Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 186

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Chapter 186

We are already deep into spring and it’s about time we finally start seeing signs of summer .

There were no particular abnormalities with the weather so the wheat and other crops grew steadily .

According to the reports received from Adolph, Polte and the other students, it looks like we will get an abundant harvest if things continue at this rate .

The remnants of Magrado…… Orthodox Magrado seem to be in quite the pinch .

The surrounding Poleis are restricting the time of stay and procurement of weapons they tolerated until now and are pressing for the leader Maximilian to be exiled .

Yet Atoroapolis is still continuing to shelter him .

However, we gladly welcome the fact that it is hard for him and his group to make any moves .

「The foundation for the new mansion is pretty much completed . 」

「The flood control and construction in the suburbs of Rafen are also done for the most part . Having the unemployed people take on the labor to give them something to do worked out quite well . 」

The one beside me as usual, is Celia, who I pull in close for a hug so I can pat her head .

「Haauua! Why are you petting me after what I said!?」

「I was just thinking how in shape you’ve gotten now . 」

Celia puffs out her chest with pride and then places my hand on her stomach .

「Of course! My stomach has gotten slimmer, and my stamina is back too . Now I just have to hone my swordsmans.h.i.+p and everything will be back to normal . I won’t fall behind!」

「I see, have your hips and thighs gotten leaner too?」

I reach out my hand to feel her waist and thighs .

「Yes! The excess fat on my b.u.t.t also disappeared . The pants which were feeling tight also…… Aegir-sama……」

「Fumufumu, how is the flab over here?」

I lower Celia’s short pants and expose her smooth b.u.t.tocks .

They feel soft but tight, and in between her b.u.t.tcheeks, her hole which still looks pretty despite being thoroughly used is…… .

「Pardon me master, Adolph-sama is- ……hyaa! Sorry for interrupting!」

It was seen by the maid .

「Wah! She saw it, didn’t she! Why do you get carried away and strip women like this!?」

Celia’s injury has healed completely and her figure has returned to normal .

The next thing to worry about is…… it should be about time now .

「I can’t take it anymoreee—! I’ll die, I’m dying! Someone help meeee, it hurts!」

Nonna seems to have finally started feeling labor pains .

She screams repeatedly while the other girls of the family gather around and try to comfort her .

「A woman’s body is made to give birth so you’ll be fine . 」

Mel who has experience giving birth to 5 kids try to gently rea.s.sure her, but Nonna just keeps screaming and couldn’t even pay attention to what was said .

「Geez…… it’s a pain all women feel . Stop complaining and give birth quietly!」

Carla barks at her and Nonna cries twice as much .

「Fueeeh! Aegir-samaaa, Carla is bullying me! ……i-it hurts! No more, it’s coming out!」

I give a light kiss to the crying and shouting Nonna, and was just about to go wait outside, but the sleeve of my s.h.i.+rt was grabbed tightly .

I thought it was considerate for a man not to watch a woman give birth though .

「I want Aegir-sama to stay with me! Carla too!」

Nonna holds onto Carla and I with each of her hands . What happened to all that energy, this cutie .

「Alright, I’ll be beside you so relax . 」

「Good grief, it can’t be helped . 」

The only ones left in the room are us and the midwife .

「Auuu–! I’m dyyinnngggg!」

「You won’t die, so please try pus.h.i.+ng slowly . Go on, do your best!」

Since all the births the other girls went through were so quick, this midwife, who has become so well-acquainted with us probably, felt that it was worth trying this time and seemed more animated than usual .

「Aaaaaaah! I can’t do anymore, that place will rip! Goodbye Aegir-sama, the life I had after you picked me up was wonderful! Carla, I’m sorry for eating your snacks and pretending not to know about it . I’m confessing now so please let me be guided to heaven……」

「So it was you after all! I’ll do this to you then!」

「Fuuga fuuga……」

Carla pulls on Nonna’s cheeks and interrupts her screaming .

Nonna tries to stop Carla by grabbing her hands……


「O-oww, hey, let go! Don’t use my arm like some grab post!」

In the next moment, a small cry could be heard .

Apparently, she gave birth during all that fuss .

「It’s a healthy…… baby girl . Congratulations . 」

The midwife confirms before picking her up, however the baby’s body seems somewhat small and her cry is fairly weak .

