Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 324

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Chapter 324

–Aegir POV–

「So that’s what happened . Your medicine will be sent to Polpo now . 」

I lower my head to Natia .

It’s because I felt guilty for selling the medicine she made for me and Celestina to Polpo .

Natia doesn’t get particularly angry .

「It’s not like you’re throwing it away, right? The destination is different, but people’s lives will still be saved . 」

Natia stops stirring the cauldron to wipe sweat off her brow .

Wilhelmina won’t tie the medicine to an arrow and shoot it .

There should be no other way for her to use it other than saving the people suffering from the disease .

「Besides, I just have to stay up for a few nights to make up for it . It’s not a big deal . 」

Natia smiles after gulping down a gla.s.s of water .

I feel a shock hit my heart .



My body moved on its own and hugged the elf .

It was my feeling of regret and her kindness which prompted me to jump on her .

「Natia, you’re the best!」

「W-what is it, all of a sudden! Don’t wrap your thick arm around me! It’s hot! It’s stuffy!」

My emotions don’t subside and I continue to hug Natia, who flails in my arms .

In the end, the both of us got sweaty and got in the bath together .

「……you’re really not going to do anything, right?」

「Of course . To apologize and to thank you, I’ll just give you a ma.s.sage . 」

Natia glares at me and then tentatively lowers herself into the water .

She wrapped two towels around her chest and waist to form an impenetrable defense .

「Alright, here I go . 」

「Nn . 」

I extend my hand from behind Natia as she submerges her body in the bathtub and gently rub her shoulders .

She is fairly tall and has an overall delicate body so I have to be careful not to use too much strength .

I repeatedly tell myself to be soft as I pinch her shoulders lightly .

「Fufu, I’m not that fragile . You won’t loosen up my shoulders unless you use a little more strength . 」

「Is that so…… so something like this?」


Natia’s shoulders are quite tight from standing all the time during her work .

I pour some water on her shoulders as I squeeze them and I can feel them relaxing little by little .

「So you can do such delicate work despite how boorish you look . ……feels pretty nice . 」

I’m used to touching a female’s body . Nonna especially gets tight shoulders so I often ma.s.sage her shoulders after s.e.x .

I have the discretion not to say that out loud though .

「Alright then, get up briefly and lay on your side . I can ma.s.sage your hips and legs while you’re in the water . 」

「You’re not just doing my shoulders!?」

What is she saying? The part which gets tired the most when standing is the lower half .

Only ma.s.saging the shoulders isn’t enough .

「…… anything naughty is forbidden . 」

Natia sends me a stare before rising from the bathtub .

She lies face down on a mat which was spread beside the bathtub .

Unfortunately, her a.s.s was tightly guarded by the towel .

「Here I go . 」

「Wah, what is this……did you use some kind of fragrance?」

I apply the viscous scented bathwater on Natia and then rub her lower back .

「Nnh, it hurts a little……」

「It feels really tight . Let me know if you can’t bear it . 」

As I thought, she’s tighter here than her shoulders .

When I use more power, Natia twists her body a little but doesn’t resist anymore than that .

「I’m going to move down slowly . 」


She’ll probably get angry if I touch her a.s.s so I focus on spreading the thick fluid on her thighs, calves, and feet and ma.s.saging them .

「Hey, as a feudal lord, you’re a person in a high position, right? Aren’t you opposed to things like rubbing a woman’s legs?」

「No . Absolutely not . Not the slightest . If you want, I can also lick your feet . 」

Servicing a woman’s body is a man’s responsibility and joy . I’ll do it all from her legs to her a.s.shole .

Once the woman’s heart opens up, I’ll take her hole .

「Don’t actually lick them!」

Oh, she was joking?

「Aah…… I’m feeling much better now . I guess I didn’t realize how stiff my body was . 」

Natia’s fatigue has pretty much been relieved .

Then her eyelids seem to drop down .

