Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 251

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Chapter 251

Aegir POV–

The cavity filled with water looks large enough to fit ten people .

I, the only one capable of healing them, dive in naked as the pitiful six elves are was.h.i.+ng each other’s bodies sadly .

「I’m coming in . 」


When the girls see my face, they get suspicious and then slowly lower their gaze .


Six screams resound .

I’m not keeping a strange monster in my lower half or anything .

It’s just my erect d.i.c.k swinging around .

「I couldn’t sleep either, let me bathe together with you . 」

With that said, I get in between the elves and submerge myself in the water up to my chest .

It’s late at night in the middle of winter so I wouldn’t normally be able to bathe like this, but the water in this place flowed through the inside of trees, making it quite warm .

The slight viscosity in the water is probably due to the sap mixed inside .


「……y-you won’t do anything?」

The elves stop screaming as they run to the opposite side of the bath place, gather together and then lower themselves deep into the water .

「I won’t do anything violent . Besides, I’ve seen your naked bodies once already, don’t worry about it . 」

I sink my body into the water more and extend my limbs to them while speaking .

Six women have entered the pool and it smells pretty nice .

「It’s sticking out of the water……」

「Big men…… are scary . 」

Even though I said I wouldn’t do anything, the girls are clumped up on the other side .

The only one who’s slowly approaching me while turned away is Felteris .

「Are you that afraid?」

I get straight to the point and ask them .

I really don’t need to know, but this is just a precaution .

The girls look down and whispered softly .

「It’s really scary…… my mind knows that you are a human who saved us, yet my body still trembles automatically . 」

「I was a virgin and had no knowledge of that kind of thing, then that happened . I start to shake just from seeing a man……」

Things are becoming more tragic .

「We were saved right away so Yularen-sama was able to do something with her secret technique…… if you came any later, my belly might have been filled with orc seed by now . 」

The male elves are weak in bed and have low s.e.xual desire as well .

For that reason, the female elves are incredibly easy to get pregnant so descendants can still be left behind and it’s often the case that many of them get pregnant after being raped by other species with a higher s.e.xual desire .

「The man Coruru promised to marry couldn’t help either . 」

One of the girls look down and cries .

That male is pathetic, I would have spent ten days embracing them over and over to overwrite their memories .

「I can’t get married or have kids anymore!!」

I wanted to say something to clear this dark atmosphere but then one of the girls screamed hysterically .

「n.o.body wants to love someone who got raped by orcs! I’ll have to live as an outcast……」

I hug the rampaging and crying woman from behind .

Female elves have a higher sense of virtue than us humans and is influenced strongly when they get raped .

This is where a man comes into play .

「Don’t say such sad things . There’s no way a girl as beautiful as you won’t get any suitors . 」


I try my best to hug the girl as gently as possible but her body still tenses up immediately .

Even though she tries to twist her body away to escape, I don’t let go and whisper to her “It’s alright, I won’t be cruel to you” countless times .

Eventually, she stops struggling and I bring my hand to her eyes to wipe away the tears .

The girl looks up at me with her still-moist eyes…… how cute .

There’s no way this girl won’t attract another man .

As we both sit down, lowering ourselves more into the water, we gradually bring our bodies closer together .

Then I place my hands on the base of the girl’s long, wiggling ears .

These ears are why elves are so nice .

「You’re just so unbearably cute . Will you let me kiss you?」


She didn’t give me a reply but she doesn’t resist .

Her ears droop down loosely .

It looks like her emotions show through her ears .

Taking that as consent, I place my hand on her cheek and bring myself close to her lips .

The girl also closes her eyes and slightly opens her mouth…… .


I get pushed away from her .

Oh, my d.i.c.k hit her hand when I get close to her .

In shock, she escapes to the other side again .

「……Sorry . 」

The girl apologizes, it wasn’t like she disliked me, it was more like a reflex .

This doesn’t sit well with me .

「Look here . 」

I stand in front of the girls .

I’m still erect of course, after all I’m bathing with six naked girls .

My hard p.e.n.i.s is exposed to all of them .


The girls run away, a natural reaction after having been horribly raped .

But they have to overcome that .

