Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 331

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Chapter 331

–Third Person POV–

Odoros . General Governorate Office Building

「Governor General Zilgray! No matter how you look at it, isn’t this too unreasonable!?」

Zilgray casts down his eyes with a sour face as the n.o.bles in front of him slam the table .

They’re the n.o.bles affiliated with Zilgray’s faction .

「Tomas may have been an incompetent son, but I was happy when he was added to the Governor General’s knight squad! For him to die in battle in a place not even considered a battlefield…… I can’t accept it!」

The father who lost his son continues to press Zilgray with tears in his eyes .

「My younger brother as well! ……let us say for argument’s sake, he was defeated while protecting the Governor General, it would be a warrior’s honor, yet what do you mean when you can’t return his body to me!? This isn’t the battlefield, so it can’t be that it’s impossible to retrieve!」

One of Zilgray’s surviving close aides mutters some kind of excuse to the man on behalf of the Governor General to no avail .

The truth is that the body was recovered but can’t be returned .

It was dismantled so much that every part of the corpse was unrecognizable, and it was only when the pendant with his family crest engraved on it was found that he could be identified .

「The explanation that it was a bandit attack sounds fishy to begin with! I heard that there were over 300 fully armed knights altogether . Ordinary bandits are not capable of ma.s.sacring all of them! I also heard that there was a fire in the Governor General’s private residence on the same day . Has the order within the General Governorate fallen that much!?」

「It’s also unnatural for the Governor General to be the only one alive . Don’t tell me you escaped because you knew about it beforehand . 」

Just when things were taking a turn for the worst, Zilgray finally managed to put a few words together .

「I get why everyone is sad and angry . ……still, I know for a fact this was all done by Hardlett . 」

Everyone falls completely silent .

n.o.body doubted the possibility of such a claim .

「I certainly did often hear of such rumors from the Governor General……」

「His soldiers have the power to annihilate several hundred men…… we don’t even know how he sent them . 」

Everyone seems to be evading the topic .

If they were to slander a prominent feudal lord in Goldonia without any evidence, they will surely turn the Kingdom’s eyes towards them .

The n.o.bles look at each other, reluctant to let the name Hardlett come out of their mouths .

Zilgray speaks in a firmer tone than before .

「I have proof . He sent me a letter…… thinking he also wanted peace, I went along with his sweet words . In actuality, he wanted to do this!」

After slamming the table in frustration and looking around at the other n.o.bles, Zilgray continues .

「It was foolish of him to allow such a letter addressed to me to remain in my hands . I’ve already given it to the royal palace as evidence so I can prosecute him . Once he gets suitable punishment, it should also turn into compensation for you gentlemen . 」

For a moment, the n.o.bles seemed to relax a bit .

If an entire family was wrongfully killed, a hefty sum should be paid for compensation .

It’s hard to think a great feudal can’t pay such an amount .

Of course there is sadness in losing one’s family, however those entrusted by other families are not successors to the household and have nothing to do with the continuation of the family . The expensive compensation fee would come in handy to further the development of the family .

「Your Excellency, the reply from the palace has arrived!」

「Ooh, has it now!?」

A messenger from the royal palace has come at the perfect timing .

Zilgray moved the n.o.bles to an adjacent room, though he kept the door open enough that they could hear what was being said .

「I have come to make an announcement in regards to the prosecution!」

「Sir, yessir!」

Zilgray waits on his knee with eyes full of antic.i.p.ation .

「Firstly, in regards to the proof of Margrave Hardlett’s unlawful actions――」

A collective gulp can be heard from next door as well . To their dismay……

「The letter you presented as evidence does not have the seal of the Hardlett family, and it has been confirmed to be a counterfeit . 」


Zilgray was left dumbfounded by what was said and the color soon drained from his face .

「Therefore the prosecution has been deemed groundless! Further, His Majesty has words to add . “I am becoming disappointed in you . The General Governorate’s security is to blame for the blunder of allowing the raid in question, and I can only think that this prosecution was an attempt to push the responsibility to another . If you continue to lay false charges and disturb the peace of the Kingdom, it will be my mistake in appointing you with the position of Governor General . At that time, be prepared for me to make changes . ” That is all!」

The close aide quickly shuts the door to the adjacent room, but it was too late .

Before Zilgray could say anything, the messenger went on with his next task .

