Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 346

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Chapter 346

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「The name of the city is Orfull . 」

Celia reads the name written on the sign .

「It’s pretty big . It has a population of maybe 10,000 . 」

Gido comments .

The city’s security is appropriate for the number of residents .

The perimeter of the city is surrounded by stone walls and several watchtowers can be seen .

A deep moat is dug out in front of the gates and there is a lowered drawbridge leading into the city, which when necessary, can be raised to protect those inside .

「It’s much tighter than Rafen . 」

In Rafen, the walls are thinner and only a steel fence gets lowered on the gate .

It won’t withstand any major attacks and a battering ram can smash through relatively easily .

「That’s why I said we should add a moat around the city!」

「Hahaha, you did . 」

When Celia offered the suggestion, Adolph rejected it due to the cost required, while Leopolt rejected it on the basis of merit, saying it would be pointless to create a moat when the structure of Rafen was not built for an extended siege and that the premise of defeating attackers would be to eliminate them through open field combat .

Even Myla rejected it because a moat and drawbridge would interfere with normal training exercises and rapid sorties for emergencies .

Suffering an attack from all sides, Celia was left in tears, and revived only when she ate honey bread on my lap .

When we approach the gate, two unfriendly guards block our path .

「Let us inspect your bags . 」

The two of them check our luggage and our bodies .

「Blankets, clothes, food, medicine…… and this is oil?」

「Yeah, we use it for outdoor camping when the firewood is wet . 」

After some consideration and a glance at my face, the guards return the oil pot to its place .

「And then you have a sword and a knife . 」

「I’m traveling with some pretty women . You can understand why I have weapons . 」

Natia and Sekrit don’t seem too displeased at my answer .

It goes without saying the guards know the existence of bandits and monsters .

Confiscating all weapons is not a very realistic thing to do .

「Well, as long as it’s not an improper weapon, it should be fine . 」

It was the right choice to leave my Dual Crater and longsword behind .

Weapons like that wouldn’t have allowed me to pa.s.s .

「You need to stand here as well . 」

The guards speak to the harpy riding on Schwartz .

They’re not going to overlook the injured harpy who I wrapped a blanket around and left on Schwartz because she can’t fly .

By the way, the other harpies are also following closely, although they are currently making a fuss in a tree slightly separated from us .

I gave them plenty of meat, so they should be fine for two or three days .

「Stand? Get down?」

The harpy wiggles around anxiously .

「This girl is my little sister . As you can see, this is how she is, so can you allow her to stay on the horse?」

I pat her head while being careful not to let her bird feet get shown .

「Food, food . Want meat . 」

The harpy lightly pats me .

She probably means to stroke me with her feathers, but since it’s wrapped in wet cloth, that’s all she can do .

Her feathers are actually pretty big, although when dampened and wrapped, her wings have become rather small .

I hand one slice of dried meat to her and she bounces in excitement .

「Meat tasty . Feathers cold . Pyiihー!」

「……you have it hard . 」

The guards nod slightly after the harpy gets covered with the blanket again .

「Not long ago, both you and your sister would have been burned at the stake for heresy . In my neighborhood, there was someone who was executed for mingling with the devil . 」

Next is a body check . They’re surprisingly strict .

「Tch . 」

「……this is our job . Don’t resist . 」

One of the guards touches Sekrit’s body and then flinches when Sekrit clicks her tongue loudly .

He’s clearly shaking as he does his check .

「I have to confirm the area in between your chest……」

Sekrit glares at the guard .

I feel my hands move on their own .

「Is this satisfactory for you?」

I pull Sekrit close and then fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s .


I make sure to rub and ma.s.sage them thoroughly so they should be able to tell whether anything is hidden between them .

「T-that’s fine . 」

The guard separates from Sekrit and s.h.i.+fts his attention to Celia and Natia .

He doesn’t seem particularly lecherous and finishes his check without groping around unnecessarily .

「You didn’t check our chest――」

「No, you two are fine . It doesn’t appear anything is there . 」

Celia and Natia surround the guard with glares .

Now, now, don’t pick a fight with him .

「You, do you have anything hidden in your crotch? It’s bulging out too much . 」

He is turning to me now .

「The bulge in Aegir-sama’s pants is his genuine package!」

「…… it’s really…… big . 」

「How do you expect four girls to follow me if I didn’t have something of this size . 」

「I-I’m not Aegir’s girl!」

That’s that .

「Kuh…… I’m jealous . 」

The guard meekly stands down . Good thing he wasn’t into guys .

「This is an inspection so don’t struggle! Oh wow, what a cute face and the size of this thing!」

Besides me, the other guard is checking Gido’s crotch .