「E-Everything is fine, right?」

Carla sounds worried after seeing the difference in this child with her own child .

「Yes, she did at least make some noise, and there doesn’t seem to be any abnormalities with her body…… but this is . 」

「It hurts…… it still hurts……」

Even though the baby has been delivered, Nonna is still expressing her pain .

The midwife quickly checks Nonna’s body again and shouts .

「As I thought! Twins . There was another one still inside . 」


That’s pretty rare, maybe because I poured too much seed in her .


Nonna once again grabs onto Carla, this time it was her b.o.o.bs .

「Hey, my t.i.ts will get crushed! Not the nipples!」

Nonna lets out another groan and an additional child was born .

Everyone present heaved a sigh of relief, although the midwife’s expression becomes grim .

「It’s a boy…… but he isn’t crying…… this is-! Not good, he isn’t breathing!」

Nonna desperately tries to raise her head when she realizes the stiffened expressions on everyone’s faces .

「No way…… my baby…… please save him……」

The room was instantly filled with a sense of urgency .

Carla and I could nothing except watch and let the midwife handle it .

The midwife frantically pats the baby’s back and rocks him back and forth but no cry could be heard .

Eventually, she looks down and the hand which was jostling the baby stops .

「……no way . 」

Carla leaks out a weak response .

Nonna’s eyes rapidly fills up with tears .

「T-the baby…… how horrible, so horrible ……uuu…… uuuwaaaaaaahn!!」

Nonna bursts into tears and wails loudly, causing her already born daughter to cry intensely as well .

Carla had no words to say to Nonna after she lost her child and could only look away in tears .

The burden of twins was probably too large for the delicate Nonna .

As I was pondering how I could comfort the crying Nonna, Casie peeks her head out from the door .

Sorry, but I don’t have time to take care of you right now so be a good girl .

Instead of leaving, Casie comes closer .

(Just now, a baby flew out from this room . What should I do?)

Casie appears to be holding something but I can’t see anything .

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but it might just be this child .

(Ah, they have the same face . . )

Casie takes the thing she’s holding in her arms and lays it over the limp body of the baby .

At that moment-

「Oggyaaah! Hoggyaa!」

As if someone lit the flame of his life, the baby suddenly starts crying .

「Aaah! How could this…… it’s a miracle!」

「My baby…… he came back to life…… thank goodness……」

The midwife quickly picks up the child, while the relieved Nonna faints .


I also sigh in relief and Carla falls flat on her b.u.t.t .

「Geez, worrying us till the very end…… aah, so tired . 」

「Truly . But for the three of them to be healthy and well…… it’s the best result . 」

Casie distinguished herself again .

Just like what happened during the other incident1, she’s definitely more of a ghost of fortune rather than a vengeful spirit .

She should tell me if there’s anything she wants .

(Really!? Then I want a fluffy feather-filled futon . My back and hips have been hurting lately . )

Sure, I’ll buy anything for her .

For some time now, only Casie’s favorite foods were getting served for dinner after all .


And so, Nonna was able to safely give birth to fraternal twins .


「Are you feeling hungry?」

「That goes without saying, I can’t eat Kakaa’s c.r.a.ppy meals with something as tempting as this in front of me . 」

「There is soup and meat all over, hurray for Hardlett-sama!」

「Hurray for Anastasia-sama!」「Hurray for Bartolome-sama!」

The citizens cheer boisterously .

After confirming the safety of the mother and the children…… the daughter was named Anastasia and the son was named Bartolome, I proclaim their birth to my citizens .

For three days starting today, everyone excluding the guards and those involved with producing food will take a break from their jobs and will be given alcohol, bread, and soup for free in Rafen .

All the meat and vegetables stocked up by Claire’s company was purchased and lined up in countless pots in the plaza so the people can take as much as they want .

People who drank too much that they toppled over as well as people who ate too much and could no longer move are lying around all over the place .

「There is some concern about the security, but Orthodox Magrado has their own continuing dangers so they should not have the luxury to interfere with us . 」

Leopolt’s expression remains the same despite being in the festival-like atmosphere .

He puts his words together uninterestedly with an emotionless face, although he probably did have an obligatory drink since his face is slightly red .

For some reason, he looks more refreshed too .

「The guards are maintaining security in the mansion . Besides, if they attack us in this situation, they should know that it will turn all the citizens in Rafen against them . 」

The a.s.sailants twitching from being frightened is quite the ludicrous thought .

