Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 392

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Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Seriously, causing unnecessary trouble for us after the fight…… it's because of all those idiots, going on a military campaign with a single wrapping cloth.」

Celia mumbles to herself, though her annoyed expression relaxes when I thank her for her efforts.

「For now, the camp preparations are complete.」

I don't mean ours, I am referring to that of the Aless soldiers.

There are many things I can complain about, but I can't let these guys sleep in the wilderness and chew on dried meat after they came from a long distance away to provide reinforcements.

Somehow, we managed to get the Royal army to share tents and warm food with them.

It was Celia who did 90% of the preparation work.

「My work is Aegir-sama's achievements!」

What a commendable and cute girl. I'll rub her a.s.s.

Coupled with their excitement from the battle's victory, the Aless's soldiers, who are pleased to have a place to sleep and hot food to eat, are laughing and enjoying themselves.

「Mmm, this meat is delicious!」

「Don't you think it's a little too soft though? Eating such mushy meat will cause our strength to drop.」

「We went through all the effort to serve tender meat…… next time, they'll get sinewy meat!」

I keep watch over the situation for a little bit longer as I comfort the angrily puffing Celia.

「It looks like there's extra water. My thirst has been quenched, so let's clean up some of this dirt.」

「Umu, it may be the battlefield, but we can't remain dirty. Women won't like us either.」

They're sweaty, covered in dirt and stained with the blood of the enemy.

Although water is precious, it's natural for them to at least want to wash their faces.

The thing is, they didn’t wash their faces, nor did they pour it over their heads. Instead, they dumped it in one go down in their underwear.

「Kuoooh…… it's cold and feels so nice!」

「The p.e.n.i.s is the representation of a man. That means cleaning here would be equivalent to was.h.i.+ng the entire body. This is how a man bathes!」

「What are they doing……」

「Filthy water…… filthy water is flowing……」

I mutter as I protect the trembling Celia.

Water runs past their crotches and it seems to turn slightly yellow and foamy.

「The water is coming this way! Aegir-sama, get back, you'll rot if it touches you!」

Celia pulls me toward her by my belt. I don't want to touch that stuff either.

「Good, we've eaten and cleansed our bodies.」

「It's about time to go.」

I wonder where they're going.

Watching their actions has piqued my interest.

The Aless soldiers stand up and lumber off.

「Uu……kill me……」

「The humiliation……」

「d.a.m.n Aless, don’t think you can defy South Yuguria and get away with it!」

They headed to where the female prisoners, who were captured after the battle, were being kept.

Both hands of the prisoners were bound by rope to prevent escape and all of them are laying on their sides, cursing the Aless soldiers as soon as they walked in.

「We’re undoing the ropes!」

The Aless soldiers grab the ropes and tear them apart with brute force.

「Using bare hands!? I mean, t-this is a betrayal! Are you trying to free the prisoners!?」

I pat the outraged Celia on the forehead and calm her down.

It’s hard to believe they would do something to betray us. Besides, releasing only the female prisoners isn’t such a big deal.

I was thinking of doing the same thing when the Royal army wasn’t looking.

If possible, I would have liked to seduce and embrace a few……

「What are your intentions? Don’t tell me you’re scared now.」

「It’s way too late! No matter if you’re muscular or my type of guy, I’m not going to forgive you!」

The Aless soldiers didn’t simply let the prisoners go, instead they immediately grabbed their legs after removing the ropes and spread them apart.

Cursing changed to screams.

「Kyaa!! What are you doing!?」

「It should be quite clear. We have won the battle and you were captured. Obviously, it’s a given that you’ll be f.u.c.ked.」

「It’s not a given! Don’t say such fiendish things with such pure eyes!」

Essentially being ma.s.ses of muscles, the struggling of the prisoners didn’t do much to deter the Aless soldiers.

A woman’s strength could not hope to budge them.

「Don’t fret, as a man, I won’t do anything to hurt a woman. I swear to the G.o.d of war and to muscles that I won’t.」

「Exactly! We absolutely don’t break promises. Believe us.」

「Actually, being f.u.c.ked is pretty painful. I can’t escape. Is this the fate of a prisoner……」

Their resigned expressions dealt the finis.h.i.+ng blow to the Aless soldiers.

