Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: 201

A beautiful carriage stops in front of the mansion and the shadow of a person steps out once the horses come to a halt .

This scene is very reminiscent of the time Claudia came to visit, but this time, it was a much smaller girl .


The girl aligns her feet together and jumps down the not particularly tall carriage, making sure she doesn’t fall off, then uses tiny but quick steps to run in my direction as soon as she sees me ready to greet her at the entrance .

「Welcome to my humble abode, Your Majesty . 」

I made sure to be polite to the girl because there were a number of people from Malt present, however the tiny lady pays no attention and proceeds to jump into my chest with a beaming smile on her face .

This lady is the young queen of the Malt Kingdom, Celestina……although she currently treats me like her brother .

If anyone sees this smile which seems to burst with happiness and isn’t fascinated, then there must be something wrong with their heart .

Unfortunately, she didn’t come to play today, but rather as a part of some official diplomatic business .

This time of the year is the first time the Malt Kingdom under Celestina’s rule is experiencing their harvest ever since forming a friendly relations.h.i.+p with me and the Queen has come to my territory with a wagon packed with Malt’s most exported good in wheat as a sign of friends.h.i.+p and goodwill .

Malt has their own circ.u.mstances, however their harvest this year was the same as usual, in other words they have food to spare even after all the citizens eat their fill .

Almost all the land in the Malt Kingdom consists of farmland and they don’t have any other resource besides food supplies .

Thus, they need to sell their wheat after they harvest it and exchange it for a variety of goods such as iron and wood .

In addition, due to secret agreements between Celestina and I, Malt is giving me priority when conducting trade .

Those state of affairs aside though, I simply wanted to see Celestina .

Anybody who sees her smile, which is as bright as the sun, and doesn’t feel calm isn’t human .

「Brother, I wanted to see you! I was so lonely!」

She clings to my chest and tries to wrap her tiny arms around my back but she wasn’t able to do so completely .

Not good, she’s too cute .

I hug her back and pick up Celestina .

「Nice of you to come, Celestina . I was waiting for you . 」

「Oh brother…… how I missed you so~」

Her small hands extend to my face and then her flower-like lips press against me .

Hahaha, what a cute kiss .

「Your Majesty! What are you doing in front of everyone!?」

The woman who rushed out of carriage quickly took Celestina away from me .

The little girl struggled in that woman’s arms, telling her to let go .

「Your Majesty’s lips are to be offered to the person you will someday fall in love with . You shouldn’t be granting it to someone as easily as that!」

The woman’s name is Monica, who remained as Celestina’s attendant during hard times and continued serving as her loyal retainer . She can be a little overbearing but that might just be another side to her faithfulness .

「Boo, it’s been so long, I can act spoiled can’t I?」

「You must not . Everyone is watching, Your Majesty is the King of Malt!」

The expression of the little girl quickly becomes strict .

「That’s right…… well then brother, I ask that you treat me well for the time I’m here . 」

Celestina pinches her skirt and curtsies gracefully, prompting me to smile and respond in kind with Nonna and Mel quickly following suit, lowering our heads in a respectful bow .

Despite her small stature, she is still the King of a country, which naturally means Nonna and the others are lower in standing .

Nonna aside, Mel and Carla are also bowing in an acceptable manner .

Yesterday, Nonna was babbling about something in the living room until late at night, so she was trying to teach manners…… to Carla in particular, I’m guessing .

「As I thought, this kind of thing doesn’t match my personality . A skirt has to be at least above the knee, it’s much s.e.xier that way . 」

「Be quiet!!」

Sparks fly between Nonna and Carla .

I’ll leave them alone .

「Is it alright if Monica doesn’t greet my brother?」

「I am your attendant, so I don’t need to go out of my way to meet him . 」

「But isn’t my brother Monica’s first partner? He’s the man who you offered your virginity to, that’s why-……」


Monica tries to drown out Celestina by raising her voice .

But she was a second too late and all the mansion’s guards as well as the group of attendants from Malt all stifled their laughter .


Don’t look at me, that just now wasn’t any fault of my own .

Celestina is cute, but still hasn’t become a woman yet .

On that point, Monica, whose body was turned into a full-fledged woman, is emitting a more lewd scent than before .