「But all the citizens are eating and drinking as they please . The expense will be tremendous, right? In addition to the large-scale construction project, your gold will quickly disappear . 」

Adolph makes a bitter face, but it’s a celebration so no big deal .

「There might be a necessity to mobilize the army later . 」

「I just need to borrow from someone when that time comes . 」

Thinking back, I never had much gold stored up anyways .

Surely, I’ll manage somehow .

It felt like there were an innumerable distribution stations in the center of Rafen, yet the queue of people remained endless .

The pile of bread decreases from the side and the large pots of soup are being exchanged continuously .

「So there are this many citizens in Rafen . 」

「No, it’s too much no matter how you look at it . Are they not gathering from the nearby villages as well?」

I see, people from the surrounding farming villages also walked over here .

Well, it’s alright for today, I’ll let them eat as much as they want .

I suddenly strain my eyes to see a woman, who is clearly not one of my citizens, and her five children lining up for soup .

「I’ll be right back . 」

「……another woman again, what about Celia-dono?」「She’s part of the mansion’s security . 」

Adolph lets out a resigned voice, now’s my chance .

「Eh……a vessel for soup? I didn’t bring one with me……」

「Then go back home and bring one . Naturally we won’t be providing everyone with a bowl . 」

It looks like the woman came empty-handed .

The guard handing out the soup naturally thought the woman was a citizen of this city and carelessly said what he did, but the woman and her kids probably walked a considerable distance to get here .

The kids are looking at their mother sadly .

「T-then I’ll use my hands . 」

「Can’t you see this boiling pot? It’ll burn your hands . 」

「Well, wait . 」

I cut into the line .

「Oh if it isn’t the feudal lord-sama! Congratulations to your wife on her safe delivery!」

While acknowledging the compliments coming at me from all over, I casually put my arm around the mother .

「It’ll be tough for her to take her kids and line up here again, why don’t all of you follow me . 」

「Yes……but I’m actually……」

The mother’s eyes are darting around pitifully .

「You’re not from Rafen right? I won’t ask about the details, now come . 」

I take the mother, who is shrinking away in fear, and her children to Leticia’s place .

With the high-grade bread, soup, and even alcohol being handed out for free, there are obviously no customers in the restaurant right now .

Hearty plates stacked high with pasta, grilled chicken, pork and beef were placed in front of them and the children dig in .

Leticia and Sharon also happily watch the five children eat .

「I am truly thankful for what you have done . 」

Looking at the mother and children again, they’re all rather skinny .

If she could take her children here with her, then she might not have come from too remote a region, but that means there are still places around Rafen where people are starving, huh .

「Because of the feudal lord-sama, we have been able to live relatively well until now but my husband fell ill before spring…… and since I have to take care of my five children as well, the field work remains unfinished . 」

「I see, the festival lasts until tomorrow so fill your stomachs . By the way, do you have anywhere to stay for the night?」

「Maybe huddling around together near the street corner or something . 」

I thought as much .

「I have a suggestion for you then . 」

I hug the mother, gently scoop some of her hair in my hand, then whisper in her ear .

I signal Leticia with my eyes to look after the children .

「Y-yes? Um…… what on earth is going-」

「Don’t worry about it, I won’t treat you poorly . 」

「Aaaaaaah–!! Feudal lord-samaa! It’s so thick, I’ve never felt anything like this beforee!」

I am sat on top of the bed, hugging and thrusting up into the woman from behind as she rides me in this reverse sitting position .

「You have a pretty nice body . It’s a waste that you’re so skinny . 」

「My b.r.e.a.s.t.s are my weak spot! N-not good, I’ll c.u.m again! c.u.mminggggg–!」

I reach around her back and fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, lightly tugging on her nipples, which causes the woman to throw her head back from the pleasure of climax .

However, I haven’t e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed yet . My hard erect c.o.c.k is pulsing and stretching the woman’s hole .

「Haa…… haa…… my consciousness is fading…… I’m going to die . 」

「It isn’t over yet . Here, replenish your nourishment with the soup . 」

I let the woman drink some soup while sucking the milk from her b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「Aah…… it’s swelling up again…… how big will it get……」

I pull my c.o.c.k out from the woman who mutters dumbfoundedly, and when I use my fingers to spread open her v.a.g.i.n.a, it opens with ease .