「Yes, if you comply obediently, you’ll eventually feel good! Alright, I’ll call everyone.」

The girls’ upper bodies suddenly rise up in shock.

「Wait a minute! You aren’t the only ones who will embrace us!? More of you will come!?」

「Nu? None of the men in Aless are weak and wouldn’t want to f.u.c.k a woman after battle.」

「There are 300 of you and 15 000 of us, though a few died. Every one of you can take on 50 of us.」

The girls fall down on their backs.

「50 buff guys like you……」

「Give me some paper and a brush, I have to write a will to my younger sister.」

「Not to mention they’re as big as expected……not good, this is definitely going to break me.」

The underwear of the prisoners were pulled off their lower halves and each girl cried out as a soldier’s d.i.c.k pushed against them.

Thinking I can’t let this continue, I step in.

「What are you doing!?」

I purposely stomp the ground a.s.sertively before yelling.

Surprised, the Aless soldiers turn and face me.

「Ooh! The friend of the king!」

「A true man! How did you like our fighting? We’re not like the weak men of the plains.」

The soldiers boldly boast of their deeds.

They don’t act embarra.s.sed by my poorly-timed entrance.

「It was a splendid fight. I was honestly impressed. ……that aside, we have more important issues. Raping female prisoners is a forbidden act.」

When I said that, the Aless soldiers stand up with a genuinely disgusted expression.

Each of them emit a murderous intent.


Worried her fears are coming true, Celia stands in front of me to protect me from their attacks.

Except the soldiers magnificently deviated from her predicted sequence of events.

「Raping prisoners!? Intolerable! Where is that occurring!?」

「I don’t think anyone from Aless would do such a thing…… if it’s true, then we shall punish him with our own hands and let him feel shame!」

「Nothing makes sense anymore.」

Celia crawls under my crotch and circles around to my back.

I can't follow their logic either.

「Aah, you were acting just now and are actually having fun, right?」

「That's not it! That's totally wrong!」

「We're about to get violated by savages, you fool!」

「You can tell by looking, idiot!」

The prisoners claim otherwise.

「Hear what they're saying?」

But the Aless soldiers don't appear apologetic.

「Isn't that expected?」

「We haven't even put it in yet, how are the girls supposed to enjoy themselves?」

「If we penetrate and the women are pleased in the end, it's consensual, if they feel pain and suffer, it's rape. That's common sense. Are you feeling alright?」

「Mu, true enough……」

Regardless of how things started, it is undoubtedly consensual s.e.x if you are able to make the woman happy in the end.

Was my thinking wrong to begin with? They were so full of confidence that I'm doubting myself.

「Aegir-sama, don't let them mislead you!」

「That's right! Inserting it into a woman who is saying no is already rape!」

「Aren't you the famous demon!? Stop these guys quickly…… hey don't push, it's going in, wait, it's going to go in! It's because I'm a little wet!」

Celia, followed by the prisoners, are pleading frantically.

The reasoning isn't clear, but I should stop what's going on here.

「I get what you guys are saying. Still, I need you to listen to me right now. Embracing a prisoner requires consent in advance, not after the fact.」

Despite the indecision in my heart, I speak sternly on the surface.

「What the…… prior consent is something I've never heard of.」

「When in another country, follow their customs I guess. Is this a normal practice in the plains?」

「That's not part of common sense…… but the king also admits he is a true made, meaning there must be something beyond our understanding.」

The Aless soldiers take their hands away from the prisoners.

「Fuu…… we're saved.

「Who would have thought the devil would save us.」

「Yes, yes, you guys have attractive bodies, so if you properly persuaded us with words……oops.」

Well, that's taken care of.

「Alright, let's get fired up! What kind of Aless man are we if we can't woo a woman!?」


I'm sure they won't lie or deceive, so there is no need to watch over them.

Actually, I can't bear to watch any longer.

I've solved the problem, plus seeing the naked prisoners has turned me on.

Since Nonna made the trek to join me, it would be a good chance for us to confirm our love.


