Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 215.5

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Chapter 215.5


Aegir Hardlett

23 years old . Black hair . Goldonia Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of the East .

The protagonist rose up in the world with the muscular build, kinetic vision and combat talent he was blessed with . He is one of the most important people in the Goldonia Kingdom, successfully managing his territory and maintaining its extremely rich lands despite it being in the remote regions . The entire n.o.ble world has their eyes on him, yet are wary of him . Having slept with innumerable women over the years, he has become an expert in s.e.xual techniques and his already overwhelmingly large crotch is still growing to this day .

Family (females)


19 years old . Silver hair . Height: 161 cm .

Has a toned, athletic body type .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Celia has sworn her absolute loyalty to the protagonist, and although she is merciless towards anyone who wrongs him, she often gets spoiled when it’s just the two of them . As the protagonist’s adjutant, she is the closest to him in both public and private affairs . While she displays talent in a wide variety of fields, her mistakes also tend to stand out .


22 years old . Brown hair . Height: 160 cm .

Has incredibly enormous b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a slender body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama; Self: I (watakus.h.i.+)

Nonna is the protagonist’s legal wife and daughter of the destroyed Elektra family, entrusting her heirloom sword to the protagonist and swearing to reclaim Elektra . She has a good understanding of manners and etiquette, and is one of the few women who is familiar with n.o.ble society . However her selfishness and wasteful spending habits stand out, which caused her to be punished by the protagonist . She went through great pains to give birth to twins .


Late 20’s . Chestnut-colored hair . Height:165 cm .

Has a voluptuous body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir; Self: I (atas.h.i.+)

Carla is one of the protagonist’s concubines, giving birth to his biological daughter, Ekaterina .

She is targeting Nonna’s standing . Things like exposure and excreting outdoors spurs her perverted hobbies . Since she speaks frankly, she plays the important role of conveying any problems or worries the girls are having to the protagonist .


40 years old . Blonde hair . Height:160 cm .

Has a slightly buxom body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Mel is one of the protagonist’s concubines, who is the mother of five children, including Kuu and Ruu who she brought with her from her previous marriage . She gets pregnant extremely easily .

She’s been feeling sensitive in regards to her age lately and anything related to the number 40 is taboo around her .


22 years old . Blonde hair . Height:158 cm .

Has a slender body .

Kuu is Mel’s daughter and also the protagonist’s lover . She is used to getting loved but still isn’t prepared to get pregnant . She is concerned about her small b.r.e.a.s.t.s .


17 years old . Blonde hair . Height:150 cm .

Flat-chested .

Ruu is timid and hesitant, slow-witted and clumsy . She offered her virginity to the protagonist and has mixed feelings about him as her lover, brother and father . She is getting older but her body can’t seem to grow to match her age .


29 years old . Red hair . Height:164 cm .

Has a voluptuous body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Melissa is a prost.i.tute from White City .

Due to a tragic experience in the past, her genitals were damaged but she has good compatibility with the protagonist and his large d.i.c.k . While the protagonist is away, she reduces the cravings the other girls have by playing the male role for them . She has currently left to the capital to help with Dorothea’s pregnancy .


26 years old . Chestnut-colored hair . Height:164 cm .

Has small b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Maria is one of the protagonist’s concubines .

While working at the Little Bird Pavilion inn in Roleil, she fell in love with the protagonist, entrusting herself to him after she was embraced . She happily got married to the protagonist and has since stopped all lesbian acts . Depending on the angle you look at, Maria’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s can seem small enough that they don’t even exist, though her nipples are comparatively large .

Irijina Wolls

25 years old . Brown hair . Height:181 cm .

Has a toned muscular body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-dono; Self: I (jibun/watas.h.i.+)

Irijina is a master of the spear and proud of her manly herculean strength . She has a lively personality but is especially poorly informed about common practices in relations.h.i.+ps . Being a daring and uninhibited woman when it comes to battle and alcohol, her body gives off a heavy odor . She has absolutely no ability to sense ghosts so she often steps on Casie unknowingly .


