Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 306

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Chapter 306

Aegir POV–

An expressionless man takes me around White City for a walk at night .

「Big sale in celebration for the victory in war! Alcohol is half price and food is 20% off!」

「We are 30% off! It’s only for this weekー」

Street vendors and liquor stores shout loudly to advertise their products . Still, their customers’ faces are not too pleased .

「You say half price, but in the past that wine was at most two or three copper . Half of two silver is still too much . 」

「It can’t be helped . Even at this price, I don’t get any profits . Everything is in shortage during war . 」

Apparently food and everyday goods experienced a steep rise in price .

It isn’t as bad now since there is a celebratory mood after the victory, though I’m not too sure how it will be in the future .

「It might also affect the Central Plains . 」

Nonna especially often asks Claire to bring her products from the Federation, so I can imagine her troubled face .

I’ll buy a souvenir for her .

「What, you were cheating on me, how conceited!」

「What did you say!? I risked my life to fight . If you’re going to complain, I’m breaking up with you!」

A man and a woman are quarreling .

「Uu, I don’t want that…… just stop with the cheating……」

「If you don’t complain, I’ll eventually make you my bride . 」

The angry woman breaks first .

Oh right, Yakov said that because of the large amount of casualties, the ratio of men and women is off .

Female soldiers exist in the Federation, though their death count doesn’t come close to the males .

With the decrease in males, the women have trouble finding marriage partners so they have to be more compromising .

That kind of ticks me off, so I trip the man in pa.s.sing .


「Pfft . 」

The expressionless guide glances over, but continues walking after exhaling through his nose .

Apparently, he’s one of the Imperial Knights . He is acting as my guide despite being exceedingly reluctant because of the Emperor’s orders .

「This is the place . 」

The Imperial knight stops in front of a certain building .

「This is the brothel?」

The building looks magnificent yet has a slightly suspicious aura around it .

Judging by the lack of crude fixings and the absence of any sickening colors, this place must be pretty high cla.s.s .

So I’m finally going to get my reward of beautiful women .

「This building was requisitioned specifically for His Majesty the Emperor’s orders . I don’t know what was here originally . 」

The knight turns away in a huff .

「Don’t say that . I know you like this place too, right?」

The knight stares coldly at me .

I guess my reputation is pretty bad . I would have figured otherwise since I contributed heavily to the war .

Well, girls are waiting for me so there’s no point in making fruitless conversations with this guy .

「「「Welcome, Hardlett-sama . 」」」

As soon as I enter the building a few, no more like a few dozen girls greet me .

「「「We will be your partners for this evening . Please do with us as you see fit . 」」」

After the girls politely bow their heads with their hands to the floor, they look up and smile .

I’m at a loss for words .

This is in spite of the fact I fully expected to be welcomed by many girls .

「For so many pretty ladies to be in one place……」

The girls here are beyond my imagination .

Everyone is beautiful enough to draw my attention, not to mention their style is close to perfect . Each one could be considered the top girl of any brothel .

I would never have thought a single shop could have so many of these high caliber girls…… in the future I might have to make another trip to Federation with plenty of gold .

「So this is the Federation’s highest cla.s.s shop?」

While still stunned at the entrance, the girls pull my hand and draw their bodies close to me .

「No, we are not from this place . 」

A girl speaks while removing my cloak, folding it neatly and storing it away .

「I am also from another establishment . I came here just for today . 」

My pants and s.h.i.+rt are taken off, and my neck and chest get kissed .

「I was serving in the palace . Ufu, but I will be Hardlett-sama’s lover for tonight . 」

So these girls were gathered from all around White City for today .

「This place has a variety of amenities besides a luxurious bath…… if you rent it out, you can experience different ways of having fun . 」

「The person from the palace also knew that . He might have been a regular customer . 」

The girls giggle while pulling my hand into the bath .

Meanwhile, my underwear was taken off .

「Wah, so big!」

「Amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it . 」

「And it’s so dark . How many girls’ nectar did this thing soak in to get like this?」

After my body was cleansed, I was finally guided to the bed .

