Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 355

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Chapter 355

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–Aegir POV–

The sun has risen completely at this point, extending its rays into the tent .

Of course that is to be expected when it’s already daytime .

「――――our attack at dawn is progressing in our absolute advantage, the enemy army has undone their encirclement of Melisbark and they’ve started to retreat . 」


I nod in response to Leopolt’s report .

No, I can’t tell if I actually nodded or not .

「Having suffered major casualties, they probably determined it to be impossible to continue surrounding us . I believe they returned to the fort 20 km west of Melisbark and will need some time before they can attack again . We can say that our defense is successful . 」

「Is that so……」

I managed to speak up this time .

「Our side also has many fatigued and deceased soldiers, plus the enemy’s presence is unknown, so we did not give chase . 」

「Mm . 」

I give another unenthusiastic reply .

「That is all . Now then, I will return to reorganizing the army . 」

He probably never paid attention to my reaction in the first place, giving a report only because he felt it was his duty .

After bowing his head, Leopolt turned his heel and left .

Words of thanks didn’t leave my mouth as my gaze moved back to the bed .

「Myla…… why did this happen?」

I stroke her face, but her eyes don’t open .

「What were my arms doing? How come my legs couldn’t run faster? Why didn’t I shout louder?」

It’s pointless to be frustrated over something that has already happened and blaming myself is the height of foolishness .

I couldn’t do anything in that scenario .

I understand that, yet I can’t help cursing myself for it .

「If only I was at her side…… s.h.i.+t……」

My right hand b.a.l.l.s up into a fist and I clench tightly . I squeezed so hard that my skin tears and blood drips out .

My left hand holds on to her hand, although the strength of my grip doesn’t generate any response from her at all .

Feeling anxious, I frantically put my ear to her chest .

「……fuu . 」

I can hear her heart still beating .

While I’m relieved she’s alive, the sound was pretty weak .

At that time, Myla was slashed in the neck and she fell off her horse .

When I ran to her, she muttered the single word “sorry” while holding her wound before pa.s.sing out not long later .

Blood was leaking like a fountain and a puddle was left on the ground in no time .

I shouted for first aid and the medic to come immediately…… I don’t really remember much after that .

The worse case kept replaying in my head, even as Myla was getting treatment from the best medicine and doctor we have, narrowly escaping death .

Still, she hasn’t regained consciousness .

「Lord Hardlett……」

I didn’t notice the royal army medic beside me .

I quickly vacate the s.p.a.ce by the bed to allow the doctor to approach .

My presence won’t be useful, especially when I can only spew idle chatter .

I’m not going to hinder the doctor .

「Doctor, how is Myla doing? Is she okay? Will she wake up?」

The medic takes her pulse and nods .

He doesn’t have a gloomy face nor a smile .

「I cannot say for certain either . Lady Hyuutia’s artery was cut and she lost a lot of blood . If we were one minute late, she might not have been saved . 」

Dragon’s blood was used on Myla .

Although it is already scarce, I shudder at the thought of not bringing it .

「The wound has closed now, I just believe she lost too much blood . She doesn’t have enough stamina to wake up…… thankfully Lady Hyuutia was smart enough to put pressure on the wound……」

Blood was literally gus.h.i.+ng out like a fountain when Myla lost consciousness .

I tried desperately to press down on her neck, but the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out .

「So…… is she going to die? Will she open her eyes eventually?」

「You can curse my incompetence…… I don’t know . I haven’t known anyone who survived after their artery was cut . I just know that we can only keep the cold body warm and wait . 」

「Understood…… thank you . 」

The doctor wraps a towel warmed with steam around Myla’s naked body .

I won’t mess around unnecessarily so I take my leave after giving her head one last pat .


Celia and the others were waiting outside the tent .

Everyone is worried about Myla too .

「She’s still asleep . The doctor doesn’t know what will happen either . 」

I sigh as I rub Celia’s and Irijina’s a.s.s .

My intentions are pure this time as I just want to distract myself from getting irritated at my powerlessness .

「I see…… anyways, Aegir-sama should rest too . You went pretty wild so your body should be quite exhausted . I prepared some hot soup for you too . 」

Celia hands me a wooden bowl filled with soup .

That reminds me, I haven’t eaten anything since last night .

Under the cold winter sky, I sit on a wood crate left by the enemy and put my lips to the vessel .