31 years old . Straight black hair . Height:170 cm .

Has a slightly curvy body with a large a.s.s .

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Rita works as the protagonist’s head maid and also has the deep trust of her subordinates . She loves giant c.o.c.ks and has sworn her absolute loyalty to the protagonist’s crotch . She has resolved herself to serve in the protagonist’s mansion as a maid for her whole life .


26 years old . Fluffy blonde hair . Height:156 cm .

Has a slender body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Dear (anata-sama); Self: I (watakus.h.i.+)

Catherine is one of the protagonist’s concubines, who is the daughter of the rebellion ringleader .

Since being rescued by the protagonist, she doesn’t often show her face in public . She brought her daughter Rose from her previous marriage and gave birth to the protagonist’s biological son Antonio . She is extremely lewd and loses her reason to her l.u.s.t if she goes too long without a man .


24 years old . Black hair, in a ponytail . Height:163 cm .

Has large b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a voluptuous body .

Way of addressing self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Yoguri is a former village girl who was isolated by all the members of the house after she slept with a no-good man while living off of the protagonist’s funds, but now gets along with Melissa, Maria and Catherine after the protagonist smoothed things over . She is an acclaimed playwright, developing her scripts for theatrical plays based off her own vivid personal experiences . Nonna has only faintly started to realize that fact .


15 years old . Dark brown short hair . Height:142 cm .

Has a childlike body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama); Self: Pipi

Pipi is the protagonist’s contact with the leaders of the mountain nation .

She desires to bear the protagonist’s child, though she gets treated as a mascot because there is such a disparity between the size of their bodies . However, she finally lost her virginity . Even amongst the mountain nation with many small-statured people, she is particularly small, and it looks like a monster is raping a child whenever she has s.e.x with the protagonist .


23 years old . Light brown hair . Height:162 cm .

Has small b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a slender body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama); Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Luna was offered to the protagonist by the mountain nation as proof of their pledge of allegiance, and her virginity was also taken . She excels in martial arts, is a capable leader and a serious nature, though she doesn’t a.s.sert herself so often gets overlooked . She speaks a little oddly after attempting to learn keigo from reading old literature . Her body is considered larger than most amongst the mountain nation, but she still has small b.r.e.a.s.t.s .


Luna’s Sister .

She doesn’t really stand out .


18 years old . Shoulder-length black hair . Height:154 cm .

Has a medium build .

Way of addressing protagonist: Husband (danna-sama); Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Miti is one of the protagonist’s concubines .

She is very dependable, acting as the older sister figure for the other two kids from the orphanage, and also admires Maria . She was raped by the protagonist when he was drunk and lost her virginity, becoming his concubine not too long later . She is currently troubled with the problem regarding Alma and Kroll .


15 years old . Black hair .

Somewhat tiny .

Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama); Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Alma is the youngest of the orphanage trio . She was raped by Kroll, the person she was secretly in love with, but consented at the end . However their relations.h.i.+p deteriorated quickly when Kroll brought new women back with him, and now they rarely speak to each other .

She accompanied Melissa to the capital to help Dorothea . There is a large hole in her heart after her beloved cheated on her .


Looks in her mid 20’s . White hair . Height:155 cm (variable) .

Has a medium build (variable) .

Way of addressing self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Casie is a ghost who haunted a house in the capital, and then followed the protagonist after getting f.u.c.ked by him . There are some who can see her and some who can’t (Detail-oriented people have an easier time seeing her) . She can communicate directly into your head . She gets deformed if she gets. .h.i.t or squished, though she’ll return to normal after some time . It has been confirmed that she changes color after being submerged in the fluids of a pickle jar . She has a bright personality and doesn’t like ghosts or dark places . She can also fly, though it is common for her to go missing if there is wind outside . She is fairly delicate and often can’t sleep if her pillow or environment changes . She has a strong attachment to food and makes demands by causing objects to float whenever food is late in arriving……

Words like “neglectable woman” and “suicide by hanging” act as the trigger for her to materialize as an evil spirit, though Irijina is unaffected .