As if reading my thoughts, Celia puffs her cheeks and pouts.

There, there, I'm not going to exclude you. All three of us can have fun together.

「Aegir-samaa, where are you?」

Speak of the devil, there's Nonna.

「Kyaa!? It hasn't rained, yet there's a puddle here! Gosh, now my feet are wet…… it stinks!」

Nonna shrieks.

That is…… the nasty liquid run-off from the Aless soldiers.

「Nonna, I'll wash you thoroughly.」

「Ignorance is bliss.」

Right when I was about to rest my body with a flower in each hand, it happened.

「Ooh, my friend!! You were here!?」


「The boss has appeared!!」

Nonna is astonished and Celia becomes wary.

A lock of hair on the back of her head seems to stand on end.

Gildress laughs heartily before s.h.i.+fting his gaze from me to Nonna and then Celia.

I stop Nonna from bowing to Gildress and stand in front of her, s.h.i.+elding her from the Aless king's view.

「Isn't that the king of Aless? Isn't it bad to act so impolitely?」

Nonna is confused, but I don't want her to get close to this guy.

He has l.u.s.t sprouting from his limbs and can get women pregnant if he sees the smallest opportunity.

「Are you his wife!? The two of you came at the perfect time. I had something to tell you.」

Gildress instantly closes the distance.

I considered the possibility of a pre-emptive attack, but if he's saying my presence is wanted, perhaps he has something serious to discuss?

「What do you want to talk about?」

「Ahem, I will listen as the legal wife.」

Gildress puffs out his chest and a big smile forms on his face.

「Madam, you have mesmerized me. Would you like to accompany me in bed?」


Gildress extends both of his hands toward Nonna's ample bosom.

Meanwhile, Nonna is stunned and not sure how to respond.

「Let me lick and suck those wonderful b.r.e.a.s.t.s of yours. In exchange, I'll let you taste my ma.s.sive d.i.c.k.」

Before Gildress could grasp Nonna's b.o.o.bs, my right leg lifts up and kicks him in the b.a.l.l.s.

His body floated slightly into the air and his hand stopped moving.

「What are you doing?」

「That's my line. What were you going to do to my wife?」

That kick would have crushed an average man's b.a.l.l.s and even damaged his internal organs, yet Gildress doesn't seem fazed.

On the contrary, my leg hurts a little. Is he really a human?

「I was going to fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, arouse her, bring her to the floor and impregnate her, of course.」

「Are you crazy?」

Nonna is a beauty and her body is attractive, so I understand his feelings of wanting to embrace her.

But boldly seducing her in front of me――no, he didn't even seduce her. He just suddenly reached out and tried to squeeze her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Is he indirectly telling me he wants to have a deathmatch?

「What do you mean? You are my friend and a true man.」

「Then what is the meaning of your actions?」

As Gildress retracts his hand and places it on his hip, Nonna becomes unfrozen and hides behind Celia.

「A real man won't sneak around trying to woo his friend's wife. Winning them over in the open and taking them over is what a man of Aless does. You should understand that, no!?」

The only thing I know well is this guy doesn't operate based on common sense.

「However, the madam's heart still belongs with you. It doesn't seem I can take her right now.」

Gildress nods to himself and turns his back to me.

It happened right as Nonna, who was hiding behind Celia, breathed a sigh of relief.

「Fumu, seeing the real thing might change her mind.」

With the speed of lightning, Gildress pulls down his underwear and turns around.

Nonna, who looked at him with shock and admonishment, and Celia, who has taken up a vigilant stance, both saw 'it' completely. That unsightly thing also entered my field of vision unwillingly.


「What do you think? Have you fallen? It's large and hard. If the little lady wants, I can slam it in you as well.」

「As if I'll be won over by such a brutish method!!」

「Take this!」

Nonna shouts, while Celia picks up a stone at her feet and throws it.

Although the stone hits its target, it bounces off the man's crotch with a metallic clink.

「Hah, hah, hah!! That didn't work either!? Then, I'll go for some other girls. My friend, see you later.」


Gildress pulls up his underwear and saunters off.