「Please feel free to appreciate as much as you want . 」

「The multicolored flowers of the Federation are on display for you . 」

As I’m seated on the bed, the girls line up in front of me and take poses which show off their bodies .

「Splendid . 」

Those were the only words that I could express .

「How do you like my white skin?」

One of the girls puts her hands above her head and exposes her entire body . She has a wonderful figure .

She has blonde hair and snow white skin, and wearing a thin dress which pushes up her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s, making her seem like the G.o.ddess of beauty .

「Do you dislike older women?」

Another female faces her a.s.s in my direction and twists her body to look back at me .

She appears to be in her mid thirties . Her slightly fleshy a.s.s and stomach excites a man’s instinct . The glimpse of her underwear digging into her b.u.t.t crack is also nice .

「What do think of dark skin?」

One woman gets on all fours on the floor, faces me, and licks her lips .

Her swarthy body reminds me of Sekrit . She seems like a lewd woman and I can’t get enough of that alluring expression of hers .

「I’m a small girl, is that not good?」

One young girl sits flat on the floor facing me, spreads her legs and flips up her skirt .

The beautiful girl appears to be on the younger side, but she seems quite accustomed to flirting with men .

「I can’t choose . Let’s go with all of you together for a nice flower garden . 」

I smile and spread my arms to receive the women .

「Ara, what a greedy person, will you be fine l.u.s.ting for so much?」

「We don’t mean to be impertinent but we are quite confident in our skills . I wonder if you can handle it . 」

I show them I mean business my revealing my already erect p.e.n.i.s .

A genuine sense of astonishment washed over the girls’ faces for a brief moment .

「This is certainly a big one . 」

「It might require everyone’s efforts to take care of this . 」

The girls climb over me as I lay on the bed .

「Then I’ll be taking it in now . 」

As soon as my d.i.c.k disappears into the hot mouth of one of the girls, my hips lift up off the bed .

「This is…… incredible . 」

The girl smiles with her mouth full .

What unbelievable skill . I thought my soul was being sucked out .

「Feel free to shoot your seed whenever . 」

The girl once again starts servicing me .

In the meantime, the other girls start licking all over my body .

「Hardlett-samaa~, can I kiss you?」

One young girl who speaks like a child climbs on my chest and gives me a kiss .

She isn’t a pure and innocent kid though .

Her tongue immediately enters my mouth when our lips meet .

Furthermore, she grinds her hairless genitals against my chest .

「My body feels warm and fuzzy . Will you do more naughty things?」

Children aren’t really my thing but if she’s going this far with her acting, it tells me she wants that kind of play, and I‘m not against that .

「Ara, your love tool is getting bigger again . 」

「Maybe Hardlett-sama loves little girls . 」

The girls crowding around my c.o.c.k laugh and provoke me .

「Fufufu, I love older women too . Now come and sit on my face . 」

I stop kissing the little girl and invite the mature lady by my head to climb on top .

「Well…… if you say so, then please excuse . 」

The beautiful mature lady straddles my head with an a.s.s larger than the other girls .

When her plump a.s.s sits on my head, my nose digs into her genitals, filling my lungs with the thick scent of a woman .

「It’s getting bigger again . 」

「So he loves older ladies too . 」

My face gets a taste of both old and young girls while my crotch enjoys the exquisite techniques of several girls .

If heaven is on earth, it might be here in White City .


With all the pleasure I’m feeling, my ever-expanding meat rod draws a pained groan from the woman with it in her mouth .

She won’t be able to continue her f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o and she might even dislocate her jaw .

I should e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e once to relieve some pressure .

「I’m c.u.mming . 」

That prompts the girl to service me more fervently .

The older woman by my head starts slipping her tongue in my ear and the girl on my chest sucks my nipples .

I’m unable to withstand the pleasure with all these girls taking care of me at the same time .

I let out a pathetic groan myself as my hips hover in midair and I start to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e .


