs are exposed barely to the point where her underwear can be seen and her chest is opened up to the extent that the valley of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s is clearly visible.

In addition, she has double piercings on both ears with fancy earrings stuck in each hole, and bracelets around her wrist which jingle noisily everytime her arm moves.

「You shouldn't be talking, coming out from the toilet after puking. Can you really do anything if you're that nervous? Ah, maybe you're pregnant. Kidding, I mean you have n.o.body to do it with, am I right?」

Suzy grins devilishly and sits on the desk.

Adolph awkwardly turns away when he sees her red underwear while Polte repeatedly clears her throat.

「Ah, what kind of girl would do that at a time like this…… know some shame, you s.l.u.tty woman!!」

「You should hook up with a guy. Spider webs will form down there if you don't use it.」

Adolph sighs and flips through his notepad.

「In the end, the only thing I can rely on is the defense plan laid out by Leopolt-san. I don't have the ability to apply it so I'll have to follow whatever is written like an idiot.」

Polte gives up on staring at the arguing Suzy and Solana after realizing it was having no effect, and once again returns to her spot behind Adolph.

「……it's saying for the madam to enter the hidden room in the bas.e.m.e.nt.」

「That would be better. After all, I'm the proxy and I don't know when they could breakthrough.」

Adolph speaks as he looks out the window.

「What is Leopolt-san thinking? Please, let this be part of the plan…… rather, please come back soon.」

Right when Adolph complained in a pleading tone, someone shouted from outside the window.

「Adolph-dono! The volunteer soldiers have completed their preparations!」

The one who yelled with overflowing emotion was the hot-blooded commander Jim, who is a part of the group of Libatis refugees like Solana and Suzy. His large frame was shaking and he was standing still with large teardrops falling from his eyes. Following behind him are the citizens of Rafen.

「My house outside the walls was burned down…… I'll never forgive them for that!」

「They trampled over my field with horses…… I'm going to slaughter them!」

The peasants living outside of the walls are furious.

「Not many places allow for an easier life than this place. I can eat as long as I work, plus I can support my wife and children and even enjoy a prost.i.tute once a week.」

「There's plenty of work to do and even a guarantee when you get hurt. Although the C&L company deals with some shady business……」

The young construction workers flex their biceps.

「Us prost.i.tutes would be treated like slaves otherwise. We'd be in trouble if the lenient Rafen disappeared.」

「When the brothel owner finds out we've been treated harshly, we get treated right away and those customers also get sent to prison. It's quite rea.s.suring.」

「Go on, boys, fight all out! If you work hard, we'll let you mount us!」

The scantily-clad s.e.x workers say erotically.

「This is truly the union of citizens! This is the resolve of the people, the warriors of the free!!」

There was a slight difference in temperature between the tearful Jim and the volunteer soldiers.

「I'm not very concerned with freedom or whatever, but if I run from here, I'd lose all my a.s.sts.」

「There's a chance that a b.u.m gets on top of me.」

「It's easy to live in Rafen with the preferential treatment towards women.」

The citizens look at each other.

「Anyways, it's hard to believe that our feudal lord-sama would lose.」

「They aimed for the time when he is absent, but it'll be over when he comes back.」

「His wives and lovers are still here too, it's unlikely the women-loving feudal lord-sama would abandon them.」

Jim speaks as if he didn't hear any of that and salutes while shedding tears.

「There is no Libatis nor Goldonia. There is no democracy or monarchy either. Rising up with your fellow citizens in the face of danger and fighting evil shoulder-to-shoulder―― that is justice! It is justice indeed! The greatest ambition of a soldier!!」

「Uwah, so heated. I hate that kind of guy. Men like that are definitely annoying during s.e.x too. They'd ask you "do you like that?" or "does it feel good?" countless times.」

「Don't relate everything to something s.e.xual. Commander Car―― I mean, Jim just has a strong sense of justice.」

「Jim? Uwa, Solana, you have that kind of relations.h.i.+p with him? In that case, maybe I should go one round with him.」

「That's not it! Car―― no, Jim said to call him that as friends. I'm also not too fond of the commander's att.i.tude being so suffocating…… wait, Suzy! What did you say you were going to do if I had that relations.h.i.+p!? Are you trying to steal away the person I formed a relations.h.i.+p with again!?」

「These are staff officers……? Haa.」

――At the Same Time. Hallway.