「Please stay with me forever from now on when we sleep and when we travel!」

「You'll be violated instantly if you show any openings. Did you see that size? He's in the same cla.s.s as Aegir-sama!」

Nonna and Celia cling tightly to me.

Obviously, I intend to do just that.

Gildress walks in a straight line to the female prisoners and places a hand on the shoulder of one them.

「You saw that, right? ――I'm pretty big.」

The prisoner starts shaking.

「This is only half too.」

I can't see what he's doing from my angle nor do I want to see it.

「It's huge…… no…… I'm going to fall from this……」

Seeing her shoulders slump, Gildress picks her up in one arm. She doesn't resist.

「One isn't enough.」

Gildress finds another girl.

This prisoner resists heavily.

She has a neatly trimmed short hairstyle and a slender build almost resembling a young man's body.

「No, I wouldn't say resembling, that's actually――」

Celia's voice was drowned out by the commotion.

「I never wanted to become a prisoner! I only b.u.mped my head and fainted, so kill me already!」

「I won't kill a woman.」

The prisoner girl repeatedly kicks Gildress since her arms are bound. Of course, those attacks don't have any effect at all.

「Umu, I like fiesty girls. I'll take you as my other partner.」

「Don't be ridiculous! I'm a male!」

Gildress had a blank expression for a split second before bursting into laughter.

「Wahahahaha! What a funny joke. There is no way such a pasty-white and flimsy male exists.」

「S-shut up…… hyaaa!」

Gildress firmly grabs the prisoner's crotch.

「Ah, stop…… I don't swing that way…… ah!?」

「Look at that. You don't even have a d.i.c.k, so don't utter such an obvious lie. Now come, I'll shower you with affection.」

Gildress carries the prisoner off with him.

「I do have one! It's small, but it's there! Lurise, tell him that I'm a man!」

「Bart is going to be f.u.c.ked by this man…… gulp. I-I'm too frightened to say anything…… Aah, I can't, fainting.」

「Gahaha, an Aless man will teach you the joys of a woman. Settle down for me.」

「Don't pull me close to you! Don't rub my a.s.s! Your finger is…… aaaah!!」

The ruckus moves further away.

I should get started with Nonna and Celia.

The lamp light is weakened and soft slurping sounds can be heard in the dimly-lit room

「Nmu…… nmo…… hamu……」

I'm lying face up on the bed and Celia is laying on top of me in the opposite direction, diligently servicing me.

Nonna is sitting sullenly on the edge of the bed.

Apparently, she lost the compet.i.tion to decide who goes first.

「Nmo…… nnmo……」

「Nn, that's good.」

Celia slowly moves her head, occasionally biting down lightly.

Everytime she did so, she would twist her body to look back at me, checking to see whether it hurt me. It's such a considerate and cute thing to do.

「Let me return the favor.」


I can't ignore the swaying a.s.s in front of me as Celia concentrates on pleasing me.

I put my lips on her sun-tanned thighs and kiss my way to her contrastingly white a.s.s, which is normally covered by her shorts.

I wonder why Celia's a.s.s is so squishy.

She normally moves around a lot so I understand where the tightness comes from, but what about the tenderness?

These tan lines separating her thighs from her a.s.s is especially irresistible.

「I-I won't lose!」

Celia, abandoning her defense, wraps both hands around my c.o.c.k and attempts a desperate counterattack.

「Fufufu, are you trying to defeat me?」

With no intention to lose either, I move my lips to her genitals and knead her thighs and a.s.s with my right hand.

Neither of us speak and only the naughty slurping sounds could be heard for a while.


My eyes s.h.i.+ft to the source of the unhappy groan and see Nonna staring at us with puffed cheeks.

I feel bad for leaving her alone, seeing how she's touching herself in frustration.

I should defeat Celia and let her have a turn.

I push my tongue deep into her v.a.g.i.n.a and pinch her c.l.i.toris.

「Nnnn!! Puha! Auuuー!!」

The sudden stimulation forced Celia to take her mouth away from my crotch and moan.

「Fufufu, here's a bonus.」

I put my face in between Celia's a.s.s cheeks and blow air, making a faux farting noise.