I’ll chalk his excessive touching up to my imagination .

「Checking women is boring . It’s all about young men, they’re the best . Ooh, it’s so wonderful!」


Gido lets out a pathetic groan and looks at me .

It would only drag on if you resist . Let him do what he wants .

I would have taken him out if he touched me or my girls though .

「Nevertheless, things are so strict . The most anyone can hide in between their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and in their crotch is a knife . 」

I’m doubtful whether there is any meaning in checking considering I’m carrying a sword out in the open .

Nonna on the other hand might be able to hide a crossbow with her t.i.ts .

「Yes weapons as well, however we are mainly looking for any hidden idols or sacred texts . Those with sick family like you tend to rely on them more often . That check will be done now . 」

The guard brings over a strange statue .

It looks familiar…… no, I can’t remember .

「Do you swear loyalty to this?」

「I have no interest in that . 」

I answer reflexively .

My eyes watch the guard to determine if my response was taken well, except he doesn’t react .

「How about the rest of you?」

「Not interested . 」

「A lump of rock means nothing . 」

「I don’t believe in G.o.d . 」

「……I don’t…… believe . 」

The guard nods and gives a signal after Celia and the others answer accordingly .

「All clear! Let them pa.s.s . 」

Finally, Schwartz got so tired of waiting he started fooling around with the mare nearby .

「If you’d like, I’ll be in this inn tonight…… ‘kay? I’ll be waiting . 」

「No thanks!」

Gido seemingly gets something from one of the guards, though he throws it away immediately .

I’m not interested in it .

We pa.s.s through the gates and enter the city .

As soon as we get in, we feel a wave of heat enough to blow away the cold outside air .

The layout in the city of Orfull is simple . There is a single main road which leads from the gate to the depths of the urban area, with mid to small alleys branching out .

Enthusiastic hustle and bustle pack the main road, and no s.p.a.ce is left between street vendors as they line up and shout out loudly to attract customers .

「Have you decided on where you’re staying today? The Sunflower Inn has some gorgeous beds!」

「Dandelion Village is 20% cheaper than the other inns! It’s perfect for long-term stays and working abroad!」

The barkers advertising their inns somewhat forcibly pull customers by the hand .

「Have you eaten? We have good bread and soup chock full with vegetables . 」

「If you want meat, look no further! We have pork, beef, bird, and other rare beasts as well . 」

Grocery stores who have set up shop are also shouting unyieldingly in compet.i.tion with the street vendors .

「It’s booming……」

「You don’t see such lively cities that often . 」

Celia and Natia are surprised .

I feel the same way .

I didn’t expect them to be struggling in poverty, however I thought they would at least be in a rougher state after being ravaged by disease and political change .

「It doesn’t lose out…… to Rafen . 」

「Meat smell . Lots of people . Piiiihー!」

Alice gets embarra.s.sed by the crowd of people and mounts Schwartz .

When the harpy makes noise, she quickly covers her mouth .

「Let’s hurry and find an inn . Ignore the barking idiots, their shops are probably not decent . 」

Sekrit takes the lead and pushes her way past the people .

Hm? She suddenly stopped .

「This idiot . 」


Apparently that man touched Sekrit’s a.s.s using the confusion of the traffic .

He is screaming because his finger got bent in the opposite direction .

The noisy clatter of the city drowns out his voice .

In the end, we decided to stay at a modest inn near the end of the alley with no yelling barkers .

Having to deal with heated sales tactics by the vendors to greet the evening is a little tiring .

「You guys are smart . All the shops trying to attract customers on the main road are up-and-coming stores, where they might seem decent on the surface but can’t be expected to have good service . Meanwhile, our place is old yet reliable . 」

The shopkeeper welcomes us with a smile .

As he says, although our room for six is tight and the interior design is dated, both the bedding and floor are kept clean, the jug of water and oil for illumination are full, and even the stable has fresh fodder for Schwartz .

According to Natia, the price is standard, not too high and not too low .

「I’m satisfied . Now do you know where I can find an affordable bar? A place that’s open until late . 」

Gathering information at a bar is the most optimal .

If you treat drunks to a free drink, they’ll leak things they normally won’t say .

「There’s a two story bar at the corner . Only newcomers drink the c.r.a.p they serve in the main street, smart ones drink at the stores within the alley . ……hahaha, you look like you can really drink . Gotta thank Luggs . 」

That’s the name of the shopkeeper’s friend who runs the aforementioned bar .

He must trust him because of how long he’s been in business .


When we walk inside, we are greeted by a cheerful voice .