I grab Felteris, who is covering her face with her hands while keeping the gaps between her fingers as wide as possible .

「I understand that you are afraid of men . However it’s a waste for all of you to live while avoiding them forever, it’s a loss to the whole world for beauties like you to live that way . 」


「That makes us happy, but could you at least sit down, that thing’s more than just intimidating!」

I smile as kindly as possible, take Felteris’s hand and have her touch my d.i.c.k .

「Hiih! So big…… and so thick . What are making me touch!?」

She slowly strokes my shaft as she screams .

「I won’t pounce on you . There’s no reason to be scared of me . 」

「Amazing, those veins . ……it’s as hard as a rock and I can hear it pulsing . 」

I let go of Felteris’s hand .

She’s starting to move it on her own now .

The other five girls are watching curiously while gradually closing the distance .

「Felteris-sama, how is it?」

「Won’t that thing bite?」

The other girls look up at my face for a reaction while timidly extending their hands toward my rod .

They poke my d.i.c.k and then quickly pull their bodies back .

「Hahaha, it’s not a poisonous snake, you don’t have to be afraid . It’s just my body . 」

「How can you say it’s just your body when it’s so big?」

「It’s even bigger than the orcs’, don’t you think?」

「Yeah, definitely . Its length, girth and size of the tip, all of it is bigger than what the orcs had . 」

The poking and prodding of the girls increase in frequency, eventually some of them begin touching the shaft like Felteris .

「Looks like this p.e.n.i.s is safe . 」

「Everyone, try touching it too . It’s incredible . 」

I think it might be about time .

「Listen, in this world there are bad c.o.c.ks and good c.o.c.ks . You have to be able to distinguish them . 」

「Good c.o.c.ks……」「Bad c.o.c.ks?」

The elves listen carefully .

I put my hands on the two who just happen to be closest to my feet and bring my d.i.c.k close to their faces .

My d.i.c.k moves close enough to feel their breathing, then it twitches as if sensing the presence of women .

「What do you think? Does my d.i.c.k seem like a bad one?」

The two girls look at the d.i.c.k a few centimeters away from their faces and then look to each other .

Then they speak at the same time .

「「It’s a good c.o.c.k…… I think . 」」

That’s right .

Now, let’s have some fun .

After that, any resistance from the girls disappeared .

Me and the girl named Coruru hug each other in the water, which felt just a tiny bit viscous .

Felteris was actually the one who was the most enthusiastic, though I felt something quite unsettling and decided to postpone her for later .

As I’m hugging her from behind, I sit down and lower her onto my lap .

My d.i.c.k digs out from between the girl’s crotch and the tip pokes out above the water’s surface .

「Amazing…… even though you’re sitting down, it’s sticking out of the water, how big is it?」

She sounds purely curious and there are no more traces of fear in her voice .

I was right to pick this position .

Positions where I’m smothering her or f.u.c.king her from the back where she can’t see my body may bring back memories of her getting raped .

「Am I bigger than the last guy you had?」

I’ll make that guy act as the villain to completely erase her bad memories .

「Of course! He was like five centimeters…… actually ten centimeters is already considered big for elf males, you know?」

Ten centimeters is big?

In that case Kroll and Christoph will be treated like they have big d.i.c.ks too .

Female elves are tall and most have a delicate physique, it might be inevitable but I just don’t feel satisfied with that explanation for some reason .

「We don’t really consider s.e.x that important…… wah . 」

I kiss the girls nape and touch her ears .

Her body trembles and she lets out a strange sound .

「I’ll caress you . If it hurts or if you dislike it, let me know, ‘kay?」

「O-okay…… that feels good . 」

I’ll start off lightly .

「I’ll rub your belly . 」

「Sure, go ahead . Ahn, that tickles . 」

「I’m gonna kiss your neck . Can I leave a mark?」

「Sure . Au…… I feel your breath on my ears . 」

Instead of touching her genitals or b.r.e.a.s.t.s directly, I focus on caressing her shoulders, neck and stomach .

And when I change my point of focus, I persistently ask for her permission .

I have to get her to relax and to trust me as a man .