Late teens . Short blonde hair . Height:153 cm .

Slightly more plump than Celia .

Way of addressing protagonist: Master (goshujin-sama); Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Leah was saved from the underground facility where the protagonist came from . She has an extreme reliance on the protagonist and is absolutely obedient to him in a different way than Celia . She is a.s.sertive when it comes to s.e.x and isn’t particularly worried about hurting herself when servicing .

Myla Hyuutia

27 years old . Long blonde hair . Height: 170 cm .

Has a slightly plump body and relatively large b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but is also muscular .

Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Myla is a Baron of Goldonia and a former commander of the Yurest Alliance army .

She was defeated, captured and f.u.c.ked by the protagonist . She followed the protagonist after she acquired household peerage and a small piece of land after his negotiations with the King .

Her talents lie in the military domain, where she serves as the commander of tens of thousands of soldiers . She keeps an eye on the territory as a security officer, focusing on maintaining order, though she often clamps down too much on the citizens .


Late teens . Red hair . Height: 150 cm .

Has a straight body figure and small b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

Way of addressing self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Alice is one of the girls who were saved from a goblin’s nest . Normally, she’s a meek girl though she is a powerful user of fire magic . Her weak point is her a.s.shole and if she’s thrusted there, she can’t do anything but struggle in pleasure .


Late 20’s . Red hair . Height: 172 cm .

Curvy, yet muscular .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir; Self: I (atai)

Mireille met the protagonist when she was with Carla and worked together with him for a while . She has a determined and unrefined personality, though she is a warm-hearted person whose kindness leaks out in everything she does .


Roughly 300 years old . Luxurious waist-long blonde hair . Height: 155 cm .

Has a slender body .

Way of addressing protagonist: You (kisama, omae), man; Self: I (mekake)

Brynhildr has the appearance of a young girl but is actually a long-living vampire and leader of a group of vampires . She is haughty and cold-hearted, but has decided to a.s.sist the protagonist because of her love for the taste of his blood . Her existence is only symbolic and she leaves the actual command to Siegfried, her subordinate from the times he was still a human . She thinks of the protagonist as a younger brother and complies with various play despite putting up resistance .

Polte Brandt

22 years old . Brown hair, in a side tail . Height: 160 cm .

Has a medium build .

Way of addressing protagonist: Margrave; Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Polte is a teacher of domestic affairs at the Royal Inst.i.tution .

She had trouble dealing with the insubordination of the children of lower ranked n.o.bles because of the standing of her family and her job but the problem was solved (?) by the protagonist . After that, she was brought to the protagonist’s territory as the lead instructor for practical training, though in reality is the protagonist’s lover . She doesn’t have much confidence in herself due to her average looks and style .

Gretel Beltz

16 years old . Chestnut-colored hair, in vertical curls . Height: 162 cm .

Has big b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

Way of addressing protagonist: Master (dog mode), Margrave; Self: I (watakus.h.i.+)

Gretel is the arrogant fourth daughter of a well-known Count family, making fun of Polte by calling her a low cla.s.s clerk and not listening to her, but was remonstrated (?) by the protagonist and reformed . In the process, the dog inside her was awakened and she is now unfazed when she wears a collar or walks on all fours in public .


46 years old . Strawberry blonde hair . Former Queen Consort of Treia . Height: 162 cm .

Has a voluptuous body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

Marceline was entrusted to the protagonist after she was given an execution sentence in trial and her heart was moved by his compa.s.sionate treatment . Her inner woman was reawakened after overhearing the protagonist got Dorothea, who is in her mid-forties, pregnant . She is prepared to get pregnant from pa.s.sionate s.e.x .


25 years old . Strawberry blonde hair . Former Princess of Treia . Height: 160 cm .

Has a voluptuous body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Stepfather

Stephanie is Marceline’s eldest daughter .