The place is moderately busy and has a buzzing atmosphere .

「Give me some strong ale and snacks to go along with it . 」

I know the main goal is to collect information, but people will be on alert if I’m sober .

Besides, I want to get drunk after battle and camping outdoors .

「I’ll have what he’s having . 」

Sekrit orders confidently, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggling as she puffs her chest out proudly .

As I get distracted by her dark-skinned valley, my nuts get stolen .

「I’ll have wine and cheese, also a fresh salad please . 」

Natia has been hooked on white wine lately .

She earned money from selling the ointments she made and bought several bottles .

「For me, fruit alcohol…… and cheese…… as ripe as possible . 」

Alice is as weak a drinker as she looks .

She prefers sweeter, fruity drinks with less alcohol, whereas she enjoys a rich cheese with an intense smell and taste .

「I’ll get what Aegir-sama is――」

「Honey wine and pancakes, dilute the alcohol as much as you can . 」

I cover Celia’s mouth and order for her .

She probably wants to compete with Sekrit, but that alcohol is too strong .

She’s going to get drunk and p.i.s.s her pants again .

Gido also orders something he likes and all of us enjoy ourselves while keeping an eye out for anybody who looks bored .

My initial impression is that everyone seems to be in the company of friends and it’ll be difficult to naturally join in their conversations .

However, I’m not worried at all .

「Hey, mind if I drink with you?」


After all, our group has two guys and four girls .

Not to mention the girls in our group are all outstandingly beautiful, so there are sure to be guys who approach .

Of course all four of them belong to me and I don’t intend to let anyone else lay a finger on them .

I inspect the man .

He seems like the frivolous type who only called out because he was attracted to a woman’s beauty .

His face isn’t handsome enough to make girls drool .

At least he isn’t shameless enough to sit down next to us without asking first, although he seems somewhat frightened when I look at him .

He doesn’t seem to have much confidence and he doesn’t appear to be a vulgar man .

Even though this should be our first meeting, I get a familiar feeling from him .

If I have to put it into words, he’s almost like an uglier version of Christoph .

「Have you lived here for awhile?」

「Hm? I’ve been here since I was a kid . 」

Good, this guy looks like he’ll talk after a few drinks .

「Sure then, sit where you like . 」

「Ooh, thanks . 」

Understanding my intent, Celia hands the man some strong alcohol as soon as he sits down .

He is enchanted by Celia and starts acting suspiciously .

Heh, my Celia is cute, isn’t she? I’m not giving her to anybody .

「If you’re a man, chug it . None of that small sipping like a girl . 」

「You mean this? Well, if a beauty like you says so . I’ll do it!」

Spurred on by Sekrit, the man instantly empties his gla.s.s .

Good thing he didn’t realize she was snickering .

「――so I took out the goblins that entered the city . 」

「Amazing . 」

「Impressive . 」

「I told the merchant who tried to trick me――」

「Amazing . 」

「Impressive . 」

Celia and Natia give simple responses to acknowledge the random stories of the red-faced man .

When he got really drunk, he starts to tell the important stories .

「This Orfull has quite the energetic vibe . I would have thought this place didn’t have long to go after the disease . 」

「Aah, it was really bad when the disease spread throughout . I don’t think any family was immune from a few members dying . ……but things have been prosperous ever since Her Majesty Wilhelmina started ruling, and people came from farm villages all over . It feels like there are way more people than before the disease . 」

I see .

When Alice clumsily fills up his empty gla.s.s, the man ogles her .

What a shameful face .

I hope I don’t look like this .

「With the increase in population, there was a shortage of everything from houses to cups . That’s why everybody had jobs . You could literally start any shop and do well . ……because of that, there have also been complaints about there being too many amateur shops though . 」

The main road was definitely filled with all those barkers, and I guess everyone ends up getting customers regardless .

「By the way, where do you work?」

He seems like the type to work as a barker for one of those dubious-looking shops .

「I’m a trueborn citizen of Orfull . I ain’t working at any store run by unreliable guys . 」

「Fumu, so you work at an old-time business?」

The Christoph clone looks down .

「Those kinds of shops have employees who’ve worked there for a long time…… and have to stick to strict traditions……」

「So in other words, you’re unemployed . 」

When Celia bluntly chimes in, the man collapses on the table .

She must have thought he was drunk enough that flattery was no longer necessary .

「No job, huh . 」

「Lazy . 」

「……questionable……I guess . 」

Sekrit, Natia, Alice follow up and bring the man to tears .

「Uoooh, it can’t be helped! I hate physical labor and service jobs are too troublesome . Running a business doesn’t make enough money!」

「You’re right, you can’t do anything about it . Here, have a drink . 」

He seems pitiful so I refill his gla.s.s .