「Wahii! Don't play around like that!」

I ignore Celia's protest and move my mouth to her a.n.u.s, doing the same thing and blowing air into it.

「Please stop, if you blow air in there, it's going to make strange sounds! Geez, I'm angry now!」

After Celia declares adorably, a pained groan comes out from her mouth.

It seems she's trying to force my d.i.c.k deep into her throat.

「Celia-chan, don't push yourself…… your throat…… it's bulging, can you breathe?」

「Nggh…… ngh… gghghguh……」

I feel more and more of my d.i.c.k being swallowed up.

I can't see what's going on so I'm not sure how much she fit in her throat.

「Aegir-sama, if you don't hurry and make her c.u.m, Celia-chan will……」

Nonna pleads in a worried tone.

It can't be helped. Let's finish her off quick.

「Celia. Go ahead and c.u.m for me.」

I take her c.l.i.toris in my mouth and barely press down with my teeth, sucking strongly all the while.

「Uu! Uuuuー!」

Celia tries to scream, but because her mouth is filled with my c.o.c.k, she couldn't make a proper sound.

Not letting her trembling a.s.s escape, I take the index finger of my right hand, stick it into Celia's hole and rub the sensitive spot close to the entrance.

As Celia squirms more, I insert a finger of my left hand into her a.n.u.s and grind against Celia's womb from both sides.

Celia wiggles her body like a fish tangled in a net, but she's not going to win when both her holes and her c.l.i.t is being stimulated at once.

「U…… uugh…… haguu!!」

My c.o.c.k slides out of her mouth with a slorp and Celia's body convulses wildly.

My face is splashed with a strong stream of love juice as she climaxes.

「Au, I lost again…… kah.」

After her spasms stop, Celia collapses weakly onto the futon.

「You were great, Celia.」

When I cover her body and lean down to kiss her, she responds by wrenching her sweaty body to meet me.

As expected, Celia is too cute. I feel like f.u.c.king her from behind now……

「Is it my turn……」

I can't neglect Nonna, who is putting a hand on my back in concern.

「Go ahead.」

After I said that, I stand imposingly on the bed, allowing Nonna to place her hands on my thighs and kiss my rock hard member. As she does so, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s press against my s.h.i.+ns.

「You're so big as usual. When I'm embraced in the dark, it would feel like I'm being violated by an orc…… no, nevermind.」

Nonna trails off and flicks her tongue all over the head of my p.e.n.i.s, meanwhile her hands grab the middle portion of the shaft and stroke me up and down.

I place my hand on Nonna's head, letting her continue for a while until she looks up at me as if wanting to say something, prompting me to smile and then close my eyes.

「Pero, hamu, nn……」

She is concerned with her appearance more than others and tries her best not to let it fall apart in front of me.

She loves having s.e.x and has a sensitive body, and will naturally drool and stick out her tongue if she's f.u.c.ked for a while, but she still wants to hide that as much as possible until things start to heat up.

With my eyes closed, I feel Nonna's movements gradually get faster.

Following the movement of her head at a slight delay, a weighty ma.s.s of flesh hits my knee.

Those are unmistakably her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, which turns me on more when I can't see.

「Focus on the tip a little more.」


Her tongue softly slaps against the tip, making wet patting sounds.

「Can you do the base too?」


I feel her lips move down to suck the root of my p.e.n.i.s.

「Can you put it in your mouth?」

「Suuーhaaー. Alright, here I go.」

She takes a deep breath, pumps herself up and wraps her warm mouth around my mushroom head.

「Mmgh…… haghgh……」

I hear her struggle and feel her teeth.

I pat her head to tell her I'm fine, urging her to continue, but she keeps groaning and my length doesn't go any further into her throat.

「Geho! Haa, haa.」

When I opened my eyes, I see Nonna hunched over on the bed, panting hard.

She tried and couldn't fit it in her mouth.

「……I'm sorry.」

「No worries.」

Nonna apologizes.

Her f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o isn't plain by any means, but her skills are inferior to Mel and Leah.

Above all else, her mouth is tiny, so oral service isn't her strong suit.

