Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

The summer sun s.h.i.+nes intensely, walking only a slight distance got my sweat running down my entire body . The children around me are playing and running around in the heat, without wiping the sweat dripping like a waterfall . Dorothea’s orphanage has poor living conditions as usual, but it was full of vigor .

「Then, I’m counting on you to take care of this child . 」

「Yes, of course I will care of her dearly . 」

「Originally, I would have her grow up at my place but I have a bit of a situation . I can’t leave her with me . 」

My place is the home for the servants, at Dorothea’s orphanage I hand Rose to over to Dorothea directly .

「It’s the child from the king’s recent proclamation right? Leave it to me . I will make her into a respectable adult . 」

I’ll take precautions not to let her never grow up at Erich’s place too . If I brought her up then it would invite unwanted misunderstanding from the king, it wouldn’t be a good result for me or Rose to say the least so I had no choice but to give her up . Besides, if we live together I would probably remind you to carry my child by the time you’re an adult . Regrettable .

If I leave it to other commoners they may mistake her as a slave and sell her, and there is the possibility that she might fall prey to s.e.xual desire . For me who doesn’t have a wide circle of friends, in the end this is the place that I can trust the most .

「Don’t hold back with food or clothes . 」

I hand Dorothea about 10 gold pieces .

「I don’t differentiate from the other children . Is it fine if I use this money for everyone’s sake?」

「Of course . 」

For everyone’s portion, I take out another 10 gold but Dorothea rejects it .

「This is an orphanage . It is enough just to be able to live, storing wealth will invite misfortune . 」

If the orphanage has money there is no guarantee that misguided people won’t scheme to steal it . Poor living conditions may be inconvenient, but it may also be an effective method for crime prevention .

「If you are going to use the money, can I ask Lord Hardlett for help in repairing the wall over there? It will be dangerous if it collapses . 」

If it’s only that much it would not be a problem . Let’s arrange for it immediately .

「I have also gratefully accepted your charity…would you like to stay and eat with the children?」

「No, even if I’m there the kids would only be nervous . Other than that, there’s one more thing I want to tell you . 」

I pull the woman that was hiding behind me .

「Could I also ask you to take care of this woman, Torii?」

Standing behind me is Catherine with shortened hair .

「Ara…but we are an orphanage . 」

「Torii has no place to return to and she’s a pathetic person, and so she thinks of this kid as if it were her own child . She is also lactating so it’s fine if you let her take care of the baby . 」

There wouldn’t be such a convenient story . I didn’t think that it would be believed but Catherine just stood there without saying anything . Dorothea’s face gently loosens .

「Ara ara, so should I let her take care of the children? From what I see you are as pretty as a n.o.ble lady but taking care of children is tough job . I will need to teach her quite strictly then!」

Dorothea has understood everything . However she never asked me about anything .

「Thanks…I’m counting on you . 」

Catherine breastfeeds Rose while she’s crying . Rose looks happy while drinking from her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and is spoiled by her mother .

Last Night

When Catherine was about to pierce her own throat, I grabbed the knife . It was the same that time with Nonna too, do n.o.ble daughters have a habit of wanting to die or something? Blood sprayed out, but the small fruit knife was different from the knife at that time so I understood the pain .

Taking the knife, and wiping my blood from her face, Catherine reached her limit and as if someone cut her string, she lost consciousness . We all leaked a sigh of relief .

「Let’s kill her . 」

While she was treating my wound, Celia says coldly .

「It would be dangerous even letting her live, there is no merit so saving someone who pointed a blade at Aegir-sama . 」

Using this time, I understood most of the explanations from everybody . I want to think that I cleared the misunderstanding that I was a cruel rapist .

「She even has a baby, that’s not good!」

Melissa unusually raised her voice to object .

「The child will grow by herself . It was the same for me…and if you kill this woman, Melissa-san would be able to become the mother?」

「Ts-!! This!!」

Melissa unintentionally raised her hand to strike her cheek but Celia dodges easily . Celia who has been trained on the battlefield will not get hit by a woman’s palm . So in return, I will drop my fist in her place .


