Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 367

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Chapter 367

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「So you’re finally in the mood . 」

「Fufun, you gave me presents and stuff after all~」

After we enter the inn’s room, Suzy locks the door from the inside .

Although we’re having normal s.e.x, her actions declare to me that she has no intention to run, and that turns me on more .

「Yeah, I was doing my best to get you to like me . 」

「Your aim was my body, right?」

Suzy asks jokingly while walking slowly . I smile and follow behind .

「You weren’t trying to hide it~ Looking at my b.r.e.a.s.t.s for example――」

Suzy leans forward .

Her provocative upward gaze and moderately messy blonde hair are both attractive, but my eyes are drawn to the valley of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「Or at my thighs―― your gaze, it was so obvious . 」

She drags her own hand from her knee up to her thigh in an erotic manner .

Her already short skirt is flipped up and I catch a glimpse of the red string tying her underwear together .

「Ahaha, Aegir-san’s eyes are incredible~ Your breathing is rough too, almost like that of a beast~」

Suzy identifies my desperate attempt to peek and cackles .

「I should be saying how you’re tempting me with your lewd outfit . 」

「Ufun, was I? I didn’t notice~」

I get another look at her underwear when she bends down to adjust her shoes, yet she doesn’t say anything despite realizing my staring . She bends down further, fully revealing how her underwear digs into her a.s.s .

More times than not, she is leaning forward and showing off her cleavage .

She sways her b.u.t.t from side to side alluringly when walking, causing all the guys in the mansion, me included, to turn around .

Even now her chest is open and her skirt is short, not to mention how her clothes have no purpose except to accentuate her body lines perfectly .

「For someone to make it this clear that they’re looking, it may actually be a pleasant feeling . I hate it when people are looking and turn away like they’re not interested, it’s so uncool . 」

Saying so, Suzy stretches her arms .

With the same force as I would use on an opponent in battle who shows me an opening, I pounce on Suzy, wrap my arms around her waist and shoulder, then steal her lips .

「Wah, so fast! Nnmu!」

Her appearance gives off the feeling that she’s used to men so I don’t need to start off with a gentle kiss .

I promptly insert my tongue into her mouth, lick her gums, then probe deeper to tangle my tongue with her tongue .

「Nn…… nnh…… you’re really a beast…… nnmu . 」

Suzy was surprised at my advances only initially and didn’t take long to respond, caressing my face with both her hands and extending her tongue to meet me .

Our kiss was far from being pure and innocent, instead being one fueled by carnal desires .

I didn’t hesitate to use my tongue based on her familiarity with males and as if reinforcing my impressions, she doesn’t merely yield to my invasion, she returns the favor by sliding her tongue in my mouth when she sees an opportunity .

Our eyes were not closed during the kiss, rather we enjoy each other’s reactions at close distance .

「Puha, shruu! Nnmu!」

「Fuu, nnnnh!」

We occasionally separate to catch our breath, except Suzy pulls my neck back in when I move away and I pull her waist towards me and seal her lips again when she moves away .

Our mouths are covered with so much saliva that some trickles down our chins to the floor .

The kiss without a fragment of romance was meant only to heighten each other’s arousal .

Ready to proceed to the next stage, my hand s.h.i.+fts to Suzy’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

The high frequency at which her valley was revealed to me wasn’t a result of any deception, it was simply due to the size of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

A perfect amount of springiness accompanied their voluminous nature, not to mention I can clearly see her erect nipples sticking up from under her clothes .

「Nnh, nn! ……fufun . 」

She gives me a naughty grin .

It felt like she was mocking me for reaching my hand out first, as if I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed prematurely or something .

In response to her minimal resistance, I send plenty of saliva into her mouth before reaching around to her a.s.s .

Similar to her b.o.o.bs, her a.s.s is also bouncy and pushes back against my fingers .

I can probably plunge my meat rod deep inside, slam into her roughly and she’ll be fine .

She has a lewd a.s.s meant to entice men into releasing their seed in her .

「Nngh! Ngh, ngh…… fufu . 」

Suzy drinks all the saliva I give her without any reservation, then grins at me again .

I can’t get enough of that look of contempt either .

「So irresistible . 」

Keeping the kiss going, my hand reaches for her open chest area .

「Fufun . 」

That hand gets pinched .

It wasn’t enough to hurt, although it wards me away since persistently acting against her wishes is something a pathetic man would do .

I move past it and reach into her skirt, hoping to touch the a.s.s clothed in s.e.xy red underwear, and once again my hand gets pinched .