「In addition, the lead information officer has entrusted me with an official doc.u.ment with instructions to open it here . 」

Zilgray receives the letter from the messenger and unfolds it .

“The incident which resulted in multiple deaths and the fire on your personal residence determined to be an accidental are presumed by the information bureau to be done by members of the rebellion . This puts serious doubts in the General Governorate’s ability to rule and requires a detailed report immediately . To this point, it may be required of you to return to the capital to provide such a report right away . The aforementioned contents as well as decisions have been approved by His Majesty . ”

「D-d.a.m.n…… how dare a mere information officer speak so arrogantly――!!」

「Your Excellency, please control yourself! It has gotten His Majesty’s approval!」

The messenger sends Zilgray a sharp glance before bowing and taking his leave .

「s.h.i.+t, I intended to expose Hardlett’s sins only for me to make a huge embarra.s.sment of myself! And to also receive a scolding from His Majesty! This will become a juicy topic of discussion in high scoiety . I must make amends promptly…… so I guess I need to tip the ministers and their wives to somehow keep this under control . 」

「But Governor General sir, the fire burned down the treasure storage and we have no money to buy gifts . If we prepare them with money we don’t have, it will prevent us from reconstructing the mansion . 」

Leaving your own mansion burned down is essentially the same as declaring to the public you have no money to fix it, which is not advisable for the sake of honor or maintaining rule .

「Then temporary tax collection…… no, I can’t . Doing so after the fuss will surely induce the people to rebel . If I allow a rebellion at this time, my job will really be taken away . 」

The n.o.bles who returned to the room look at the agitated Zilgray with composed eyes .

「Zilgray-dono…… it seems you’ll be quite busy . 」

「We will be returning home for now . 」

Some n.o.bles have already made preparations to leave .

「By the way, my wife isn’t feeling well so I will be taking a pa.s.s on partic.i.p.ating in the autumn hunt . 」

「That reminds me, could you hold off on recommending my son for a position as government official in the palace? I remembered that he told me he wanted to be a painter . 」

「Also about the marriage discussions with my niece, it seems she is interested in another man…… I apologize that you introduced him to us, but I think the best course of action here is to start anew . 」

Judging Zilgray to be a sinking s.h.i.+p, the n.o.bles disa.s.sociate with him altogether .

As he was gritting his teeth in anger, a quiet argument can be heard coming from the corner of the room .

「You said Count Monas.h.i.+ refused the request? We also sent men to help with the flood control works for the river . It would make sense if we got 50%, or 40% at worst, of the water supply…… how can I be satisfied with just 20%!」

There are also n.o.bles within the Zilgray faction who have small territory and little power, who couldn’t take part in talks so was left in the corner and is now yelling at his subordinate .

During such a tense silence, that verbal exchange attracted attentions for the wrong reasons .

「Ahem, err…… Baron Wejini, is there a problem?」

Realizing the surrounding n.o.bles were all looking at him, Wejini felt ashamed .

「N-not at all! It’s just I requested the neighboring Count Monas.h.i.+ for water use…… and can’t seem to settle the negotiation . 」

「Count Monas.h.i.+…… if I recall, isn’t he close with Hardlett?」

After saying that, Zilgray seemed to remember, albeit vaguely, something about Baron Wejini’s name .

He helped out the Baron who had financial troubles to bring someone close to Hardlett’s territory into his own faction out of spite for Hardlett .

It resulted in no reaction and betrayed his expectations so he didn’t have many interactions with him hence forth though .

A smile returned to Zilgray’s face .

Right now, he needed to distract those in his faction and show that he still possesses great power .

「That’s terrible . Water is practically life for your citizens, so having it taken away can be frustrating . 」

Wejini, a n.o.ble who had the lowest seat, was confused at such a sudden remark .

「I-I guess . That’s why I’ve been trying to negotiate countless times……」

「You probably can’t a.s.sert yourself against a Count with your standing . We’ve promised to help each other out didn’t we, so why not let me lend you enough soldiers to rival Count Monas.h.i.+ . 」

Baron Wejini couldn’t hide his shock at the proposal .

「Soldiers!? No no, talks are still ongoing so doing that out of the blue isn’t really-!」

Zilgray presses harder .