If I flip up her clothes and insert my d.i.c.k in her hole…… it’ll definitely get wet whether she likes it or not .

When I pump my hips while sucking on her relatively large b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her screams would change into moans, and then lastly she would definitely wrap her legs around my waist .

And when I release all my s.e.m.e.n inside her…… Monica’s uterus will be filled with my seed and she will definitely bear my child .

「What are you grinning about?」

I suddenly realize that Nonna, who was beside me, brought her face in front of me .

Not good, I went into my own world of imaginations .

I try to feign innocence but notice the pain in my crotch .

At this rate, my pants will be torn and more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to make an excuse for my bulge .

In any case, if I were to get such a raging hard-on in front of the Queen of Malt and her followers, I’ll be hard-pressed for an excuse .

It would seem like I was l.u.s.ting after Celestina .

I don’t have such carnal desire for a cute girl like her .

I had her suck on my meat rod and I splashed my seed on her, but I certainly don’t have any indecent thoughts .

「Well then Aegir-sama, let’s show Her Majesty Celestina to the banquet hall . 」

Mel cuts in between me and the party from Malt with perfect timing .

It didn’t take long for Nonna to realize as well, laughing with a ‘hohoho’ while taking my arm in order to hide my erect d.i.c.k .

「Your Majesty, you should change into your party dress . Let’s head back to our room . 」

Celestina’s arm was also taken by Monica and they left to the designated changeroom .

In the end, no one from Malt figured out my situation and they all returned to their respective rooms after complimenting Nonna and I about how well we get along as a couple .

So I guess I managed not to embarra.s.s myself this time .

「So, why did your d.i.c.k suddenly get hard?」

「Who did you imagine yourself f.u.c.king? Did you picture yourself making that cute little girl suffer with you huge c.o.c.k or something?」

Hm, Nonna and Mel are looking at me so coldly .

Carla is looking at me with a strained smile .

「I told you I’m not interested in young girls . The one I was picturing was the female attendant beside Celestina . When I think about how long it’s been since I indulged in that body, it automatically got hard . 」

I realized after I spoke .

What am I saying in front of my wives?

「……so you think of violating the attendant of the Queen of another nation like it’s the most natural thing?」

「I guess I should have expected you to declare something like that so boldly in front of us……」

Nonna and Mel’s eyes narrow as they flick the bulge in my pants with their finger from both sides .

Stop that, any stimulation to that area and it’ll explode spontaneously

「Regardless, we won’t only be having Malt come today, but almost all the nearby n.o.bles as well . This isn’t the right time to be releasing your seed . 」

We will be holding a banquet this time not just to verify the amicable relations.h.i.+p with Malt, but also to gather the surrounding feudal lords and celebrate the harvest .

Nonna was the one who planned it .

This large-scale banquet, similar to ones held in the capital, makes me think a little that her wasteful spending habits have returned .

「It is necessary to make clear to everyone that Aegir-sama holds the most power in the southern region . A harvest festival is an event that is held in all territories, but it would be plain to see who the most influential person is if we invite the nearby n.o.bles to our own territory . 」

If the feudal lord deliberately goes out to attend a harvest festival – which is normally held within his own territory – on the invitation of another person, it would be the same as declaring how low his status is .

「This might seem like pointless pretentiousness, but this kind of thing is important when it comes to our relations.h.i.+p with n.o.bles . If everyone gathers on Aegir-sama’s orders, you will have a larger influence in the capital . 」

How difficult, things I can’t see like rumors and influence are not my strong suit .

Meanwhile, Nonna’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s are an amazing sight, they’re wonderful things .

A grand banquet will be held in conjunction with the harvest festival . It was all planned by Nonna, but the ones who will be using it is Adolph and Leopolt .

「Currently, the trade route is restricted to Radhalde’s territory and a part of the road due to tariffs and the like . There isn’t any shortage of disputes regarding the use of irrigation and forests that span across the territory, lakes and even development within the territory…… if Hardlett-sama strengthens the influence on the surrounding area, it will be possible to use your ruling to bulldoze our way through most situations, you see . 」

I pa.s.sed off the domestic affairs duties so I don’t mind if you do whatever you want .

However, even without doing all that troublesome thinking, we just have to mobilize the army and threaten the individuals who cause a huge dispute .