「Come on, hurry it up. Hey, even if you can carry a pot to the bas.e.m.e.nt, you can't light a fire down there. Keep what you carry to a minimum, snacks should be enough to eat, gosh…… well, it's a good thing Nonna isn't here. She would definitely want to bring a table, a tea set and a sofa with her.」

Because the attack on Rafen was so sudden, Carla, Mel or the other concubines and lovers couldn't escape.

That's why they followed the plan left by Leopolt to evacuate to the secret room underground.

Of course, that wasn't limited to the concubines, the girls in the annex were also included.

「Girls who can fight, come with me. If you don't have any experience, hide in the bas.e.m.e.nt. In the worst case, when the city falls, at least you won't be found there. We'll do our best until Aegir comes back and routs the enemy.」

As instructed by Carla, the girls clamor and head to the bas.e.m.e.nt after gathering their belongings which were closest to them.

It was to be expected that not many could fight.

There is the sword-wielding Mireille, the awkwardly downcast Alice, and Pipi with the worthless dog Messerschmitt hanging on to her―― that was supposed to be it.

「What are you girls doing?」

Carla asks Rita and Adela who happen to be among those staying behind.

No matter how one looks at it, they don't seem like the type who can fight.

「I'm the head maid. No matter what happens, I can't abandon the mansion.」

Rita smiles in her usual maid uniform.

「……and Adela?」

「I'm Hardlett-sama's lover~ I have to do my part…… yotto.」

Adela takes out one of Nonna's dresses.

From first glance, one could tell the silk dress was very high quality.

「If the enemy comes and don't see a single women anywhere, they'd search every corner, wouldn't they? If I wear this and sit in the living room, they might mistake me as the wife.」

Adela strips naked boldly and begins to put on Nonna's clothes.

「But if you do that……」

「I might be killed, although that means the enemy won't search any further. Uwa, what's with this? The chest area is so loose…… I could fit cus.h.i.+ons in here.」

Adela smiled as he she adjusted how the dress fit on her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Right as Carla hugged Adela with a serious expression, Catherine comes running in, her face drained of color.

「Carla-san, we have trouble! I can't find Melissa!」

「Melissa? Now that you mention it, I didn't see her……」

Maria was the next one to shout.

「Melissa-san said she was going outside!! She said she was going to go after the orphans who didn't make it inside the city after the first attack! What should we do!?」

Everyone's faces turned pale.

「What can we do…… enemies are already outside.」

「We can't really check……」

――A Few Hours Later.

South Yuguria reorganized themselves and resumed their attack.

This time the fight will get even more intense so the feudal lord proxy Adolph is accompanied by JIm, the person in command.

The staff officers, Suzy and Solana, have also stepped onto the frontlines.

「The enemy is approaching the south gate! Light infantry are in the lead!」

Jim tilts his head when he hears the lookout's report.

「They were driven away pretty horribly earlier and now they're coming to the south……? It might be a diversion. Tell the volunteer soldiers to be ready to move whenever necessary.」

The alraune should already be seen by the enemy.

「Everyone, get ready!」

When Lammy calls the alraune to action, its vines lift up and the tentacles with the digestive juices stretch out.

「Slowly now……slowly.」

The enemy infantry advance with their s.h.i.+elds and lower their speed as they get closer to the walls.

「Get 'em!」

Prompted by Lammy, the alraune's tentacles spray their digestive fluids.


「M-my s.h.i.+eld, aaaah!」

「Fall back.」

The enemy soldiers who received a blow to their s.h.i.+elds by the vines were sent flying.

Those who were hit in the helmet, convulsed with blood dripping from their heads, probably from the internal damage suffered.

The digestive fluids which were secreted by the alraune ate holes in the steel s.h.i.+elds and armor.

Those who only lost their equipment were fortunate, while others who were more heavily exposed screamed out as the corrosive liquid melted the upper half of their bodies to their bones or fell down in a cloud of white smoke.

There were clearly fewer soldiers that fell victim to the attack than before.

Soldiers moved backwards as soon as they were attacked and held their positions with s.h.i.+elds to protect themselves.

They stayed barely outside the range of the alraune's whipping vines and acid attacks.

「What is the enemy doing?」

Adolph anxiously asks Jim.

He was self-aware of his non-existent knowledge in military affairs.