「Being greedy is not allowed~ Stay on top of my clothes for now . 」

She gives me a long lick from my jawbone to the tip of my nose .

What a tease .

However, a man must listen to what a woman says and pursue her body respectfully .

「Then I’ll make you climax through your clothes . 」

I focus my touches on her bosom and thigh area .

My hands gently fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, knead her nipples and caress her thighs .

「Nnnhー! Nn♪」

Suzy approves and allows her body to enjoy the pleasure .

Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem close to reaching the top .

In fact, it might be insufficient for someone who’s used to handling men .

「Nnnn…… nh!?」

I grab one of her thighs and lift it up to my waist level .

I make sure to support her so she doesn’t fall, although Suzy’s eyes widen at my sudden actions .

Fufufu, this is where things get interesting .



My hands holding her waist and thighs pull her body towards me as I thrust my hips to meet her .

My hard erect c.o.c.k is pushed up against Suzy’s crotch on top of her both her skirt and underwear .

If we were naked, the same motion would drive my c.o.c.k straight into her womb .

Suzy removes her lips from mine and protests through her eyes .

「Fufufu, I listened and did it on top of your clothes . 」

「Yes, but this might be against the rules~ I mean look at that incredible thing…… I thought it went in through my skirt . 」

Suzy distances herself from me after objecting .

「I have to admit it worked . I’m also getting impatient . 」

Suzy takes five steps away and turns back around to face me .

With the same provocative smile she had earlier, she makes a show of stripping her s.h.i.+rt, dropping it to her feet once she has peeled it off her body .

Her ma.s.sive b.o.o.bs sway side to side as she leaves her upper body in just her underwear .


My expression of amazement and awe was music to Suzy’s ears as she turns her back to me and undos the strap which is tied around her chest .

When she turns around to face me again, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are covered only by her hands .

「Your hands…… take your hands away……」

Suzy’s hands could not encompa.s.s those ample mounds .

She is covering the important bits―― that is, she’s hiding her nipples which should be hard and poking out from all the kissing and caressing I did earlier .

「Ehh, I wonder, what should I do?」

Suzy smirks, knocking a cheap wooden cup and cloth left on the desk onto the floor before dropping her a.s.s on the desk .

「My panties too…… I’ve gotta take ‘em off~」

I see her hand dive into her skirt, and then the next moment, the string of her red underwear hangs down .

「The other side……as well . 」

The work which normally would have been completed in a few seconds was stretched to last a few minutes .

It was slow enough to get me frustrated .

Eventually, the red underwear slides off from under her skirt .

Rather than fluttering lightly to the ground, the small piece of clothing laden with fluid plopped to the floor stickily .

「Aaaa~ah, you might see everything~」

Contrary to her words, I cannot see Suzy’s precious place yet .

The sole article of clothing left on her body in her skirt is s.h.i.+elding the best part .

Be that as it may, it was covered rather dangerously .

The table Suzy is resting on is an elevated surface, plus she has her legs spread apart .

「A little more…… if you open your legs a bit more, I’ll see it . 」

「Eeeh, how scary~」

Regardless, Suzy gradually spreads her legs wider .

It was still not enough for me to see . She’s provoking me by keeping it barely out of my sight .


Suzy sticks out her tongue and licks the air naughtily as if an imaginary d.i.c.k was in front of her, all the while slowly rolling up her skirt .

As the cloth is pulled up, I can see further up her thighs .

The pale skin on the upper portion of her thighs, which normally doesn’t get exposed to the sun when she has her other short skirts on, is being revealed .

I have unconsciously adopted a crouching position low to the ground, almost like an animal lying in wait in the gra.s.s .

The desire to see what is under the girl’s clothes was so strong that my body moved on its own .

「Kufu . 」


When wisps of blonde hair exactly the same color has the hair on her head peek out from her crotch, he hand stops moving abruptly .

Suzy looks at me with a suggestive smile .

After confirming my pathetic look of disappointment, she resumes moving, her face full of content from the way she made me feel .

「Here you go~」

Suzy’s skirt is completely rolled up and all of her lower half is fully revealed .

Opposed to being to neat and tidy, her lewd hole at first glance gives off an experienced vibe, with parts of flesh sticking out, indicating her considerable partner count .

Nevertheless, the outer lips are a light pink color, I don’t know whether it’s due to her youth or the amount of care shown, and exudes a unique s.e.xiness that sets it apart from that of a mature lady .

Most importantly, leaking from her barely opened entrance is a clear liquid――


Before I knew it, I leapt at Suzy from my low stance like a carnivore latches onto prey, and while holding her thighs, started to suck on her crotch .