「Taking a close look…… at all the expressions of the gathered cast of members and the personnel they brought along, I can make a rough guess about their standing and ability . This is a good opportunity to judge whether they will, in times of emergency, be a threat, a capable ally, or just useless trash . 」

I see, but take care of the difficult parts .

The ball is a place swirling with conspiracies and ulterior motives, but the servants of the mansion who actually entertain the guests are making a big fuss .

It is different than the relatively regular tea parties held by Nonna and banquets frequented by nearby n.o.bles .

Replies to confirm their attendance from feudal lords who are three full days away by horse are also coming in one after the other .

In addition, it isn’t uncommon for the feudal lord to come his wife and eldest son .

If that’s the case, then the hospitality has to be something special .

Sebastian’s back is perfectly straight and he’s moving quietly yet with tremendous speed .

Rita, as the head maid, is also running around everywhere but still doesn’t seem to have enough hands to do everything, so the former maids in the annex…… the ones whose bellies I’ve filled with my seed, are also helping out by doing simple preparation work .

「Please light the torches around the area where the new home is being constructed . 」

「What will lighting up the construction site even do?」

「The Madam has told us to display the Master’s prestige during this banquet . 」

Sebastian replies with his usual immaculate behavior .

The new mansion, huh…… well, an unnecessary amount of money was spent to make it big after all, plus it might seem a little curious that the walls and floor are nice and clean, but it seems uncool to act like some rich upstart .

「I think it’s better than that though . 」

Celia peeks her head out .

Oh that’s where you’ve been, I just can’t seem to calm down when her head isn’t within my reach .

「Let’s see here…… aah, indeed that is the case . 」

The n.o.bles who came from far away are staying in Rafen until Celestina, the guest of honor, comes .

Grains, centered around a ridiculous amount of wheat, were lined up in the city as if to show off to them .

The harvest is already coming to an end and the farming villages near Rafen are taking turns to bringing in their tax .

Normally, they would be immediately transported to the capital or carried into storehouses, but this time they are purposely being left out in piles .

「This is a staggering amount . According to Adolph, there is still a third which hasn’t arrived yet . 」

「I also went around to the farming village and the chief was smiling when he offered the crops to the tax collector . It looks like they have plenty to spare . 」

The harvest tax is determined based on a percentage of the total amount unless there are special circ.u.mstances .

If the village had a bountiful harvest, they would have to offer more tax, but naturally they would be able to keep more for themselves too .

There must have been enough for them this year to live comfortably yet also create sufficient reserves .

「Our territory had a large harvest . But the area near the river is……」

「As expected, they’re experiencing long periods of rain . 」

It was exactly what Adolph was worried about, the heavy rain in the area near the river caused a considerable amount of their crops to go bad .

「If we look at the amount after the rain ends, it seems like they’ll have a poor harvest . The inland areas aside from ours isn’t favorable either……」

「Well, I wonder how things will turn out . 」

I’m a little worried, but I’ll leave Adolph to think of a solution .

Now, the sun is starting to set .

The n.o.bles should be coming soon .

I can’t run away so I might as well get ready .

「I can finally see Aegir-sama’s formal wear after so long . You’re cool on the battlefield, but the formal wear is nice in a different way . 」

If you praise me that much, it will get my d.i.c.k hard .

I stroke Celia’s head and squeeze her cheeks to hide my embarra.s.sment .

「Fgahfgah…… please stop! Hauhau…… nevermind, just a little more, au, not my a.s.s!」

Celestina is nice, but Celia is also cute .

I won’t ever let her go .

「……Now then, everyone, please enjoy the party . 」

I was able to successfully deliver the opening statement to begin the party while Nonna teaches me what words to say as she clings to my arm to show off our intimate relations.h.i.+p .

「Geez! Even the stupid Carla was able to remember how to greet, Aegir-sama needs to take this seriously too!」

「Shaddup! Don’t call me stupid!」

It seems like she’s upset that I couldn’t memorize the greeting at all and just parroted Nonna’s words like an idiot .

People have things that they’re good at and things that they aren’t good at .

Just as Maria could never attain big t.i.ts, I’m not the type of person who can dance gracefully or sport fancy clothing .

In fact, I would rather wear nothing and swing my hips on top of a woman…… .