To be honest, I want to turn her over and stick my d.i.c.k inside her but I have to be patient here .

「Haa, haa, it feels really good . It’s completely different from the orcs…… no, even with the man I was with last . 」

Before I knew it, the other elves have gotten up close to watch intently .

Felteris is…… already reaching down to her crotch .

Does she think I can’t see her?

Pleasure from directly touching her is still not too strong yet Coruru’s face appears to be already melting and her initially closed legs are spread open vulnerably .

From all her squirming, the hands which once covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s have slid away, revealing her tiny mounds, but she doesn’t seem to mind anymore .

「What cute ears . It makes me want to eat them . 」

Thinking I can increase the intensity of the stimulation, I bite one of her ears softly .

Elves have this characteristic which makes them weak to stimulation to their ears .

I know this because I’ve tested it out on Natia before .


That was the best reaction she showed me so far .

The other ear is also wiggling .

I’ll bite that one too .

「Aaaah! Aaahh!!」

Her legs stretch out and the pointed toes stick out of the water .

I think I can go up a level in pleasure now .

「Your b.r.e.a.s.t.s, may I?」

She nods .

I fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and lightly rub her nipples .

Of course I continue licking her ears and blowing on them .

「M-my nipples are so hard . It’s so embarra.s.sing!」

「No it’s not . It makes me happy . 」

When I bring myself close to her lips for a kiss, she briefly looks like she’ll resist, then exhales once before relaxing again and allowing me to continue .

I quickly slip my tongue inside her mouth and swap spit with her in a messy kiss .

「So that’s what a real kiss is like……」

「As virgins, we never thought of that……we’ve never done anything like kissing . 」

I can hear the girls around me making comments .

Don’t worry, I’ll kiss all of you enough to make your lips swell .

「I feel bad that you’re the only one doing it . 」

Coruru reaches for the tip of my d.i.c.k which is sticking out of the water and strokes it with both hands .

The stimulation feels quite nice because the slight viscosity in the water makes for a decent lubricant .

「Thanks . But you don’t have to worry about that . I just want to make you feel good . 」

I reach down to her crotch while looking at her face for a reaction, then prod her c.l.i.toris .

After seeing her nod, I finally begin pleasuring her for real .

Moans resonate in the hollow tree in the middle of the night, which if heard, could be recognized by ten out of ten people as moans of pleasure from consensual s.e.x .

「It looks like it feels good . 」

「How nice, to be treated gently like that . 」

「I’d prefer it rougher and a little painful…… no, don’t mind me!」

Before long, Coruru stops stroking me and just lets herself be pleasured by my finger and mouth .

Her body starts to tremble, approaching the final moment .

「I’m almost-! N-no, this is the first time I’ve felt like this!」

「Go ahead……」

My left hand kneads her breast and pinches her nipple while I take her ear in my mouth .

My right hand rubs her v.a.g.i.n.a while lightly pinching her c.l.i.toris .

「c.u.m . 」

When I blow her ear, her body raises up from within my arms .


Her thin body bends upward as she climaxes and she squirts out a jet of liquid onto my meat rod .

「Kyaa! Coruru just peed herself!」

「Wah! We have to change the water!」

「I’ve squirted many times more than that…… no, nevermind . 」

The other girls who have never seen someone squirt before start making a fuss .

There’s no way any of them would have squirted from the violent intercourse they experienced with the orcs .

I rea.s.sure the girl who just o.r.g.a.s.med with postcoital caresses .

Her cloudy eyes tell me she enjoyed it, so now her fear for men should be diminished, though the most important part is still left .

「Thank you very much . It felt really good . I’ll return the favor . 」

She looks at the other five girls, then brings her face close to my crotch after deciding she doesn’t mind, dragging her tongue all over my still-erect d.i.c.k .

However I put my hands on her shoulders and stop her .

「I’m happy you’re using your mouth too…… but there’s a place I want more . 」

The girl’s face gets somewhat clouded .

「Ah, but that place is……」

「Of course I won’t force you . But I think it’s better to overwrite your bad memories . I’ll be gentle . 」

「I believe you . You’re incredibly kind and I honestly want you to embrace me too . But……」

She buries her face in my chest .

