Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Inside of the Royal Palace, an important conference meeting was taking place, including Alexandro the 1st, all the high ranking aristocrats and ministers were gathered together .

「I plan to strengthen our forces not just by training our already existing troops but by founding a new army corps」

「However! If we were to do something like that, not only would we require the soldiers but we will also require capable captains of directing a 10 man unit and even a commander capable of controlling a 100 man army!」

「Will it really be possible to reinforce our existing army by adding more soldiers? Will it not take up too much time?」

「I also thought that time is precious, until I read this」

The King threw a bunch of papers from his hand to the table .

「T… . This is?」

「This is the various plans and protocols in place to reinforce the current army corps…… Ultimately how many troops do you think we will need?」

Everyone in the room takes a look at the papers but they were unable to understand what the question alluded to . Only Elihi who was seated at the foot of the table had a bitter expression on his face .

「Do you people not understand? I suppose so…… . 30 years of peace of a long time . Baron Radhold! Point out the problem!」

Everyone’s gaze was locked on to Elihi and he quickly stood up . Baron Radhold, this was a t.i.tle which was given to Elihi .

「Yes sir! This plan requires that we have an even ratio of increase in soldiers . Moreover, the current role prevalent amongst the army corps is mainly that of security and maintenance of public order, even if we increase the number of soldiers if they are only proficient to act as guards, they will be useless in foreign wars」

In other words, the aristocrats were only thinking of increasing the amount of soldiers in each corps without any tangible goals or ideas of how to build a proper army .

「I know that I told you men that we do not have enough commanders, but if you are only able to obtain random and nameless commanders to fill the army, what’s the point in that? I do not need a weak army」

「There is also the issue of finding the new commanding officer for the new army… . 」

The moment this was stated, the eyes of the n.o.bles and aristocrats sparkled, as there was n.o.body who did not want to become a commanding officer of a large army . For some of them who were born in in the lineage of generals, there is no greater honor for their family than to become a commanding officer . However, the new King did not have any intention to give this new job just for the honor and pride of some n.o.ble .

「Baron Radhold, you take the position」

「That’s ?!」

Everyone was trying to speak and shout all at once and the King stopped their voices by raising his hand .

「This is my decision . Does anyone wish to raise a complaint?」

Everyone fell into silence, and only Marquis Gudra Hoover who had the position of Supreme Commander in the king’s forces dared to raise a protest .

「I have never heard of a mere Baron holding the position of commander of an army, as a bare minimum it is a custom to at least hold the rank of Earl!」

「Then are you trying to tell me that customs have higher priority than my judgment as your King?」

「I didn’t say that but… . . 」

「Then show me other reasons for your disapproval」

「Lord… . . Radhold does not have any experience leading an army . The strategy and tactics used by a mercenary group is totally different when trying to direct and control a regular army . Therefore, I propose that he gain some experience first by partic.i.p.ating in the army」

The King nodded to the suggestion but did not seem convinced .

「Marquis Hoover, there is n.o.body in our military that is truly experienced . As Radhold pointed out a while ago, even the commanders of each corps is only proficient as a garrison unit . Because of 30 years of peace our fangs have become blunt」

All the n.o.bles turned down their faces . Even they themselves knew that this was true . If any of them were forced to go out on the battle field right now, they would have no clue as to what they needed to do .

「In fact, even the proud Imperial Guards and Knights of our country who were known to have the highest proficiency in skill and the best equipment allowed a group of misfits to pa.s.s through, isn’t that right? Although that consequentially became a defining element that stifled the rebellion… . 」

Hearing such a delicate topic, each of the n.o.bles glanced at each other .

「I want to make Goldenia into a powerful country . In order to achieve this goal, we will probably need to war foreign countries, moreover there is n.o.body with the experience to lead my army . In that case, isn’t it natural that I choose the most capable person based on ability?」

「But even so!」

The King glared at Marquis Hoover .

「Marquis Hoover, I understand that you are trying to think of the country when you speak of such things . However, I have already made my decision! I am the King of this country and you are not, the discussion ends here」

If Marquis Hoovers has been set aside, it is unlikely that anyone else’s opinions will be heard any longer .

「Radhold! This new army… . Let’s see… I think I will name it the “Central Army” . I appoint you as the commander of this Central Army . For the time being, there will be around 10,000 people in your battalion, however should you require more you may tell me」

The current military power of the Goldenia King is approximately 10,000 men, and even though right now the forces were dispersed throughout the various towns, it was still a considerably shocking figure .

If those scattered forces are gathered together to form one ma.s.sive army, it will become extremely powerful .

Other feudal lords may be able to gather their own soldiers, but because they have not mobilized their forces in many years, they do not know the number or the quality of their own troops .

Even if all of them was gathered together, at best it would amount to an army of several thousand . With the establishment of the “Central Army” the King will possess a dominating superiority over the respective feudal lords .

「I feel honored and blessed! I will work hard and risk my life to accomplish my duties」

「Good, I’ve heard that you lived with the customs of the Federation in the past . There will be no traditions nor social status within this new army . I allow you to organize the forces as you desire, but it must be strong! That’s all」

「Yes sir!」

After that, drafting and enlistment restarted in order to increase the number of soldiers, furthermore, all the property obtained from the rebellion which was owned by Duke Arens was seized and used as war funds . In addition, it was decided that all his manors were national property .