「It was a predetermined attack to ascertain the range. They must have a follow-up plan.」

Jim growls with a troubled expression on his face.

「Aah, those things are plants so they don't understand strategy and what not.」

「In the end, they're a type of monster. We can't expect it to deceive the enemy.」

Alraune are not highly intelligent creatures and only know how to follow simple instructions, like attacking the enemy if the come close.

「Should we send out the volunteer soldiers to strike them down?」

Jim shakes his head to reject Solana's proposal.

「Clas.h.i.+ng against a prepared enemy will only increase our losses. By the way, call them champions of freedom from now on.」

「They're originally citizens so we want as few casualties as possible. In the first place, it's fine if we protect Rafen until reinforcements come, that's why we don't have to force anything.」

Suzy pokes the dejected Solana and chimes in after Adolph also disproves the suggestion.

「Don't you think it's strange that cannons haven't been used yet? The walls don't look capable of withstanding attacks from cannons. Where would they be taken?」

「Umu…… they probably don't intend to simply stare if they're willing to sacrifice a few soldiers to measure the distance―― wait, what's that!?」

Something tall appears at the end of where Jim points.

It was something constructed with thick planks and painted black with fire-resistant resin and charcoal.

Its height is a bit higher than that of Rafen's walls, with soldiers operating a ballista mounted on the upper portion and it has a roof overtop to protect from incoming arrows.

Attached to the base are 6 wooden wheels, allowing soldiers to push it forward slowly.

「A siege tower…… they have something like that…… 1, 2…… more than 10 of them.」

「Did they build it during the first fight?」

The siege tower clatters as the wheels carry it to the point where the alraune can't reach.

「They're coming! Lower your heads!」

Right as the lookout gives a warning, there was a whoosh of wind.

The ballista roars, sending an angled bolt over the wall.

「Watch out!!」

The giant bolt flies into a watchtower containing guards and destroys it, dropping the soldiers to the ground and splattering blood onto their ally camp.

「Knock them down!」

The alraune intercepts the bolt at Lammy's request , but could not withstand the force incomparable to a regular arrow. Unable to completely deflect it, the slightly diverted bolt landed right in an ally camp, causing significant damage.

Vines of the alraune get torn through one after the other, leaving it with no other choice than to use branches or its trunk to block, which scatters wooden fragments everywhere on impact.

「Things will be more difficult if we continue taking hits from those.」

「We should counterattack too!」

Arrows were fired back at the siege tower, along with a small amount of ballistae, except they hit the steel plate covering the upper portion of the tower, not amounting to much.

「Enemy infantry are marching forward!」

「Not good, pull the soldiers back!」

Volunteer soldiers who went close to the wall to try and hit the siege tower were showered with enemy arrows.

Because of Jim's orders, major damage was avoided, but dozens were still turned into porcupines and died.

Devoted to stop the bolts from firing, the alraune tries to attack the enemy, but the South Yuguria army had already retreated out of reach.


「This is bad……」

Jim groans and Adolph also gets increasingly worried.

It was clear the offensive side was superior in both cooperation and tactics.

「The losses may be small, but the morale of the volunteer soldiers won't last if they're being overwhelmed this one-sidedly. We have to switch to attack, even if only for a limited time!」

「The enemy is obviously waiting for us to come out though. Isn't it bad to go out?」

Lammy grows impatient and makes a move.

「In that case, we'll go outside. We just have to destroy the tower, right?」

All the alraune plants move in unison.

They will climb over the wall, try to close the distance to the tower and attack it.

Using its branches like arms and its roots like legs, the large bundle of alraune crosses over the wall, eliciting shocked reactions from the South Yuguria soldiers.

「They came out! What a terrifying sight……」

「This is truly a demon's stronghold…… a human's intellect will not lose to monsters though.」

It wasn't easy for bolts to pierce the st.u.r.dy bark of the alraune. Even a concentrated barrage only rendered a few individual parts immobile at best and most of the alraune made it over the wall.

「Alright, when he―― she?―― when it engages, the volunteer soldiers will also attack. Destroy the siege tower and weaken their offense.」

The volunteer soldiers grip their weapons tightly, waiting for their chance while the writhing vegetation closes in on the enemy.

However, the South Yuguria commander showed no signs of being fl.u.s.tered.

