Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 359

Report Chapter

Chapter 359

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–Third Person POV–

Capital: Goldonia .

「Here is the report for the regularly scheduled communications . 」

「You can leave it there . 」

Rebecca replies to her female subordinate without looking .

She has too much information to deal with and doesn’t have enough time to check .

「Can I help with anything?」

「…… if you open that envelope, you’re finished . 」

The subordinate returns the doc.u.ment to its original place with a trembling hand .

Although she is also an information officer, she can not touch any information she is not responsible for .

Rebecca and the king are the only people who can make that decision .

The female wipes the sweat from her face with a handkerchief and then takes out a different doc.u.ment .

「Here is the irregular information of the South Yuguria Empire . 」

Rebecca’s hand stops working .

「I’ll look at that first . You’re in charge of this, aren’t you . 」

Rebecca scans the doc.u.ment and sighs .

「……twelve spies were sent and in one month five of them died, while four have not been heard from . 」

「That Foula was also found with her throat cut in a cheap inn in Alteria . It’s a common end for prost.i.tutes…… but the report noted that the slit was clean . 」

Rebecca is at her wits’ end .

Foula, disguised as a prost.i.tute, used her body countless times to attain important information from big name merchants and n.o.bles, and was the most competent subordinate for Rebecca .

Rebecca trusted Foula’s skill to bring something back, but she ended up as a corpse without learning anything .

「So they have a strict counterespionage system……and this is-」

「The individuals suspected of being South Yuguria spies discovered in Goldonia . Three have already been dealt with, two have been arrested, four have been deliberately released . New spies are being found every week . 」

Rebecca sighs as she maintains a cold stare .

「In reality, they have spread their roots several times more than this . 」

That was when another information officer bursts into the room .

「Emergency report! I have been informed that a certain organization is planning an attack on His Majesty!」

Rebecca stands up unconsciously, though she sits back down after listening to the report .

「Nationalist? Aah, that group of gossipers…… playing at being an organization, but I guess anybody can conspire to attack . 」

It isn’t a hidden fact that the king has gone on vacation, besides security is also tight .

If it was a scheme made by ministers or great feudal lords, that would be treated more seriously, however nothing can be done for the fruitless arguments of a puny organization in a bas.e.m.e.nt .

「With that said, the repercussions could trouble the guards . We should investigate further . 」

Rebecca takes a sip of her tea and a.s.signs a few subordinates to look into the nationalist faction as a precaution .

Every time one of her subordinates came back, her face turned more pale .

And then the last person came back .

「Send word to His Majesty right away―― no, I will go!」

Rebecca dashes out of the office .

She slips when turning the corner and crashes into the wall, but recovers and jumps on her horse, cursing under her breath as she does so .

Resort Area – House Along the Lake .

「Aah, Your Majesty!」


The figures of a man and a woman are vigorously b.u.mping together in a certain house beside the beautiful lakesh.o.r.e .

The figures’ motions were large at first, then they stopped moving, and eventually they make tiny movements as if they were twitching .

The male figure exhaled and then rolled onto the bed .

When the female figure rested her head on the male’s chest, the male figure quickly embraced her .

「You were great, Rosario . 」

「Your Majesty was the impressive one . I thought I was going to fall apart from the pleasure . 」

Rosario is breathing heavily and even has tears in her eyes as she caresses the king’s chest .

Feeling content from seeing her condition, the king brushes her cheek and hair while kissing her repeatedly .

「You are compatible with me . I also felt heavenly pleasure…… more importantly, I’ve told you you to call me by name when we’re alone . 」

The king seems slightly displeased as he plants kisses on Rosario’s nape .

「Someone like me is not worthy to call Your Majesty by name . Aah, my neck……」

Rosario protests, although the king continues kissing her, saying he won’t stop until she uses his name .

「Now say it, say my name . 」

「Aah, Your Majesty, making so much noise as you suck on me…… aah!」

The king stops kissing and peers into Rosario’s eyes .

She closes her eyes apologetically, lowers her head, and calls the king by name in a faint whispering voice .

「Rosario…… my beloved Rosario!」

The king turns Rosario onto her stomach and presses himself on top of her .

However she makes a troubled face .

「We don’t have any time left . Didn’t you promise to eat lunch with the feudal lord?」

A sour mood instantly washes over the king’s face as he reluctantly separates from her body .

「……I did . He said he was preparing some ridiculous reception . 」

The local feudal lord――Baron Whoun, did his best to accommodate this vacation .

Roads and houses along the simply breathtaking lakesh.o.r.e were serviced, and a path was cut open in the woods to allow guards to be deployed .

Ignoring the reception was something he couldn’t do .

「Please treasure all your subordinates more than someone like me . I will be waiting here enveloped in Your Majesty’s lingering scent . 」

Rosario turns her eyes up at the standing king .

That proved effective in loosening the king’s unhappy expression .

「I will return after taking care of business quickly . Will you be lonely?」

「I I will wait for you no matter what…… except-」

Rosario hides her face shyly .