「If you feel sleepy, why don’t you go to sleep? You’re done with the medicine for now, right?」

「Nn…… I can sleep for about two hours……」

Then feel free to do so here .

The bath has also cooled down enough that she won’t get lightheaded .

「You can sit on my and sleep in the bathtub . You don’t have to worry about sinking and I can continue ma.s.saging you while you sleep . 」

「……you really―― wah!」

I pick Natia up and get into the bathtub, then rest her on top of me .

「I promise you . I will definitely not rape or fool around with your body . Trust me . 」

I tell her with a serious look . I want to respond to her good will .

「Alright then……」

That’s all Natia says before she relaxes and entrusts me with her body .

「But I feel a hard thing hitting my back . It’s gotten big……」

「I can’t do anything about that . Don’t pay attention to it . 」

A man’s d.i.c.k is like a separate organism . It doesn’t listen to me even more than I don’t listen to Leopolt .

「I’m going to ma.s.sage now . If you feel sleepy, sleep whenever . I’ll make sure you don’t sink . 」

I rub her shoulders and her sides even softer than I did before .

When I glance down, I notice Natia doesn’t have a towel wrapped around her anymore .

「You promised you wouldn’t do anything lewd, right? It’s hard to sleep with a towel on . 」

She trusts me to keep a promise . I can’t betray that trust .

「It got bigger again…… I can tell . It’s almost like a wall…… of muscle…… the water and your hands feel nice…… so good . 」

Her complaints fade away and Natia eventually falls asleep .

「Thanks Natia . You were really a great help . 」

I continue to ma.s.sage her, careful not to wake her up .

I peek over her shoulder and I can see her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and crotch .

I can even penetrate her by simply moving my hips .

But I can’t do so after she’s trusted me this much .

I act as her chair for the next two hours and try my best not to stimulate my swollen d.i.c.k .

「Uurnh…… that was really two hours? That felt more refres.h.i.+ng than a full night’s rest . 」

She really just did nothing but sleep, yet I see the fatigue has disappeared from her face .

The bags under her eyes have also cleared away .

「Hahaha, I injected energy into your womb with my d.i.c.k . Maybe it’s because of that . 」

I couldn’t help but make such a crude joke .

「Fufu, don’t lie . You’re not the kind of man who would betray someone’s trust like that . I believe in you . 」

Natia smiles and then returns to her cauldron .

「…… what a wonderful woman . 」

I absolutely have to make her happy .

A half human, half elf…… I wonder what effect that would have on life span . I’ll ask her next time .

「Big brother . 」

After sending Natia off warmly, a tiny face pops out from the dressing room .

It’s Celestina . She runs toward me taking small but quick steps without any clothes on .

「Celestina, good timing . 」

I should apologize to her too .

It’s not because the amount of medicine sent to Malt was reduced, I just feel bad about it .

「Celestina, regarding the medicine――――」

「I am truly thankful!」

Celestina bows her head .

「You’re not only sharing precious medicine, I heard you even constructed a clinic . 」

Adolph plans to use the clinic set up within Malt to profit on the sales of medicine .

The goal is to quarantine the sick patients, although with the existence of medicine, they won’t feel total despair .

「I should be the one doing everything…… yet brother is doing it for me because of how worthless I am . 」

Celestina clings to my waist .

There is no sense of lewdness despite both of us being naked in the bathroom .

「But I gave the medicine to a country called Polpo……」

「I heard you even gave medicine to Polpo . I knew big brother was amazing! You saved lots of people!」

I didn’t expect her to take that angle . .

Celestina’s pure eyes sure sees things differently .

「Hmm…… how should I say it?」

How should I explain it? Should I explain it in the first place…… I don’t know, I can’t handle detailed explanations .

「More importantly, I have to thank big brother in place of the citizens!」

Celestina declares cheerfully .

I let out a sigh and then smile .

「Haha, I see . Then why don’t you give me a kiss on the che――」

「I want big brother to put his peepee in my crotch!」

I go silent .

