Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 347

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Chapter 347

Chapter 347: South Yuguria Empire ④ Wilhelmina

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Dangerous . Dangerous . 」

「I’ll carry you so don’t move around . The injury won’t heal . 」

It’s time for us to finally depart from Orfull and head to Alteria .

There is a regular carriage service that runs between the two cities, but I was doubtful whether the harpy would stay still, so we didn’t use it .

「I’m jealous, I want to be carried by Aegir-sama too…… ow, ow, ow…… my head……」

「If the hand s.h.i.+fts a little…… it will go from the a.s.s to the a.s.shole…… how envious . 」

Riding on Schwartz is the hungover Celia and the physically inept Alice . Natia is walking on her own .

Sekrit is a little behind, looking a little sullen .

I’m obviously walking and carrying a harpy on my back .

「Heavy? Hungry . 」

「You’re as light as a feather . 」

Her weight is not a problem at all .

In fact, I can’t even tell if she’s there .

The problem is one of her wings is hurt so she can’t hang on to me and she squirms when I lift her by the b.u.m so it’s hard to walk with her .

「Would it be better if you were put on Schwartz? We’re here so Sekrit won’t try anything . 」

「No way . Scary . Be eaten . Will be eaten!」

The harpy firmly refuses .

「It’s become troublesome because you did something unnecessary . 」

「Hmph, what’s wrong with trying to eat bird?」

Sekrit snorts and turns her head away when Natia blames her .

Yesterday while we having that little situation with the Altair believers, Gido was pounding the inn girl from behind .

With him away from the room, only Celia, Sekrit and the harpy were left .

Celia was drunk and pa.s.sed though, so it was essentially just Sekrit and the harpy .

When I returned to the room, I saw Celia groaning in bed and fire coming from the back yard .

Sekrit had stacked up bricks, started a fire and even prepared metal skewers .

Beside her was the harpy, rolled up and crying in anguish with a gag in her mouth .

I barely saved her and now the harpy won’t leave my side in fear that Sekrit would do something .

This harpy is my woman now, so eating her is out of the question .

Which is why I scolded Sekrit harashly, but this time she’s the one sulking .

The harpy makes a fuss, Celia holds her head in pain, Sekrit is in a huff, and Alice is wiggling her a.s.s around .

「They’re all too relaxed . 」

Natia sighs .

I absolutely agree .

「You too, Aegir . What’s with that hand!?」

She hits me with a walnut .

「Piiiih! a.s.s got touched! Finger inside! Want to mate? Doing it?」

Whoops, I meant to hold her a.s.s, instead my finger slipped into her little slit .

Harpies don’t wear any underwear so it was sort of inevitable .

I pull it out and have the harpy lick it .

Now it’s hard to walk because my d.i.c.k is erect .

「Geez, what’s with this party…… I’m the only one taking it seriously . 」

Natia holds her head worriedly .

「I’m normal . 」

「Shut up, perverted brat! You only swing your hips!」

She pitches a walnut at full strength to Gido’s crotch .

Gido curls up in anguish…… he’s still a chick if a walnut’s enough to take him out .

The journey continued for a while without any talking .

Since foot traffic is busy between Orfull and Alteria, the road is well maintained and safe from bandits .

I thought it would be a pretty boring trip until something happened .

「I see something in front…… cavalry! Lots of them!」

Celia shouts after recovering from her hangover .

I cover the harpy in a blanket, hoping they didn’t come because they found out the truth .

「There are too many for something like that! Roughly…… 150 of them!」

「Behind them are a squad of infantry, approximately 600!」

Gido adds to the report .

That definitely isn’t an amount to deal with a harpy .

Maybe we aren’t the targets .

The army marches on the gra.s.sland along the road and starts changing formation .

「Are they…… doing a training exercise?」

「Looks like it . 」

Just when I thought the small unit was going to break down into even smaller groups, everybody spread out into a horizontal row and created a line of defense .

「They aren’t doing basic training . They’re checking formations in preparation for battle . 」

Celia comments .

「Their quivers are full of arrows . I don’t think they need that for training . 」

Anything can happen so maybe that’s so they can react quickly even if they’re in the middle of training .