The well-salted soup permeates my empty stomach .

「Aegir-sama was amazing last night . I think we can say Aegir-sama single-handedly defeated the enemy on the hill . 」

Celia is trying her best to talk me out of my depressed mood .

Irijina is offering me her a.s.s too .

I start remembering bits and pieces of what happened .

After Myla fell down from her horse, a cavalry from their rearguard ran in to finish her off .

「Aegir-sama picked up that cavalry, horse and rider, and slammed them to the ground . It looked easy for you even though they weighed hundreds of kilograms altogether . 」

My sense of reason flew out the window at that point .

I probably also roared like an orc or something similar .

Irijina barked at me when I was about to run to Myla’s side .

「Myla-dono won’t get better even if Hardlett-dono is with her! We should win as soon as possible and get her treated!!」

I think that’s how it went .

Her voice snapped me back to reality and I charged at the enemy instead .

「That was such an unbelievable sight! You swung that longsword like a d.a.m.n tornado! Arrows and bolts didn’t make you cry out in pain, let alone slow you down . 」

I didn’t feel any pain at that time . All I felt were soft impacts as my body was. .h.i.t .

The wounds are throbbing with pain now though .

「You were scattering the soldiers in your way, and that knight who found an opening――」

「His head was crushed through his helmet by your bare hands . Both sides were in shock . 」

I did something like that?

Irijina and Celia smile awkwardly .

Although the girls are worried about Myla, they force themselves to smile for my sake .

To save Myla, all I could think of was to kill all the enemies in front of me to end the battle quicker .

「That was only the beginning . You were even more reckless since you dived right in the middle of the enemy army . 」

Sekrit takes a seat on a rock next to me .

Now that I think about it, she was always in the corner of my eye .

So she was even protecting my back during my rampaging?

「You dropped your sword once after getting hit by an enemy’s attack, don’t you remember?」

I vaguely remember .

「You didn’t draw the sword on your hip so I thought I could provide backup…… however, it wasn’t necessary . 」

Sekrit chuckles and continues the story .

「I didn’t think you would dismantle armored soldiers without a weapon . That was really beyond my expectations . Do you remember? You ripped open someone’s stomach with your bare hands and tore out his intestines . 」

You’re joking .

「When you grabbed a knight’s neck and yanked out his spine as you pulled off his head, that really sent s.h.i.+vers down my back . The South Yuguria soldiers were left flabbergasted and ran away . 」

「What the heck are you talking about? What kind of monster does that?」

Sekrit must be taking advantage of my hazy memories and half exaggerating what actually happened .

She’s arguing with Celia now .

Thankfully Irijina is here to stop them .


「……wahaha . 」

Why are even you two getting quiet?

「A-anyways, Aegir-sama’s efforts caused the enemy to fall into a panic situation and our allies felt strongly urged to attack ferociously . According to Leopolt-san, we took over the hill as planned in a more than timely manner . 」

「Pipi and Pochi also followed after Hardlett-dono! I think lizards are rare in South Yuguria because the soldiers were pretty riled when they saw it! All of them dropped their weapons and ran when it blew out fire!!」

I’m sure they were surprised when a lizard flew in the sky and breathed flames .

That’s good and all, but deny that exaggerated story just now .

「L-lord Hardlett!! Everyone, salute!」

「Don’t move an inch . Your guts will be torn out!」

「Don’t look him in the eyes! Your spine will get ripped out!」

Soldiers I pa.s.sed by stand at attention .

Let’s not think about what was said .

「I do have one concern . Did I kill any women during my rampage?」

I want to believe that I didn’t even though my sense of reasoning was gone during that time .

「Three of them went up against you and were eventually made into prisoners safely . 」

「……it’s surprising that you won’t lay hands on women even while in such a wild state . 」

「Wahaha! That’s what Hardlett-dono is known for!」

I’m glad .

「Thanks . I think I’m feeling better . 」

「Myla-san will surely recover . 」

「Myla-dono is strong after all! She will absolutely make a come back!」

「Well, if she lives, she lives . 」

I ruffle Celia’s hair, then rub Irijina’s and Sekrit’s a.s.s, and go back one more time to check on Myla .

――A Few Hours Later .

While Myla was still sleeping and we were reorganizing the troops and dealing with the aftermath of the hard battle, we received a message from Tortoent, the capital city of Libatis .