She was similarly about to be sentenced to execution in the trial, but was entrusted to the protagonist . She has a calm personality and was married, however the girl was abandoned and divorced by her husband when she lost her authority as she ran away to another country . She has let her guard down after being embraced by the protagonist, forgot about her past husband and is determined to become his lover .


20 years old . Strawberry blonde hair . Former Princess of Treia . Height: 165 cm .

Has small b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

Way of addressing protagonist: Him (aitsu), you (anta)

Bridget is Marceline’s second daughter .

She is the only one out of the three sisters who has small b.r.e.a.s.t.s . The rest of her body is fairly plump though her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are the only things not growing in size . She is stout-hearted and strong-willed and often flares up at the protagonist even though she is the most lewd of her siblings .


16 years old . Strawberry blonde hair . Former Princess of Treia . Height 155 cm .

Has big b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a voluptuous body .

Way of addressing protagonist: Stepfather; Self: Felicie

Felicie is Marceline’s youngest daughter .

She is extremely well-endowed for her age . Her heart melted after being embraced by the protagonist, and she considers him a father as well as a lover .


44 years old . Director of the orphanage . Thin .

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

Dorothea is a middle-aged woman in charge of managing the orphanage .

She’s the type of person who gives her best effort from the very beginning and does everything she can for the sake of the children . She is a fairly quick thinker . After becoming the protagonist’s lover, she looks after the children in his mansion . She surprisingly got pregnant at 44 years of age and is currently receiving care from Melissa and Alma as she gets ready to give birth .


Around 50 years old . Mermaid . Her upper body is voluptuous .

Mirumi is a young mermaid who lives in a cave at the bottom of a lake near Rafen . She asked the protagonist to spray his extra thick seed on her freshly laid eggs and soon became the mother of several hundred babies . With the completion of the aqueduct in the lake she lived in, she is now able to enter and exit the protagonist’s mansion as she pleases .


?? years old . Lamia . Her upper body is incredibly stylish .

Lammy is a lamia who lived in the forest and was troubled about the fatal difference between herself and her friends . She decided to be the protagonist’s mate after being embraced and even followed him to his territory . As of now, she is coiled up somewhere in the mansion .

Anastasia & Bartolome

1 year old . Nonna’s twins .


5 years old . Catherine’s daughter .

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16 years old . Mountain Nation . Black hair .

Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou), Aegir-sama

Gido is part of the protagonist’s escort unit . He has a natural sense for battle . He is charmed by Luna even though he has a wife of the same age as him . He is often by the protagonist’s side after earning his trust in both public and private affairs . Gido is often called to accompany Kroll to the city’s brothel after Kroll became impotent . He has a fairly large d.i.c.k .

Sebastian Mizels

58 years old . Butler .

Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama)

Sebastian served as a butler for a n.o.ble family but lost his job when Goldonia was undergoing reform . He was later hired by the protagonist . He is courteous, polite, and highly capable in business and administration . He is a calm, elderly gentleman .


16 years old . Child . Servant . Blond hair .

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama

Kroll came from the orphanage to work as a servant and is one of the few precious men who can enter and leave the living s.p.a.ces of the women in the house . He ended up becoming impotent after a certain incident, allowing him to reach the root of a certain philosophic view at the age of 16 . After severing his fixation with s.e.x, his overall abilities have increased .


27 years old . Macho

Christoph is a member of the most elite escort unit, but he is the weakest and most pathetic of the group . He has partic.i.p.ated in many battles but has no contributions to his name . He frequently injures himself but has yet to suffer a serious wound . The words “Christoph got hit” has become a regular occurrence before a battle .


33 years old . Height: over 2 m . Super macho .

Mack is the super macho and silent captain of the engineering corps . He is the only man who can match the protagonist in pure strength . With his similarly terrifying large d.i.c.k, he and the protagonist makes the prost.i.tutes of the city cry out in pleasure .

Characters (Country, Army)

Alexandro Goldonia (Alexandro I)

32 years old . Goldonian King .