「In normal circ.u.mstances, I could fit it in…… except Aegir-sama has gotten too big and I can't right now……」

I still haven't e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed since Sekrit got hurt.

Something in my heart is blocking any seed from leaving my body.

Nevertheless, I can sleep with girls like usual and I get aroused like any other day, so I keep getting more backed up and my p.e.n.i.s swells more every time.

Honestly, its current size is surprisingly big to me too.

It's understandable that Nonna found it hard to put it in her mouth.


Celia's exhausted a.s.s wiggles proudly on the bed.

She definitely doesn't have a big mouth either. She simply forced her mouth open enough to stretch around my c.o.c.k.

「Mu! As the legal wife, I can't back down!」

Nonna once again scoots closer to my feet.

She takes her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s in her arms and plops them around my c.o.c.k.

「Ufu, how does this feel?」

Nonna strokes my c.o.c.k up and down with her soft flesh wrapped around my length.

It wasn't a strong sensation. However, there is no man who wouldn't get aroused from the unique feeling of his entire p.e.n.i.s enveloped by the softness and warmth of a person's skin, in addition to seeing his crotch sandwiched between two giant b.r.e.a.s.t.s.


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As my hips start to weaken, I have to tense up the muscles in my legs to keep myself standing.

「……what are you doing?」

Celia also asks with a dubious face.

Nonna covers her face with a hand fan.

「You already know. We're trying to seduce the women.」

「It's so we can get permission to embrace them.」

Some of them are sticking out their hips with their d.i.c.ks exposed, and that's considered seducing?

I guess they would think that. After all, they're Gildress's men.

「Since I warned them, they've been like this the whole time……?」

「That's right! What is this, stupid right!?」

「No woman would be swayed by this!」

Despite the women complaining, they aren't scared, most likely knowing that they wouldn't be attacked.

However, one of them is acting strange.

「Uuu, it stinks…… the manly smell of c.o.c.ks all around is so strong…… my head is spinning……」

A woman who lost her balance, stumbles and unconsciously touches the crotch of a certain Aless soldier.


「Uuu, it's big…… and hard…… aaaah……」

「Hey, Repi what's wrong? Are you perhaps-!?」

The woman called Repi is wobbling and her head can't keep centered.

「d.i.c.ks in front, d.i.c.ks behind. Aah, I can't escape…… nowhere to run…… I'm going to fall.」

Eventually, the woman's shoulders slump over.

「I can't endure it anymore. P-please embrace me.」

As she finished speaking, Repi was carried off by a few Aless soldiers.

「Fuhaha! Finally fell, huh!?」

「Don't worry. The men of Aless are going to take you to heaven.」

The carried woman was hauled with a heave and a ho.

Since there is complete consent from both sides, I can't say anything.

After one person fell, as if the dam burst, women from all over start giving in.

「Kuuu, I'm at my limit! Take me away too!」

「Me too! Getting surrounded by sweaty macho men should be against the rules. There's no way I can hold back!」

「Please give me a man who is no less than 25 cm.」

「Wahahaha! Very well. I'll let you have a taste of a real man!」

「I'll ride you the whole night!」

「Kuh…… I'm no diligent enough. At 23 cm, I can't even embrace a woman!」

Women get lifted and taken away by the Aless men one after the other.

「Mmm. Getting carried by muscular men isn't bad.」

「It makes you feel like the queen of barbarians.」

「Something incredible is probably going to be done to me…… that's acceptable though.」

If the people in question are fine with what's happening, I don't have anything to say.

「What a scene from h.e.l.l.」

「Leaving aside the fact that they're savage, they stink.」

Celia and Nonna are honestly relieved.

There was one girl who makes a fuss as the only one left behind. She's fairly small, probably no more than 140 cm tall.

「Hey, embrace me too! You want women, right!?」

「Nuun, you're pretty tiny.」

An Aless soldier stares at her for a while, then hands her a cup.

「You're a kid, right? A real man doesn't entertain children.」

「Right, a kid should simply drink milk. Come back again after your a.s.s and b.r.e.a.s.t.s grow bigger!」

「I'm saying I want your milk!!」

I can agree with their stance of not touching children.