「Right after cleansing my body, I had that man embrace me . It was so I could forget the unpleasant experiences, but that didn’t work!」

I listen to her while patting her head just like I do to Celia .

「He embraced me and comforted me gently…… however! After being pounded so much by the orcs, my v.a.g.i.n.a became all loose and I couldn’t even feel it when he put his thing inside me!!」

How tragic .

There was nothing he could do when he’s only five centimeters long though .

「In the end, neither he or I felt good at all…… and we got into a fight……uuuu . 」

I say nothing and just push Coruru onto her back .

Words are no longer needed .

「Leave it to me . 」

I kiss the girl who looks like she wants to say something and keep her quiet, then spread her legs apart .

The lips of her v.a.g.i.n.a are definitely open loosely…… I think most of the girls in my household are like that though .

I push my d.i.c.k against the entrance and then look to her face for confirmation .

Because of the earlier foreplay, her hole is already wet and perfectly ready for penetration .

「Here I go . 」

Since I didn’t see any rejection from her, I push my hips forward .


The flesh inside her p.u.s.s.y makes squis.h.i.+ng sounds as it spreads apart to accommodate me .

「Nn……come on, now . 」

Coruru lets out a pained groan .

This is different than what she said .

「What do you mean loose? It’s plenty tight . You’re actually squeezing a little too hard, relax . 」

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Her v.a.g.i.n.a is clenching down so much it hurts .

I unconsciously comment on the situation .

「Ahem, you want me to squeal like a pig!? A female pig? ……remember this . I will definitely kill you . 」

Alright, alright, I get it .

I actually did this kind of play with Mel before .

「You sow, cry like the pig you are! Squeal and shake your a.s.s . 」

「So vexing!! But if I don’t do it, the other girls will-…… o-oink! Oink! Oink!」

As Felteris acts like a pig, I hold her from behind and swing my hips .

Next, I get her to lay on her back and she squeals even more .

「You’re going to hit me? Fine, hit me as much as you want . I wanted the pain anyways!」

It looks like Felteris means it, she’s clenching her teeth so she doesn’t bite her tongue .

This is way past what I’m comfortable doing .

「I don’t think I can hit a woman……」

Felteris doesn’t stop requesting for it .

「Kuh, you want to strangle my neck!? What sc.u.m, to want a woman to suffer!」

Felteris takes my hand and brings it to her own neck .

Fine then…… I won’t do it hard though .

I squeeze her neck gently .

She seems to be unhappy with that and uses her eyes to tell me to do it harder .

「You want to suffocate me, don’t you!? If you’re going to do it, get it over with!」

I can’t do something like that .

「Hmph, squeezing your neck isn’t even fun . I’ll thrust with all my might and tear through your stomach . 」

Knowing that I can’t go any further, I try to fool her by yelling back at her, then lift her hips and pump my hips furiously .

When I do so, Felteris’s v.a.g.i.n.a seems to clench a bit harder .

I’ve got some m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic women around me too, but it’s rare to see someone as extreme as this .

I don’t really like shouting abuses or doing rape play .

Though Felteris seems to get pleasure from being hurt and getting raped .

「S-stop it! If you thrust so hard with that big d.i.c.k of yours, I really will break…… aaaah!!」

I guess I’ll follow through with this and knock her out .

Of course I won’t go so far as actually thrusting hard enough to hurt her .

However Felteris doesn’t think the same way .

She screams while scratching me, and also pounds at my face and chest .

「Take this, you scoundrel! Coward, pervert! Sc.u.m! Idiot! Barbarian!!」

She a.s.saults me with unreasonable violence .

Felteris glances at my face despite raining blows on me .

She must be expecting me to get angry and retaliate by getting rough with her or strangling her .

「You’re really such a pervert……」

This might be the first time I’ve seen someone this bad .

Not to mention she wasn’t even trained, she just started acting like this on her own .

「Who are you calling a pervert!? I’m not like that at-…… aaaaah! This isn’t good, I’ll start to feel good at this rate! My pride is disappearing! I’m going to choose pleasure over pride…………」

The blabbering Felteris suddenly stops talking .