Perhaps he was happy I’m on his side, but he starts to talk more at me .

「I still manage to get by everyday despite being unemployed, and that’s all due to Her Majesty Wilhelmina making food cheap . I think it’s one third what it was…… no, maybe more . Apparently the country is buying food in directly and selling it to the merchants at a discount . 」

Hooh, that’s amazing .

Wilhelmina is pretty rich then .

「Everything has gone right ever since Wilhelmina was crowned . Disease and famine are gone . Job opportunities are overflowing…… even though I don’t have one . At first there were some guys who opposed the motion forbidding the religion of Altair, but the quality of life kept improving and they disappeared before I knew it . 」

People tend to forget most other things when they have a roof to sleep under, food to eat and alcohol to drink .

It might be a sad thing for the girls I know though .

「So the Altair religion is taboo?」

「Lower your voice! It’ll be trouble if the guards hear you . ――well, you’re right, that’s the only thing not allowed . Priests and believers would gather together to start fires or riot in opposition of Her Majesty before and after the Empire was established . Since then, just holding an idol of Altair will get you taken away . 」

The fake Christoph exaggerates his movements and gulps down more alcohol .

I think that’s all I’ll get from him .

As thanks, I’ll let him drink lots .

At that moment, I feel someone’s hand plant firmly on my shoulder .

I turn to see two dirty guys .

「Hey man, you have a nice body . Won’t you join the army?」

「The job pays more than a laborer . A private gets 3 gold a month and then you get 4 gold if you become a captain of 10 soldiers . 」

It seems Wilhelmina also has a heavy emphasis on recruiting .

「How about that lad over there? You still seem young, but you have a nice expression and body . 」

The men also extend the offer to Gido .

「Him and I already have jobs . Instead, why don’t you take this guy?」

I point to the inferior Christoph .

This is perfect timing for an unemployed person like him .

「……this one? He seems scrawny and a bit dumb . 」

「He’s not very good-looking either . I guess we’ll stop for today . If you guys change your mind, feel free to let us know . 」

The two men leave .

We also retire for the night .

Before that, I’ll order another bottle of alcohol for the sobbing man .

Just forget about everything that happened .

「Hungry . Hungry . Forget . Forget!」

When I return to the room, the harpy is making a fuss .

She must be angry that we ate food without her .

「Sorry . Here’s a little gift . 」

I give her some roast meat and vegetables bought from a street vendor .

「Meat, tasty . Veggies, don’t need . 」

She uses a wing to support my hand as she eats out of it and a sense of affection boils up within me for some reason .

The next day, we leave the city in the morning .

Before we head for the central city of Alteria, I wanted to see all of Orfull .

While looking around, we come across a place which seemed particularly busy .

「Is that a market or something?」

「Wait here . I will take a look . 」

Celia smoothly and skillfully weaves through the crowd .

As expected of someone with her agility .

I would have pushed everyone out of the way .

「There’s a theatre up ahead . They’re doing a play right now . 」

「Oh, boring . I thought there was a public execution going on . 」

Sekrit has lost interest .

Natia fidgets restlessly, wanting to look around the city more than she wants to check out a play .

「……I ……am a little curious . 」

Then the three of us will take a look .

It will be mainly for entertainment and maybe it will give us an insight on something

「Gido, protect those two . 」

「Yessir! Although it might not be necessary . 」

I know they probably don’t need it, but he’ll find someone to cheat with unless I give him a job .

The play has already started when we enter the theatre .

「Wahahahaha! I’m taking your daughter!」

「You can’t! I’ve already given you the older daughter just last month!」

The scene appears to be depicting an evil-looking man taking away the daughter of the feeble elderly man laying prostrate on the floor .

「Two of your daughters will be offered to G.o.d . You should be honored!」

「Bulls.h.i.+t! I know you’re doing bad things to the girls you gather under the name of G.o.d . 」

「Ooh shut it! I will deliver divine punishment to a non-believer like you!」

The evil man draws his sword .

Even though I know it’s a play, this kind of scene disgusts me .

I’ll grab Celia’s and Alice’s a.s.ses .

「Wait right there!」

The one who appeared at that moment was a lady dressed in pristine clothing .

My hands stop rubbing a.s.s .

「I am Wilhelmina! What does G.o.d have to do with the stealing of daughters and the slaying of an old man!? You shall be punished!」

Hmm, the real Wilhelmina was more beautiful .

Afterwards, Wilhelmina gets into the religious cult of Altair which made people suffer under the name of G.o.d, punishes the religious leaders, and finally overthrows the Pope .