They're helpless idiots, but they're not bad people.

「Wait, one at a time! I said one at a time! Don't come three at onceーー!!」

「Eh? What kind of position is this? No way, you're thrusting it there? Angyaaー!!」

As if erasing my deep emotion, I hear something happen from somewhere I can't see.

「It's a scene from h.e.l.l after all. I hate these guys.」

As Celia sighs for the nth time, the big boss appears again.


「「Here he is!」」

Celia takes out her short sword and Nonna hides behind me.

It goes without saying it's Gildress, and I have to talk to him no matter what, so this is perfect timing.

「Great, I wanted to talk to you…… nn, and that is-」

Clinging to Gildress's feet is the girl resembling a young man who he took away earlier.

It was like that rebellious att.i.tude she had in the beginning never existed and she's hugging Gildress's leg with a blus.h.i.+ng face.

「Wahaha! This one was quite cute in the bedroom too. She isn't inferior to the maidens you have.」

Gildress brags as he rubs the a.s.s of his woman.

She writhes her body in embarra.s.sment, not in resistance.

On the other hand, Celia and Nonna shout unhappily.

「You're comparing me to a man!?」

「You did it with another man!? You're a pervert without a doubt!」

A man, they said?

「He f.u.c.ked me so much that I was turned inside out…… I can't go back anymore.」

「Are you still saying that? You surrendered your a.s.shole and still won't yield the front hole, how commendable.」

「There is no front hole! You took a clear look and still won't believe it?」

「Hah, hah, hah, again, how stupid. Something strange was growing out in front, but no man has a p.e.n.i.s less than 20 cm long. Thus, that must not be a p.e.n.i.s and you must be a woman.」

Apparently, she was a he.

「Going so far as sleeping with a womanly man…… there's a limit to how indiscriminate you can get, Mu?」


Nonna prods my side with her fan.

What's wrong?


Celia also nudges me in on the other side with her elbow.

I don't understand what she means.

In any case, let's advance the conversation.

「Just now, I received notice from a scout. The enemy we routed have obediently retreated.」

「Fumu, they're cowardly to withdraw after a meagre amount of casualties. Is it not enough to be afraid?」

「I believe 40% was killed…… anyways, that's fine.」

Celia speaks beside me like a staff officer.

Her body is a little crouched, ready to react at any time because she doesn't know when Gildress could reach out.

「This time we were able to intercept out of necessity because the enemy came to us, but normally this level ground is not suited for a defensive battle.」

「A defensive battle? We won so obviously we're going to be attacking next.」

Celia looks to me, almost about to cry, so I do something to sidestep Gildress.

「Ahem. As long as the enemy doesn't invade again, we should pull our squad back for now, meet up with reinforcements, construct a defensive encampment and secure logistics.」

「What's a defensive camp? Logistics has to do with supplies, so we should really move forward and attack. We'll kill more foes and steal more women and food.」

I dodge Gildress when Celia looks to me with tears in her eyes.

「Besides, the king of Goldonia doesn't know about the reinforcements from Aless. Aegir-sama should report it before he invites unnecssary doubt. That's why during the time the army is reorganizing, we will head to the capital with you.」

「The Goldonian king is your king? To subjugate a man of your caliber, this king must be a terrifying man―― no wait, it's possible he has a queen! Fufufu, so that's what you mean?」

Celia isn't listening to anything Gildress says and continues indifferently with her ears closed.

「At the end of the day, we're going to the capital. Any objections?」

As she emphasizes the final point, Gildress's smile disappears and he looks into my eyes.

「This Goldonian king, Alexandro I, is not someone I know. Now tell me, is he a real man who you admire and obey?」

I listen to the king due to a sense of duty, plus it is connected with my own ambitions.

I don't feel any regret nor do I feel an intense dissatisfaction.

But if he's asking me whether I admire and obey him on a personal level, I can't say I do.

Especially with how he's been lately――

I should have been thinking for only a second, yet Gildress doesn't let me speak and interrupts in a loud voice.

「I see! I see! Good, that's good. That's fine too. It's fine. Wahahahaha!」

「What's good……?」

「He's so loud my ears hurt.」

Celia and Nonna probably don't realize it.