「You said too much, go be in agony for a while . I have decided to let Catherine live . I was thinking of entrusting these two to Dorothea’s place . 」

「At the orphanage…?」

I already told them that they can’t grow up in my place . Melissa looked at me with sad eyes, but it would be alright if it was Dorothea’s place .

「On top of that, I received a reward from his Majesty so I have enough to spare and portion an amount to support her . I’ll make sure she has enough to eat . 」

「If you didn’t buy that expensive dress we would have had more to spare . 」

Carla took the opportunity to attack Nonna, when I glared at her she s.h.i.+ed away .

「Besides, her mother would be close by . With that, she would be happy enough . 」

Everyone, with the exception of Maria, will not be able to see their mother again . Just by having a mother…the atmosphere calmed down . Celia recovered from the pain after being convinced . Her watery eyes are cute .

「I understand her story, but this woman – leaving her like this is not good . I won’t kill her, but she must be punished for injuring Aegir-sama . 」

It’s something to think about, but I don’t mind letting her off . But two women responded to the word ‘punish’ .

「There is a good punishment for her . Right Nonna?」

「That’s right . That might be good . 」

Nonna and Carla carry the unconscious Catherine excitedly . They got along well for once . Maria sighs and it seems she is preparing towels and hot water . Melissa seems to be watching over Rose .

「…hm, I am…What is…Rose! Where is that child!?」

Catherine bounced up from the bed when she woke up to look for her child .

「Melissa is looking after her . It’s alright, she loves children so she’s doing it properly . 」

Catherine continues to stare at me .

「Why didn’t you let me die!?」

「It’s a waste to let a beautiful woman die . 」

「Nonsense! If you continue to humiliate me death-」 「Even if you can live together with your child?」

Her expression hardened .

「That child will grow cut off from the n.o.ble family . I have an acquaintance nearby with an orphanage, and will entrust you there . 」

「Something like an orphanage! How cruel-your promise was different!!」

Depending on the person who runs the orphanage it could vary from a supplier for child slaves or a h.e.l.l-like brothel where perverts visit . Even so, it might be better that the child who is destined to die gets to live .

「The place I know is nothing like the place you said . It’s a place that truly thinks about the children . 」

「…you expect me to believe you?」

「I will take you there tomorrow, you will confirm with your own eyes . 」

You wouldn’t know unless you actually see it .

「Also, have you thought about the bad things that would happen to your child if you kill me?」

「That is! I thought that if the proclamation was issued there would be no more obstacles…!」

「You think that the king would look after the future of the children he saved? n.o.body would care even if they got sold . 」

「Uuu… . 」

As I thought, after that fight there may have been some confusion .

「It has already been done, I have no intention to hold a grudge . It was supposed to be my work anyways . 」

「I will give up on my husband as a casualty of war . … . My hatred will not disappear, but I am grateful that you helped Rose . 」

「I also ask that you help out at that orphanage . They will surely accept you, as Torii, a commoner . 」

Catherine looked up with watery eyes . She is as I thought a considerable beauty, more so when she is crying than when she is smiling .

「So from now on I can live together with that child…?」

I nod silently, and pet Catherine’s head . Then to check whether she has calmed down or not, I raised her head up .

「So why is it that I am naked? And you’re also naked too . 」

Catherine is rolling on the bed entirely naked, I am sitting on the bed also entirely naked, my d.i.c.k is already hard and stuck against my abdomen, already prepared for battle . Catherine hides her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and crotch even though it was already too late .

It was then that footsteps could be heard and the women gathered .

「It’s punishment . I will have you accept the consequence for injuring Aegir-sama . I hope you can walk tomorrow . 」

Celia flips Catherine over, who was lying face down, and grabs her right hand .

「I’m sorry~ but it was a fact that you hurt Aegir-san . 」

Maria looked apologetic but grabbed her left hand .

「I think it’ll be extremely painful but well, it’s punishment for hurting my man . 」

Carla grabs her right foot .

「The intense pain will change into pleasure soon after . 」

Nonna grabs her left foot . Only you would think that…

「Wh-what!? I wouldn’t resist even if you didn’t do something like this . Why is everyone doing this!」

I approach Catherine from behind, who was being held down and spread apart by the girls, and get ready to attack her with my finger . Whether she knows or not, she is struggling but with her four limbs being held down by the other girls, a weak lady won’t be able to do anything .

