Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Following Viscount Bellido’s death, the knights surrendered as well as all the enemies inside the city, and the battle ended . The cavalry company which is under Agor’s command split up inside the city and kept a watchful eye to maintain order while Celia and I along with the skilled Carl and a few other subordinates entered into Margrave Alnode’s mansion .

There have been reports that there are looting and raping of women and children starting inside the city by a portion of the soldiers, so for the purpose of maintaining order, Captain Erich and Bruno are running around . Margrave Alnode no longer has any place left to run . Even with just us we don’t have to worry thinking about him running away .

「Hiiih!」 「By all means, please have mercy…」

The servants in the mansion are bowing down towards me . There was no hostility in their eyes, just a feeling of fear . The exhausted n.o.bles are gathered together in the banquet hall located on the premises .

「Who is Alnode-dono?」

I step in the middle of all of them who are still in their armor and helmets and stare at everyone . I had no intention to intimidate them uselessly but I’m not a person who shows off respect .

「…a person who doesn’t introduce himself is really an inferior guy . 」

「I’m Knight Aegir Hardlett . Are you Alnode-dono?」

The n.o.bles who conspired in the rebellion have had their status stripped by his Majesty already . It is not necessary to show respect for n.o.bles like you .

「That’s right, I did not expect such an ending to happen…」

「Then, for committing the crime of treason against the royal family I will restrain you . Also, I will do the same to those who have signed their names . 」

「I refuse!」「Die!」

Several n.o.bles pull out their swords and came at me, but Celia and Carl who were alert instantly cut them down . Those who rarely use a sword and move childishly would not be able to defeat those veterans of battle . One n.o.ble slipped through and closes in on me, but there is no need to draw a sword . Like a piece of art, I pull the guard of the thin sword and grab his throat .

「Gah! Guh! Ooh!」

I crush his throat with a squeeze and the sounds from crus.h.i.+ng can be heard, the chubby n.o.ble loses strength and collapses .

「Is there anyone else? It would save me a lot of time and be convenient for me . 」

Everyone drops their sword to the floor and bows down .

「Foolish ones, what have you accomplished with this ugly resistance . 」

Alnode mutters with no strength .

「That helps a lot . I was told to bring only you alive . 」

「To be hung in front of everyone?」

「Well that, you will have to hear from his Majesty . Take him away!」

The n.o.bles line up in a single file, like prisoners…they are prisoners but they are being taken away .

「What will happen to my family?! What about my family?!」

One of the n.o.bles shouted unsightly .

「More than us commoners, you soldiers should know better what the sentence for high treason is . 」

For the crime of high treason, other than the perpetrator, the direct family and his wife would be executed . Other connected families and blood relatives are branded with a mark of disgrace, they will no longer be able to work or marry . To a n.o.ble, it is the death of the entire family and is the worst sentence . That is the crime of high treason . It is depressing to be near a person who has experienced despair . The soldiers were ordered to investigate the premises if there were any left lurking around, and left the area . The only one to follow me is Celia .

「My lady! Such a terrible thing!」

「This is the only thing I have left! Please!」

I heard a voice in a suitable place from the servant’s room and kick the door open .


Inside, there are female n.o.bles and female servants, and also a baby wrapped in a blanket . The female n.o.bles became objects for taking away .

「Young lady, could you tell me your name?」

「I, well, that is . . 」

「Could you tell me your name!?」

The female saw Celia put her hand on her sword and gave in to introduce herself .

「I’m Cecil Bellido’s wife, Catherine Bellido…」

(Light Novel Ill.u.s.tration: Catherine and Baby Rose)

I see, I have heard from Erich yesterday about the names and relations of the n.o.bles but I was tired so I don’t remember much . It’s a name that I’ve heard somewhere before .

「Margrave Alnode’s second daughter . Also, Viscount Bellido…the wife of the knight Aegir-sama killed . 」

It’s helpful that Celia remembers . In other words, this baby is Viscount Bellido’s kid .