By the way, the Pope was some villainous middle-aged man who was made to look like a monster that used suspicious magic repeatedly .

The Altair I know is way different, not that I can point it out .

Wilhelmina then defeats the rules of Vandolea, saves the people and unites the countries into one nation . It was an ending where everybody lived happily ever after .

It’s a nonsensical development, but I guess that’s the result of limited time and resources .

「The dialogue and acting were sketchy to say the least……」

The acting was several levels below Lilian and the others so Celia and Alice gradually lost interest the more the watched .

Nevertheless, the other spectators were fired up .

A large majority of the people must not have seen any plays before and nothing to compare to .

By the way, the play was sponsored by the country so the theatre fee was free .

We also watch a few other plays performed at no cost .

The genres varied from love story to action-adventure, but the constant in all of them is the villain, who is either a believer of Altair or somebody from Libatis .

「Was there a need to deliberately make Libatis the villain in this story?」

「…… seems…… forced . 」

Celia and Alice also noticed something was off .

That was only because they read books and watched other plays .

Almost all the citizens here cannot be said to have done so .

I have this feeling of uncertainty inside me .

After we finished watching the play and exited the theatre, we find people crowding around a sign on the street corner .

Is it a proclamation of sorts?

「……an advertis.e.m.e.nt for military recruits and a notice on the penalty for a criminal . A man was executed for the sins of rape and murder―― stress that he comes from Libatis . 」

「Fumu . 」

I look closer and see a man declaring loudly beside the sign .

「This man who is no less than a demon didn’t give up even after being captured by guards! He tried to bribe them with 10 gold so he can escape! Wilhelmina’s guards resolutely rejected it! Justice prevails over evil and the man was finally hanged!」

I see, that guy is reading out the announcement .

A lot of citizens probably can’t read .

「Still, he’s exaggerating quite a bit . 」


He’s speaking about things not explicitly mentioned in the announcement, but the story is put together well enough that it’s uncertain how much of it is true .

He’s a skilled enough speaker that he’s almost like a minstrel .

「Justice is with Her Majesty! The rich and the sinners will be punished while the poor will not suffer for false crimes! Aah, and yet the wicked people of Libatis continue to remain in the land of Her Majesty, how many more blameless citizens will they swallow up!?」

「Let’s go . 」

「Yes . 」

There was no point listening anymore .

When we leave, the hole we opened up was soon filled by other people .

Everyone is paying close attention to the speaker .

It isn’t an abnormal scene .

Regardless, I couldn’t help feeling something cold in my heart .

――That night .

「This is the first time with these members, right?」

Alice and Natia are beside me .

「Sekrit is really a trouble maker!」

Natia walks angrily with big strides .

In the bar, Sekrit provoked Celia when I went to the toilet and made her chug strong alcohol .

It goes without saying that Celia puked like a fountain and then fell asleep .

Furthermore, three men called out and picked a fight when we were sending Celia to the inn, but she beat them to a pulp not long after being stopped .

People cheered for Sekrit at first for being an underdog against a man, however the onlookers became silent as soon as her attacks got harsher, to the point where the guards were about to be called .

Consequently, Celia and Sekrit had to be kept in the inn .

I a.s.signed Gido to watch over them and then took the rest with me to enjoy the night breeze .

「Well, this is a good chance . Natia and Alice can learn more about each other . 」

We sit on the handrail of an empty bridge .

I realize how cold it is when I bite down on a grilled skewer which was sold cheap to me right before it was disposed of during the shop’s closing time .

「Nn . 」

Alice produces a small flame and warms the food up .

It’s so convenient to have her around . I want to learn how to use magic too .

If I did, I would be able to eat a warm meal anywhere I want .

「Mine too please―― thanks . 」

Alice turns red when Natia thanks her .

The shy girl still isn’t comfortable talking with Natia .

Sensing Alice’s concerns, Natia points under the bridge .

「Look, over there . 」

「Ah…… the moon…… so pretty……」

A distorted reflection of the moon can be seen on the surface of the small stream .

It’s a beautiful full moon .

Alice seems to want to see more but is afraid of falling and doesn’t tip too far over .

Her magic is incredible but she’s a natural clutz .

「I’ll hold onto you . 」

I purposely let Natia take that role .

「Nn, how’s that?」


Alice enjoys the scenery for a little while longer before she pulls her body back .

「Thank you…… it was lovely . 」

「Fufu, good . 」

Natia also smiles when Alice smiles bashfully .

That was when she lowered her hips back on the railing .



Aah, the protrusion in the railing hit Alice’s a.s.shole .