「That is all I can do…… I’m bigger by 3 cm since last year and all grown-up, your peepee will surely fit now!」

Please don’t keep saying it . Rumors will start circulating about how I slept with a child .

「I heard big brother puts it in any girl he sees . Even boys if they’re cute . 」

d.a.m.n, those rumor-loving maids . I’m not that crazy about women .

I’ll find the person who did this and punish them with my d.i.c.k .

「Celestina, I appreciate your sentiment, but that activity is saved for two adults . You’re still a child, besides I’m not in the mood to do naughty things . 」

「You are . 」

Celestina points to my erect meat rod .


My d.i.c.k got hard because I was ma.s.saging Natia earlier .

I was going to apologize to Celestina with this thing sticking out?

「Bir brother……」

Celestina pokes my d.i.c.k and then hops up and down . Aah, she isn’t tall enough to kiss me .

When I lower my body to her level, she quickly wraps her hands around my face and approaches my lips .

「Nmu . 」


I was expecting her to kiss my cheek, but she went for my lips instead . Not only that, she slips her tongue in my mouth too .

「Nn, nnh!」

I feel her small tongue enter . Her face turns red as she eagerly wiggles her tongue .

「Puha! So?」

「I’m glad . But where did you learn that?」

Celestina replies happily .

「I practiced lots with Monica! I did it before sleeping every night!」

「Uugh . 」

My d.i.c.k throbs when I imagine Celestina kissing Monica .

「It moved…… leave it to me . 」

Celestina gets in between my legs and starts servicing my shaft with her mouth .

I’m opposed to letting the young Celestina do something like that, however she already did it once in the past .

I don’t want to gobble up a little kid, so letting her suck me should be fine .

Her little tongue brushes all over my pole, and she occasionally tries to swallow me by opening her mouth wide and taking my tip inside .

Obviously, it won’t fit inside the small girl’s mouth .

「It’s too big~」

「Celestina, get on top and turn your b.u.t.t toward me . 」

She obediently does as she is told and the smooth bottom appears before my eyes .

With me lying face up and her on top of me, the both of us please each other’s genitals .

I don’t hesitate to put my own on her hairless crotch .

「Hya! Big brother, so good!」

I deliberately slurp loudly as I suck on her and a warm spring of liquid leaks out .

There is not much smell to it .

Maybe it has something to do with her age .

When I do the same with Mel or Marceline or any older women, I get a thick lewd scent .

On the other hand, Celia and Pipi don’t smell much . Of course they still turn me on the same .

By the way, Catherine leaks like a fountain so I don’t have time to sniff what she smells like .

As for Claudia, I have to focus on propping her up with my hands so my head doesn’t get crushed and don’t have the luxury to worry about scent .

「Aauuuu…… no more…… can’t go on……」

Whoops, I went a little overboard .

Celestina collapses weakly while holding onto my d.i.c.k .

「Bir brother, put it in?」

As she lies sideways languidly, she spreads open her v.a.g.i.n.a with her own fingers .

She reveals her pristine pink insides incongruous with the love juice leaking out .

「This is tough . 」

I can’t eat Celestina while she’s still young .

However saying no to a woman who is going this far to tempt me goes against my principles .

「Bir brother…… I’m fine with it . 」

Think .

Kissing Celestina is already allowed .

Having her suck my d.i.c.k and licking her spotless crotch somehow pa.s.ses as well .

Penetration is barely a pa.s.s, maybe as long as I don’t c.u.m inside?

「Alright . Are you ready?」

I push Celestina on her back and get on top .

「Yeah…… I was thinking of letting big brother be the first person I do it with . 」

I stroke my c.o.c.k once, then twice, then get ready to first tear the mark of her virginity .

I hold onto her thin legs gently, then position my tip near her entrance――


Before I could push forward all the way, I let out a gasp as the head of my d.i.c.k hits her entrance .

「No, it isn’t possible . 」

I suddenly go back to being level-headed .