「This child is…the servant’s child!」

Catherine pushes the child to the middle-aged servant . No, no, that wouldn’t be possible . She desperately appeals but the servant looks troubled . If she gets involved her life would be in danger, I can’t feel that she is loyal enough to give up her life .

「Servant, answer! Is this really your child?」

Celia purposefully asked in a demanding tone . From my perspective she looks cute trying to act tough, but for the servant she probably looks like the grim reaper . The middle-aged woman screamed and begged, she shook her head so much it looked as if it would tear off .

「No…no! That’s wrong! This child is the lady’s child!」

「No way…」

The servant ran away from this place .

「Please tell me your name . 」

Catherine mutters while hugging and protecting the child .

「Aegir Hardlett . 」


Catherine’s hand touched her mouth and her eyes opened wide . Maybe she has heard of the name of the man who killed her husband . She directed her eyes full of hatred towards me…and knelt .

「Lord Hardlett, please have mercy on this child alone…she’s still a child who is breastfeeding . To shoulder the sin of her grandfather is too much…」

To lower her head to her husband’s enemy and beg for mercy, her shoulders are trembling with humiliation . But even if you tell me, there’s nothing I can do .

「Please raise your head . There is no meaning even if you do something like that . 」

She refused those words with tears flowing while hugging her child, and groped the back of her waist . She pulled a short sword from her waist and Celia responds in turn with her own sword, but I hold her back and shake my head . She can’t possibly think to cut me with a short sword that has a blade the size of a finger, maybe she pulled it out to take me out since she was going to be executed anyway . Now that I look at her, she is quite the beauty even with her face wet mixed with tears and despair . It would be a waste to have her die along with her kid .

「She’s not a n.o.ble nor will she have any status, even so do you want your kid to live?」

Catherine raised her head with enough energy to make a sound .

「Of course! Is there any happiness greater than that?」

「And you yourself would have a grim fate waiting for you . Do you have the determination to lose everything?」

「As long as this child lives I will bear with anything!」

The mother is strong, why don’t I try an interesting little trick . It looks like there might be a happy reward . When I open the door, the servant from earlier stood in front of the room . There is no way that she ran away because she hated Catherine . She looks worried lying on the ground while raising her head, but when she saw what I was carrying on my shoulder she screamed and cried .

「Aaaaaah—!! My lady! It’s too much!」

Carrying Catherine on my shoulder, her upper body was wrapped in cloth; bright red blood was soaking through . Her feet that was hanging without power and had blood on it, it’s enough to make her think that she’s already dead . Celia appeared hugging the baby in one hand .

「She resisted when I tried to take the baby, it’s nothing that concerns you . Return to the room and be good . 」

「Ah…Catherine-sama…please forgive me…forgive me…」

I was able to fool her unexpectedly . The servant cried and covered herself, other than her there was no people in the hall so I tried to rub the a.s.s of the person on my shoulder .


Strength entered into her drooping legs . The cloth wrapping the woman was covered in blood that Celia wiped from the n.o.bles that was cut earlier . There is blood from her legs that I feel slightly sorry for since I lightly injured Catherine’s thigh, however without the blood we would not be able to deceive the soldiers .

I’ll have you endure a bit longer for that ‘grim fate’ .

Deceiving the soldiers patrolling the mansion in the same way, I brought the baby directly along with me to Erich and got on the horse . On the way, a butler from the mansion accompanying the soldier wanted to confirm the corpses’ ident.i.ties, we panicked when the cloth was removed but Catherine skillfully acted in a way that showed her half-opened dead eyes . The butler let out Catherine’s name in a bitter voice, and hoped that she would get a proper burial .

Celia hugs the baby with no expression and pa.s.ses through but I, who has lots of scouting experience, understand . My face was one that was trying to suppress laughter . The temperature of Catherine on my shoulder, who felt it as well, also increased . It was a time of crisis but were you aroused?

In addition to the turmoil of battle in the city, there was also some looting; burning houses and destroyed household items and tools are scattered around here and there .