「Th-that place is!? You demon! Monster! Devil! s.e.x beast! Horse! Brute! Pervert!」

While getting hit by her abuse an evil smile appears on my face…I touch my d.i.c.k to her a.s.shole . Carla and Nonna who are grabbing her legs made sure not to miss it and widened their eyes in antic.i.p.ation . They are getting along quite well today .

「Here I go…」

「If it hurts, make sure you scream . It will help a little . 」

「It’s fine to bite the sheets too . 」

The two who have experience with the punishment gave advice while smiling wickedly . It has totally become the situation where the villain and his mistresses are gang raping .

「Guh-…It’s pretty tight…Be careful, it’ll bounce . 」

I break through the a.s.shole while it is continuing to resist, I grab her waist forcefully and push myself in . The entrance was able to withstand for a little but it finally gave in, and allowed the invasion of the thick tip .


Catherine screams and flaps her arms and legs . Maria looked as if she was about to be flung off, so I pulled my hips back and thrusted one more time .


This time, I mercilessly thrust instantly up to the roof of her v.a.g.i.n.a . Catherine screamed for a while after, while raising her b.u.t.t her body fell over .

(Light Novel Ill.u.s.tration: Catherine raising her b.u.t.t)

Her a.s.shole swallowed my thing and squeezed tight almost tearing me and closing up the entrance, but it wasn’t something done to pleasure me, it was a movement that was instinctively trying to push me out .

「It’s creaking . 」

「When you entered it said ‘Meri’ . 」

「Having an unaccustomed a.s.shole that is able to let Aegir’s huge c.o.c.k in up to the root, this girl is pretty amazing . 」

「Carla-san…please choose your words more carefully . 」

「What did you say?」

「That is, uhm…」

Carla and Nonna are saying meaningless things while looking at the place where we are connected . Catherine is already exhausted, so while she is still screaming there is no need to hold her down anymore .

「Aegir also shouldn’t move too roughly or won’t you break the girl? If it continues to leak in the future, she wouldn’t be able to live . 」

「I think so too but…」

While I’m moving my waist the pleasure was concentrated in my d.i.c.k . The a.s.shole that was tightly squeezing me and rejecting me was now coiling around me . Even if it was the a.s.shole, the liquid spilling from the intestines are slippery and feels good .

「This is irresistible . That’s good!」

Unconsciously, my hips move faster .

「Is she suffering?」

I will at least ask Celia and Maria who can see her face .

「No, she’s sticking out her tongue and is enjoying herself . 」

「It looks like she feels really good…It truly went in her a.s.s right?」

Celia and Maria were bewildered by the difference from the torture-like tragedy of Carla’s and Nonna’s punishment .

「Doing something so selfis.h.!.+ -Aoou…nnaaah! I won’t get happy with-! Aahn♪」

「That’s enough, let your hands go . 」

Catherine’s restraints were removed and while we were still connected I stood, I rampaged in her a.s.shole . I am also reaching my limit .

「s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g my a.s.s is something a brute would doooo!! Hurry and stop~! Stop…don’t stop!!」

「Wow, she lost it . 」

Violating her a.s.s while standing, Catherine sprays her liquid everywhere . She is quite a loose woman, and simple lovemaking will get her to squirt . She’s a woman who ruined the bed we were using . And she is genuinely getting off on this…

「Ooooooh! Don’t look, everyone don’t look at meee!!」

Further squirting . Moreover, this time it doesn’t stop . It is jetting out just as if she was urinating, it wouldn’t stop . After attacking her intensely, she sprayed as if she would get dehydrated . An unexpected strike, Celia and Maria couldn’t escape in time and got wet with the liquid and got enraged .

「I’m c.u.mming too! I’ll go intensely . 」

「Do as…you like . . then!!」

Catherine puts her hand on my thigh while she was standing and further stuck out her hips . I pull her arms back and lift her waist while s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g her a.s.shole deeply and intensely .

「Hey…」 「I hope her intestines will be safe…」

I pull out until the tip can be seen and thrust until it reaches the root and make such intense movements while the other girls are at a loss for words . The only sound that can be heard are my deep grunts and Catherine’s pleasure-filled voice .