「Kya! Are you alright?」

「So strong! It’s as if he is peeing!」

The girl who is swallowing me is letting out an agonizing sound .

「You can take it out . Just rub it with your hand after . 」


Even though I said that, the girl has pride .

She holds my waist and swallows me up to the root .

Considering the length of my rod, it probably entered into her stomach .

If it goes that deep, she might choke and she probably can’t breathe with my d.i.c.k stuffing her throat . My e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n doesn’t end in merely ten or twenty seconds either .

「Nboh…… guboh……」

Nevertheless, the girl does not seem to want to take her mouth away during my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n .

Copious amounts of s.e.m.e.n flows directly into her stomach .


After continuing for the usual minute, the girl releases my d.i.c.k and collapses on the bed .

She is red-faced and breathing hard .

「You didn’t have to force yourself to go that far…… though I’m happy you did . 」

When I kiss her, she smiles with an accomplished look on her face .

As a prost.i.tute, she must take pride in being able to satisfy men .

「It looks like you came lots, are you still able to go on?」

「Of course, I haven’t even depleted 10% . 」

My d.i.c.k went limp only for a few seconds after e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n before swelling again .

「That’s amazing . Shall we move on to actually having s.e.x now?」

The girls line up on the bed wearing nothing but thin transparent dresses .

「Please choose the body you want to mount . 」

My strong sense of reason collapses when the girls laying on their backs open their arms to invite me in .

I get on top of the fair-skinned blonde woman and embrace her top-rate body .

「Aahn! What a great body…… the muscles and scars are so s.e.xy……」

The woman strokes my arm and chest while gazing at me with feverish eyes .

I’m at my limit . I want to put it in right now .

「Fufu, I don’t mind . I’m ready, feel free to push it in whenever you want . 」

Her minimal dress hides her chest and crotch area but it is easy to flip up the one-piece dress .

Moreover, the girls aren’t wearing any underwear .

Before the girl could finish her sentence, I unveil the piece of cloth, hold her legs and shove my d.i.c.k inside her .

「Uu! Aa…… so big……」

The moment I penetrated her, she looked in distress, though her expression quickly melts into a smile .

Her insides are overflowing with fluid like a waterfall . This doesn’t feel like just her love juices, so she must have applied oil or something similar .

Getting a woman wet is a man’s responsibility .

However there isn’t enough time to carefully do so with each girl when there are so many of them, besides it’s not like they’re letting me sleep with them because they’re in love with me . I shouldn’t say anything here and keep this enjoyable mood for everybody’s sake .

「This beauty, this figure, not to mention this splendid v.a.g.i.n.a, what a wonderful woman you are . 」

「You don’t need to flatter me so much, though it makes me happy and excessively wet . 」

It’s not flattery . This light-skinned girl laying in front of me is a rare specimen even among all the women I’ve slept with so far .

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s which jiggle every time she moves, though not as big as Nonna’s, are impressive .

With every thrust I make into her v.a.g.i.n.a, her entrance tightens around me and her insides undulate to welcome me further into her depths .

「I truly believe you’re a wonderful woman . So much so that I want to make you mine right now and keep you for myself . 」

As I continue to swing my hips, the woman smile and circles her arms around my neck .

「I’m glad…… however I’m sure a woman like me will be insufficient for Hardlett-sama . It’s taking my all just to service you right now . 」

I got rejected . Continuing to be persistent about it would be something the unpopular Christoph would do .

「How unfortunate . In that case, let me f.u.c.k you for a whole lifetime’s worth . 」

「Ufu, we’ll go at it as much as you like . 」

I lift her a.s.s up a little and pound her hard .

It was rough enough that I could feel myself poking up from inside her stomach, yet she still keeps up .

Despite giving initiative to me, she constantly matches my movements and adjusts her hips to ensure I have an easier and more pleasurable time thrusting .

As the two of us are having s.e.x, the other girls around us rub their bodies in timing .

I know it might be a waste not to have a messy orgy with everyone, but I want to take my time and enjoy each top cla.s.s beauty one-on-one .