「Celia, have Catherine change in a house with no people . Get her hair and face covered with ash and dirt, make her clothes a plain colored one with cut hems and make her look like a prost.i.tute . 」

「What is with that last request…?」

「I don’t have time to explain . When you’re done take her to the headquarters . 」

Celia looks at me with some doubts but does so reluctantly, she dragged Catherine who was wrapped in cloth into a destroyed house . Well, for the baby I have to be bold and go from the front or it won’t work . If I could use the same method as I did with Catherine it would be easy, but I can’t expect a baby to act dead . If the baby cries it would be all for nothing .

「Lord Hardlett, have you finished apprehending all the rebel n.o.bles?」

I brought back the baby to the headquarters where Erich has set up inside the city .

「Because they were gathered we caught the big ones . We cut down several of the ones that were resisting though . Now, we are investigating in the mansion so there may be more of them added . 」

「I don’t mind . His Majesty has also instructed us that as long as Alnode is alive the rest of them don’t matter . 」

「Then shall I call back the company troops? It’s not good for the soldiers to be scattered in the city after the battle . 」

It goes without saying that it’s because of the looting and the raping . No matter how much we discipline them doing just that will not make it disappear completely . Indeed, having a mercenary group as the nucleus for the central army, it can be considered that discipline was quite lacking . Erich’s face warped .

「That’s right, I forbade it beforehand but it certainly is difficult for there to be none . Earlier when I pushed through a house I killed a soldier who was s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g a woman on the spot . 」

「It’s a mercenary’s destiny isn’t it . The only way is to give them harsh treatment to change them . 」

For mercenaries, after a victory it’s common for looting and raping women to be a part of the reward .

「Even as it is, the other n.o.bles also give them harsh treatment after all, we must crush anything that they can attack us with… by the way . . 」

It seems he forgot something .

「What is the baby you’re holding in your right hand? If you picked her up you have to kill her as well . 」

That’s right, he forgot about the baby . The sight of looting while holding the baby in one hand would be a ridiculous scene .

「It seems this child is Alnode’s second daughter, Catherine’s child . 」

「His grandchild huh…」

Erich makes a bitter face . The child would be executed since that is the sentence for high treason . But there aren’t many people who would want a child dead .

「I also think that having the child die is a pity, will you let me return to the capital and speak with his Majesty?」

「Yeah, I also don’t want to think his Majesty is a demon . It may be possible that he will recognize it as an exception . 」

「Then you don’t mind if I take this child directly?」

「The baby will not be able to run away, do as you want… by the way, what happened to the mother?」

「She died . 」

「…Is that so?」

Erich didn’t ask anything else . I feel slightly guilty deceiving him, but next time I’ll bring some expensive alcohol to help him forget about it . Catherine, who Celia dirtied up quite well, was sitting in the tent a.s.signed to me . Her clothes were a plain gra.s.s green color but the part above her knees to her legs stuck out, and I was able to see the valley between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s . But the thing that she was most concerned about was her hair that was cut to shoulder-length . The cut seemed rough; it was probably done randomly with a sword .

「No matter where and how I look you are a prost.i.tute injured from the chaotic warfare . 」

When I returned, Catherine energetically hugged the baby .


Catherine bites her lip feeling humiliated .

「Aegir-sama, so what do you intend to do with this woman?」

「Catherine – that’s right her name is Torii where she was a prost.i.tute in the city but was burned during the chaos, I picked her up to comfort her from the battlegrounds . How is that?」

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I certainly wouldn’t want it to seem like I kidnapped her .

「Hm!? Tch…I can’t huh . 」

I thought I would take the chance to kiss her, but she bit my lip . It can’t be helped, I’ll enjoy her for a while and try it again after . I lift Catherine up and sit cross-legged, placing her on top of me . In the sitting position, her own weight will place her at the weak point immediately…I can thrust in the deepest . She already realizes my intention and turns her face away, but I match the way she turns so no matter what our gazes will meet .

「Place your hands on my shoulders . 」

Catherine whilst facing me in the sitting position places her hands on my shoulder, she leaves it to me to thrust up like this . In this position I can’t move too intensely but it is perfect for thoroughly enjoying her p.u.s.s.y . I was going to slowly and carefully fix my hips and attack, but again after only a few minutes, she started to convulse .