After his father’s death, Alexandro murdered his brother and uncle and ascended to the throne, almost subjugating the entire northern area of the Central Plains and making Goldonia a powerful nation . Because he is usually so involved with schemes, he has very few people he trusts and no family at all . Without any particular enemy left remaining in his path, he is gradually succ.u.mbing to his own feelings of doubt from suspecting others of betrayal and a.s.sa.s.sination attempts on his life . Lately, he has been getting an increase of inward thinking as he tolerates things like the opposition between Erich and Kenneth .

Marquess Erich Radhalde

34 years old . Commissioner of Military Affairs . Feudal lord of Former Arkland Northeastern Area .

Erich has been serving as an army commander since his days in the Wings of Dawn . He is highly capable in tactics, politics, and leaders.h.i.+p . He took up position as the Commissioner of Military Affairs and the Supreme Commander for the armies of the Kingdom of Goldonia, reaching the top in terms of position and rank . Erich manages the new n.o.bles and soldiers and is fiercely competing with the traditional n.o.bles and civil officials managed by Kenneth, who he considers as rivals . Erich is trying to use his longtime friends.h.i.+p with the protagonist to win him over to his own camp . He is actually quite the womanizer and peerless in bed, although he can only let loose outside the region since he has a reputation of being upright and clean-handed in the capital .

Marquess Kenneth Baldwin

43 years old . Commissioner of Government Affairs .

Kenneth is skilled in conspiracies and scheming . He took the top position right next to Erich, becoming the person supervising the country’s domestic affairs department . He has the traditional n.o.bles and civil officials under his influence . He is trying to win over the protagonist, who he believes is in Erich’s camp as a soldier, with gifts . It looks like he has a trump card .

Rebecca Blaze

23 years old . Black hair . Height: 155 cm .

Has a straight body figure .

Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett, Lord, Aegir (in private)

Rebecca was the eldest daughter of an honorary knight and a n.o.ble’s personal a.s.sistant working in the palace, but the King recognized her talent and a.s.signed her to the information officer position . Her skill in martial arts is average, but her mind is sharp and is excellent at developing plans and detecting schemes . As a result of investigating the protagonist’s domain, she was promoted to honorary baron and became the lead information officer . Even though she perceives the protagonist’s constant advances as sudden and frightening, she reaches for her crotch while picturing his body during her lonely nights .

Conrad Baltak

16 years old . Blond hair . Height: 175 cm . Manly, macho .

Way of addressing protagonist: Margrave

Conrad is the second son of a ruined knight family enrolled in the commander course at the Royal Inst.i.tution . He’s a h.o.m.o .

Characters (Others)


21 years old . She has a childlike stature .

Natalie is Andrei’s wife, whose looks make her seem like 10 years old . She occasionally thinks about the protagonist’s c.o.c.k . She is getting fed up with Andrei’s reckless behavior .


45 years old . Bearded . Large man .

Andrei is a terminal lolicon and is trying to create his own loli harem, but doesn’t stop in his pursuit for even younger and even smaller girls . He was thrown into prison after he was caught red-handed showing a young girl his extremely small p.e.n.i.s in a back alley . After his discharge, he seems to have turned over a new leaf on the surface but secretly continues to target little girls .


?? years old . Dwarf Tribe .

Way of addressing protagonist: Pal

Balbano is an important person of the dwarf tribe who lives in the mountain close to the mining city of Lintbloom . He is a strong male dwarf, particularly stronger than most males in his tribe, and also possesses a smithing skill that stands out above the rest . He acknowledges the protagonist as his friend and gives him a special weapon . He helped with the manufacturing of cannons and also built something incredible that shouldn’t be used .


Roughly 300 years old . Blond hair . Height: 194 cm . Thin man with well-defined muscles .

Siegfried is a very handsome man who doesn’t talk much . He has sworn his absolute loyalty to Brynhildr and is absolutely obedient to whatever she asks of him . He is a vampire of the strongest cla.s.s and is not an opponent humans should fight against .