In doing so, I soon feel a growing urge within me as I near climax again .

「Can I touch your b.r.e.a.s.t.s?」

Without waiting for a reply, I grab her b.o.o.bs over her thin dress and squeeze lightly .

I’m loving how I can feel their softness through the fabric .

「Ah! Ah! Au! Haa, haa…… suck on them directly . 」

「I would like to . 」

However I don’t want to stop moving my hips to take off the dress .

Having said that, the dress is made well enough that forcing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s out would hurt her .

As a man, I can’t injure such a peerless beauty .

「Ara, how kind of you . You may tear it apart then . 」

The woman takes my hand and leads it to her bosom . The clothing seems very expensive from what I can see .

「My dress is a trivial matter when compared to Hardlett-sama’s enjoyment . Now go ahead . 」

「Then I’ll take you up on that offer . 」

Gripping part of the fabric of the chest area and pulling, the sound of silk tearing could be heard as the dress was cruelly ripped, exposing her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s .


The woman screams as her chest area of her dress is torn and my d.i.c.k pierces the center of her spread open legs .

Being rough with a woman really sets my blood on fire just like running on the battlefield .



My hip movements automatically increase in intensity and the bed creaks noisily .

I bury my face in the woman’s t.i.ts and let out an animalistic growl .

She must have sensed something from my abrupt change .

After sucking in a breath of air, she suddenly puts a hand on my shoulder and starts showing signs of resistance .

「Stop! Stop it already! Don’t violate me!」

I hurriedly check on the face of the woman, who gives me a wink .

Then resumes screaming and struggling weakly .

「Noooo! I’m going to get pregnant! Forgive meee!」

Normally this kind of unwillingness would turn me off, but now it heightens my arousal .

My desire to be rough has built up after the deathmatch on the battlefield . She must have perceived that feeling somehow .

「I won’t . You’re going to be mine!」

I speak in a rough manner, grab the woman’s hand and push her onto the bed .

She closes her eyes, shaking her head in displeasure . This further excites me .

「I’m c.u.mming!」

「Nooooo! Anywhere but insideee!」

She squeezes my body in between her thighs while expressing her rejection, then I release my heavy load along with a low growl .

「Guooh…… incredible…… oooh……」

My hips move not in accordance with my consciousness and I can hear the almost annoying loud spurts of my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n .

「Nooo…… how horrible…… I told you no……」

While she pretends to sob, her hips move slowly .

Her intentions were not to gently caress a man during e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n but rather to squeeze out more s.e.m.e.n .

「Amazing . I can hear the ‘squirt squirt’ sound as he c.u.ms . 」

「She can’t escape now . Her belly is filling up more and more with all that juice . 」

The comments of the other girls further stimulates my arousal, allowing me to truly and comfortably e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e the substantial amount that I did .

After several minutes, I slowly separate from her body .

「That was great . 」

「Thank you for having me . 」

The girl smiles when we move apart, then lets out a small shriek when she looks down at her own stomach .

「Kya! I-it’s so big . 」

It looks like she was surprised when my seed made her stomach look like she was pregnant .

Her expression returns to normal in an instant and she rushes off out of the room .

I guess she doesn’t want a man to see her deal with the aftermath . As expected of a top cla.s.s woman .

「What shall we do next? Do you want to watch two girls please each other?」

「Or perhaps you want to enjoy a nice drink?」

They probably don’t think I can have s.e.x immediately after e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. so much .

「No, I can still continue . To postpone intercourse with all these beautiful women around me is torture . Let me embrace you right away . 」

I grab the older woman and push her down on the bed .

「Ara, incredible . You’re really hard as a rock . 」

I sit cross-legged and let the older lady ride me .

「So thick! So hard! It’s going so deep inside me!」

The woman hugs me as soon as my d.i.c.k pierces her and she rubs her whole body against me .

Her dress hasn’t been taken off, though it’s a fresh experience to f.u.c.k her with clothes on .

The mature lady begs for kisses like a spoiled child, persistently complimenting my body and d.i.c.k .