My stomach got hit with hot splashes . Once again I was sprayed with liquid .

「…why…why am I getting turned on! Why does it feel so good!!」

She shouts frustratingly at her own body . I think that a woman who gets turned on easily can enjoy life . It’s not that I don’t understand how unforgivable it is to be embraced by and to climax by the man who killed your husband, but it is better to make yourself happy rather than the man who is no longer alive .

And then inside of me a little of the dark mischievous spirit starts to grow . I wonder what would happen if I thoroughly attack this woman who gets turned on easily . And there is no reason not to try it .

「Catherine, I’m going to be rough now . 」

「Don’t call my name . It’s fine if you tease me however you want . 」

I hold her thigh and turn it up . It’s a position that I can use my hips to thrust with all my strength . I take the position and move fiercely, hitting the deepest part as if wanting it to cave in . I fix her thighs tightly so she can’t get away . The place where we are joined is making wet noises and flesh slapping sounds . Of course I am also getting large stimulation, but so that I don’t accidentally release I clench my teeth, and shout deeply to distract myself .


「Hiiih!!! Hyaaaa!! Aaaaaaah!! ———-!!!!!」

Her screams are ten times that of mine, at the end it was not a voice but a strange sound that I heard . There were intermittent sprays from her crotch that hit me, her face was warped with pleasure, and her tongue is protruding out . There was a slight wet feeling from her breast and as my gaze lowered I saw that there was breast milk slightly flowing from her nipples . I guess it’s natural for it to come out when she’s in the middle of nursing the baby, but it caused my c.o.c.k to strangely get aroused and get harder and larger than before .

「Oooooh… . 」

At first she would pull back and push my chest with her slim hand, but now she had her hands placed on my shoulder and wanted me to caress her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, lastly she turned her back . I reached climax all of a sudden, the second I thought it was getting bad, my seed flew out . The second my c.o.c.k started pulsing Catherine trembles tremendously, her abdomen started to expand . The hand that was used to reject me was now stroking my hips, while in the middle of ejaculating, as if to thank me .

「Nn… . 」

While it was still firing she drew my mouth to her lips and gave a light peck . She did not lose consciousness but she did not bite me . She lightly traced my lips with her tongue and slipped it into my mouth .


Our lips overlap and the tongue enters . Catherine is no longer resisting and entangles her tongue with mine . While listening to the sounds of our kisses and the sounds of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, as we climbed to the climax she and I enjoy the lingering feelings . Before I knew it, both of Catherine’s hands has overlapped and were gripping mine .

「Do you know other men besides your husband?」

During the sleep after the climax, she is regretting having accepted me, and is using my arm as a pillow .

「Don’t say such stupid things . I was faithful until you raped me . 」

How scandalous . I don’t remember doing something like that . But the answer has come out .

「Your husband wasn’t skilled . It was simply the fact that your body gets turned on easily . 」

「It can’t be possible!」

Catherine bellows, but whether she was aware of it or not she hides her uneasy face . With such a lewd body if I do somewhat unreasonable things it would be alright . I push her from behind and penetrate her .

「Haven’t you already let out enough!? Stop it please! Stop…Don’t make me feel good!!」

After that, I came about 3 times while the number of times Catherine came couldn’t be counted on both her hands and feet . In the end she continued to speak words of denial but her actions did not match at all . She’s saying ‘Stop’ while shaking her hips . She’s saying ‘Enough’ while kissing me repeatedly . She’s saying ‘Help me, don’t f.u.c.k me’ while both her feet are around my waist and coaxing my sperm . With a face that looks like she’s melting, no one would believe that she is being screwed by the enemy of her husband .

And above all, the women I have in my house have persecuted me several times more than this and I have thoroughly brought them to climax regardless, Catherine kept her consciousness till the end . n.o.body could tell who the s.e.xually talented person was .

「Celia, it’s okay now . 」

「Yes, excuse me . 」

Celia wrinkles her face at the offensive smell when she entered the tent, but she quickly recovered her expression . Catherine lost the strength in her hips, and crawled to take back her child, sitting in the corner or the room .