「It’s common for feudal lords to face off with soldiers over water rights, there’s no need to be scared of a Count . Let us show him our teamwork . I will prepare the soldiers and supplies . You don’t have to hold back!」

「Let me at least trying talking to Count Monas.h.i.+ one more time before doing that……」

Wejini’s unwillingness goes unheard by Zilgray, who smiles and grabs his hand for a vigorous shake .

–Aegir POV–

Rafen .

「His private residence was destroyed . It has been confirmed to be completely burned down . 」

I nod at Leopolt’s report .

「Just as you said, everyone else except him was killed . 」

Brynhildr chimes in and then sits on my lap .

Siegfried was the one who actually carried it out and he disappeared somewhere after giving his report .

Leopolt is staring hard at Brynhildr .

Come on now, she’s my woman and I won’t let you stare so much .

「What are you looking at sc.u.m, leave at once . 」

As expected, Brynhildr treats all people besides me harshly .

Leopolt did a good job, so the least I can do is back him up .

「Now now, don’t say that . You and the others were able to safely cross the river because of this one’s arrangements . 」

「Hmph, who cares if one or two servants melt away . Especially after getting so many…… no, nevermind . More importantly, I have something to say to you . 」

Brynhildr snaps her fingers, instantly summoning Siegfried from somewhere, who appears with another female .

The girl is only wearing a thin layer of fabric and is trembling uncontrollably .

「He captured her when he attacked . ……don’t kill women my a.s.s, how stupid . 」

「Ooh, you followed what I said . 」

I don’t want women to be killed even if they may be Zilgray’s subordinates .

I take another look at the girl .

She appears to be about 25 years old . Her height is in the 160’s, she’s fair-skinned, she has pretty slender legs and plump enough thighs and a.s.s perfect for f.u.c.king .

She’s lacking in the breast department judging by the modest bulge under her clothes .

Her fluffy, shoulder-length hair is the same brown color as Nonna’s hair and it’s styled in a fas.h.i.+onable manner .

「……hurry up and get it big now . 」

The girl unsteadily inches forward, then clings to my leg .

「O-oh king of the vampires . I beg you to spare my life…… I will do anything you ask . I will even be your slave……」

What does she mean vampire king? I guess Brynhildr is close to that .

「Hahaha, no no . 」

I grab her shoulder to hold her back .

「A…… ah……」

The scent of ammonia wafts in the room .

When I look down, I see the girl’s crotch is wet .

It looks like she got so scared she p.i.s.sed herself .

「Take a bath first . We’ll talk after that . 」

Thinking about it now, she was with the vampires this whole time after being captured from the west of the river .

That fear must not be ordinary fear .

I have to undo that fear before anything can get started . Once that’s done, I’ll take my time seducing her .

「……ignoring me after all the effort I exerted and getting ready to mount your new woman? You think you’re all that now, huh?」

「I love you too Brynhildr . However that girl is scared and as a man I must comfort her . 」

Of course, that involves the use of my d.i.c.k .

「Talk all you want . 」

Letting my excuse slide, Brynhildr proceeds to tear my pants, take out my p.e.n.i.s and open her mouth .

She seems ready to bite my d.i.c.k . Well, that pain can be enjoyable too .

「Hmph, it won’t be the same as usual . 」

She positions her fang above the head of my d.i.c.k instead of above my shaft .

Wait, that’s bad .

「Resign yourself, d.a.m.n womanizer!」


Her fang sinks into the fleshy glans, near the area where I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e .

The incomparably intense stimulation to that of my shaft forces a a guttural growl from my throat .

The soft sigh and clack of the door shutting tells me Leopolt has left .

Hey, help me before going . This pain is no joke .

「Pay more attention to me! One more time!」


Night .

「So that’s how it is, I’m not a vampire . I’m not going to eat or kill you . 」

I invite the woman to the bedroom after she finished her bath, then treat her to some hot soup while we talk .

「Why would I kill such a beauty?」

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The girl’s shoulders twitch when I sit beside her .

I can’t compare it with how the other girls do it since it’s a different style, but she might be better than Melissa and Leah in a certain sense .

By the fourth repet.i.tion, I was already letting out a pitiful groan and raising my hips unconsciously .

「Ooh…… ooh! So good, how is it getting better so quickly?」

Adela takes her mouth away and smiles, her lips wet with her own saliva and my pre-c.u.m .