「It is such an honor to meet Lord Hardlett today . 」

The person who interrupted my delusions was a bearded middle-aged man of medium build .

Let’s see…… who is this old man?

I’ll ask Nonna .

「It’s Count Monas.h.i.+ . He holds territory directly west of Rafen . His territory is quite vast, though that’s the only redeeming quality……」

Ah, I get it, it’s just like how my territory used to be .

「I invited his wife to tea parties many times…… and it seems they don’t have much money to spare . 」

Nonna continues smiling to the Count as she mutters quietly without moving her mouth .

So I guess you learn this strange special skill if you socialize .

「It is our pleasure, nice of you to come even when the harvest in your own territory isn’t doing the greatest . 」

There is a hierarchy between n.o.bles from Knight rank to Marquess, but they’re all conferred by the King, so in essence we all have the same standing and we have to maintain a certain level of respect with each other publicly .

I hide my disinterest and shake his hand .

I wonder if he brought a pretty daughter with him…… no? How boring .

「Wow, I have to say, Lord Hardlett has such a rugged hand, befitting all the rumors around the nation praising you for what a great man you are . 」

So that’s sarcasm, it looks like my muscles have increased because of the fight with the city state and my formal wear is feeling tight .

If I tense up, it feels like I’ll tear these clothes .

「Hahaha, if Count Monas.h.i.+ was a woman, I might have paid you a visit . 」

「A woman? Whatever it is, this bountiful harvest from Lord Hardlett’s territory…… and these crops overflowing all over the city, I’m so envious . 」

「What about Count Monas.h.i.+ and your vast lands, do you not have a decent harvest yourself?」

The atmosphere around the Count suddenly got darker .

「I can’t say the crop yield in my territory is poor . Every year is a reasonably small amount…… however the land conditions are extremely suboptimal, either getting submerged due to frequent flooding or getting so dry that nothing can be grown, almost no area has the perfect environment . My household is a relatively traditional one, but no matter what my ancestors do, they end up being poor…… believing I would end up dying, I distinguished myself in battle and earned the t.i.tle of Count as well as an enormous expanse of land, yet I experienced such a failure again……」

As the Count grumbles, I think to myself that was a bad question to ask .

Well, there’s good food and drinks here so I hope he enjoys himself and forgets about that depressing stuff .

「Please wait, Lord Hardlett, I will introduce to you these good friends of mine who came to my territory today!」

I don’t really feel the need to meet them, but I can’t run away now that Nonna’s already greeting them .

Two men appeared, both looking in their thirties and younger than Count Monas.h.i.+ .

I don’t have much interest in them past this point, although I’m getting this seedy feeling from them .

I don’t know what it is about them, but their entire bodies seem to be exuding misfortune .

「Nice to meet you Hardlett-dono . I am Viscount Binbo . 」

「I’m also glad to meet you, I’m Baron Gokhin . 」


They look like people who don’t seem to have any luck with money .

Is this what they call ‘birds of a feather flock together’?

「No really, my wife and daughter have been taken care of by your wife all this time, and I truly apologize for not being able to thank you in person until now . 」

「For letting my wife stuff herself with three days’ worth of food in the banquet held by your wife-…… no, nevermind . 」

Nonna appears to be filled with mixed feelings .

「Baroness Gokhin…… she is usually a person of cla.s.s, but her eyes change whenever she sees food . 」

I don’t think there would be any meaning in talking to them any further and try to step away, but the three of them desperately bring up more topics to discuss .

The majority of comments were meaningless words of praise, saying how the abundant harvest in my territory was incredible or how maintaining such a powerful army was amazing, but unlike regular people who pour flattery on me, these guys appear ghastly and I can’t seem to discontinue the conversation .

Meanwhile, people start to murmur around me .

「How long are they going to keep talking?」

「Count Monas.h.i.+ and his followers are well-known for always being poor, I’m sure they’re just pestering him for cash . 」

「How shameless, even merchants know not to ask for loans out in the open . 」

The soft voices don’t seem to be supporting Count Monas.h.i.+ .

I can’t really make out what they’re saying, but Nonna’s super sharp hearing allows her to pick up those remarks, so I’ll ask her about it later .