「What about at least wiping down your body, my seed will stick to the baby . 」

Catherine hurriedly wipes the scattered seed with a cloth, and sobs . It seems she wants to make it seem like she wasn’t so indecent earlier .

「It’s a message from the commander . He says that the aftermath will be dealt with by Bruno and the infantry under his command . The other troops will return to the capital tomorrow morning . Get ready . 」

Well, returning to the capital for the sake of the child of the woman who let me have fun, I have to negotiate with the king too . There are 10 days for me to regain my spirit . I will take the reward in advance so I can enjoy it to the fullest .

Until we return to the capital I embraced Catherine every day, and each time she resisted but gave in and reached climax happily .

Catherine’s POV

I want to die . I have never thought of something like this in all my life . My father has been kind to me and the other family members have done well too . The marriage with Cecil was decided by both sides’ parents and I haven’t seen him until the day of the ceremony, but I remember blus.h.i.+ng when I saw his handsome face in the ceremony . I received plenty of a woman’s joy from the first evening, eventually getting pregnant, and a life without inconveniences continued .

But the happiness that I thought would last forever was shattered in an instant . For some reason or another when I thought my father was gathering all the n.o.bles and soldiers the kingdom’s army advanced towards us . When I heard of my brother’s death in battle I cried for a brief moment, the king’s army pushed through to the city, my beloved husband bravely departed for battle, and died not too long later .

I heard from a fl.u.s.tered friend of my father’s that my father has committed the crime of high treason . From there I can’t remember what happened earlier very clearly . This child…for the sake of protecting Rose, I begged with my head to the ground towards the enemy of my husband and the man he spoke to .

I was brought into the man’s tent, and using Rose’s life as a s.h.i.+eld he sought for my body . There’s no way I could refuse . It’s because my life and Rose’s life were in that man’s hands .

At the very least while badmouthing his thing and talking about my husband I could get by being embraced by him but it didn’t go as I wished . The man’s genitals were much larger than that of my husband’s, the shape was also fiendish and hard like steel . He put that overly huge thing in me as if trying to tear me apart, the thing that my husband engraved in me was all gouged out . Finally he e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed so much seed that my womb inflated and you can no longer smell anything but that man’s stench .

It would have been nice if I suffered from the pain . Getting raped, hurt and even getting my body torn apart I have decided to bear with it for Rose’s sake after all . But I was wrong, it felt unbelievably good .

The man said I had a lewd body, but it was because I was embraced by my husband and climaxed that I felt shameful . There is no way that could be! There is no way that I was getting turned on from being embraced by my husband’s enemy and turned my face away, but my body betrayed my heart . The man with his excited muscles, using rough movements, and his ma.s.sive meat stick that seemed like it did not belong to a human, he took my body captive .

Once he started to attack me for real I leaked out moans, and accepted his kiss .

Eventually I stuck to the man’s neck, my hands wrapped around his back, and in the end I remember my entire body clung to the man while I rocked my hips . From the feeling of climax the man blew his seed in me, and I pleaded for his seed to get me pregnant .

Moaning while against the chest of the man who killed my husband as I am brought to climax, I shake my hips as if demanding to get pregnant . I wonder if there is such a slovenly and insane woman .

I am a lewd woman just like the man said . For the ten days before the capital, the man sought my body every day . I resisted each time, but once my switch got flipped my body refused to listen to me, and my v.a.g.i.n.a opened up immediately . I also performed f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o which I haven’t even done for my husband, and while sucking on the breast milk made for my beloved child, the man made my womb accept all of his l.u.s.t . Moreover he never once raped me by force . That made things unnecessarily cruel and depressing .

I must admit it . My body is falling in love with him . Right now I am desperately holding onto my hatred as fuel, but if he continues to tame my body like this my heart will eventually fall .

Originally, I would take a knife to my neck and cut myself to death, but if I die now Rose’s fate will also be sealed . I must stay alive at all costs . And once that child is safe I will end my life, if possible I will never say I get along with that man . I pray that this will happen before my everything belongs to that man .

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