「I’m confident with what I can do with my mouth . The reason I was hesitant at first was……」

Adela seems to be having trouble saying why . When I tell her that I don’t mind whatever she has to say, she looks away and continues on .

「Governor General Zilgray was…… just too small and it’s been so long since I’ve had someone so big . ……」

A smile forms on my face .

「I see, he was small?」

「Yes, like this . 」

Adela raises a finger . It went from the tip of my d.i.c.k to the bottom of my glans .

「Hahaha, well I have to say that’s pretty small!」

「It was also only this thick . 」

She also smiles as she raises two fingers to describe his girth .

「That won’t do . You’ll forget how to suck properly if you’re with that kind of p.e.c.k.e.r for too long . 」

「That’s why I was gradually regaining my skill as I was sucking on master’s huge c.o.c.k . 」

Adela rubs her cheek against my fully erect meat rod .

How tragic it would be if she forgot how to suck d.i.c.k because she got used to a small p.e.n.i.s .

「Even though he was small, he would do painful and forced things…… it was really stressful everyday . 」

Adela gives my d.i.c.k a kiss and once again takes it into her mouth .

I brush her hair softly .

「He would only hold my head down as I was servicing him and never stroke my hair……he didn’t even have to hold my head since he was small and it could all fit in my mouth anyways . 」

She swallows my rod while letting out her complaints .

When she puts half in her throat, it hits the back and she chokes a little .

「Watch it, mine is different than his so you’ll gag if you shove it so deep . 」

「Fufu, seems so . 」

She may be complaining, but each thing she says makes me feel a sense of superiority .

It would be impressive if she aimed for that, though she most likely means it from the bottom of her heart .

Now I want to fondle her .

And then penetrate her as well .

「Let’s go to bed . I’ll also make you feel――」

Before I could finish, Celia rushes in the room .

「Aegir-sama! Gosh, embracing another unknown woman…… I mean, now’s not the time!」

With how frantic she is, is it another attack?

Adela remains calm and holds my d.i.c.k in her mouth despite Celia’s intrusion .

She stops moving her head so her service doesn’t make too much noise and only uses her tongue to lick me .

Yet another display of her abundant experience of being a lover .

「Count Monas.h.i.+ sent you a request for backup! It looks like he’s under attack!」

「Huh? I don’t know what’s going on . 」

Attack or not, that guy’s territory is northwest to me and there shouldn’t be any foreign enemies .

Who would be attacking?

「Well, it’s the neighboring feudal lord…… it appears he’s being attacked by Baron Wejini . Anyways, come right away to the office!」

Celia gives Adela a glare before running out .

「…… I don’t think I can put off going . 」

Count Monas.h.i.+ is an ally of mine and I can’t stay quiet if he gets attacked .

I will need to ask for more details .

「……unfortunately we’ll have to stop here . Sorry I can’t return the favor . 」

I apologize to Adela . Not being able to finish by e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n is quite the unsatisfying incomplete combustion too .

Adela shows me a grin .

「How long does it take you to change?」

My work clothes has few decorations but I still have to tie a few strings so maybe it’ll take two or three minutes .

「That’s plenty . I’ll let you e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e while you change . 」

Adela furiously moves her head back and forth .

She makes all the caressing she’s done up to this point seem like child’s play and a wave of pleasure a.s.saults me .

She combines an intense suction with her head bobbing and her lips rub against my shaft, meanwhile her tongue wriggles around inside her mouth like a separate living organism .

Furthermore, she rolls my b.a.l.l.s in her hand with the perfect amount of strength .

Sure enough, she made me c.u.m in two minutes .

I leave her covered in my seed and head to the office while Adela politely sees me off .

I don’t know what is going on, but right now I’m in a forgiving mood .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Summer .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator . s.e.x King of White City .

Citizens: 185,500 . Refugees: 24,000 .

Major Cities – Rafen: 32,000 . Lintbloom: 5000 . Special Cultivation District: 13,000 .

Army Staying Behind: 8800 men

Infantry: 6000, Cavalry: 1100, Archers: 900, Bow Cavalry: 500, Cannoneers: 350

Cannons: 35, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 30

Troops Dispatched to South: 2200 men

Refugee Guards (Light Infantry): 2200


Reserve Army: 2000 men . Security Unit: 200 men .

a.s.sets: 42,050 gold

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