Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

「The treatment is done . If it is kept steady and in a fixed position, it’ll heal in one month . 」

「Will it go back to normal? Is it going to leave any permanent damage ……?」

「Celia-sama is still young and it was a clean break so as long as she doesn’t make any drastic movements, it’ll be fine . 」

I see, I’m glad .

「But during the two months after it heals, she can’t do any harsh exercise…… please keep her away from activities like training . 」

「Of course . 」

I finish talking with the doctor and return to my room .

Since the bed in my room is the fluffiest and largest, I had Celia sleep there .

Celia looks at me sorrowfully with both her hands supported with splints and wrapped tightly in bandages .

「My apologies . I’ve only done unnecessary things which cause you more trouble …… and wasn’t useful to you at all . 」

「That’s wrong . Your knife saved me . 」

「If I didn’t charge in, I could have done way more!」

Celia, who is unable to use her arms, tries to wriggle herself up from the bed, but I lay her back down .

「Hey now, don’t move . It won’t get any better . 」

「Uuu, how pathetic . 」


I gently stroke Celia’s pretty silver hair .

「I’m the one who’s pathetic . I keep letting you get hurt . 」

「It’s not your fault! I-!」

「If I can’t protect a precious person like you, then it’s laughable how I can think of protecting my territory or my army . 」

「Precious…… you say?」

「Yeah, and if it wasn’t for Gido protecting you last time, you might have died . This time was also a close call . 」

「I would gladly die for Aegir-sama’s sake . 」

I give her nose a flick with my finger .

Because Celia couldn’t defend herself, she lets out a squeal .

「You won’t, next time you’ll be behind me instead of in front . With that said, you won’t be able to move until spring . 」

「Muu, an injury like this will heal in no time . 」

I flick her nose again .


「This is an order – you’ll stay here in the mansion until spring while your injury heals . You might get into a difficult situation which might cause your arm to fall off if you aren’t careful . 」

I open the basket I brought with me and taken out the thing which can make Celia more obedient1 .

「That’s-! The White Cat bakery’s specialty cream cake!」

「Not only that, it’s the special type with lots of sugar . 」

Celia’s got quite the sweet tooth even amongst all the other girls .

This cake is so delicious that it can cause your eyes to spin even when just picking up a small piece .

「But giving this to me when I wasn’t of any use…… and I can’t use my hands . 」

I cut a small piece of the cake and place it on my hand .

「Here, open your mouth . 」

「Fueeh, how can I let Aegir-sama do this, but- …… haau . 」

I shove the sweet morsel into her mumbling mouth .

「It’s sweet…… so good……」

「Here’s another one . 」

Celia no longer resists and eats the cake off my hand .

I hold the last piece in my fingers and Celia eats it up as if giving them a kiss .

「Am I really allowed to experience such happiness even though I made such a blunder?」

「You are . I’ll look after you until you can move again . 」

「Eeeh!? Don’t you have to do your patrol around the territory?」

「It isn’t important enough to leave you alone for . 」

「No, managing your territory is much more important than me in my opinion……」

No, it’s not .

At the very least, I’m not going to leave the mansion until you’re able to do your daily activities by yourself .

After Celia’s done eating, I have her drink some water and medicine .

She has sweated a lot and her body is starting to smell a bit .

「Let’s change your clothes . Stay still . 」

A set of clothes which can be changed without moving her arms were prepared yesterday .

The string on her back and stomach were loosened and the article of clothing was removed, leaving Celia bare like a peeled egg .

「This is embarra.s.sing……」

「It’s what I see all the time though . 」

In spite of her complaining, she knew she couldn’t change by herself so she didn’t put up any resistance . After removing her clothes, I use the water heated by the fireplace to wipe down her body .

「There’s a bruise on your back too, maybe from the time you rolled on the ground . 」

「I think so……ahh!」

As I wipe her b.r.e.a.s.t.s slowly, I brush past her nipples lightly .

It wasn’t strong stimulation by any means, but just having the cloth rub against it causes cute little buds to poke out .

「Hahaha, it’s gotten big just from a little touch . 」

「Uu-! Aegir-sama’s all hard too! 」

「Naturally . I’m feeling up your naked body after all . 」

Celia can freely use the lower half of her body and rubs it against me while blus.h.i.+ng .

「I might not be able to use my hands, but I can still accept you . I can suck on it if you bring it to my mouth too……」

I lightly flick Celia’s nipples with my finger .

「Hyaawah! At least let me use my nose! I’ll relieve you!」

「You’re tired, aren’t you? Don’t think of anything unnecessary and sleep . 」

I lay Celia down to sleep and gently pat her head .

Her stomach is full and the medicine is starting to work as Celia’s eyelids start feeling heavy .