She seems to have frozen after looking to the side .

When I follow her eyes to where she was looking, I see the other five girls .

All of them seem to have woken up .

Felteris was making a fuss after all .

For some reason, they seem strange .

「You’re the worst……」

「So that’s how it was……」

The girls look at Felteris with scorn .

Ah, it looks like the girls understand everything .

「I-it’s not what you’re thinking, this is-……」

Felteris tries desperately to talk her way out of this situation .

「I thought you were courageously resisting as you were getting violated by the horde of orcs . 」

「You simply wanted to be tormented more, isn’t that right?」

「Y-you’re wrong!!」

Give up, it’s too late .

「All of us…… suffered quite a bit because of Felteris-sama . 」

「All of us believed in you…… and to think you were such a pervert . 」

Felteris looks at me with tears in her eyes .

It’s true that you’re a horrible pervert .

How should I mediate this?

「Pervert . 」「s.e.x maniac . 」「Lewd woman . 」「The shame of all elves . 」「p.e.n.i.s addict . 」

The girls bombard her with a storm of insults .

Just when I was about to stop them from going too far, something unusual happened .

A wonderfully pleasurable feeling wrapped around my d.i.c.k .

「……why are you getting tighter? Why are you squirming?」

「Aaaah! I’m not a pervert! Mean, you’re all so mean!!」

In the end, we just continued having s.e.x .

Felteris gets cursed endlessly while the other five climaxed intensely over and over .

The Next Day .

「Where did you go last night?」

「I just went to take a bath . More importantly, today we’re going to get ingredients for the aphrodisiac…… no, the baby making drug, aren’t we?」

I avoid Natia’s question by changing the topic .

「Yeah, we’ve got the Murika flower and the Meromesu egg, so now we just need this somewhat rare mushroom . We have to get to the wetlands . 」

「We’ll come along too . It’ll be bad if something else happens . 」

Natia insists she’ll be fine, but also seems to be happy we suggested to help .

Then her face is dyed with confusion .

「By the way …… what’s up with that girl who Alice is sitting on right now . 」

She did well to resist asking until now .

「Didn’t you hear from Yularen?」

「She just said to leave her alone for a while, but that just makes me more curious . 」

「Kuh, how humiliating!!」

Alice looks just as confused as Natia as she sits on the back of Felteris who is on all fours .

The truth of why the subjugation squad was brought to village chief Yularen’s attention immediately .

It wasn’t out of malice, but those who were raped would not be satisfied unless punishment was given .

The options for the candidate for punishment, Felteris, were all extremely harsh .

And so, feeling somewhat sorry for her, I tried to talk it over with Yularen .

I explained that while she’s a pervert, she’s only a pervert and not a nefarious person .

Thus she entrusted Felteris to me .

Being handed off to humans to do as they wish is, as expected, a humiliating treatment for the elves and enough to be justified as punishment .

Except I would have to treat her in the most humiliating way possible in front of other elves, instead of as a lover .

「This isn’t humiliating at all! Having a human sit on me is nothing!」

「You’re the one who said you wanted to be a chair though . 」

After hearing that request come from this delicate elf, we had to pick someone to sit on her .

Naturally, Mack and I would be too heavy for her back and would crush her .

Irijina is a little suspicious as well .

I would get angry if Christoph got on her and Kroll refused, saying touching women is not fitting for someone on the path of the sword or some c.r.a.p .

「Oh, the humiliation!!」

That’s right, it’s humiliating .

「Then let’s head to the wetlands now . At this time of year, the marsh elves won’t go there either so I think we should be fine . 」

I guess I don’t have to worry if Natia says so .

「You’re absolutely right! No need to worry at all!!」

Irijina is saying it too .

「This is humiliation!!!」

「This is…… bothering me…… as well……」

Alice, hang in there a little more .

Alright, let’s go to the marsh now .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . (Warrior) 23 years old . Winter .


Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted), Natia (Adventuring Elf), Mack (Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (s.h.i.+eld)

Schwartz (Horse), Felteris (Being Reprimanded, stupidly perverted elf)

a.s.sets: 20,640 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 396, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish

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