“We want the reinforcements from Goldonia to return to Tortoent . A different unit will be dispatched to Melisbark . ”

That’s what it said .

「Well, we are reinforcements for Libatis and not the defense brigade for Melisbark after all . 」

「The strategy here is correct . Besides, our formation which excels in field battle being pulled into a siege defense was merely an emergency stopgap . Now that we have repelled the enemy, it is standard procedure to send a squad composed mainly of infantry to defend the city . 」

With that said, it still feels strange to leave the city we defended to the point that Myla got badly injured just like that .

I’m sure the mayor got the same notice .

I can hear his voice coming from outside the headquarters building .

「Ooh, finally withdrawing? d.a.m.n Goldonian army, destroying houses, the gate and even setting the walls ablaze…… I was feeling uneasy whether they would end up destroying the entire city . I can relax knowing the army of my own country, that understands common sense, is coming . 」

That guy, who did he think Myla got hurt for?

When I promptly stand up, Celia and Marta turn pale .

「I also feel as angry as you do, however punching him will make the situation worse!」

「Please refrain from doing anything ras.h.!.+ Take out your anger on me!」

Celia and Marta cling to each of my arms, and for some reason Irijina frantically locks my neck in her arms from behind .

I can easily shake them off, but I might hurt them .

「Chief, calm down! Pipi, help out too . 」

「I got it! The chief calms down when this place is rubbed . 」

Pipi and Luna strokes my crotch over my pants .

I feel my anger subside a little .

「……we’re moving out . Let’s get the h.e.l.l out of this d.a.m.n city . 」

I’m not coming here again .

No, I’ll borrow the toilet of the major’s house .

Then I’ll take a fat dump and leave it floating in his toilet .

When I kick the door open, it makes the mayor and his aides flinch .

「We will be leaving this city at the request of Libatis . Thanks for your accommodation . 」

My expression and words probably don’t match up .

「Looks like Myla isn’t going to be repaid . 」

Sekrit said something unnecessary things into my ear .

Bloodl.u.s.t oozes from my entire body, causing the mayor to trip over himself and fall down .

I didn’t touch him so it should be fine .

「T-the sending off of troops will……」

「No need . If you’ll excuse me . 」

I don’t need any further salutations .

Myla’s condition is more important .

「What rude people…… hey you, bring me a change of pants . 」


The road back to Tortoent doesn’t worry me .

With how maintained the path is, bandits and monsters are practically nonexistent, plus the enemy won’t be there .

「I’m counting on you . Let me know if there are any changes . 」

「Yes, as you wish . 」

I’m bringing along Myla who still hasn’t woken up yet .

It’s probably better not to move her, however I can’t imagine leaving her in Melisbark .

I just packed the carriage full of as many cus.h.i.+ons as possible so the entire thing is like a comfy bed .

I also have a rotation of doctors to keep their eyes on her .

Although that might hinder the treatment of other injured soldiers, it goes without saying that Myla is my first priority .

I will also keep watch when I’m awake, and then move to a different carriage when it’s time to sleep .

The doctors will likely feel strangely timid if I’m sleeping by her side .

Myla getting better is more important than my personal feelings .

I open the window before I sleep so I can wake up as soon as the morning sun hits me .

n.o.body is here with me .

I close my eyes, thinking to myself I have to go to sleep quickly and then wake up quickly .

My consciousness fades…… then I’m brought to my senses by a certain stimulation .


「Yes . 」

Marta has pulled down my pants and is rubbing my rod .

「Sorry, I don’t feel in the mood right now . Maybe later . 」

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth .

「No, it has to be now . Embrace me, force yourself if you have to . 」

Marta firmly a.s.serts herself and then puts her little mouth on my d.i.c.k .

Her tiny tongue tickles the edge of the tip, however the sensation doesn’t get me erect .

「I can’t concentrate because I’m worried about Myla . Can’t you see?」

I’m not in the mood, so I probably can’t please any woman either .

That would be bad for everybody .

「Master, please listen . 」

Marta climbs on top of me, puts my soft d.i.c.k between her thighs and rocks her body as she places her hand on my face .

「What if Master was the one who got injured in battle? It would be a very unpredictable situation . 」

I would prefer that .

If I was hurt instead, I could persist .