「I’m sure plenty of beauties will be attending the reception . I worry that Your Majesty will grow bored of someone as shabby as me after seeing them . 」

The king hugs Rosario tightly .

「Don’t be silly, no woman can compare to you . I won’t cheat with another . 」

Rosario’s moist eyes stare longingly at the king .

「A man as great as Your Majesty should not be concerned with a lowly person like me . Feel free to entertain yourself with any number of exquisite women . ……if you could also spare some time to show me affection, that would mean the world to me . 」

Unable to bear Rosario’s admirable words, the king kisses her .

「Rosario, will you bear my child?」

Rosario couldn’t hide her shock .

「Eh!? I-I couldn’t . A vulgar woman like me will only pollute the high cla.s.s blood of Your Majesty!」

The king pushes Rosario onto the bed and holds her down .

「You’re still saying such silly things . I don’t want any other woman to bear my child . Of course, I won’t force you……」

The king trails off suddenly and looks at Rosario’s face .

His eyes reflected a fear of rejection .

Rosario places her hand softly on the king’s face .

「It is an unexpected honor to be offered the chance to receive Your Majesty’s seed . If you have a child with a lover like me, I’m concerned Your Majesty’s dignity will be negatively affected . 」

The king regains his vigor, seeing as he wasn’t rejected .

「If my dignity will be hurt from impregnating the woman I love, then I don’t need it in the first place . And there is one more thing you are mistaken about . I do not intend to let you bear my child as a lover . ……you will become my queen and bear my child . 」


Rosario’s hand covers her mouth and her eyes widen as she couldn’t believe what she just heard .


「With all due respect, differing social standings is forbidden . 」

When the king jokingly teases, Rosario becomes troubled and stays silent .

「Fufufu, when we get back from the trip, I will announce it publicly . By that time……」

The king rubs Rosario’s abdomen .

「My child will be inside here . 」

「Oh my . 」

Feeling Rosario’s body temperature rise, the king starts to put his clothes back on in a content mood .

「We will begin tonight . You can get rid of all contraception . 」

「……an incompetent being like me is still reeling from what Your Majesty said, however I will resolve myself before your return . 」

Rosario descends from the bed, prostrates on the floor, and sends the king off, all while still naked .

With a satisfied smile, the king walks off to Whoun’s residence .

Naturally, most of his guards accompanied him .

Rosario simply watched the king leave without any particular expression on her face .

「His Majesty is leaving right on schedule . 」

「Incredible……everything from the guards to the patrol cycle is just as it is written . 」

The nationalists surveilling the house from the woods near the lake could not suppress their growing feelings of excitement .

Normally, all places which overlook the house are heavily monitored by guards .

However there was an empty s.p.a.ce which opened up in the supposedly tight security where the nationalists are hiding right now .

「The guards are leaving with His Majesty . 」

「It’s good they’re following the plan…… it would be bad if His Majesty got hurt by chance . 」

「We can’t let anything happen to His Majesty . Guards, do your job . 」

The party salutes to the king .

In no way do the nationalists want to harm the king nor do they want to turn the country upside down .

Their sole objective is the enchantress left in the house .

「It’s fine to be patriotic, but don’t forget the most important part . 」

Men with visibly trained bodies and sharp eyes gaze annoyingly as they are given a reminder .

「It’s natural to pay respect to His Majesty as his subjects…… although now it is your turn . Do the work you were paid for . 」

These men are mercenaries, more specifically first rate mercenaries hired with an exorbitant sum of money .

「Security has become lax . 」

With most the bodyguards on the perimeter following the king, it was an obvious result .

The few remaining soldiers posted around the house are keeping watch so no intruders get inside, though they have clearly lost a sense of urgency .

Protecting the king is their duty, so they unconsciously relaxed when he left .

「It’s about time . 」

At the same time as the mercenary’s words, a shout was heard from nearby .

「Intruder! He’s holding a sword!」

「Don’t let him get away!」

The nationalists seem nervous while the mercenaries remain hidden with a composed expression on their faces .

Guards can be seen running in the exact opposite direction of where the party was hiding .

「Oh no, they found usー」

「Uwaaー run awayー」

When the intruders who appeared were noticed, they tossed their swords and ran as fast as they could .

「Kukuku, not many people can catch up those racers . Especially in the woods . 」

The captain of the mercenaries chuckles as he watches .

Those intruders who were initially spotted are individuals with a talent for running fast and meant to be decoys .

As antic.i.p.ated, the already few soldiers run into the woods to chase the racers .

「Let’s go . 」

The nationalists and mercenaries jump out of the woods with weapons in their hands .

「T-they’re coming from this way too!」

A mercenary stabs the guard who quickly readies his sword .


Another soldier on the path gets shot down with a bolt from a crossbow .

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Despite being the finest selection of elites, factors such as having a majority of the guards leave, relaxing after the king walked away, getting ambushed, and the opponents being mercenaries who are elite themselves, contributed to the guards around the house being defeated one by one .