「It’s already loose and gaping . My c.o.c.k will be the only thing which fits in here now . 」

「Noo…… I’m the mother of five kids yet it’s become like this after such a huge d.i.c.k pounded me……」

「Mothers are women too, here I’ll do you from the front next . 」

I push the woman onto the bed and climb on top so I can swing my hips .

Already getting accustomed to my size, the woman moans and trembles instead of expressing pain .

Repeatedly thrusting into the woman eventually prompts the woman to wrap her arms and legs around me .

Her v.a.g.i.n.a has already welcomed my entire length deep into its ca.n.a.ls and the entrance to the room at the very end gradually starts opening as well .

「Can I intrude in this back room here?」

「That is…… my womb . It’s rather easy for me to conceive so……」

I can tell that from the five children you’ve already given birth to .

「It’s fine, isn’t it? ……feel this here . My seed is stored here and it’s ready to be set free . 」

I take the woman’s hand and let her touch my rather firm b.a.l.l.s .

「Hya, it’s really heavy . If so much baby juice is poured in…… you really intend to get me pregnant?」

I just continue to stare silently at the woman until she finally takes the hand she placed against her chest in caution and grabs a pillow shyly .

It looks like she agreed .

「Then please excuse me for intruding!」


With a strong push, my meat rod invades her precious baby room and expels its huge load of seed inside .

The woman fell after that final thrust, swearing her love for me while moaning and consenting to staying with me .

「Fuu, looks like I got another woman pregnant . 」

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The woman rolls onto her back with a stomach full of s.e.m.e.n .

「He’s pretty, no? He won’t lose to just any woman . In other words, Sharon is a girl . 」

「Don’t be ridiculous…… he’s all hard and erect, isn’t he?」

Sharon is sleeping with a sheet covering him, but there is something bulging out from his crotch area .

It’s clear as day what is in that location .

「That’s because…… he was taken by the feudal lord-sama he admired all this time, so it can’t be helped . 」

Please don’t talk about it, I don’t want to remember it . .

「Don’t worry about it . Even with a tiny d.i.c.k attached to his body, Sharon is still a girl . 」

In this world, there are bad lies which deceive people and good likes which save people .

This lie is most definitely the latter .

「……it’s probably better for my heart if I think that way . 」

At that moment, Sharon became a slightly special kind of girl – one without any b.r.e.a.s.t.s or v.a.g.i.n.a and has a d.i.c.k attached instead .

「Aegir-sama, please don’t spend the night elsewhere without notice! You’ll worry me!」

「I didn’t do it with any guy . 」

Celia flares up at me when I returned to the mansion .

The frightened mother and children hide behind me .

「Please look after them . 」

「Yes, your newly attained woman, right? Right this way . 」

The maid doesn’t act surprised at all and smoothly guides the woman and children to the annex .

It’s something she has gotten used to, and Celia might have glared at me briefly but she doesn’t pursue the issue any further .

It’s no longer anything unusual for me to bring back women with me and keep them .

「Also, Leopolt-san is calling for you . It seems like it’s regarding Orthodox Magrado . 」

Geez, can’t he think to at least wait until after the festival?

I guess not, but that’s just how he is .

「Lord Hardlett, take a look at this . 」

「The one I slept with had something attached, but is still a woman . 」

Leopolt hands me some sort of contract .

There are a bunch of symbols I don’t recognize on it .

「What is this?」

「The city states…… to be more precise, it’s a contract of all the Poleis on the path from Goldonia to Atoroa . They have agreed for us to invade into Atoroa . 」

「Hooh, I thought the city states would have refused to allow an outsider to interfere . 」

「The fact that it was an indiscriminate a.s.sa.s.sination incident, and one where even Council members were killed, was big . They have deemed Orthodox Magrado as a dangerous group and recognized Atoroa, the one protecting them, as problematic too . 」

「However Atoroa is a relatively large city with 30,000 in population and it will be a heavy burden for them to fight on their own . 」

Tristan cuts in from the side .

「It was three women yesterday . That’s it . 」

「A-all of a sudden, huh…… in any case, our invasion will not get in the way . 」

Fumu, then I’ll talk to Erich and borrow a division of his army .