「If Myla-sama felt down on herself…… not eating or sleeping, how would you feel?」


I would feel proud that she worries and thinks so deeply about me that that would happen .

Nevertheless, I won’t be too happy .

I want her to eat and sleep and stay healthy without caring too much .

I would love it if the first thing I see when I wake up is her cheerful smile .

「Exactly right . No woman will be pleased to know their beloved is depressed . It should be no different for Myla-sama . Wait for her to get better by doing what you normally do . 」

Marta begins to rub my d.i.c.k with the entrance of her v.a.g.i.n.a .

Marta’s right .

I was prioritizing Myla while not considering her feelings .

Before she lost consciousness, what did she say?

It was “sorry” .

She thinks it’s her fault for causing trouble .

If she wakes up and sees me moping, she’s going to blame herself .

In that case, I’ll live normally and greet her with a big hug and smile when she opens her eyes .

「You’re right . Absolutely right . 」

I wrap my arms around Marta to express my thanks .

Some doubt still remains in my heart .

「I’ve been eating and sleeping though . 」

「Master hasn’t slept with a woman since the fight though . Having s.e.x is like breathing when it comes to master . It isn’t on the same level as eating and sleeping . 」

I see, so that’s it .

「So please feel free…… embrace me however you wish . Be it rough or painful, f.u.c.k lots and return to being the usual master . 」

Marta rolls over and spreads her p.u.s.s.y apart with her fingers .

I don’t say anything more and press my d.i.c.k against the entrance of her hole .


Marta lets out a short gasp .

But a bitter smile appears on my face .

「How pathetic of me . I was saying how I’ll act like normal and yet I can’t get my d.i.c.k hard…… it’s like I’m a coward with a small p.e.c.k.e.r, so laughable . 」

I allow Marta to see the visibly smaller p.e.n.i.s while I mock myself .

It’s only as big as that even with all that stimulation, I just want to cry .

「Regardless, it’s still about 40 cm…… sufficient for my p.u.s.s.y . Don’t worry too much and enjoy yourself . 」

Marta shows me an angelic smile .

Despite being aware that she’s flattering me, I still feel happier, and I shove my unsightly d.i.c.k into her hole .

「Ahiiiih! It truly is big, way too big!! It’s grinding deep inside me!」

Marta throws her head back and screams in pleasure .

A d.i.c.k that small shouldn’t be enough to satisfy her so she’s likely being considerate of my feelings .

「Being softer, it’s rubbing against more places, so good! No, no more, I’m c.u.mming――!!」

Marta wraps her legs around my waist as her insides start convulsing .

Of course, such a d.i.c.klet can’t make a girl c.u.m so easily .

She’s acting to make me feel better .

I at least have to make her feel satisfied now that I’m f.u.c.king her .

To make up for my lack of size, I ram further in with more force .

「S-so deep! The back! Nnhiiiih――!! Aooooh――!! Not gooood!!」

A gush of liquid squirts out from Marta’s crotch and Marta clings tightly to my body with all her limbs .

I’m grateful that she even squirted for me . In response, I’ll maintain the same pace and continue swinging my hips .

One Hour Later .

I’ve been pounding Marta this whole time and I don’t feel like c.u.mming any time soon .

Am I impotent on top of being small? How pathetic can I get?

「Sorry, this isn’t going too well for me . 」

「Aaaaaaah! Hiiiiiih! You’re going to keep thrusting!!?」

Two Hours Later .

I’m still using my limp d.i.c.k to f.u.c.k Marta .

She’s starting to get bored as fewer words are coming out .

「You don’t have to force yourself . If it doesn’t feel good, you can stay quiet . 」

「…… nhiiih…… aauu…… my consciousness…… dying……」

Three Hours Later .

I haven’t e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed yet .

Even so, I suck on her small b.o.o.bs while rocking my hips .

As long as I’m me, I have to answer Marta’s thoughtfulness .

「Hmp! Hmp! Hmph!」

「Can’t…… hold on…… thank…… you…… for everything…… gah . 」

And then it happened .

「Lord Hardlett!! Lady Hyuutia has regained consciousness!」

That’s the doctor’s voice .

I pause for a second and I realize the meaning of his words .

「Myla’s has woken up!? Uoooooh!!」

「Eh? Wai-…… waaaaaah!!」

My once small d.i.c.k is growing back to its usual size and stretching Marta’s insides .