Yesterday, she was crying in pain during the whole time when the misaligned bone was getting fixed .

The doctor said if the bone wasn’t aligned properly, it wouldn’t heal correctly and was adjusting her broken arm while Celia was experiencing the intense pain, but it made her wet herself and she was screaming like she was on fire .

If it continued for a few minutes more, I might have not been able to hold it in and just cut down the doctor .

She should be more exhausted than her expression shows .

「Aegir-sama…… I love you . Be with you forever……」

Her voice gets softer and she eventually starts snoring away .

After watching her drift into sleep, I kiss her on the forehead and get on another bed .

「I’ll be right here . Feel free to call on me whenever you want . 」

There is another bed in my room which I usually let other girls who have fainted from having s.e.x rest themselves .

I roll onto that bed and put out the light .

The sun is still high up in the sky so the room isn’t pitch black even with the window fully closed and I can still faintly see Celia .

「I’ll …… protect you…… Aegir-sama……guh . 」

Don’t break your bones in your dream too .

「Ufu…… how’s that…… I beat…… that insolent big-b.o.o.bed lady……」

What is she fighting?

While listening to Celia’s sleep talk, I slowly close my eyes as well .

I was so worried about her I couldn’t sleep yesterday .

「Uuun, eeh! Uuuu……」

I wake up from my not-so-deep slumber to Celia’s voice .

She apparently tried to get up .

「Hey now, don’t struggle . You just need to wake me up . 」

「Aau, I didn’t want you to see……」

「What were you trying to do?」

「Um…… erm……」

Judging from her weakly drooping eyes, Celia just woke up too .

Piecing together the fact she wanted to do it right when she woke and the fact she didn’t want me to see, I came to a conclusion .


「Haau . 」

She couldn’t even lift herself up so how does she expect to go by herself .

When I get a tub ready for her, Celia turns red and hides her face . 2

It doesn’t stop me from moving my hands as I flip up her ankle-long one-piece dress and lower her underwear .


「Is it embarra.s.sing to do it in a tub?」

「……It’s embarra.s.sing to do it in front of Aegir-sama! I wanted a servant to, no that would be humiliating, rather I wanted someone to take me to the toilet so I could do it myself . 」

She can’t use either hand so what would she do if she fell down .

If she really feels embarra.s.sed from someone watching her pee, then I’ll just look away .

「Alright, this shouldn’t be embarra.s.sing . 」

I spread Celia’s legs apart and put my mouth on her v.a.g.i.n.a .

「Fuwaah! W-what are you doing!?」

I grab Celia’s hips as she tries to wriggle around and she eventually calms down .

「I’m fine…… I can’t use my arms but my hole works fine…… but I have to go to the toilet now . 」

「What are you saying? There’s no way I’ll let you put any kind of burden on your body . 」

「Eh? Then…… why are you using your mouth to pleasure me……?」

「Now, don’t hold back . I’ll drink it all . 」

「Drink? What are-…… don’t tell me…… eeeeeeeeeeh!!?」

What is she getting all shy about?

She squirts plenty of liquid whenever I use my mouth, so it doesn’t make much difference if that liquid is urine .

「Nooo, nooo! The tub, I’m fine with the tub! I can’t let Aegir-sama drink something like pee!」

I slip my tongue into the hole of the wailing Celia and continuously stimulate her urethra .

「You can’t! It’s really going to…… leak out……aaaah…… aaaaaaaaaah! Noooo–!!」

Celia suddenly stops moving and a liquid rushes into my mouth .

I gulp down the liquid which is larger in volume than what she usually squirts and much stronger in smell .

It’ll get the bed dirty if I spill any after all .

「I-I’m letting him drinking it! I’m letting Aegir-sama drink my pee! I’m such an idioooot……」

Celia throws her head back and shouts while urinating .

She tried to close off her v.a.g.i.n.a but there’s nothing she could do once she started to let it out .

Eventually, the liquid’s momentum was reduced to a small trickle and the exhausted Celia emptily stares at the ceiling . Right when I was about to lift her legs up and suck out whatever is remaining in her urethra-

「Celia-sama~, if you are awake then please have your meal-……」

The one who entered the room was a maid, a cheerful yet unrefined woman if I remember correctly . The girl who came in as she knocked saw Celia in an absent-minded state who was staring up at the ceiling while I was sucking loudly on her crotch .

「W-what do you think you’re doing to an injured person?」

「Don’t misunderstand, I’m just drinking Celia’s urine . 」

「Uwaah~! Don’t say it!!」

「Noo–, you pervert!」

It caused a little bit of a fuss .

「…… I’d like some soup please . 」

I feed Celia the meal the maid barely managed not to spill .