「Wait-! Ah! I told you I don’t like being taken by force~」

Her hands grab onto my head and, counter to her words, pull me in rather than push me away .

There’s no need to hold back and my l.u.s.t cannot be suppressed any longer .

I noisily slide my tongue along her slit and vulgarly slurp up the overflowing love juices .

「Aahn, nnnh! Uuuhya~ you’re so good at licking…… you’re more than rough, aren’t you~」

I wanted to reply with a clever remark, but she holds my head down and doesn’t let me go .

I’ll just make up for it by communicating through her v.a.g.i.n.a .

「Aah, your tongue is so long…… your sucking is good…… lick the upper side more…… aah, right there!」

Suzy candidly emphasizes the spots she wants me to focus on .

Everytime I follow accordingly, she lets out a high-pitched squeal and sprays me with juice .

「Hey Aegir, show me yours next . 」

Suzy escapes from my clutches and sits on the bed .

「Sure, oops . 」

I have no reason to be indecisive .

As I try to pull my pants down right away, I encounter some difficulty because of how my pants were ripped .

I could rip them off, however I don’t want to be forced into losing my only pair of pants and covering my lower half with my cloak .

「Ahaha! What’s this, why are you struggling with taking it off~? You’re so funny~」

Suzy makes fun of me like I’m a virgin hastily trying to strip .

That laugh of hers soon fades and her face becomes troubled the moment I tear off my pants .

「Eh? What is that?」

「A p.e.n.i.s . 」

Suzy’s jaw drops .

Don’t tell me, is she disappointed?

All the foreplay has gotten me to pretty much peak arousal and I’d be out of solutions if she considers me small .


Her astonished expression gradually transforms into one of joy .

「A-amazing! It’s super big! Score!」

Suzy’s eyes are glittering . Oh good, she wasn’t disappointed .

「Uhyaa! This is seriously a real d.i.c.k? This is my first time seeing something so huge! Amazing, wonderful!」

Suzy seems to be genuinely pleased and she grabs the shaft without any second thoughts .

If one were to do such a gesture in front of a man they are sleeping with for the first time, that individual might be scorned as a s.l.u.t by other girls .

「Uwah, so hard! And what’s with these veins~? It feels so rugged and looks like the roots of a tree!」

In my case, I see Suzy as a lovely innocent kid playing around with her toy .

「You think it’s big?」

「I’m telling you, this is no joke! I’ve been with guys who were proud of their size and they’re half as big as this at best! Hyaaa~ this is great, I knew it was big when I felt it through my clothes and had high expectations…… but this is just beyond my imagination!」

If she praises me so much, I’m going to get bigger .

「Now I can see why that woman was screaming her lungs out~ You know, the one in her forties with a lot of kids . 」

「Hey . 」

Is she perhaps referring to Mel?

「I thought for sure she was loose after giving birth to so many children at that age and that her moaning was an act…… with this, I guess she couldn’t help it~」

I don’t sense any malice from her or any ill intent to try and badmouth Mel so I let it go . She better not say that outside this room though .

If Mel hears that, more than blood will rain down .

「Hey, can I suck on it?」

「Of course . 」

After I granted her permission, Suzy pushes me down on the bed and gets in between my legs .

Then she licks it with a genuine smile on her face .

「Uuuuwah~ it feels like I’m licking someone’s arm . The tip is also way too big! I don’t know how to put it in my mouth . 」

Suzy extends her tongue as far out as possible and earnestly licks my d.i.c.k without showing any sense of aversion or shame .

She drags her tongue along the length, starting from the base and going all the way to the tip, intricately flicking her tongue on the sensitive spots, and also glancing upwards at my expression to determine the appropriate pattern of attack .

Not to insult her or anything, she can already be considered a s.l.u.t rather than someone who has simply been with many men .

「Your b.a.l.l.s are amazing too! Hey, can I play with them?」

「Of course . Do as you like . 」

After all, she’s licking the b.a.l.l.s of a man she’s sleeping with for the first time, pulling his pubic hair while laughing, and of all things poking his a.s.shole with her tongue .

Suzy isn’t thinking about s.e.x or making babies, she’s completely doing this as a form of amus.e.m.e.nt .

I’m grateful she’s willing to go this far for that .

In that case I’ll gladly play along .

「Is it about time now?」

「I want to put it in as well . 」

We smile when our eyes meet .

「Can I ride on top?」

Before I could answer, Suzy mounts me cowgirl style .