「Proceed as planned. We finally lured it outside…… so aim well…… don't hurry.」

The alraune fends off the weak resistance from the enemy and makes its way to the tower.

Enemy soldiers peeking out of the tower seemed to be stranded, with nowhere to run and were simply waiting to be killed.

It happened right when the alraune surrounded the tower and was about to raise a vine.


There was a small boom, followed by the sound of blowing air.

A pillar of fire burst into the sky from the enemy camp.

In an instant, several alraune were set on fire.

Some s.h.i.+elded themselves with branches, but nothing could be done to protect from the flames and their entire bodies were engulfed.


Lammy narrowly missed being roasted.

One alraune nearby expanded itself so she was able to avoid being wrapped by the fire, but she hit her head and fainted.

At that moment, the alraune stopped its attack, those who were on fire rolled around in agony, and those who escaped the danger tried to help its companions extinguish the flames.

「What was that just now!?」

Jim's eyes widen.

「Oil? No, the fire is burning to fiercely for that. Besides……」

Guards who try to splash water on the burning alraune to save them only intensify the fire.

「It doesn't look like ordinary oil.」

South Yuguria's attacks continue.

There was a thunderous boom and a burning alraune falls down after a hole is blown in the middle of its body.

「Kuh, a cannon at this time!?」

The enemy was probably saving them for this exact timing.

Barrels of several cannons peek out from the South Yuguria camp.

The flaming alraune are exposed and are nothing more than gigantic targets.

「There is no easier target to hit! Kick the a.s.ses of those who miss! Keep shooting!」

With every roar of the cannon, another alraune falls over.

Some try to move towards the cannons, but they were quickly set on fire and stopped.

「It's going to be annihilated at this rate. We have to get it to come back inside the walls somehow……」

「That won't be possible…… it's a burning plant. If we bring it back to the city, the fire will encompa.s.s Rafen!」

The alraune also seemed to know that and didn't try to move back to the city.

In order not to risk spreading the fire, the alraune puts some distance between the wall and fights a lopsided losing battle.

The final alraune tosses Lammy and a tiny sapling within the walls before collapsing itself, marking the total annihilation of the alraune.

「That takes care of the monster. Now we have nothing to be afraid of and we can crush them!」


The South Yuguria soldiers hold up their swords and yell.

「They're coming!」

「Volunteer soldiers and guards, get ready!」

「Don't take a single step back!」

The volunteer soldiers also shout but their voices are trembling slightly.

This time the siege tower closes in almost like it's sticking up against the wall and the enemy soldiers don't hesitate to approach while carrying ladders.

Guards aim with their crossbows and the volunteer soldiers wait with swords or spears, while those without weapons grab hoes or hammers.

「There isn't a large difference in numbers…… now we just have to rely on justice.」

Jim readies his own greatsword after steeling himself.

「This time for sure…… I will protect……」

Solana also draws a slim sword.

「Aah, I'll definitely be pa.s.sed around if we lose. Or worse, I might be killed…… this is rough.」

Suzy sighs as she pulls out a knife.

「What exactly is a domestic affairs official good for…… no matter what I do, the flames of war will……」

Adolph looks down sadly.

The shootout over the wall was ultimately decided by the difference in number of bows, the superiority of the siege tower and the use of cannons, leading to South Yuguria's upper hand and the guards starting to fall apart.

At this point, one would expect the walls to be breached or destroyed and urban warfare to ensue.

However, an alraune wasn't the only thing living in Rafen.

「Hm, what's that sound?」

An enemy soldier looks up in the sky.

Since the sun is still high up, it's bright and hard to see anything.

The strange sound gradually becomes louder and――

「Go, Pochi!」

Along with the small Pipi's voice, a stream of fire quickly wraps around the enemy vanguard.

This particular fire surpa.s.sed the fire used to burn the alraune earlier.


「Fire!? From above!?」

「What happened!?」

Those who became engulfed with fire and are rolling around on the ground were away from the centre of the flames.

Those directly hit did not make a sound and were carbonized along with their armor. That was how powerful the flames were.


When Jim looks up to the sky, he sees a large creature flapping its wings, raising its alt.i.tude after breathing out fire. Cheers come from the guards and volunteer soldiers.

「That's the lizard kept by the feudal lord-sama……」

「It's Pochi! Pochi is flying!」

「The flying, fire-breathing, giant lizard is here!」

On the other hand, the enemy's reactions were opposite to the sight of Pochi.