「Haha……detaining the organizer anymore than this would be discourteous……」

「You’re right . Then we’ll leave it at that……」

It seems the criticizing comments got to them and they step back from me with a bitter look on their faces .

I felt the tiniest bit sorry for them because of the atmosphere of misfortune around their bodies .

I was essentially the one who invited them, although it was Nonna and Leopolt who chose the people to invite, Sebastian who wrote the invitations, and Celia who stamped my seal of approval .

「Please enjoy yourselves today . Our territories are close to each other so I’m sure we’ll have plenty of chances to talk after today . 」

The three of them appear to get slightly happier .

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「Ooh! So will we be meeting again!?」

She must have mistakenly interpreted this position where Celestina is sitting on my lap as me having penetrated her .

Hahaha, of course I would never do that .

I slowly rise up from the tub and show her that I haven’t entered Celestina .

Look, it hasn’t even gotten hard .

Oh no, Celestina is at just the right height for my d.i.c.k to rest perfectly on her head .

「Something soft and big is on my head~」

Normally, Monica would scream as soon as she saw something like that, but she didn’t have time for that now .

She’s muttering something as if trying to persuade herself .

「There’s no blood…… which means it didn’t go in……? Thank goodness, Her Majesty’s membrane is…… still safe……」

After confirming I didn’t insert my d.i.c.k into Celestina, Monica breathed long sighs of relief and slumps limply, although there is now a different problem .

She may be wearing bathing attire, but a young female is laying exhausted at my feet in the bathroom .

This is practically an indirect declaration of intent to be f.u.c.ked .

「Celestina, I’ll be making love with Monica soon…… do you want to watch how we make babies?」

「Yup! Monica also loves brother, so I would certainly like to see the two of you create a child . 」

「Eh? Eh? Please wait! Making a baby is-…… I still need to remain at Her Majesty’s side!」

「It’ll be fine, why would I keep you at at distance after Monica gets pregnant with brother’s child? We’ll remain together after this too . 」

「That’s how it is . Celestina, undo that string over there . Undo this as well and expose only her crotch . 」

「S-stop it, I can’t move after my hips gave out from being relieved! I said you can’t! Aaah, it’s getting bigger and bigger! There’s no way something like that will ever fit inside……」

「This place of yours isn’t saying no though . Look Celestina, isn’t it dripping with juice as if saying that it craves a man?」

「You’re right…… Monica’s juices are overflowing . 」

「Don’t look, Your Majesty! And also, don’t put anything inside, Hardlett-sama! T-thick…… aaaaaaaah!! So tiiiiiiiiiight!!」

After that, I gave Monica what her body desired, inserting my c.o.c.k into her v.a.g.i.n.a, giving her plenty of loving, and finally pouring a huge load of s.e.m.e.n straight into her womb .

Celestina watched the entire thing with great interest .

「Taking a bath with brother and Monica is the best~」

「We still have to talk about trade and various topics tomorrow . Celestina will be here for a while, right? During that time, we’ll take baths together every day . 」

「Uuu, if I get filled with seed everyday for two weeks…… I’ll definitely get pregnant……」

I treat the smiling Celestina with tender love and care while Monica cries .

But I know .

In the final moment before I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed, her thighs gently wrapped themselves around my hips as if the girl was instinctively seeking for my s.e.m.e.n and looking to bear my child .

To comply with her desires, I’ll need to ensure she gets pregnant during the two weeks Celestina plans to stay here .

–Third Person POV–

Night, Goldonia Capital – Military Affairs Commissioner’s Office: Erich

「This is the information from the Royal Inst.i.tution . 」

The secretary hands Erich the doc.u.ments regarding the Royal Inst.i.tution .

Being the Commissioner of Military Affairs, he was second only to the King and is constantly busy with managing everything related to the military .

His workload from everyday life and professional duties is enormous enough, yet he had to spare some energy to deal with the battle for influence with the opposing Minister of Domestic Affairs, Marquess Kenneth Baldwin .

Under such circ.u.mstances, he couldn’t visit the school frequently enough, despite it gradually becoming an important existence .

That’s why he not only had the princ.i.p.al report to him daily, he also had his subordinates do independent investigations, doc.u.menting and confirming the school’s current situation .

「Fumu, this month’s dropout numbers…… have gotten a lot worse . 」

While Erich wrinkles his brow, he didn’t make a great fuss .