Count Monas.h.i.+

Monas.h.i.+ is a feudal lord of a region close to the protagonist who has competent skills in politics and military, but despairingly bad luck . Everything he does ends in failure, rendering him penniless . He formed a small faction with two other feudal lords who are struggling financially, which bad-mouthing n.o.bles call “poverty alliance” behind his back . He hopes to connect with the protagonist who is rumored to be wealthy .

Viscount Binbo

Binbo is a feudal lord of a territory adjacent to Count Monas.h.i.+ . He is a former knight who was given possession of a medium-sized city due to his military achievements . However as a result of the random application of tax based on his lack of knowledge in domestic affairs, the citizens dispersed from the city and he ended up poor . He has many children but is troubled by the fact none of them received any marriage proposals because his family is riddled with debt .

Baron Gokhin

Gokhin is a feudal lord of a territory adjacent to Viscount Binbo . He was bestowed a small piece of land after becoming Baron, though its arable lands have seen better days . He discovered fertile soil, but when he forced his citizens to move there, everyone ran away and he became dest.i.tute . He similarly has many kids but is struggling to feed them all .

Characters of Other Nations (Friendly)


39 years old . Black hair . Single shot . Height: 190 cm .

Super Macho . Bearded .

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett; Self: I (ore)

Gildress is the king of the Polis, Aless, a place where muscles and fighting are a national policy and where strong warriors of unequaled strength are on display . He calls the protagonist his friend and promised to lend a hand whenever he is in trouble . He is a triple threat – having a high s.e.x drive, being peerless in bed, and a large d.i.c.k – and is proud of his broad range of acceptable partners, gobbling up women of all ages and anyone he can name . He can be considered a reliable man in certain ways but he often acts before he thinks and doesn’t really listen to people . There is a strong stench of male sweat wherever he goes .

Celestina Malt Cortis

11 years old . Blonde hair . Height: 137 cm . Child .

Celestina is the Queen of the Malt Kingdom . She has a smile as bright as the sun and everyone who sees it becomes charmed . She adores the protagonist like an elder brother . She’s growing up into an adult while her nation is essentially under the protagonist’s protection . As pranks are becoming more frequent, she’s becoming more curious about s.e.x .


23 years old . Celestina’s maid (lady-in-waiting) . Height: 163 cm .

Slightly plump .

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

Monica is Queen Celestina’s personal a.s.sistant .

She dotes on Celestina and s.h.i.+elds her young eyes from any troubles she deems unnecessary . Her virginity was taken by the protagonist as per the orders of her mistress, but her heart remains loyal to the person she serves .


42 years old . Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Democratic Nation of Libatis .

Juno has successfully established an agreement with the protagonist for him to cooperate with the Democratic Nation of Libatis .


Late 20’s . Bureaucrat of Military Affairs for the Democratic Nation of Libatis .

Solana has no practical battle experience .


Ivan Galchenko

50’s . Blue eyes . White hair . Supreme Commander of Defense for the Olga Federation .

Ivan is a reliable and cunning veteran soldier who has earned the deep trust of his subordinates . Despite having the advantage in the first battle of the engagement with the Empire, he had to unavoidably withdraw after hearing of the defeat of his nation’s navy . He attempted a precise counterattack with a few troops but his side continues to be one-sidedly routed .


40 years old . Giant . Veteran soldier . Commander-in-chief for the Garland Empire .

Zaphnes supervises all of the land armies which are part of the plan to invade Olga Federation . He mercilessly uses military slaves until they die in a forceful fighting style, extending his large army horizontally to always threaten a complete encirclement as the enemy retreats .


Late 30’s? Black hair . Narrow violet eyes and tanned skin . Commander-in-chief for the Garland Empire .

Sekrit supervises all of the naval armies . She is the central figure who led the Empire’s steady advance on the waters and defeated Olga Federation’s navy in the first engagement . She is exceedingly cold-hearted and treats both friend and foe mercilessly . It seems she harbors some ill feeling towards the Federation .

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