I know she’s saying those things to please me, but there is no man who won’t get happy when such a pretty lady praises them .

「I want your child . c.u.m and impregnate me with your thick rod! Give me a baby through my p.u.s.s.y!」

Unlike the previous girl, this woman thoroughly fawns on me .

It’s the absolute correct answer . I released all my violent desires with the earlier e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n and I wanted to have s.e.x with such an overwhelming amount of love .

「You want my child?」

「I do! I want you, my beloved, to send your seed in my belly and make me pregnant…… take my eggs!」

The woman pushes me down on my back, transitioning from a sitting position to a cowgirl position, puts her hands on my chest, and then starts bucking her hips .

She displays her excellent hip-gyrating skills as she repeatedly tells me how she wants to be impregnated by me and how she wants my child .

As a man, having a woman want to get pregnant with your seed is one of the greatest turn-ons .

Of course, I am no exception as my body is practically moving on its own to do everything in its power to reproduce with the woman riding on top .

Even my rock-solid rationality could not keep it under control .

「I’m c.u.mming . I’m going to shoot my seed!」

「c.u.m, let out your thick c.u.m! Shoot your s.e.m.e.n into this lewd woman’s womb and impregnate me with your young seed!」

She puts her hands on her own chest and tears the dress she’s wearing .

I roar as I instantly grab the b.o.o.bs released from the restraint of her clothing and fire my load .

The woman’s short screams and my low-pitched groans continue for a while .

Eventually, the pulsing of my d.i.c.k stops and she falls off of me .

Her stomach is also enlarged to make her look like a pregnant woman .

「Wow…… so there are men who can c.u.m this much…… ah, pardon me!」

She bows deeply before exiting the room .

The expression of her true feelings revives my drooping d.i.c.k .

「I don’t want it forced like this! Please, I beg you to forgive me Hardlett-samaa!」

The dark-skinned beauty has her hands against the wall as she screams in pet.i.tion to me .

I see, so they’re going to alternate between rough s.e.x and affectionate s.e.x . This will be fun .

「Fufufu, resistance is futile . You’re going to be raped by me . 」

I also get into the acting, grabbing and tearing her dress from behind before holding her a.s.s and forcefully inserting myself .

I continue to verbally a.s.sault the screaming woman, occasionally spanking her a.s.s lightly, until I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e deep into her v.a.g.i.n.a .

After shrieking, the woman collapses against the wall and sobs after seeing a stream of s.e.m.e.n flowing out of her genitals .

I heartlessly grab her head and commit the cruel act of shoving my syrupy d.i.c.k into her mouth .

「Big brother, we’re going to do naughty things as siblings? Isn’t it not allowed?」

「I can’t hold my feelings back anymore . 」

I embrace the young-looking girl, quickly slip her out of her dress and immediately penetrate her .

「Auu! Big brother’s is so big! You’re going to break me down there . 」

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「You say that, but you’re greedily devouring me up . What a naughty little sister . 」

That imperial knight from before stands at attention outside the building .

I guess his mission was to guide me around the city as well as guard the mansion .

Naturally it would be bad if I got attacked while receiving a reward from the Emperor .

He’s in a terrible state after having to wait two nights .

「I can walk back on my own from here .

「Is that so?」

After saying that, the knight enters the mansion .

Checking to see if there are any abnormalities must also be part of his duties .

As I happily walk away while whistling, I hear a shout from inside the building .

「W-what the h.e.l.l is this!? Not only the floor, but it also sprayed on the walls!? Uoh, something dripping―― even the ceiling!? What happened that it ended up looking like this!? Hey you, explain what happened here! Eeei, what happened that made everyone here pa.s.s out!?」

「T-the king of s.e.x……」

The mutterings of the ch.o.r.e girl was the only thing left in my ear as I left .

I return to the others with my hips feeling lighter than ever .

Since the fight was finished, I was given a large room in a high-cla.s.s inn instead of a military camp .

As I hurry back, I laugh when I think about how Celia must be puffing her cheeks, and then something strange jumps out in front of me .