「What is that thing!?」

「We just defeated the plant monster…… how many kinds of monsters are living in Rafen!?」

「That can't be a…… d-dra-drag-」

The terrified voices don't last long.

Following Pochi, several shadows descend on the heads of the South Yuguria soldiers.

「Here? Is here good?」

「Outside wall, drop, where's the wall?」

「Don't know, it's hot, dropping now.」

A flock of harpies holding small barrels or pots in their talons drop their loads on the South Yuguria soldiers.

「Harpies!? What are a group of harpies…… gyaa!?」

The dropped barrels were packed with gunpowder and live coals, which exploded when they hit the ground, blasting away enemy soldiers in the vicinity.

The pots were filled with oil, which turned the ground into a sea of fire after shattering and spreading its contents.

Pochi creates a path of fire and mows down enemies, meanwhile the harpies scatter and disorient enemies over a wide range with their bombing.

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Regardless of how trained a soldier may be, none of them have any experience with aerial attacks.

「We can't let her do as she pleases. Silence her with arrows!」

Several hundreds of arrows were fired in Felteris's direction.

「Something of that extent isn't a problem for me.」

After she waves her left hand, a gust of wind blows through and knocks the arrows to the ground.

「Earth and wind…… she's a dual-element user!?」

「Let's see how you deal with this!」

Felteris unleashes a current of lightning from her feet and chars one of the enemy soldiers.

「Three types of magic…… we can't leave her alone.」

「Everyone, close in on her. Overwhelm her with numbers!」

The South Yuguria commander makes a quick decision to focus the magic caster.

In an instant, the soldiers change direction and head toward Felteris.

「Can I leave them to you?」

「Yep. That's fine.」

A female of small stature rises up beside Felteris.

The red-haired Alice mumbles in a soft voice difficult to hear amongst the hustle and bustle of the battlefield.

「Here comes the enemy. If I miss, and they capture me…… surely they will violate me…… dozens of brawny men at that…… maybe even ugly ones or diseased ones…… haa, haa.」

「Stop that…… concentrate…… pervert.」

The color in Alice's hair intensifies and heat gathers in her palm.

「As a meat toilet, not only did men f.u.c.k me, they excreted in my mouth and genitals…… kuh, no matter how much I'm humiliated, I won't let them stain my pride as an elf!」

「It's better if you don't talk about pride…… I think. And you should get any transmitted diseases treated.」

The enemy closes in on the two of them.


「Here we go!」

First, Felteris sticks out both hands.

A fierce whirlwind forms at the feet of the South Yuguria soldiers.

「Uwah! That's some wind!」

「Stay calm, it's not strong enough to blow us away. Plant your feet firmly into the ground and advance slowly.」

Next, Alice raises her hands.

Large b.a.l.l.s of fire appear high above the girl's head.

Its shape quickly breaks into a spiral of fire and descends.

The flames seem to be falling into the ground harmlessly at first, but then they get sucked into the tornado birthed by Felteris's magic.

「No…… way.」

「Oh G.o.d……」

The all-encompa.s.sing wind soon transform into a vortex of fire.

Gradually, the clamoring on the battlefield dies down.

Ally and enemy alike stop what they're doing to stare at the sublime twister of fire.

Even after Felteris stops chanting the spell incantations, the storm of fire continues blowing violently, riding the upward current of air created by the heat generated, leaving not a single moving thing in its wake.

At that moment, the escort and security squads, as well as the remaining elite units in Rafen, all run at the enemy.

「Do your best until Aegir comes back. If you run away and leave us, I'll let Aegir know!」

「I-I'm not use to this sort of thing…… a-anyways, Aegir doesn't abandon women. So that means he'll definitely come back here! I-is that good enough?」

Carlra and Mireille are among the escort unit.

Hearing the potential of reinforcements from the feudal lord's wives who have stepped to the front, the volunteer soldiers felt inspired.

Gradually, the tides of battle turn and the scales tip in favor of the defending side.

The South Yuguria army as a whole begins to retreat and some squads even start running away after completely falling apart.

「It's decided.」

Solana states.


Suzy adds.

「Looks like we did it.」

Jim continues.

「We pulled it off somehow.」

Adolph concludes.

Then it happened.

A single flag was raised in Rafen.

Jim and Adolph turn pale when they saw it.