Her eyes instantly roll back and her face is dyed red .

Natia bends back and then――

「Woah . 」

I grab her hand before she falls into the water and return her to the bridge .

「……thanks . 」

「Of course . 」

Natia blushes .

Honestly, I’ve been thinking it’s about time to embrace her .

I’ll lower my head and ask her tonight .

If she’ll let me do it, I’m not against prostrating myself .

「You’re thinking of something naughty, aren’t you . 」

How did she know?

「…… that . 」

Alice points at the bulge in my pants .

Shall we change the topic?

「What is that?」

「Dodged…… the question . 」

「He dodged . 」

No, really . Look .

There’s a girl, walking without any source of light .

It’s so dark I can’t make out what kind of girl it is .

After looking around cautiously, she enters a certain building .

「A girl in the middle of the night trying not to be seen…… maybe a secret meeting?」

「Something so dirty!」

「Ah, someone’s coming…… again . 」

This time, a fairly large man enters the same building .

「Without a doubt, this must be a lovers’ secret meeting . Shall we take a peek to get something to talk about?」

I don’t really want to peek all that much, it’s just a little joke .

「I don’t want to see someone else’s tryst!」

Natia gets mad and turns red .

She often watches when I do it in the courtyard, what is she saying now? Although she’ll get even more upset if I say that .

「Huh? Someone…… again . 」

This time someone dressed like a fancy prost.i.tute entered the building .

「Is it an orgy? I’m getting more curious now . 」

If it’s an orgy, maybe I can get involved without being noticed .

「No, it seems like something else . 」

Natia’s expression becomes serious .

The next person to come was an old woman with a cane, and the next person was a mother carrying a baby .

No matter how you look at it, those aren’t your typical partic.i.p.ants of an orgy .

「It must be something bothersome . 」

The best thing to do would be to pretend we didn’t see anything and disperse .


However Natia’s extreme curiosity accelerates her heavy nasal breathing .

She won’t be able to go back home and sleep without finding out the secret .

Worst case, she would sneak out on her own to take a look .

「Fine . Let’s take a peek . 」

We blow out the light and approach quietly .

「This is…… a food storage?」

Inside the building, things like wheat and vegetables are packed together .

It was dark and n.o.body was around .

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「Let’s hide and wait . 」

As I sit on a chair, the prost.i.tute kneels in between my legs and sucks my d.i.c.k with the skills she’s proud of .

「Chhu…… chu…… aah, such an intense manly smell . Even though my husband is waiting at home……」

The married woman is sucking on my lips while pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against me .

「Aaah! This man is skilled! My nipples feel hot! My b.o.o.bs are going to leak…… aaahn!」

The child-rearing woman moans as I fondle her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「Aauu! His fingers are thick . 」

My fingers are jammed into the town girl’s genitals .

「So it ended with an orgy after all…… why?」

「Because he’s h.o.r.n.y……」

I don’t pay attention to Natia’s cold stares .

This is necessary to rea.s.sure the girls .

「Here’s my first shot . Drink it . 」

I gently hold the prost.i.tute’s head in place .

With a groan, a thick load of s.e.m.e.n shoots out .


As expected of the prost.i.tute, she accepts my offering like she usually does in her line of work, however her cheeks quickly inflate and fluid is spat out .

「Gehohoh! There’s too much, you c.u.m like a waterfall!」

The married woman hurries to put her mouth on my d.i.c.k, although my thick seed sticks to her throat and makes her choke .

「It smells so strong…… my stomach feels like it’s on fire . 」

The next to swallow me is the woman with a child .


She practically uses her body to cover my crotch and takes my d.i.c.k deep into her mouth .

「Ooh…… that’s nice . 」

Her red lips part as far as they can to drink up my juice .

My s.e.m.e.n continues to gushes and she nonetheless gulps down every drop without hesitation .

I softly pat the back of her head .

「You actually love this, don’t you . 」

She nods slightly .

I knew it . Technique aside, I can see how desperate she is to suck my c.o.c.k .

「Has it been a while since you’ve had your child?」

She nods again .

Of course my c.u.m doesn’t stop flowing down her throat .

「Alright…… then I’ll make you feel good too . 」

I lean forward and rub her b.o.o.bs .

「Nn! Nnnhーー!」

Her nipples are hard like corks and seem like they’ll spray milk at any time .

To have a child-rearing woman lactate while she drinks your sperm .

That’s also a desire men have .

「Do you want me to pinch your nipples?」

She nods eagerly, presenting both b.r.e.a.s.t.s to me .

Oh she wants me to do them altogether? What a wonderfully lewd woman .