The primary objective of the school is to raise military commanders and the nurturing of domestic affairs official was ultimately secondary .

With harsh cla.s.ses and exercises crammed into the curriculum, a certain number of dropouts was forecasted .

Many people dropped out after enrolling into the school with half-hearted determination and later running away or retired after causing an accident during training carelessly .

Some people have also died, although it is rare .

Thus, it was within expectations that there would be a number of dropouts every month, and it wouldn’t be surprising if there were more than that .

However doubt appears on Erich’s face as he examines the detailed information .

「The dropouts from the commander prospect team…… there are a lot of them, but it’s understandable . But why are there so many from the domestic affairs team?」

The lessons taken by the prospective domestic affairs officials are mainly cla.s.sroom lectures and by no means considered harsh training .

In the previous year before the cla.s.s became larger, only one person dropped out and that was due to illness .

「On top of that, many of them are hoping to re-enroll next year…… what is this, re-enrolling to get Hardlett’s recommendation letter? This seems to be the case for a few people from the commander team too …… if they want to re-enroll, then what is the cause for their dropout?」

Erich’s voice naturally got louder .

The secretary heard him and looked down slightly before sighing .

「Verdile, I believe you to be an excellent secretary . Explain to me what happened!」

「Understood……the reason they dropped out, well strictly speaking not a single one of them are male . They’re all females . 」

After he heard that, Erich could pretty much understand everything . Beads of sweat drip down from his forehead and veins start to bulge out due to his anger .

「The reason the girls are dropping out is because they got pregnant . I believe all of them got pregnant around the same time, and when their stomach started to noticeably get bigger, they found it hard to attend cla.s.s and live in the dorms . 」


Erich collapses on his desk and doesn’t say a word .

「Almost all of them are looking to re-enroll after they’ve given birth . The reason is unknown for the girls who already possess Lord Hardlett’s recommendation letter . I believe the Military Affairs Commissioner should question them directly . 」

The Commissioner slowly raises himself up from the desk and speaks in a quiet yet impactful voice .

「That’s right…… this is my fault . It was my mistake to throw a s.e.x beast into a place with young women . 」

Erich takes out his stationary and starts penning a letter to Rafen with a trembling hand, repeatedly rewriting any messy characters .

「I have one more piece of information . 」

「……what is it?」

「Two lecturers also expressed their desire to temporarily be relieved of their duties . The reason is…… pregnancy . 」

The expensive-looking pen snapped and the ink spilled everywhere .

Erich chucks the broken pen and the messed up paper in the wastebasket, then stands up violently enough to flip his chair over .

「What does my schedule look like from now?」

「Tomorrow, you have a lunch meeting with Count Horoom, and a ball held by Lord Mindo at night, the day after you have to inspect the training of the 10th corps……」

「Cancel all of it! Send a representative to apologize to Horoom and Mindo . If any unforeseen circ.u.mstances occur, you deal with it and write a report after the fact . 」

Erich throws off his house coat and puts on an easy-to-move-in military uniform .

「Understood . And just to confirm, where will you be going?」

「Rafen of course! I can’t calm down until I yell at that s.e.x maniac!!」

Erich kicks the a.s.s of his attendant, who carelessly fell asleep as the night wore on, and ordered him to get the carriage ready .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 23 years old . Summer .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . King of the Mountains . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless .

Citizens: 161,000 . Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000 . Lintbloom: 4000 .

Army: 5300 men

Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 900, Bow Cavalry: 500

Cannons: 19

Reserve: 3000

Security Unit: 100

a.s.sets: 10 000 gold (Tax Revenue +12 000) (Grand Banquet -1500) (Small Gifts to Servants -300)

Autumn Income and Expenditures


Mine Tax: 45 000 gold

Trade Tax: 30 000 gold

Total Income: 75 000 gold

(Wheat tax is payment in kind, not converted into money)


Mansion Maintenance: 3500 gold

Security Maintenance: 4500 gold

Army Wages: 40 000 gold

Military Facilities and Other Miscellaneous Expenses: 5000 gold

Paid Labor: 10 000 gold

(Also includes temporary laborers for aqueduct)

Total Expenses: 63 000 gold

Net Income: +12 000 gold

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