What was I going to do?

My d.i.c.k won’t fit inside her tiny hole .

My d.i.c.k is even thicker than her thigh .

Her a.n.u.s and v.a.g.i.n.a could be connected and I still won’t know if I got it in her .

「I-I’ll endure it . 」

「That’s not the problem . 」

I rest my d.i.c.k on Celestina’s belly and rub it back and forth .

If I imagine putting this in her up to the root …… the tip would be at her throat .

She will undoubtedly die .

I exhale and then smile .

「We won’t become one yet . Let’s practice instead . 」


I close Celestina’s legs so they’re squeezing my d.i.c.k from both sides .

「I’ll rub it like this . Leave everything to me . 」

「Got it . This feels kind of exciting . 」

I hold Celestina’s shoulder and thrust my hips forward .

Instead of destroying her hole, my d.i.c.k slides across her body .

「Wah! It slipped along like whoos.h.!.+ It went zoom!」

「Fufufu, what do you think?」

I pull my hips back before pus.h.i.+ng them out again .

Naturally, only doing this won’t give Celestina pleasure, so I use the veins bulging out from my member to rub against her cute c.l.i.toris .

At the same time, I tease her nipples playfully and tickle her neck and sides .

At first, Celestina laughs as we fool around .

「Kyahahaha! That ticklesー!」

「There’s more where that came from . 」

The pleasure within Celestina starts building up the more her c.l.i.toris gets rubbed .

「Auu! Haa, haa, my crotch feels tingly…… auu, auuu!」

「It’s not over yet . 」

Eventually, she starts screaming with every little touch .

「No more! I’m going to go crazy! The tingly feeling isn’t going away!」

「Almost there?」

Celestina closes her eyes tightly, opens her mouth and sticks her tongue straight out .

The girl drowning in ecstasy is making a face that she shouldn’t be making .

「This will be the finisher . 」

I adjust the angle of my thrust and rub my pubic hair on her crotch .

If I did this from the start, it would hurt like h.e.l.l, although now……


She lets out a silent scream, and then her limbs tense up for a brief moment before her body goes limp .

「Haa, haa, haa…… big brother…… my hips are acting strange, they’re moving on their own……」

When I separate from her body, Celestina’s hips are dancing in a swaying motion .

Experiencing her first deep o.r.g.a.s.m must have caused her body to go haywire .

「Fufu, you’re more like an adult now . 」

Normally, one would experience this when they lose their virginity .

「I want you to hug me……」

「Sure . 」

I wrap my arms around Celestina firmly, enveloping her body until she catches her breath .

I suck on the nape of her neck while patting her head to acknowledge the hard work she did .

「…… what is this…… how could you do this!?」

I hear somebody’s voice behind me .

「So finally…… you finally did it! Her Majesty’s…… Her Majesty’s-!!」

At the entrance of the bathroom stands a dumbfounded Monica .

She probably came looking for Celestina .

I take a step back to review our situation .

The two of us are completely naked, with me on top of Celestina .

We are in the missionary position, where the girl pinned under me has her hands wrapped around my back and is breathing hard, meanwhile I’m sucking on her neck .

From that angle, it really looked as if I just finished f.u.c.king Celestina .

I hold out my hand towards Monica in an attempt to control her .

「You’ll understand if I explain . 」

「There is no use arguing about it!」

Monica takes a knife meant for self-defence and charges at me with it, stabbing the short blade into my a.s.s cheek .

「That was a bad time . 」

I rub my b.u.t.t as I walk along the corridor .

Monica is currently lecturing Celestina in her room .

It would be interesting to watch, but I should probably help Natia .

「Hoi! Yah! Toh!」


Natia is moving vigorously as she lets out enthusiastic shouts .

I’m happy she is like this after my ma.s.sage, but it doesn’t look like I can do anything to help .

With how energetic she is, I’d only get in her way .

I give Natia my thanks before closing the door quietly .