「Here I go……」

My hands reach down and pinch her nipples at the same time .

I squeezed hard enough for it to be considered painful, though it seems to be the perfect amount of stimulation for her .


As her body stiffens due to pleasure, my c.o.c.k slides deeper into her throat .

That sensation causes her to bite down, which just enhances my o.r.g.a.s.m and strengthens the force of my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n .

「Nn…… nn…… nnaaaaaaaah!!」

She finally reaches her limit, removes her head from my d.i.c.k and collapses backward .

I see milk spraying from her abundant b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「I-it’s my first time doing this so……」

The town girl stares blankly, unsure of what to do, but her mouth opens a little when I bring my d.i.c.k closer .


I put my d.i.c.k into her cute mouth and move slowly .

After filling her up with seed, I pull out and shower her cute face with plenty as well .

「Aah, I really came lots this time . 」

I relax after my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n ends, meanwhile the girls rise abruptly .

The four of them are blus.h.i.+ng and breathing pretty hard .

「Now then, shall we end things?」

I point my erect c.o.c.k at the women .

「…… what’s going on?」

「My body is moving……」

They put their hands on the wall and start pulling down their underwear on their own .

「It’s my first time…… yet this……」

「That thing of yours isn’t normal . I feel something mysteriously divine from it . 」

The prost.i.tute and married woman shake their a.s.ses .

On one hand, we have the prost.i.tute whose delicious-looking v.a.g.i.n.a is dark and puffy from being used a lot and also dripping with love juice .

Then we have the married woman’s pretty hole which has a relatively large c.l.i.toris .

The child-rearing woman and town girl have their backs against the wall and their legs spread open to invite me inside .

「I never thought this would happen . 」

「Fueeh, it’s so embarra.s.sing . 」

The woman with a child probably didn’t have time to clean up downstairs .

Her pubic hair is a dense bush .

The town girl has a virgin’s hole .

「Fufufu, time to dig in . 」

Right as I put my hands on the married woman’s hips and before I could insert myself inside, she resists .

「Wait! You can’t after all! This is considered cheating and goes against our teachings!」

「Hey now, after we’ve come this far?」

「f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o is fine, but penetration isn’t . We’ll make an adulterous child!」

You can’t just leave me hanging now .

「I’ll c.u.m outside . Won’t that be fine?」

「No! Thrusting with a d.i.c.k covered in sperm is the same thing!」

You say that, but I don’t have any contraceptives on me and shops aren’t open at this time .

The married woman’s body is still clearly craving me .

A sticky string of fluid leaks from her p.u.s.s.y and her a.s.s is shaking impatiently .

It hit me when I contemplated forcing it in her anyways .

「Then how about in the a.s.s……? You…… won’t get pregnant . 」

A voice came from somewhere in the gallery .

Suddenly the girls shouted .

「T-the a.s.s? You mean putting it in the a.n.u.s!?」

「Noooo, that’s too dirty!」

「How immoral! That’s the devil’s way of intercourse!」

「We’ll go to h.e.l.l!」

So it seems a.n.a.l s.e.x is forbidden according to Altair’s teachings .

Even the prost.i.tute is trembling in denial .

There was a thud sound like something was. .h.i.t .

It was Alice who slammed her fist onto the desk .

「Don’t bad mouth the a.s.shole ……when you haven’t even tried it!」

Her voice is lower and deeper than normal .

「Aegir-sama, do it . 」

「They don’t want it though . 」

「Just do it, they’ll understand when you do!」

「O-okay . 」

Urged by Alice’s menacing look, I push the tip of my c.o.c.k against the entrance of the married woman’s a.s.shole .

「Aaaah, it’s digging into my unclean place…… doing this devil’s act……」

「Slow and steady――」

「No, shove it in all at once . 」

Alice pushes my b.u.t.t from behind .

I can hear the flesh being spread apart as my d.i.c.k violates her a.n.u.s .


「Alice, what are you doing?」

Half of my length has already gone in .

She scream expresses her pain .

Alice whispers into the married woman’s ear .

「It hurts! My a.s.s is tearing!」

「So it hurts . Don’t you feel anything else?」

I don’t know what she’s saying, so for now I wait motionlessly .

The next thing I know, her a.n.a.l muscles are clenching down on me and slowly making my d.i.c.k harder .

「There, feel it, doesn’t it feel like your entire body is heating up from her a.s.s? The p.e.n.i.s is throbbing inside you . 」

「Ah, aaaaah…… it hurts though…… it probably tore too……」

「Not to worry, I have medicine for that, so your pain will turn into pleasure . 」

「Aaaaah…… it hurts…… it hurts but…… this stinging…… tingly sensation…… my a.s.s feels hot . 」

「It isn’t for fistula, it’s just an ointment . 」

Natia was ignored .