「Please . Consider our family!」

「What are you saying!? Our family has two sons who perished in battle!」

Within White City, near the walls dividing the second cla.s.s citizen district and the citizen district, there seem to be people crowding around the gates part.i.tioning the two areas .

「Eeei, shut up! The selection will be done impartially . It won’t change no matter how much you persist! Just right your name down and leave!」

The guards declare strongly to the crowding people .

Now then, I wonder what’s going on .

Then all of a sudden, the guards’ att.i.tudes change and they kneel to the ground altogether .

Oh, did I become famous after being rewarded by the Emperor?

「Don’t wor――」

「Your Excellency Stessel! What business do you have coming to a place like this!?」

I lower the hand I started to extend, look off to the distance and whistle innocently .

That was close…… I almost embarra.s.sed myself with that misunderstanding .

「I heard about the commotion . Is it about that after all?」

Stessel smiles as he approaches the soldiers from behind me .

Meanwhile, the soldiers start yelling louder at the citizens, telling them to scram .

「Problems even after the war is over . The work never really ends, does it, Lord Hardlett . 」

Don’t tell me he saw what happened earlier .

「Your complexion seems to be better . Did you enjoy His Majesty’s reward?」

Stessel jokes around .

His smile is definitely not something which displeases me, rather it’s rather invigorating .

The city girl who was watching nearby turned red and collapsed .

「Yeah, it was great . 」

I reply while turning my eyes toward the commotion .

「So what is the fuss about?」

From what I can see, it seems as if the residents on the second cla.s.s citizen side were complaining to the guards about something .

I thought it was some sort of conflict at first, except many of them were accompanied by their families, which I found a little strange .

「Umu, this is also outside my field of expertise . 」

According to Stessel, it seems many of the citizens and second cla.s.s citizens of White City experienced deaths in their families due to them serving in the military .

For that reason, a fixed number of second cla.s.s citizens would be promoted to make up for the number in citizens, and a fixed number of people outside White City will also be welcomed into the city as second cla.s.s citizens .

What happened just now must have been them trying to appeal to the guards for them to be chosen as the promoted citizens .

「There are some people among the second cla.s.s citizens who can afford to pay the head tax . If they become citizens, they’ll have the complete patronage of the Federation . This kind of chance won’t come again unless another war breaks out . 」

I see, I understand now . It looks like there’s nothing for me to do .

Stessel has more to say though .

「The selection is supposed to be done impartially, however the responsible persons involved in the process actually make choices that are influenced by connections and bribes . 」


It must be a serious issue with the residents so I wonder if they’ll express their discontent .

「In the end, those who wish to be promoted can’t all be chosen so there are bound to be unhappy people . Besides, problems are piling up in the Federation right now and manpower can’t be allocated to something as trivial as that . 」

「Is that how it is?」

It’s not the greatest situation, but it has nothing to do with me .

I have to get back to Celia quickly to comfort her .

And if the mood is right, I’ll make love to her there .

「I am in fact acquaintances with one of the individuals who deals with this problem . I was told to choose about thirty families or so . 」

Stessel deliberately speaks loud enough for the other residents to hear .

A strange uneasy atmosphere spreads amongst them .

「However I’m unfortunately quite busy . I don’t have time to go around picking each person . 」

Stessel then whispers in my ear as I understand his real intentions .

「You must be tired of high cla.s.s prost.i.tutes, right? Snacking on city girls is also nice once in a while . 」

After secretly telling me, he once again raises his voice .

「Your strength as a warrior is the greatest . Children who inherit your blood will surely put the Federation at ease . If there is someone amongst all of you who houses his child…… that family will immediately be welcomed as a citizen of the Federation . 」

Everyone’s eyes concentrate on me .

「Go take a walk in that district . 」

Stessel pushes my shoulder toward the second cla.s.s citizen district .

「U-um! I’m Misha . I heard Hardlett-sama has done lots in the war and――」

「You have a nice body! If you used that arm to embrace me――」

It didn’t take long for girls to crowd around me .