It’s also instantly become as hard as steel .

Marta’s hips raise up in the air .

Spurts of liquid jet out from her crotch and her eyes roll back, but there’s no need for her to keep up the act .

「Thanks Marta . Because of you, now I can greet Myla with a smile . 」

I swiftly pull out my d.i.c.k and give Marta a kiss before flying over to Myla’s carriage .

「Hooeh…… aahe…… fueh…… I’m…… going…… to die…… gagh . 」

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Marta seems to be doing water tricks on the bed, except now is not the time to worry about that .

He looks over the doc.u.ment which they handed to him .

「……judging based on what I can see, both sides have suffered equal losses, though if we consider the total amount of forces held by the enemy, they should still be in good shape . Doesn’t it seem like they decided to retreat spontaneously rather than being driven off?」

Brian and Jim both scowl .

A slight twitch of David’s brow disrupted his stone-faced expression . He still isn’t good enough .

「The eastern army retreated unscathed . If the enemy really suffered a serious blow, then wouldn’t the eastern army move towards the southern army to provide reinforcements? Purely retreating is an order which doesn’t make much sense . 」

「A battle cannot be gauged simply by the number of losses! It’s possible for an army to be routed and only suffer a small number of casualties!」

Jim rebuts .

Fufufu, talking to Leopolt can be frustrating, right?

When I argue with him, it always feels bad, but when other people do it, it’s pretty funny .

「I don’t believe they’re that weak of enemy to retreat after minor damage . The likelihood of the enemy retreating so they can reserve their strength is pretty big . Isn’t it premature to challenge them in a battle with all our forces?」

Leopolt and David talked about something after that too .

Secretary Brian closed his eyes and folded his arms .

「Our initial plan was to take the supply base Ilkstar after stopping the enemy’s advance . Why did we suddenly switch to attacking the enemy’s main force?」

「War is about momentum――」

Brian holds Jim back and then speaks up .

「Leopolt-dono, Commander Hardlett, I understand what you’re trying to say . But I want the discussion to be about the contents of the strategy . The merits of executing the strategy…… have already been determined by the President . 」

「Haah . 」

So he’s saying that the “King” has already given his orders .

「Well, we still have time to get ready . Why don’t we use today to accept our situation and deepen our friends.h.i.+p?」

Brian offers me a gla.s.s of expensive-looking wine, then whispers in my ear .

「The President…… no, the people of Libatis want a quick resolution . If war ravages our land, our economy will decline . Soldiers like us are here to serve the citizens and their representative, so we have no choice but to give our all . 」

He has it rough .

I guess it’s pretty much the same everywhere you go .

If the King decides something, I have to obey .

Thinking about it that way makes me feel annoyed .

「Besides, the President and I have…… no, I apologize for my slip of the tongue . Pretend you didn’t hear anything . 」

Brian smiles sheepishly .

I can see an inexplicable unease behind that expression of his .

「We’re ultimately reinforcements after all . 」

We’ll leave the fundamental strategy to them .

If things go wrong, we could always run .

I’ll talk to Leopolt about it later .

And so everyone was treated to drinks to celebrate our successful defense .

「Aegir-sama, this is pretty delicious . 」

「You drank it all already? It’s good, but it’s also pretty strong so you might wet yourself if you’re not careful . 」

When I pat the red-faced Celia, she wobbles unsteadily .


Jim is looking suspiciously at me, but I don’t pay him any attention .

「Pardon me master, would you allow me to refill your gla.s.s?」

Marta blushes and pours me more alcohol .

Being my attendant, she naturally hasn’t drank .

Apparently, that day Marta was unconscious for the whole day while Myla was left alone in the confusion of the moment .

According to her, she climaxed nearly a hundred times and turns red just by getting close to me .

「It doesn’t seem like he’s forcing them in any way…… umumu . 」

Jim is muttering something to himself .


I hear a voice from outside of the room .

When I open the door, I see Myla standing up with support from Luna .

She’s trying her best to stand up straight even though her legs can’t hold her body up .

Her strength hasn’t completely returned yet .

「Hey dummy, you’re supposed to be sleeping . 」

I quickly run over to Myla and prop her arm up on my shoulder .

「I heard you were having a joint war council so I thought it would be polite to at least show up,」

「Your health is more important than that!」

I pick Myla up and gently rest her on a chair .