「Fumu . 」

Sekrit, who I thought was sulking in the back, came to the front before I knew it .

「What’s wrong?」

She doesn’t answer and just stares at the army with her narrow eyes .

「A basic company who will aim to breakthrough the enemy after battle starts and then spread out for an a.s.sault…… that’s when enemy reinforcements arrive and they transition to a defensive formation―― is what I suppose they want to do . An ordinary yet steady formula . 」

Sekrit continues without looking at us .

「Thirty infantry make one platoon and five platoons join to make one company . They have four infantry companies and one cavalry company . They probably also have one archer company here . 」

Sekrit walks forward .

It would be suspicious if we stood still so we follow after her .

「Approximately 150 archers in the rear!」

Just as Sekrit said, the archers make an appearance .

「Next is either cannons or ballistae, and they have six . 」

Coming from behind, the ballistae also show up .

Sekrit grins and then rubs the head of the blanket-covered harpy .

「Aaaahー! Will be eaten . Help!」

I told you, don’t do anything unnecessary .

「Lastly, you have the commander and staff officers―― that’ll make for a fine Imperial battalion . 」

Right as she finishes her sentence, several individuals wearing fancy clothes on horseback can be seen in the distance .

No matter how you look at it, that’s a high-cla.s.s commander .

「……what’s going on? Why does the South Yuguria have a Garland Empire army?」

「Don’t ask me,」

Guess she wouldn’t know .

Either way, we know for sure they are forming their army in the same way as the Empire .

Although the reason is unknown, that is the reality .

「The South Yuguria Empire is a va.s.sal state of the Empire, or perhaps they are receiving support from them?」

When Celia persists on the question, Sekrit pulls a cookie from her pocket and tosses it into her mouth .

「My snack……」

「If so, the soldiers’ equipment are too crude . It’s also standard for an Imperial army of that size to deploy more cannons rather than ballistae . Besides, I don’t see many headquarters personnel accompanying the commander . 」

Sekrit finishes by saying she doesn’t know anything else . Celia moves her remaining cookies to her b.u.t.t pocket in an attempt to defend it .

One rider splits off from the group and runs forward, shouting to all those on the road .

「To all pedestrians, stand to the left and wait until the colonel-dono pa.s.ses!」

I don’t want to start any meaningless arguments .

We should listen .

「We’re going off the road . Let’s take a short rest . 」

While we’re at it, let’s eat lunch .

「I have to make sure I remember……」

Celia tries desperately to memorize the opponent’s formation while eating her lunch .

I think a rough approximation is good enough though .

If you’re not careful, the cookie in your back pocket will be stolen again .

In the meantime, an extravagantly dressed group―― the commander and his staff rides through .

「Thank you for your hard work . 」

「Hurray for Her Majesty’s sword!」

Some of the peddlers cheer softly and the commanders silently raise a hand in response .

The person who looks like the colonel also pa.s.ses by us .


The man slows down .

His eyes focus on――Sekrit .

「Hey, you stole another one, didn’t you! There’s one less!」

「If you’re frustrated, try catching the culprit in the act . 」

The man looks dubiously as Sekrit gets suspected by Celia .

Is he an acquaintance of hers?

I’m getting a bad feeling about this, especially with how closely similar their army is to the Empire .

「Hmmm . 」

The man tilts his head and slowly gets closer .

Judging by his expression, he doesn’t seem entirely sure, but the chance of him figuring out is high if he gets a close look .

It’s too late to hide her face and it’ll be too suspicious .

What should I do?

「Follow my lead . 」

All of a sudden, Sekrit pounces and clings to me .

「Darling, say aaahn . 」

When I turn around, she feeds me a sausage .

She’s speaking in a coaxing voice unimaginable from her usual tone .

Celia and Natia were also taken aback .

「Oh, sorry for troubling you . 」

「No, it’s okay . I’ll be having some too~」

Sekrit bites the other end and we both work our way to the center until our lips meet .


「Ngh…… nng . 」

We smoothly transition into a pa.s.sionate kiss .

「Haa, haa…… I love you darling, You’re really so precious to me . I love you more than anything in this world! I want to do anything to make you happy . 」

「Same here…… err, honey . 」

I was about to say Sekrit .