「Your Majesty, you must not cry for someone like me . The attackers also spared my life . ……although I’m unable to see Your Majesty’s face again, it might have been something I deserved . 」

The king does not let the eyes of his guards affect him as he sobs and embraces Rosario even tighter .

「Y-your Majesty, I don’t know how I can apologize for this great blunder……」

The trembling yet pretty voice belonged to Rebecca .

She managed to meet up with the king on his way to the reception after she ran as fast as she could with urgent news .

After hearing Rebecca’s report, he left his carriage, jumped on a horse, and rushed back to the house .

That was the miscalculation made by the nationalist party .

「Your Majesty――」

Turning around violently with wide eyes, the king swings his fist at Rebecca, sending her flying back to the wall of the house .


Rebecca sinks to the floor after getting punched in the face, and then the king grabs her collar .

Not matching his rough treatment, the king speaks in tears, his voice feeble and broken almost like a young child .

「Good thing…… they used fists…… not a sword…… that’s why Rosario…… is still alive . 」

At the end of his sentence, he slowly and awkwardly lets go of Rebecca’s collars, letting her fall back down on her b.u.m .

Seeing the doctor put Rosario to bed, the king’s agitation subsides and he gives a command to Rebecca while taking deep breaths .

「Don’t let the attackers get away . 」

「O-of course not . Their ident.i.ties have been revealed――」

Rebecca’s response goes unheard by the king .

「Their family and followers, anyone they are close to, suspects or not, capture them all by any means necessary and then kill them all . 」

「Your Majesty――」

Once again, Rebecca’s words get ignored by the king .

「Don’t let anybody who helped escape either . If you have even a shred of doubt, I don’t care if it’s a minister or a great feudal lord or an army commander, kill them all . 」


n.o.body’s words can reach the king .

「Gather all the troops of the kingdom in the capital . I will personally pa.s.s down judgement on the traitors . My Rosario…… my poor, innocent Rosario . I’ll send the sc.u.m who beat her and stole the light from her eyes to h.e.l.l!」

Suddenly the king raises his head as if a thought dawned on him .

「That’s right…… those guys were aiming for when I was away…… in other words, the culprit is somebody who knows my schedule . 」

The king glares in the direction of the feudal lord’s mansion he was heading towards earlier .

「He must have leaked the information to the attackers . I’m sure of it . 」

Drawing his sword, the king makes his way to the feudal lord’s residence .

「H-hey . Is this a good idea?」

「It’s an order from His Majesty . 」

Orders from the king are absolute, leaving no choice for the guards to act otherwise .

Their ranks are arranged in preparation for an attack .

「Please wait, Your Majesty . Baron Whoun has no reason to target Rosario-sama . Supposing he was the one who leaked the information, this method is too ill-prepared for someone like him…… I strongly believe the culprits are unrelated to him . 」

Rebecca prays she wouldn’t get cut and closes her eyes as she advises the king .

Contrary to her fears, the king did not take out his anger on her .

「Then that’s fine . I said it, didn’t I?」

The order to attack was given by the king and the guards commence their advance .

「Kill every suspect . I would rather kill a hundred falsely accused people than let a single sinner escape . 」

Rebecca didn’t say anything more .

「Kill everyone in Baron Whoun’s mansion! Disembowel the sick and young as well . 」

The king’s eyes, reddened from all the crying, are now burning with fervor as he gives orders .

n.o.body shares their opinion henceforth .

「Today’s incident will likely be recorded in the history books and remembered for a thousand years…… named “The Rosario Incident” . It would be nice if this does not spell the end of the kingdom of Goldonia . 」

The hustle and bustle of the attack continues .

Baron Whoun was probably killed without knowing what was going on .

「You’re in a pinch too . 」

Calling all armies to the capital means no reinforcements will be sent to Libatis .

Even the Military Commissioner didn’t think he could convince the king in his current mental state .

「If we can safely meet up again, let us drink ourselves silly together . ……I can imagine what would happen when you wake up though . 」

Rebecca deliberately imagines a ridiculous situation as she rides her horse .

All to become the protagonist of a gruesome story about to unfold in the capital .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Winter . Wartime .

Libatis Reinforcement Army Supreme Commander

Subordinate Squad:

Goldonia Royal Army – Seventh Division Army Corps

Infantry: 7500

Archers: 1400

Cavalry: 1600

Hardlett Army

Bow Cavalry: 3700

Escort: 170

Chariots: 70

(wounded soldiers returned, heavily wounded sent home)

Subordinates: Leopolt (staff officer), Celia (reputation check), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)

Gido (cheating), Pipi (Pochi rider), Pochi (lizard), Sekrit (temporary squad member)

Suzy (being supported), Marta (attendant), Keith (corps commander)

Current Location: Tortoent (completely surrounded)

Achievements: Defeated siege army, Successful defense of Melisbark, Defeated magic squad

a.s.sets: 2050 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 585, children who have been born: 68 + 565 fish

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