「Not good!」

「This isn't good at all!」

It was already too late when they shouted.

That flag belonged to the ruined Divine Nation of Altair.

Within Rafen.

「Is this good?」

The tiny Altair mutters.

「Yes, this will allow the majesty of Your Grace to be known to those scoundrels calling themselves South Yuguria.」

Answering the little girl is Remia, the shrine maiden who followed the girl to the end despite the fall of the nation of Altair.

Congregating around are the new believers of the Altair faith.

In Rafen, the faith of Altair is recognized like any other spiritual beliefs, and a small church is used as the base of operations to support a handful of members centered around the fugitives from former Altair.

「This flag of G.o.d was made from the cloth we bought and diligent hard work. The enemy will run in fear when they see the power of G.o.d.」

「It sounds overly noisy though……」

The state of battle flipped on its head in the opposite direction of what the girls expected.

「Did you see that flag!? It's as Her Majesty Wilhelmina said. Altair is reviving in Goldonia!」

「No wonder monsters are attacking us! It's because the heretic Altair has built a nest in this demonic capital!」

Morale which was once devastated instantly resurrects, fleeing soldiers stop running, and ranks which were once in shambles come back together.

「The Altair that stole my beloved wife.」

「My son turning three.」

「My family of four…… I won't forgive them.」

Almost like the prior mayhem did not occur, the South Yuguria soldiers all stood still like bedrock.

Then the commander points his sword at Rafen with an expression filled with resentment.

「There won't be a rout against Altair. So what if there are monsters! We'll keep pus.h.i.+ng on until they're destroyed!!」

They let out the largest cheers yet.

「The enemy is controlling the disorder at a rapid speed! They got their second wind!」

「Bring down the volunteer soldiers! With that kind of momentum, we can't stop them on the field…… the enemy is currently within justice.」

「Anyway, for now have that flag lowered.」

Adolph looks hopefully to the north.

He doesn't see any dust clouds yet.

「Tired, hungry.」

「Getting dark, can't see, can't fly.」

The harpies' voices can be heard in the distance.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.


Nonna (legal wife), Carla (going to battle), Mel (taking refuge), Miti (taking refuge), Maria (taking refuge), Catherine (taking refuge)

Brynhildr ( ), Gretel (taking refuge), Melissa (captured), Kuu (taking refuge), Ruu (taking refuge)

Mireille (going to battle), Pipi (aerial bombing), Casie (missing), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Leah (missing)

Marceline (taking refuge), Daughters - Stephanie (taking refuge), Bridget (taking refuge), Felicie (taking refuge)

Natia (rich), Sofia (taking refuge), Sekrit (depressed)

Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (in battle), Clara (preparing for battle)

Celestina (taking refuge), Monica (taking refuge), Adela (decoy)


Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Marta (attendant), Irijina (commander), Peticheri (intelligence), Luna (commander), Ruby (commander), Gido (escort unit), Polte (temporary adjutant), Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer)

Claire & Laurie (state of emergency), Lilian (actress), Kroll (going to battle), Alma (servant)

Rafen Defense:

Adolph (feudal lord proxy), Jim (adjutant), Suzy (staff officer, useless), Solana (staff officer, useless)

Felteris (magic soldier), Alice (magic soldier)


Lammy (fainted), Alraune (annihilated), Mirumi (standing by)


Pochi (aerial bombing), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (hurrying),

Citizens: 220,000 (uncertain in wartime)

Major Cities – Rafen: 40,000. Lintbloom: 7000. Special Cultivation District: 14,000.

Rafen Defense Force:

Escort: 140 men ⇒ 140 men

Security: 200 men ⇒ 190 men

Guards: 1000 men ⇒ 700 men

Evacuating soldiers: 500 men ⇒ 350 men

Volunteer Soldiers: 12 000 men ⇒ 10 500 men

Alraune: 200 ⇒ 1

Mermaids: Approx. 900 ⇒ 900

Pochi: 1 ⇒ 1

Harpies: 60 ⇒ 56

Frontal Warfront: 23 450 men

Infantry: 14 000, Cavalry: 1500, Archers: 1500, Bow Cavalry: 6000, Cannoneers: 450

Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

Capital: 14 000 men

Aless Soldiers: 14 000

a.s.sets: 170 000 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 782, children who have been born: 68 + 565 + ???

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