「About that, I believe we should fight this on our own . 」

「Hey now, the remnants of Magrado were originally the Kingdom’s problem . Why do we have to deal with it?」

If we borrow 30,000 from the Kingdom, they’ll crush Atoroa easily .

「That might be the case if you simply consider this incident . However, if we borrow the Kingdom’s army here, it will turn this fight into Goldonia’s fight . 」

「And how is that inconvenient?」

「Goldonia has no relations.h.i.+p with any of the southern nations or the city states, and besides a peace agreement between them on the surface, most foreign relations with them are neutral . If we act on our own this time, we can create our own relations.h.i.+p with them . 」

「There are nations within the city states with a deep connection to the Democratic Nation of Libatis as well . It isn’t a bad thing to have our own personal connection with those in the south . Plus, there might be something sleeping in the undeveloped area in the south . 」

Leopolt’s voice becomes softer .

「If Lord Hardlett’s goal is to become a true retainer of the Kingdom, then it would be a different story though . 」

Fumu, if you guys think so, it must be true .

The result will probably turn out better than if I used my head to think of what to do .

「Alright . But wait for some time after the festival to make any concrete preparations . 」

The citizens won’t agree to a war directly after a festival either .

More importantly, if I head out to war before Nonna recovers, she’ll be upset .

「If we have the reserve army convene, and gather the bow cavalry, we will have 12,000 . If we’re facing off against Atoroa on its own, it should be plenty . 」

「The city states should be st.u.r.dy fortress cities if I recall correctly . 」

「Our siege weapons are prepared as well . No problems there . 」

I see, then let’s have our first war in a long time .

「I dislike war but attacks like that make it hard for me to relax and read my books in peace . 」

「Well said . If you’re that motivated, then I’ll have you contribute to the frontline operations too . 」

「……it’s always like this, I occasionally display a little bit of enthusiasm and nothing good ever comes of it . I should have just pretended to be a lazy idiot and stayed in the countryside…… in the first place, why my hometown……」

I leave Tristan alone to complain and sigh, then head to where Nonna is .

On the way…… I see the girl who follows Leopolt, Nina if I remember correctly .

She’s waddling and holding her hand against her crotch for some reason, but right now Nonna’s a higher priority .


Nonna is laying on the bed on her side, watching over her two children who are sleeping peacefully .

As one would expect, giving birth to twins exhausted her quite a bit .

The twins, Anastasia and Bartolome…… were named by Nonna after she regained consciousness .

Apparently she had decided on the names of both the boy and girl a while ago .

Perhaps due to being twins, both children are slightly smaller than normal, however their faces are terrifyingly well-proportioned .

「I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, they’re as beautiful as two jewels」

「Ufufu, I’m glad you think that . But it’s Aegir-sama’s fault that Bartolome’s thing…… the size is unthinkable for a baby . I wonder how many women he will make cry when he grows up . 」

With the beauty inherited from Nonna and a huge d.i.c.k, women won’t stand a chance .

He should have free rein to eat however many women he wants .

「We’ll need to educate him properly so that doesn’t happen . 」

Nonna smiles and gives me a kiss .

「Will you be heading out to war again?」

How did she know?

「I can tell from the look on your face…… please come back safely . These kids need a father . 」

「Of course . I’ll be back for sure . 」

I hug Nonna gently, careful not to strain her body .

「A loving husband and kids, an impressive mansion and prestige…… such happiness . I…… am truly happy . 」

While being embraced by me, Nonna mutters a final remark into my chest .

「I wish this would last forever……」

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 23 years old . Summer .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . King of the Mountains . Friend of the Dwarves .

Citizens: 160,000 . Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000 . Lintbloom: 4000 .

Private Army: 13,000 men

Infantry: 7000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 4000

Reserve army already convened

Cannons: 18

a.s.sets: 300 gold (Delivery Celebration, Rafen Grand Festival -7000) (Sortie -10,000) (Tax Revenue +5000)

s.e.xual Partners: 201!, children who have been born: 46


Mine Tax: 40,000 gold (4000 already offered to the King)

Trade Tax: 20,000 gold

Total Income: 60,000 gold


Mansion maintenance: 3500 gold

Guard maintenance: 3500 gold

Army Salaries: 40,000 gold

Military Facilities and Miscellaneous Expense: 3000 gold

Paid Labor: 5000 gold

Total Expenses: 55,000 gold

Net Income: +5,000 gold

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