「How was that!? I’ve done it!」

She’s really making medicine, right? I’m getting worried .

「Huh, master?」

「Oh, Gretel . Have you gotten used to being a wife?」

「Yes…… everyone in town is calling me madam…… wait! What is that!?」

Gretel points to my crotch .

Oh yeah, Monica got in the way and I couldn’t c.u.m .

「If you walk around with that bulge, it will affect your dignity! Also the dignity of your wife…… if you don’t mind, please let me help . 」

Gretel takes my hand and pulls me into a room .

Sure, I’m all for her help .

「I’m going to be rough . Prepare yourself . . 」

「A-absolutely…… woof . 」

Gretel quickly puts on her ears and tail before getting pushed onto the bed .

A Few Hours Later .



I slam my hips into Gretel from behind and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e .

My rich seed sprays out and flows into her v.a.g.i.n.a like a rus.h.i.+ng stream .

「Kyan, kyan!」

「Hey, don’t run . 」

As Gretel tries to crawl away, I grab her a.s.s and pull her back .

I don’t stop moving my hips during my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n and the sticky squirting sound mixes with the flesh slapping sound .

Even after c.u.mming inside her and inflating her stomach until she looks like a pregnant woman, my d.i.c.k doesn’t go soft .

I couldn’t release after touching Natia’s body or when I was fooling around with Celestina .

Plus my a.s.s got stabbed, so I’ve got lots of s.e.m.e.n backed up .

「The doggy position is nice . You get the feeling of conquest . 」

Humping her from behind on all fours isn’t the most suitable position to express our love, but quite suitable for a good romp .

「I guess it’s time to finish things up . 」

After my third e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, I cover Gretel’s body with mine .

「Ahiiih…… hiiih…… I’m dyingg……」

I embrace the convulsing Gretel who can no longer keep up her dog act .

As I flump over her back, I steal her lips and put my hand over her hand .

「Good night . 」

I make small thrusts with my hips to hit the very back of her hole .

「……aau . 」

Gretel whimpers and collapses powerlessly before wetting the bed with warm liquid .

That tiny action was enough to send her consciousness flying .

「Aah, that felt great . Thanks Gretel . 」

As expected, the pleasure from c.u.mming after holding back so much is incredible .

It was even more pleasurable because Gretel is beautiful and I love her .

Gretel is covered in sweat and my body is also hot from the intense s.e.x .

Now that the sun has set, the air should be cooler if I open up a window .

「What was that scream just now!? An intruder!?」

「I heard it come from the exit of the aqueduct! Gather up some men!」

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「Don’t let him get close to the feudal lord no matter what!」

「It’s no use . Gull is dead . 」

He’s probably right . It felt like my foot was breaking a clay pot when I kicked him .

The pool of blood under his body is spreading so his skull must have cracked open .

「Alright . 」

I pick up the sword from that guy named Gull and get into a ready stance .

This thing at least has the shape of a sword . It’s so short that it feels like a toy . Better than nothing, I guess .

「Throw away your anger . Do it――with an ice cold heart!」

The remaining two men charge at me simultaneously .

At least they have the experience to not get worked up .

The older one comes from the left and the younger one comes from the right .

They weren’t aiming to cut my body apart, rather they were moving in a way to injure me at all costs, which is absolutely the right choice in this situation .

I’m impressed they haven’t lost their cool and are fighting in the most efficient manner .

「Still, you guys……」

I crouch down while I’m turning my body, making their thrusts. .h.i.t air .

「So slow……」

I take the stolen sword and swing it at the younger man .

He quickly props his own sword above his head to defend .

「Weak . 」

I disregard his futile attempt to block my and follow through with my slash all the way .

Both swords end up bending out of shape, but I keep pressing my warped blade down into the man’s face .

The man collapses after his nose gets crushed and his jaw shattered .


My foot stomps down on the man’s head before the older brother could finish his sentence .

It sounds like fruit being squashed .