「Great . I’ll be relaxing then . 」

「Hooi~ Whenever I f.u.c.k with a large d.i.c.k, it’s decided that I ride on top . 」

Suzy adjusts herself above me .

As she wiggles her waist back and forth, my eyes are sucked into her swaying b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「The tip is too enlarged…… can it really go in…… nn?」

Noticing my gaze, Suzy deliberately moves her hips back and forth before penetration, keeping me in suspense .

It’s like when prost.i.tutes toy with customers .

「Ah, you were thinking that I acted like a prost.i.tute just now~」

「Hahaha . 」

Suzy criticizes me with a smile and adjusts herself again .

「I actually worked at a brothel before and was debating on whether to enroll in the military academy or not . My friends told me that there are more men starved of women in the military academy, you see~」

If Myla hears this, she’ll knock you out .

「Well, I’d be doing the same thing anyways―― nnuuh!」

Suzy drops her hips in one motion .

My c.o.c.k sinks deep into the warm swamp that is the inside of her v.a.g.i.n.a .

「Kahah! I knew it was big…… so tight……」

She begins pumping her hips even as she is staring at the ceiling and breathing roughly .

「That’s good . It’s coiling around me nicely…… the walls are clenching tightly . 」

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「Uu! Uu! Aah! I-I’m supposed to be on the looser side…… aaau! With Aegir-san’s size, hiihn! Everyone will become that way . 」

I also stick a hand into the sheets and insert a finger into her crotch .

「Nnh! Aahn! I have this bracelet that I want~」

「I’ll buy it for you . 」

Suzy’s face lights up with joy and she presses her lips against mine .

「Then sure, I’ll become Aegir-san’s woman~」

「Hahaha, I’m happy . Now, it’s time for round two . 」

And thus Suzy became my lover .

At least that’s what I thought .

As I return home in a good mood after claiming Suzy for myself, I find Peticheri and Celia standing imposingly .

Both of them are rather small in stature so it just looks cute when they do it .

「What’s wrong, you’re ruining your cute faces . 」

The two girls seem to be pleased by the comment, their faces relaxing for a brief moment, although it takes Cheri one second and Celia ten seconds to recreate their serious expressions .

「I investigated the details of that Suzy girl’s background . Officer Peticheri also――」

「It’s Mirkura . 」

She’s still fussing about that .

「――ahem, with Officer Mirkura’s help, here are the results of the investigation . 」

Let’s see……

Peticheri reads it out before I could say anything .

「There is no mistake she graduated from the military academy as the second highest in the cla.s.s . 」

That’s what everyone from Libatis said .

「However I had serious doubts about her abilities, so here are the results of the investigation of the refugees centered around that……」

I skim the doc.u.ments .

「She is a highly s.e.xual person and very free-spirited―― having relations with several men even among the refugees . From what I hear, the rough total of partners is in the several hundreds……」

「In other words, she’s an extremely s.l.u.tty woman!」

「Hey now, don’t be badmouthing her like that . 」

I get that she’s naughtier than most .

It just doesn’t seem like a bad thing, in fact guys like perverted girls .

「Well, that has nothing to do with her abilities . I also have a thing for people…… ahem! Anyways, she has a physical relations.h.i.+p with the examiner of the entrance exam . For some reason, only her exam paper was graded three days later and she received a pa.s.sing mark . 」

「That’s absolutely dishonest! She’s totally guilty! She used her body to win a pa.s.sing mark!」

Peticheri a.n.a.lyzes calmly while Celia makes a fuss .

「Now wait here, that might not necessarily be the case . 」

I’m a little suspicious as well, but she’s already my woman . I have to cover for her .

「Furthermore, the refugees I asked happened to be instructors at the military academy, and the told me she didn’t understand any subject from foundational knowledge taught in cla.s.s to practical skill and tactics . In the first place, she was often discovered to be skipping out on cla.s.s . 」

But she has the second seat, right?

「…… it has been confirmed that she had intimate relations.h.i.+ps with several key instructors . Her absences were deemed as legal holidays, her in-cla.s.s behavior was listed as exceptional, and most of her tests were re-graded several days after . By the way, the instructors in charge of the girl’s curriculum were clearly worse when compared to the others . 」

「Now it’s unmistakable! That girl took her tests to bed!」

「Wait, I still don’t get it . 」

I won’t stand for slander without reason .