「I-I apologize for showing this pathetic side of me . 」

「Do not taint your honor . Please conduct yourself confidently . 」

I follow up when Myla lowers her head to the members of Libatis .

If anyone has complaints, I’ll gladly give them an earful .

「You’ll catch a cold if you only wear your uniform . Here, I’ll lend you my cloak . 」

I take off my cloak and wrap it carefully around Myla .

Although her mouth is expressing her discretion, she allows herself to be covered .

「Umumu…… am I misunderstanding something here……?」

Jim is once again mumbling something, which I choose not to pay attention to because Myla is way more precious to me .

「Now then, Commander Hardlett . 」

Brian is smiling cheerfully now, unlike before .

「Since you will be partic.i.p.ating in our operation, we need to improve our cooperation . I want to leave an officer with you to act as a liaison . 」

That makes sense .

It’s necessary for us to have someone to communicate with who has the knowledge of both sides .

「The officer in question may be a fresh recruit from the academy, but has shown outstanding results . Let me introduce you . 」

Hmm, a talented student huh? An overly diligent and boring guy is probably going to show up .

He’ll say “that isn’t written in the textbook”, or something along those lines .

The door opens and the officer steps in .

The officer is standing 160 cm tall and has long blonde hair which dances in the wind .

Fitted neatly on the officer’s body is a brand new military uniform―― which doesn’t seem like it has been worn at all .


Celia lets out a weird gasp .

Decorating the officer’s face are pretty green eyes, long eyelashes and lips painted with a vivid pink lipstick .


Myla also seems shocked .

The liaison officer stands in front of me and takes a deep breath .

「My name is Suzy~ Nice to meet you~ Chuu……nfu . 」

She stretches out the end of her sentences and blows a kiss at me to finish her greeting .

「Wh-wawawa . 」

Marta’s dumbfounded too .

「Hey, this is totally different than what’s written . Who is this?」

「The name and registered number matches though . She is the correct person……」

Brian and David whisper to each other .

「I’m not good at doing difficult things~, but I’ll give it my all~, so please treat me kindly~」

The girl named Suzy twists her body as she speaks, gives my chest a little poke with her finger, then says “oh my, what amazing muscles~ ahahaha~”, giggling playfully .

「T-this girl……」

「How rude……」

「If only I was in better shape, I would take her down!」

Celia and Marta both turn red for a different reason .

Myla tries hard to stand on her wobbly legs .

I give Suzy a once-over before clearing my throat in preparation to say something .

Brian and David, and even Jim, tilt their heads curiously .

「You’re called Suzy, right?」

「That’s right~」

She smiles, tapping my abs lightly .

My eyes dart open and fixate on her as I declare .

「The pleasure is mine . Aah, it is such an honor to work with a beauty like you . 」

「Ahaha, I get that a lot~」


I hear the girls groan disapprovingly .

She behaves impolite enough that it’s obvious to me and she doesn’t seem like she can do any work .

It can’t be helped .

Suzy is an eye-catching beauty and more importantly I can see the valley of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s from the gap in her military uniform .

Not to mention she made her skirt extra short so her thick thighs are showing and the shape of her tight a.s.s is visible through her clothes .

Who cares if she can’t work .

Someone else can work harder to make up for it .

「How kind~ Men are pretty lovely~」

Suzy smiles as she holds an upward gaze toward me .

「Yeah . Men have to be nice to girls after all . 」

My face loosens up and a rather annoyingly ingratiating voice comes out .

Looks like our strategy prep will be fun .


Before that though, I’ll have to come up with an excuse for Celia and the others .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Winter . Wartime .

Libatis Reinforcement Army Supreme Commander

Subordinate Squad:

Goldonia Royal Army – Seventh Division Army Corps

Infantry: 9000

Archers: 1500

Cavalry: 1800

Hardlett Army

Bow Cavalry: 3800

Escort: 180

Chariots: 75

(wounded soldiers returned)

Subordinates: Leopolt (staff officer), Celia (adjutant), Myla (recovering), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)

Gido (escort unit), Pipi (lizard rider), Pochi (lizard), Marta (captive), Keith (corps commander), Sekrit (temporary squad member)

Suzy (liaison)

Current Location: Tortoent

Achievements: Defeated siege army, Successful defense of Melisbark

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