They don't realize the fact that Gildress's laugh was different than before.

「I hear Goldonia is the largest city in the Central plains. That means there are brothels of a considerable size as well. Let us go around to all of them on the first night!!」

「There's no time for that! We can't use Aegir-sama's money for merrymaking.」

「If there is money available to be spent on something ridiculous, use it to buy me a new dress instead!」

Gildress clamors with Celia and Nonna.

「Ah, how manly. I fell♪ Make love to…… huh? h.e.l.lo? I've consented over here~」

Without giving her a glance, I hug the woman seated next to me.

A Few Days Later. Goldonia – Capital

「Although many things have happened, we successfully retreated from South Yuguria without incident.」

When I bow politely, the throne room is enveloped in a resounding applause.

Among the clapping, I feel a piercing gaze. That definitely belonged to Erich.

Not notifying the king and requesting for reinforcements from Gildress is, now that I think about it, close to inviting a foreign threat into the country.

I don't know how I can explain myself so that the matter is settled amicably, which is why I left it all to Erich and Rebecca.

I know I've troubled them greatly again.

Rebecca seems worn out to the point she has no energy to glare at me.

Gildress was officially recognized as reinforcements and had been waiting on standby for the welcome ceremony, however he f.u.c.ked a palace maid in the dressing room earlier.

「Our present enemy have been eliminated for now. Once again, I ask Your Majesty to come up with a plan for victory……」

When I look at him, he awkwardly averts his eyes.

「Everyone take your leave, except Hardlett.」

All the others exit the room in droves.

Celia wanted to stay hidden behind my back as a part of me, but she was discovered by Nonna and dragged away.

For the next while, the king showered me with praise.

It was completely devoid of emotion, almost like he was giving lip service way back when he used to hate me with a pa.s.sion.

Except, nothing will come of trying to please me, meaning he must have a hidden motive.I'm sure it's nothing too complicated, he just finds it hard to bring up.

The king later realized how pathetic he was acting and went straight to the main issue after clearing his throat.

「I understand that it is imperative we deal with the enemy in front of us rather than searching for traitors.」

If he gets it, then there's no problem.

I know he's not stupid enough not to know what to do next.

「I will tell you the specifics of that particular incident.」

The king proceeded to elaborate on what happened to Rosario.

I heard a certain extent of what happened from Erich, but the king related the story in further detail, of how his beloved woman was hurt in front of him and had her eyes crushed, all in a tone full of hatred and rage.

Rosario was ganged up and slashed in the face, which ultimately robbed her of her eyesight.

I know it's late, but anger and murderous intent boils within me toward the culprits.

「It was not the inability of Rosario which caused the light in her eyes to disappear. What pains my heart the most is that I was not able to protect her, and that is what obstructs my logic. Rather than worrying about a national crisis like a war, I end up prioritizing a single woman.」

The king looked pitiful for merely a second before puffing his chest out with pride.

「It has nothing to do with common sense. My heart has tricked me using the feelings I have towards that woman.」

I open my eyes and look at the king head-on.

The king returns a stare of his own, as if ready to accept any criticism I have of him.

「I understand how you feel.」


It wasn't adulation. That was the voice from deep within my heart.

If Nonna were to come down with a sickness tomorrow while I was in battle, I wouldn't know what to do either. I wouldn't want to fight anymore. I mean, even now, I'm so worried about Sekrit that I can't e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e.

Women are more precious than a country or any amount of territory and they should be protected at all costs.

「When your beloved is injured, you wouldn't want to think about war.」

I stand up promptly.

「Fortunately, I know about a unique secret medicine and an apothecary. I'll show you Rosario-dono can be healed.」

Giving the king a sidelong glance, I summon Celia who had left the room earlier.

Natia should still be in the capital.

「…… wait, are you saying you want to see Rosario?」

「I won't be the one healing, but yes I figure it wouldn't hurt.」

「You will be occupying the same room?」


The king instructs Rebecca.

「You will enter with a minimum of four information officers accompanying. Absolutely do not let them be alone together. If you must, use a numbing agent.」

How little does he trust me?

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