「It feels good! My a.s.s! Is feeling this good!」

「Catherine, you’re doing well! Oouu!」

Lastly, with a sharp sound I stop my movements, and fire my s.e.m.e.n into her bottomless hole . Feeling my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, Catherine maintained her impossible position and turned to face me while sticking out her tongue . When I kissed her she happily coils her tongue with mine, after urging me to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e a large amount, the entrance of her a.s.s was clenching and closing . Once I stopped, I twisted her nipples lightly and breast milk came out, Celia got even wetter .

「Nnnooh… . nooooooh… . 」

When the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n ended and while Catherine was letting out a pathetic voice, I pull out my d.i.c.k that was deeply thrusted into her a.s.s, a squelching sound was made, and my seed spilled from her a.s.s . It seems like a large load was let out, it was like she was excreting s.e.m.e.n . Normally once we were done with our deed the girls would gather around my d.i.c.k, but as expected no one is brave enough to use their mouth to crawl over my c.o.c.k when it was just in a girl’s a.s.s they were not so intimate with .

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「…Hey, you are going to continue s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g me anyway right? Why don’t you…do as you like . 」

「Well, it would be nice if he has something interesting to say . 」

「My name is Leopolt Fugenberg . 」

「I’m Aegir Hardlett . 」

「It’s an honour to meet you, Baronet Aegir . 」

It was this morning that I was appointed, but he knows about me .

(Light Novel Ill.u.s.tration: Leopolt Fugenberg)

「Information travels fast…Fugenberg-dono . 」

「No, I just found out . Congratulations on your promotion . 」

What is he playing at, what is he trying to say .

「Did you come here to make a fool of me?」

「That is rude, I have no ulterior motives . 」

I should also pay close attention to him .

His age is a little over 20, not much difference with me . His build isn’t that huge, but his body has been trained, and most of all his eyes are sharp . He seems smart but I get the feeling that this isn’t some ordinary plan .

「So what did you come here for, Fugenberg-dono?」

「I want you to hire me . 」

He speaks boldly while sticking out his chest .

There have been many servants and employees who have asked to be hired . They were all untrustworthy people so I refused them, but there have also been guys who aimed for the girls inside and girls trying to seduce me . Celia kicked and threw them out .

But there was no guy who was as full of confidence as this guy .

「I know absolutely nothing about you though . 」

I don’t need to hold back .

「Yes . Then shall I introduce myself . I was a knight who worked for a certain southern n.o.ble, but my Lord partic.i.p.ated in the southern rebellion . 」

The man speaks without feeling ashamed .

「Oh, so your master’s house got crushed?」

「Yes . My master was taken and I was handed over to the royal army . 」

This guy is either an unbelievably big deal or a fatal idiot . There aren’t many people who would talk about betraying their former master in front of the place they want to be hired . Moreover he was not a tiny bit shy .

「Is that because of your loyalty to the king?」

「No, it is for the sake of my survival . 」

「Is that why you left your master to die?」

「That fight, it was obvious that the side of the rebelling n.o.bles had little chance of winning . I am not a fool who cannot read the situation and would depart together with them to the nether . 」

Normally, here is where I would beat him and throw him out and no one would make a fuss about it . But I want to listen to this guy’s story . I want to ask why such an arrogant man would come to me .

「I understand the circ.u.mstances . So why do you want me to hire you?」

「You yourself are an incomparable warrior but not so as a commander . You also have many subordinates and troops to command, and it appears you do not have a person superior in military tactics or strategies, thus I thought that I would use you to attain an important status . I want to climb to an even higher place after all . 」

He implicitly called me an idiot, but let’s just ignore it as something arrogant that he said . But his behavior is somewhat strange . Saying something as rude as that, I will without hesitation point it out .

「Haven’t you said things that contradict yourself? As you said in the beginning, I am a Baronet yet only a battalion commander . There are plenty of people who are above me, so wouldn’t it be better to use them to reach the summit?」

「If I was able to attain status immediately, I would head to the palace if I could lead an army, but they probably wouldn’t entertain me . 」

Of course they wouldn’t . To have someone who betrayed them ask for status to be given, it wouldn’t be strange if they killed you and tossed you out .