「Here, feel that pulse?」

Alice strokes the c.o.c.k stabbed into the married woman .

Naturally, my body reacts to the stimulation .

「Aau, I did! It swelled inside me……」

「Open it up slowly . Just like you do everyday when you go to the toilet . 」

The woman’s a.s.shole gradually loosens up .

「Good girl, now he’s going to move . Just relax . 」

Alice gives me a signal and I start to move my hips .

「Hauu! Au! Oooh!」

She starts making noise for something other than pain .

「Good girl, now we’ll speed up . Enjoy yourself even if you feel a little pain . 」

While rocking my hips, I slowly push my rod deeper, getting it in up to the root at the end .

「Aaoooh!ー Oooohー! Nnoohー!!」

「S-she’s like an animal……」

「Oh Altair . For a woman to be like this when violated in the a.s.s . 」

「Uuu, I’m getting wet . 」

The other girls watch us in astonishment .

Hearing all that moaning gets me excited too and I start getting rougher .

At one point, I forget that it was her first time .

「Nuu, c.r.a.p . 」

When I rammed my hips hard against her a.s.s, I heard a creaking sound come from her a.s.s .

Was that her a.s.s tearing just now?

If so, we have to stop now and put ointment on it .


She screams as expected and I was about to pull out, but Alice stops me .

「That’s not it . 」

She turns the married woman’s face to me .

「Aaaaah! Feels so gooood! My a.s.s, feels the best!」

「Her pain is turning into pleasure . That is the essence of the a.s.s…… she has the right…… qualities . 」

Alice warmly watches over the married woman whose face warps from the ecstasy .

My pleasure increases explosively .

「Ugh . 」

My d.i.c.k twitches deep in her a.s.s .

「Ah, it’s hot! It’s shooting out, s.e.m.e.n is shooting out into my a.s.s!! Aaaaah, amazing!!」

「What’s going on?」

Nat.i.ta is the only one remaining calm .

I pull out when my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n ends .

Sure enough, the woman has a.n.a.l fistula, which Alice applies the ointment carefully to .

「Will she be alright? I lost my mind part way through . 」

「A fistula is like a medal of honor…… don’t worry . More importantly……」

Alice points at the other three .

「Haa, what will happen to us!?」

「W-why am I like this……」


The other girls are lying face down with their a.s.s towards me and spreading their a.s.s cheeks .

If I don’t f.u.c.k them hard, it’ll be rude .

My d.i.c.k ended up not shrinking in the least as I ravaged all three of their a.s.sholes .

The sun rises in the morning .


「……fufu . 」

We walk back to the inn with an awkward silence among us .

Natia is ignoring me and Alice has an accomplished look on her face .

All of them ended up getting hooked on a.n.a.l s.e.x .

The prost.i.tute got especially addicted and purposely skipped the ointment so she could enjoy the pain, earning the t.i.tle of intermediate student from Alice .

「……was that good?」

Natia mumbles .

「It was incredible . 」

She bonks my head .

「Not that, I meant the end . 」

「Ooh, isn’t that fine?」

Natia must be referring to the words I said to the dazed women .

“There is a small church of Altair in Goldonia”

I was relaxed after s.e.x and the girls will most likely be found even if they continue hiding here .

I just thought it would be better if they lived in the small church in Rafen .

Altair will also be delighted to have an increase, no matter how small, to the number of believers .

As long as I’m careful she doesn’t return to how ridiculous the religion was before, it should be fine .

「Don’t blame me if anything happens . 」

「No need to worry . It’s not a big deal . 」

We get back to the inn and we head back to the room .

I wonder if Celia has sobered up .

She’ll probably have a hangover .

All of a sudden, I hear a familiar voice from next door .

「Gido-san . It’s embarra.s.sing for me…… this is my first time . 」

「Relax, I’ll be gentle . 」

There was some rustling .

「Ow! Aaah, I offered myself to somebody I met only yesterday…… but I’m happy . 」

「Thanks, that makes me happy . I’m going to thrust from behind . 」

Natia and I exchange looks and then swing open the door .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Winter .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator . s.e.x King of White City .

Adventure Party

Alice (evangelist), Natia (silent), Sekrit (meal preparation), Celia (drunken stupor), Gido (adulterer)

Injured harpy (crisis), Schwartz (horse), Harpy x9

a.s.sets: 12,900 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 583, children who have been born: 68 + 555 fish

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