「The military academy in Libatis is a three year program and during those three years, the girl and her male cla.s.smates were, you know…… engaging in s.e.xual relations . 18 counts were on the record and she was warned of doing it in the cla.s.srooms . She was released without indictment for all of them . 」

「She made all the boys in cla.s.s her allies so she could cheat as much as she wanted to on the tests! She’s a dishonest girl!」

Celia is getting agitated .

She’s a serious person after all .

「By the way, she was accused by her superior immediately after her appointment for a lack of ability…… yet for some reason, he requested to retract the statement later . That person happened to be among the refugees, and when I asked him what happened, he admitted to being intimate with her . 」

「She’s guilty! Guilty beyond doubt! Guilty to the core!」

I pat Celia on the head to calm her down .

「Let’s accept the fact she has those suspicions . We still can’t judge a person purely based on suspicions, so why don’t we keep all of it between us . I appreciate your efforts in investigating . 」

I close the conversation there and smile at the two .

「Gosh, they’re more than just suspicions―――― ah!」

「Why are you trying so hard to protect her―――― ah!」

I try to leave as quickly as possible to no avail as two sets of footsteps can be heard running after me .

「Aegir-sama…… did you do it?」

「You mounted that girl, didn’t you . 」

I take long strides forward, followed by the brisk trotting of the other two, until I hear some people arguing on the side of the corridor .

「Suzy, what’s with that necklace!?」

「Oh shut it . Like I keep saying, Aegir-san bought it for me . The two of us are dating . 」

It looks like Solana and Suzy are having a dispute .

I should step in and mediate, although I want to get an understanding of the situation, so I’m hiding in the corner .

Celia and Peticheri peeks from behind my back .

「You probably pulled him into bed again! You haven’t changed at all! Lord Hardlett is married, you know!? If his wife finds out about his affair, all of our standings will……」

「Yeah, yeah, I haven’t changed~ You’re so uptight, Solana~ Is this the difference between first and second seat?」

So it seems the two of them are from the same year and Solana was the head of their cla.s.s .

「Don’t lump me together with you! I studied and did my best like my life depended on it…… you simply slept with the instructors!」

「Our cla.s.smates too~」

Solana stamps her feet in frustration as Suzy laughs .

「To begin with, Solana only became top of the cla.s.s because you never hade a lover and studied all the time . What a sad and lonely woman~」

The color of Solana’s face changes as Suzy provokes her .

Not good, someone is going to get hit .

「Wait . Give it some more time . 」

Celia stops me before I could jump in .

Mmm, I am definitely stopping them if they get into a fist fight .

「H-ho-how dare you…… I also……had a lover in M-Michel, who I went out with…… and……」

Solana is too worked up to speak properly .

「Michel? Aaah, right, right, I remember~」

「In winter of the first year, it was his birthday and I worked hard to bake him a cake, cooked for him, and created this romantic atmosphere to prepare for the first night together…… when I went to his room-!!」

「Michel was swinging his hips on top of me♪」


Celia and Peticheri both express their disgust .

It sounds like Solana got her lover stolen by Suzy .

「In the end, that was it with Michel! You really ruined my youth! Since then, I chose not to involve myself with any man and focused on studying and training!」

「In other words, you became first seat because of me? If so, then treat me to some drinks next time~」

「Shut uuuuuupp!!」

Oh, Solana finally roared .

「I won’t forgive you…… I absolutely won’t forgive you…… one day, your perverted sins will send you to h.e.l.l!」

That’s quite a disturbing statement, although the one crying is Solana .

Suzy approaches the crying girl, maybe feeling some guilt .

「Aah, Solana…… about Michel . 」

「……I don’t want to hear any apologies now . 」

Suzy grins wickedly .

「Ah, this is not going to be good . 」

Celia’s instincts alert her .

「Michel, I sampled him because he looked like he had a decent package, but he wasn’t anything special~ Not to mention he was a virgin so he sucked at using his hips and went “byuu” after three minutes…… he was boring~ Solana was correct in not doing it with him!」


Solana’s mouth opened and closed like a fish, although no words came out .

「Well…… playing around with handsome guys all the time can be tiring, you know? Maybe it was a good cleanser to do it with an inferior one once . Anyways, later~」

Suzy pats the dumbfounded Solana on the shoulder and then leaves .

「What a cruel woman……」

「Do you get it now?」

Celia and Peticheri stares at me expectantly .

I honestly lost confidence, however I have to trust my own woman in times like these .

「Suzy was a bad woman . It might not be the case now . We should look at the present, not the past . 」

「I think she is a bad woman presently though . 」

「Don’t say I didn’t warn you . Seriously……」

I nod ambiguously at their remarks and then run over to the sobbing Solana .

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