That was close .

「Let’s make lots of love when we reach Alteria . This is our honeymoon after all . 」

「Yeah, we should . We’ll do it all day . 」

Sekrit blushes, hides her mouth with both hands and twists her body .

She’s cute even though I know she’s acting .

I really want to push her down now .

「H-how scary . 」

「I also felt a chill up my spine……」

「You’re so cool, darling . 」

「You’re cute, honey . 」

When the colonel sees us holding hands, he shakes his head .

「……how ridiculous . How could I mistake this lewd woman for that general? I must be fatigued . 」

Having lost interest, the man leaves .

「If you two are going to flirt, do it in an inn . Don’t you understand what decency is!?」

One of the colonel’s aides rebukes us .

「My apologies . She’s too cute . 」

「I’m sorry . He’s too handsome . 」

The aide doesn’t say more and moves on his way .

We somehow get off the hook .

The Altair army leaves .

「……now we know for certain that there is somebody from the Garland Empire in South Yuguria . 」

Celia comments harshly .

「Right . Do you remember that man?」

Sekrit snorts uninterestedly and takes a bite out of a cookie .

Celia, she got another one from you .

「No . I don’t remember every commander I meet . 」

She’s back to her usual tone .

I liked her when she was cute .

「Anyways, that person knew who Sekrit-san was . What does this mean?」

I don’t know, Gido .

「In any case, the enemy has an army in the same manner as the Empire and a commander from the Empire who knows Sekrit . That’s what it means . 」

There’s meaning in coming here just for this knowledge .

I have to tell Leopolt and the others .

Celia furiously writes in her notepad .

In that opening, she loses another cookie .

「Kuku, being born in the Federation and then fighting the Federation, now I’m betraying the Empire and fighting the Empire? What a dramatic life . 」

Sekrit laughs as she bites on a cookie .

「It’s not a guarantee that we’ll fight against South Yuguria . That’s why I came here to make sure of . 」

When I say that, a nasty smile forms on Sekrit’s face and she peeks in my direction .

「Is that so? Do you believe in your heart after looking at this country that there is a future without fighting?」

I accept the gaze from upfront and don’t say anything .

「Fufufu, I’m looking forward to it . 」

Sekrit pushes the half-eaten cookie into my mouth and walks away humming .

「I don’t really want to fight a beauty though . 」

I munch on the cookie that tastes like Sekrit .

「Ah!? Aegir-sama is mean too! That was my last one!」

Celia looks at me with tears in her eyes .

c.r.a.p, now it looks like I’m the one who stole her cookie .

「When we reach Alteria, I’ll buy you a mountain of them, so don’t sulk . 」

「Also, even though it was acting, you were flirting with that woman!」

I embrace the pouting Celia .

「A harpy behind and Celia-san in front . Almost like a babysitter . 」

Gido jokes . Now don’t make me expose me your cheating .

「Pff, that’s funny when I think about it . 」

Natia chuckles .

「His body is big…… so it’s a little…… strange . 」

Alice, you too?

「Whatever, let’s go now . 」

I slap the nose of the neighing Schwartz and walk forward .

South Yuguria Empire – Capital: Alteria .

Alteria is in the same situation as Orfull, only at a larger scale .

Within the huge city, people and shops crowd the streets, and hawkers as well……

Construction of residential buildings and shops continue even now .

When I stroll about the city, I receive invitations to work not only for the hawkers, but laborers as well as bar waiters, brothel bodyguards and various others .

The city is full of people and shops who want everything .

Even so, the price of the food products are extremely low .

n.o.body struggles to feed themselves, and they all are either working or starting their own businesses .

This place can be considered a utopia .

「There are plenty of theatres here . There are notice boards on every street corner . 」

Orfull had theatres here and there too .

And similarly there are speakers orating gallantly in front of the notice boards .

Most likely all cities in South Yuguria are the same .

“Our brave soldiers don’t yield, not even if the enemy has ten times their numbers――”

It is written that a somewhat large group of bandits was exterminated .

“That farmhand struggled for three days and nights with the lands covered in ash before him and finally――”

This one is about a farmer who cleared the fields of ash .