His intentions were so clear that it made me feel a little stunned .

「Our home is just over there . If you don’t mind, could you stop by?」

「Ah, not fair! Visit our house too!」

I am simultaneously being pulled from the right and left .

Fumu, there isn’t any problem now that I think about it .

If they become pregnant with my child, they can openly become citizens and the girls will be happy .

I will also be happy that I get to impregnate as many women as I wish .

Stessel will also be happy from not having to waste time in the selection process . It’s a win-win-win situation .

「My indecision is gone . 」


I pick up the woman pulling my arm and enter her house .

Inside, I see people who appear to be her husband and son . Oh, so she was married .

「Perrine? Who is that……」

「Could you take Cliff outside for a bit! The future of our family is on the line!」

As her husband heads outside while still confused about the current situation, the woman quickly strips naked and lies on the bed .

I climb on top of her and shove my meat rod inside her .

I was invited to many houses after that, gladly c.u.mming inside the wife of a household with her husband cheering me on, and also taking turns f.u.c.king the two daughters of a wife getting on in years .

As expected, these girls are average compared to the top-rated beauties I slept with until morning, and both their looks and technique fall within the realm of normalcy .

But they believed in Stessel’s words and requested a child from me .

A man’s sense of reason tends to fly away when a woman asks for a baby .

Before I knew it, it became night and I finished visiting all the houses in the area .

「After all that, I can’t help but be tired…… let’s go home . 」

I gently pull away the hands of the wife clinging to my leg .

「Wait…… don’t go…… I’m fine with being just a lover, so keep me with you……」

I appreciate your sentiment but your husband is lying face down on the desk behind you . Go back to your family .

I gently unravel the hands of the young girl clinging to my other leg .

「No…… I, want to become Hardlett-sama’s s.e.x slave…… I want you to shower me with affection forever……」

I appreciate how you feel, but your parents are looking at you worriedly behind you .

Go back to your house and bear a healthy child for me .

「How many wives asked to be made into a lover in front of their husbands?」

「That girl, isn’t she the strong-willed tomboy Kusha? To make such a girl want to be a s.e.x slave…」

I can hear some whispering from some people nearby .

「He’s like a king . 」

「An emperor in bed . 」

「「The king of s.e.x!」」

Thus, I was finally able to return to Celia .

「Geez, Aegir-sama! No matter what you had to do, you’re too late…… -stinks! What is this smell!?」

After pinching her nose for a bit, Celia, having solved the mystery, puffs her cheeks like I predicted she would .

「It smells like perfume and a bunch of different smells of a female mixed together! And it doesn’t seem like one or two…… no, not even ten or twenty! So you went crazy with women!?」

Leah and Natia also join in and make noise .

Just when I think things were getting lively, the door opens quietly and Sofia comes in .

She matches us with a weak smile, however tears are endlessly spilling from her eyes .

「What happened? Talk to me . 」

I embrace Sofia and listen to the story of this crying girl .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Spring .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator . s.e.x King of White City .

Accompanying: Celia (follower), Natia (exploring White City), Leah (aroused), Marta (aroused)

Brynhildr (vampire), Pipi (taking a stroll), Sofia (in tears), Sekrit (great escape)

Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (relaxing), Mirumi (excursion), Yakov (cleaning up aftermath)


Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine, expecting), Maria (concubine, expecting), Catherine (concubine, expecting)

Melissa (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover)

Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (nhoh)

Marceline (pregnant lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)

Sebastian (troubled), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (giant meatball), Clara (female attendant)

Felteris (everyone’s lover)


Lammy (bewildered), Alraune (propagating), Pet.i.t Roper (parasitic)


Pochi (brave lizard)


Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby, Myla (sulk)

Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker, emergency), Gretel (wife-dog-to-be)

Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official, emergency), Tristan (domestic affairs a.s.sistant)

Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

a.s.sets: 12,950 gold (farewell gifts to girls -40)

s.e.xual Partners: 503, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish

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