「You’re the ones who entered somebody’s house without permission . I don’t want you calling me cruel . 」

I walk straight at the older brother .

I don’t want to prolong this .

I want to finish this up quickly and clean the room before she wakes up .

She’ll faint if she sees this .

「Kuh! I will avenge my younger brothers! Prepare yourseeellllff!」

As the brother shouts, he charges in a straight line with his sword raised .

Too bad that’s a poor move . I’m not that stupid .

The moment he sees me make a move to dodge his downward swing, the man takes out something small .

It was something like a mini crossbow . By the time I realized what it was, the bolt was already flying toward me .

The bolt was aimed at the center of my twisted body .

Regardless of its size, the shot was from close distance, so the bolt tears into my muscles and…… gets grabbed by my left hand before reaching my organs .


「I’m returning it to you . 」

I hurl the bolt back at the man, which stabs into his shoulder .


The man drops to the floor, looking at the bolt with grief on his face .

「H-how did you know……?」

「After I killed the first man, you were calm and after the second, you came running at me, shouting, which was strange . Did you think I was an idiot?」

「Guh…… i-is this the end……」

The man coughs up blood and begins convulsing .

Getting hit in the shoulder shouldn’t be fatal . So the bolt was coated in poison like I thought . It was a good thing I was being careful .

「Aegir-sama! Are you hurt!?」

Celia rushes in .

The earlier noise from battle notified the rest of the mansion of the abnormality .

「I’m fine . Get the guards to protect the other girls’ rooms at once . First make sure the women are safe, then investigate where these intruders came from . 」

Celia sticks right beside me with her sword drawn .

When she realizes I was naked, she hands me her own s.h.i.+rt .

My clothes were scattered across the floor and stained with blood anyways .

「I appreciate your concern, but people will think I’m a pervert for walking around wearing your s.h.i.+rt . 」

I would be wearing nothing except a tight s.h.i.+rt and my d.i.c.k would be waving around as I walk .

「M-my apologies!」

Celia quickly takes off the short pants she is wearing . Her panties are fully exposed again .

「……your degree of pervertedness has gone up . 」

I feel like throwing up when I imagine myself wearing those short pants .

「Come on, you go to my room too, I’m fine being naked . 」

I walk along the corridor while patting Celia’s head .

「These guys got their heads crushed . It was like a war hammer hit them . 」

「Wait, the feudal lord-sama was stark naked, right? He ma.s.sacred three armed individuals while naked?」

「More importantly, look at that…… that swinging thing is as thick as our arms…… the feudal lord-sama is really amazing . 」

The mansion guards are talking about something .

「Hey, no idle chatter! This happened because of your incompetence! If you let the knaves escape, be ready for a pay cut!」

The soldiers prop up their spears on their shoulders and runs off when Celia yells at them . They’re still not very reliable, huh .

The Following Early Morning .

A strenuous investigation was conducted until dawn broke, but in the end no other suspicious individuals were caught besides the three that I killed .

To be more accurate, none were captured alive .

「They tried to infiltrate from the aqueduct . They would be in the mansion in no time if they succeeded . 」


I take a look in the moat of the mansion to see what is left of the intruders .

「Four people? No, five?」

「It’s probably four . There are eight thigh bones . 」

For some reason, the intruders were reduced to bones .

Not only that, the bones are sparkling clean like the work of art of a person with a fetish for skeletons .

It was like something licked the bones thoroughly .

「Tummy is full nowー」

「Cleaned everything upー」

Mirumi’s children sneakily pop their heads out .

The mermaid quickly grabs the kids and dives back under the water .

Still, how come there are no bones from the neck up?

「The inside of the head is yum…… mghー」

Mirumi pulls down another child who sticks a head above water . It really is a mystery .

The other group of knaves were found to the southeast…… in the swampy area near the walls where Alice kept that roper .

The five men were also found dead .

「Two tried to climb over the wall and fell to their death . The other three…… died in an impossible manner . 」

The alraune is growing rampantly along the city walls .