「Shall we return to an inn?」

Alteria is the capital and largest city of South Yuguria, and honestly doesn’t seem likely to have anything else for us to gain after what we learned in Orfull .

The only difference is the number of flags, with flags that look like the national flag raised up in every farm village and all over the city of Alteria .

Buildings owned by the nation obviously had them, but many shops have personally hung up flags too .

This scene is not a common one in other countries .

「So will we head to Vandolea next?」

Celia asks after buying a great amount of cookies .

「……I guess . 」

At that time, the atmosphere of the city changes .

While the noise remains the same, the hawkers have stopped yelling, and everybody is looking in the same direction .

「Is there a fight?」

「Should I take a look?」

However we soon realize the reason before Celia is sent for scouting .

「Is it true? Her Highness?」

「She’s going to give a speech?」

「Leave the store!」

I hear “Majesty”, “speech”, and “Wilhelmina” in bits and pieces from the nearby murmuring .

So Wilhelmina is in Alteria .

And now she’s going to say something to the people .

I can’t miss this .

We stop moving around the city and follow the flow of the citizens .

The place we end up at is a large temple―― the place where Altair and Remia lived .

Now it seems to be used as the central pillar of a new country .

The crests of the former nation of Altair have been erased and there are traces of statues being taken down as well .

I’m expecting Wilhelmina to come out of the temple and what do I get? Some gaudy-looking soldiers .

I’m not interested in men .

「All hail the emperor of South Yuguria, Her Majesty Wilhelmina!」

As soon as the declaration was made, multiple flags get raised around the temple .

Trumpets blare and each soldier raise their own flags too .

In the blink of an eye, the temple was filled with the same flag .

The crowd of spectators stir and cheer repeatedly, celebrating Wilhelmina and South Yuguria .

Even I, someone unrelated to this nation, am feeling slightly excited from the countless flags and triumphant horn playing .

And then finally Wilhelmina, wearing a pure white dress, makes her appearance .


A trumpet blasts resounds and the ma.s.ses become rowdy .

After Wilhelmina slowly looks around, she holds up her hand and swiftly draws it to her chest .

That immediately stops the trumpets and quiets the populace .

「They’re well disciplined . 」

「It would be nice if our Messerschmitt listened to instructions like that . 」

Sekrit and Celia comment softly .

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Messerschmitt is worthless and doesn’t always obey Pipi after all .

She’s back to her senses .

Gido is……

「Sorry, that was excessive . 」

Gido’s foaming at the mouth and has pa.s.sed out after that kick .

He still doesn’t have enough training .

Anyways, now we know one more thing about South Yuguria .

Wilhelmina’s speaking ability is incredible .

If someone as intellectual as me gets turned into such a sorry state, then the ignorant people have no chance at all .

In the worst case, this could be even more annoying to deal with than the Altair of the past .

Sekrit retorts mockingly .

「You’re in the same simpleton cla.s.s though . In any case, that speech was something else . She can do anything she wants with those foolish citizens . 」

I was called an idiot .

Celia bites back immediately .

「Don’t call Aegir-sama an idiot! Aegir-sama is just not as skilled at using his brain!」

Celia’s such a good girl .

She’s always on my side .

「Are we chasing?」

「…… don’t know…… maybe not . 」

Shall we go back to the inn?


I sit alone against a tree near the plaza where I heard the speech during the day .

The recruiting has finished and n.o.body is here anymore .

Plants are growing in this place and it looks like a small forest despite it being within the city .

Seeing a destroyed stone in the middle, I can guess a large idol of some sort used to be placed here .

I can see the balcony where Wilhelmina stood .

Of course the security is very tight so it’s impossible to get close .

I can only watch from afar .

I’ve already achieved my objective of coming here .

Will the South Yuguria Empire become a threat or will they start a war?

This journey was supposed to determine that .

「I would have liked to talk with Wilhelmina . 」

I know it’s impossible .

A feudal lord like me can’t freely talk to her whenever I want, and to begin with she said I was an enemy in her speech .

「I guess I’ll go back . 」

When I was about to stand up, I see a figure up on the balcony .

I strain my eyes but I can’t see anything at this distance .