「There are no other people you could go to so you came to me?」

「No, I haven’t met anyone else besides you . 」

「Why is that?」

It’s becoming interesting . Please don’t say that you have fell in love with me or something .

「There are four reasons . 」

「First, as I have mentioned earlier, you are not proficient at commanding large amounts of troops or scheming up tactics, and there are none amongst your troops who can do so, thus there is room for me to enter . Second, you who are a new n.o.ble have no heirs to succeed you nor do you have ties to any relatives . There is possibility for a newcomer like me to get an important status . Third, you have done great military deeds so the king remembers you well, it is also good that you can read and go around places . If my master can succeed faster, I will also be raised . Last, it is something that I realized during our talk, you are not satisfied right now . I don’t know what you are aiming for, but I think you are aiming for a position even higher than I am . 」

I kept my expressionless face . I feel like I understand the reason I felt so uneasy about this man . I don’t know how much this guy knows about me and it’s creepy, but I can’t help it . But I thought it would be interesting .

「Honestly speaking, if I were to choose between Commander Radhalde and you, I feel like I chose the right one . There aren’t many people who have a burning spirit like you do . You won’t be able to move up in the world if you don’t use those people who aim for the top . 」

The things this man says is quite right, almost scarily so . Agor and I have been fighting while leading a small amount of soldiers, but when we were told that from now on we had to lead a large crowd of soldiers, we had our doubts . I haven’t thought about military tactics either . The servants are orphans, the mansion’s guard is a girl I picked up, and my successor is a joke . Above all, even for my ambition to become king to be perceived…I don’t think the reason are the girls though .

「I understand your reasons . I also feel the height of your abilities . But there is still an important part remaining . 」

「What would that be?」

The man asks me in return but I knew that I would be asked; I will remain calm .

「It’s whether you deserve my trust after you betrayed your own master . 」

However skilled you may be it is meaningless if I can’t trust you . Rather it would be harmful .

「As long as your ambition continues, and as long as you can be used and deserve to be my master I will swear my allegiance . 」

In other words, if I am incompetent or if I plan to abandon him, he will betray me . This kind of relations.h.i.+p isn’t that bad either . Not being grounded on personal trust, but a mutual relations.h.i.+p for the sake of aiming for the top . It’s important that I learn to master how to use these kinds of people too . If I can’t use this guy then it goes to show you what kind of man I am .

「Fine with me . I will hire you . If I judge that you are lacking in ability, I will immediately kick you out . Will that be fine?」

「Of course it is . I will meet your expectations . 」

「Then from now on…should I call you Fugenberg?」

「Leopolt is fine, Lord Hardlett . 」

Don’t come over to this side .

「Is there a building to stay?」

「No . If possible I would like you to stay on the premises . 」

I have not trusted you, but I don’t think that this guy would lay hands on the girls, or steal money and run away .

「Then I will give you your s.p.a.ce . Food will be made too, so eat as much as you like . 」

Different from the children servants, there is no need to place him close by . I do not mind putting the tables together either .

「Until I know how much you can do I will leave you to deal with my followers . The pay will be 1 gold per month, if you do well I will reward you separately . Is that fine with you?」

「Yes . It is adequate . 」

It sounds like he is evaluating me . It seems there are no issues with the first conditions . He must be confident that he will be able to display his abilities soon .

「I have another person who takes care of me so would you allow them to be in the same room as me?」

It was a luxurious thing to do while he was in the middle of job-searching but he brought Celia and I as he walked . After getting permission, the person who was waiting outside appeared and looked to be a 12 or 13 year old girl . What she was wearing was crude but it wasn’t dirty . The girl covered her head with Leopolt’s side and it seems like she was blus.h.i.+ng while clinging to him .

「… . 」

「Her name is Nina . …Lord Hardlett, what do you think?」

I carry the luggage and gave permission; the donkey that she brought with her was also placed in the stable .

My evaluation of Leopolt was as follows: cool-headed, bold, a strategist, confident . Lastly, I added my suspicion that he has a preference for young girls .

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