A human-shaped figure was peeking out from behind a leaf .

I guess it was worried if I would be mad .

「Considering the poison arrows and short swords they carried, there is no doubt they were the same kind of intruders…… but don’t you think it’s a little dumb for them to die by failing to climb the wall? I mean, there is a tree right by the wall, even kids could climb it . 」

「Maybe . 」

Those guys probably tried to climb the alraune to escape .

The alraune, sensing a disturbing presence, swatted them down .

Without understanding the situation, they kept repeating the same thing over and kept getting knocked down .

Out of those attempts, they ended up falling poorly and both of them died . After realizing the tree was putting up resistance, they tried cutting it .

I see tiny slash marks on the alraune’s stalk .

When it gets attacked, she naturally fights back .

She manages to keep her promise to me to not use its digestive fluids, and instead uses a different defense mechanism .

「The remaining three…… raped each other’s a.s.ses . Their a.n.u.ses were eventually torn, their intestines were shredded and they died from blood loss . 」

The knaves who got influenced by the alraune’s pollen lost their sense of reason after getting aroused and f.u.c.ked each other a.n.a.lly until they died .

「Clean this up quickly . This kind of death will definitely cause regret . I don’t want them to come back alive as zombies . 」


The men of the security squad salute, then swiftly take away the corpses .

「You did good . I’m not angry . 」

After I say that, the plant seems to sway back and forth in relief before dropping a fruit in front of me .

Leopolt and Myla come to me after all the intruders were confirmed to be dead .

「This incident was a blunder . 」

Leopolt lowers his head .

On the other side, Myla also slumps her shoulders pathetically .

The defence of the mansion does technically fall in their category I guess . Well, what’s important is what will be done in the future .

「Mm . So did you find out their ident.i.ty?」

To be honest, the prospects are slim . They all died after all .

「The raiders have all died, however there are a few individuals thought to be collaborators who have been restrained . The interrogations will be conducted soon . 」

How quick, as expected . If multiple teams are moving at once, it would make sense for there to be people helping from within the city .

「I leave it to you . I want harsh questioning . 」

Fortunately, no one got injured on our side .

One misstep and the girls could have gotten in harm’s way .

That’s why those guys need to spill whatever it is they are hiding, even if that means a little violence is needed .

「Right, I will interrogate the three men and two women in the dungeon . 」

「Wait . 」

I put my hand on Leopolt’s shoulder .

「Treat the women gently…… no, I can’t trust your ‘gentle’ . I’ll question them personally . 」

Leopolt’s eyes narrow, but I don’t pay any attention to it .

How dare you sigh though . Don’t make me steal Nina from you because of your incompetence .

「You left the security unit in charge yet…… what a mistake…… this blame……」

I embrace the haggard Myla .

「Hahaha, then why don’t you take responsibility in bed . I’ll have you make up for it lots with your mouth, p.u.s.s.y, and a.s.s . 」

As I joke around with her, my instincts tell me that this incident will surely be connected to something more troublesome in the future .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Summer .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator . s.e.x King of White City .

a.s.sets: 51,990 (disease countermeasure+Malt -4000), (Medicine fee for 50 people +2000)

s.e.xual Partners: 552, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish

Citizens: 185,500 . Refugees: 24,000 .

Major Cities – Rafen: 32,000 . Lintbloom: 5000 . Special Cultivation District: 13,000 .


Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (top), Catherine (bottom)

Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (lover, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (lover)

Casie (frightened), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (lobbying), Alice (a.s.s lover), Leah (lover)

Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)

Natia (in perfect form), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (free-loader)

Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (ball), Clara (female attendant)

Celestina (queen, climaxed), Monica (handmaid)


Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (impregnable), Mirumi (mermaid, full stomach)


Pochi (anemia), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (promiscuous elf)


Celia (panties fully exposed), Myla (dejected), Marta (aide), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)

Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker)

Leopolt (interrogating), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (disease countermeasures)

Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

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