That white dress should belong to Wilhelmina though .

「Can I talk to her?」

Should I yell? No, she won’t hear me from here .

If I get closer―― I’ll be suppressed by the guards at once .

When I was thinking that, something rests on my head .

「Piih! Don’t leave me . Will be eaten!」

Oh, it’s that harpy .

Now that I check, her wing which was supposedly broken has now healed .

It must be because of Natia’s ointment .

「Stupid, if someone saw you flying around the city―― no, this is perfect timing . 」

I take out paper and pen from my pocket .

Even though Celia gave it to me a long time ago, the paper has stayed blank and the ink of the pen is full .

“It’s been a while . -Hardlett”

I scribble a single line and give it to the harpy .

「Don’t let the guards see you . Go up high . 」

「Got it . Afterwards . Meat, meat . 」

I’ll let you eat as much as you want .

The harpy zooms up to the balcony in a swift motion .

If she goes high enough, she’ll be seen as a black kite .

The harpy safely drops the letter from directly above Wilhelmina .

The figure I a.s.sume to be Wilhelmina sees the harpy and pulls back in surprise .

If guards get called, I’ll have to run .

The harpy can fly and get away too .

I was waiting for the moment except Wilhelmina doesn’t flee .

A moment later, the harpy descends toward her .

Almost simultaneously the nearby guards move away from the balcony .

Did Wilhelmina send them away?

「Letter . Said to deliver . 」

The harpy came back with a letter from Wilhelmina .

Her gaze seems to be directed roughly at me too .

I can’t be sure, but she seems shocked .

“Since that matter, what business do you have?”

She must mean the time with the medicine .

Wilhelmina can’t stay long on the balcony .

I’ll have to jump straight to the issue at hand .

“Are you going to war?”

That should be enough .

I entrust the letter to the harpy .

「Getting dark . Hard to see, hard to see . 」

The sun is setting soon .

Harpies can’t fly if it gets too dark .

We don’t have much time left .

The harpy quickly turns back .

She probably understood what I was asking .

“If necessary . ”

That’s it .

“I don’t want to fight with you . ”

Send .

“Same, at the moment . ”

A prompt response .

I draw a horizontal line across the words “at the moment” and send it back .

I feel as though she laughed after receiving the letter .

“You don’t have any drive? Are you currently satisfied?”

Strangely, I don’t feel like telling a lie .

It isn’t because we are exchanging pieces of paper which can’t be used as proof .

I just want to tell the truth .

I also believe she would do the same since she’s partic.i.p.ating in this trivial game .

“I do have something driving me . ”

To meet with Lucy, I need to become king .

I can’t see the entire path yet, but I can’t let everything end here .

“Then our paths will cross and only one path will continue . ”

Wilhelmina returns in the temple .

「Can’t see . Can’t fly . 」

The sun has set . Time’s up .

「This is the last one . Do your best . 」

“When everything’s done, won’t you spend one night with me?”

I think Wilhelmina just slipped .

“If that is what the future holds . ”

Wilhelmina returns into the temple and I hide the harpy under my cloak .

That concludes our talk .

When we get back to the inn, I give the harpy sausages and alcohol .

「Aegir-sama, in regards to our schedule, we can go east from Alteria through the road――」

I pat Celia’s head to cut her sentence short .

「No need . Let’s go back to Rafen . 」

「Eh? We still have to look at the other cities and decide how much of a threat this country――」

I shake my head .

「I have my conclusion . This nation will go to war with Libatis and will eventually attack Goldonia . We need to prepare the greatest countermeasures as precaution…… further investigation will be a waste of time . 」

「……is that so?」

Celia and Gido nod meekly .

Natia and Alice, who do not like combat, make sour faces .

「I see, war huh? That sounds good . 」

Sekrit is the only one pleased to find out .

「This is yum . Really yum . Piihー!」

The harpy’s voice echoes in the inn .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Winter .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator . s.e.x King of White City .

Adventure Party

Alice (mage), Natia (elf), Sekrit (delight), Celia (serious), Gido (serious)

Harpy (delicacy), Schwartz (horse), Harpy x9

a.s.sets: 12,900 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 583, children who have been born: 68 + 555 fish

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