As a result, Goldenia’s military force was strengthened greatly and the Kings power and influence over internal affairs consolidated and became absolute .

However, this change is not exactly understood by those who were outside of the country……


「I’ve heard that the Imperial conference decided that a Central Army Unit would be founded . Furthermore, all the former members of “Wing’s of Dawn” will be put in it to act as it’s foundation . People with experience to lead an army are highly valued . Lord Aegir……Hardlett, naturally you will also be able to partic.i.p.ate and will be treated as one of it’s commanders」

Aegir was suddenly summoned to come to the royal palace and was currently receiving a flurry of explanations from Elihi . Elihi’s eyes had dark circles under them and he looked visible tired .

「Naturally, this was also mentioned by His Majesty . I have no objections . However, might I be allowed to hear what kind of military force I am to lead?」

「You have been chosen to lead the cavalry unit . There will be approximately 150-200 soldiers underneath you…… . Although in the federation’s custom it is called the cavalry unit… . His Majesty has stated that the troops can be formed and organized according to your desires, It’s designated name is the First Calvary Corps」

200 people is a considerable amount; it wouldn’t make sense if all we could do was swing our swords .

「If I need to lead this many people, I would like some a.s.sistance from some capable people」

Elihi nodded his head .

「Of course we are also looking for capable adjutants but we are currently short on manpower, if you know of anyone you can recommend that is capable in this department, please tell me and I will do what I can . Even if they are only good as a soldier I will still welcome them, right now even one extra soldier is valuable」

「I want all the guys from my old a.s.sault unit to join me . Additionally, I want Celia to accompany me as a retainer」

「I will leave that girl to you, All the a.s.sault Corps that survived and haven’t been militarily discharged will also be placed in your battalion . To begin with, they are all people with very stubborn personalities, they wouldn’t fit anywhere else」

There is less than 20 people out of the a.s.sault unit that survived . I guess that most of the new soldiers will have to be trained from scratch?

「Your corps is planned to be drafted within two weeks . If you find any people with talent it would be very helpful if it is reported as soon as possible」

「I understand . Then, there is nothing in particular for me to do until that time?」

「Although it may be irritating, that’s exactly right . Gathering the troops is the job of the commanding officer and bureaucrats…… When the Central Army has been successfully a.s.sembled as the commanding officer I’m going to brag to the fullest so make sure you don’t forget to feel appreciative of my efforts」

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Still cracking his jokes, his face was cheerful .

「That’s amazing! Then how about it? Do you think you can recommend me to be one of the commanders?」

Because I feel sympathy for any soldiers being led by Christoph, I think I’ll pa.s.s . However, by all means I want someone like Agor who has experience commanding a squadron of troops . Well at the very least I can probably make Christoph into one of my private soldiers .

「To be honest with you guys, right now the kingdom is organizing a new army and it has been decided that I will be one of the commanders . But due to the shortage of capable people it will be possible for me to recommend you guys as my aides, what do you think? Provided that you guys don’t mind being my subordinates that is」

「The offer is already more than generous . Please take care of me」

「Well I prefer to be on the same position as you but it’s good enough I suppose」

With this I have been able to acquire the promising Agor as my adjutant and the mediocre Christoph as part of my private soldiers . Because the two of them had trouble with paying their hotel bills, I took care of it and settled it for them . Fortunately, I was pretty rich right now so taking care of their hotel bills in exchange for obtaining these men as part of my private forces is a small price to pay .

「By the way I thought that the national armed forces were also recruiting an army, how come you didn’t partic.i.p.ate in that?」

「The national armed forces have very strict rules and regulations and the salary is really low so I thought it would be better to find something that can at least feed me well~」

「This is the kind of prankster that I had to deal with all day . When push comes to shove I was going to drag him to work if I had to」

It would seem that Christoph’s appearance has nothing to do with what he is really like inside . Well at the very least I managed to nab a capable adjutant so I was quite happy with the results .

「After around 2 weeks our military unit will be established . Until then you guys can relax . I am also staying in inn but I’m going to move in to my own house once it finishes its repairs」

「As expected of a n.o.ble, you can easily build your own house」

「Appreciate the compliment」

We returned to my inn and was greeted by 5 women .

「Welcome home . … . You guys are!?」

「That perverted man from the Federation!」

Nonna immediately covers her cleavage and Celia gave them a sharp look .

「Yo! Eh you increased the number of women again?! now it’s five of them…?!」

「I don’t know how you managed to gather so many of them」

Maria gave them a polite greeting and Carla gave them a light greeting . However, Christoph’s gaze was being drawn towards Melissa’s huge and revealing chest .

Realizing his gaze on her, Melissa purposefully leans forwards as if to display her a.s.sets even more . She grabs my hand places it between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and licks my ear . Carla also doesn’t want to lose to Melissa, she rolls her one piece dress all the way to her navel, I rushed myself into the feast as the sake naturally guided my actions .


Full name Aegir Hardlett 19 years old (In his Prime)

Social Status: Goldenia Kingdom Knight Peerage, Member of the Central Army as the First Cavalry Commander .

Annual Salary 80 gold coins .

Money 250 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)

Weapon: Duel Carter (Large Sword) Big Bardiche (Lance)

Equipment High steel plate armor, Black Cloak (Cursed)

Companions: Celia, Nonna Elektra, Melissa, Maria, Carla

Subodrinates: Agor, Christoph, Schwarz (Horse)

Number of s.e.xual Experiences: 28 People

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