Celia seems to have stopped being concerned about various things . Maybe she gave up because she thought it was too late when the infamous loud-mouth of a maid found out .

「Hmm, a spoon scoops too little at a time, it’ll get cold . 」

「You want to pour the entire bowl of liquid? Well, that’s……」

I’m not fiendish enough to tip a container of hot soup down the throat of an injured person .

「I’ll do this . 」

I hold some of the soup in my mouth and put my lips on Celia’s .


The girl was surprised for a brief second but it didn’t look like she hated it, swallowing the fluid transferred to her from my mouth .

「Puha, now you can drink it while it’s hot, right?」


「Or do you dislike this? If you’d rather the spoon-」 「No! Please transfer it with your mouth!」

Celia desperately tries to lift her body up – alright, I get it . What a cutie .

Not only the soup, but her salad and meat were also chewed and transferred using mouth-to-mouth . I did ask her whether it was disgusting, but Celia told me not to stop with a blush .

At first it was really just transferring food, but each bite gradually dragged on longer by ten seconds and then twenty seconds and then finally each bite involved several minutes of tongue-tangling where mealtime could no longer be distinguished from foreplay . Somehow all the food manages to be finished and Celia spreads open her legs .

「Aegir-sama…… put it inside me . I can’t wait anymore!」

I’ve also been hard for a while now and it’s starting to hurt .

But I can’t .

「I can’t, it wouldn’t be good if I rocked your body while your arms are broken, right?」

「No way . 」

「I held back during the times I was injured too . Just forget about it and let your body heal up . 」


Celia felt dejected after she hid her embarra.s.sment and expressed her desires, yet got declined .

Now I feel sorry for her .

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「Alright, fine . Just relax the upper half of your body . 」

Myla wanted to find out what happened to the slave trader so I brought her along with me . She seemed to have been angry about that guy being the only person who escaped a death sentence .

「That voice just now! Don’t tell me!」

The receptionist man finally realized Myla’s presence and shouts in shock .

Myla is well-known as a security officer and is the natural enemy of brothels and street prost.i.tutes, so I can’t blame him for acting this way .

……that’s what I thought, but it looks like there’s a different reason for his reaction .

「Noooooooooo, it’s a woman~! Help mee~~!」

The man tries to escape but his legs give out on him and he collapses to the floor, trying to retreat all the while .

I could catch glimpses of something unpleasant behind that short skirt, so I look away .

「What is this, being so rude all of a sudden!」

「Don’t come near me, you monster! Women are all monstersss~~!」

「I don’t want to be called a monster by people like you!」

The man tries to cover his face with both hands to pretend not to see Myla, but he seems to have reached his limit when Myla approaches him while scolding .

「Not good……the smell of a woman…… oboh…… obhobo…… bohobhobohb!!」

The man vomits plenty of indescribable things and writhes about the floor .

「Madam~~…… save meee— I’m going to get violated…… madammmm~~!!」

「Who’s going to violate someone like you, piece of filth!」

Myla shouts in rage while drawing her sword while the filthy man cries and screams .

Hearing the commotion, several cross-dressing men appear .

「Hainesburn-chan3, what’s wrong? HIiih!」

「The smell! The smell of vomit…… that’s not it! It’s the stench of a woman!」

「Open the window! We’ll die from suffocation!」

The stomping of footsteps can be heard from the other end of the hallway too .

「Onnndoooryyaa, what are you trying to pull by trying to violate my cute employees!」

The one who came running in was Madam Gonzales, who came out with only a sheet wrapped around his waist to cover his naked body probably from being with a customer not too long ago . He is holding a thick rod with a chain attached and a spiked ball at the end ……swinging the weapon called a morning star while running over .

He looks like a demon with his face twisted in anger while saliva sprays everywhere as he shouts . The iron ball he’s swinging is so fast that I even I won’t see it coming if I’m not careful . I instinctively place my hand on my Dual Crater .

「There’s gonna be blood everywhere!! I’ll tear you limb from limb!! Oh, it’s just the feudal lord-sama . The one next to him is…… a woman!」

Madam maintains the battle stance which was undone . At that moment, the sheet around his waist comes loose and he becomes completely naked .

The swinging iron ball and his swinging b.a.l.l.s of flesh is probably one of the ugliest sights I have ever seen .

「Dowaaaah! Please cover yourself up!」

Myla is pretty disturbed too .

But he’s pretty big, I don’t know if mine or his is bigger .

「Ara…… about that man? How boring~」

Because the conversation wouldn’t progress with her around, Myla decided to wait outside .

「I don’t want to stay in such a place any longer either!」

「Aahn, I don’t like violence~」

Myla kicks away the cross-dressing man near the entrance and squares her shoulders before exiting . You would never think she would kick a citizen up until this point . I guess her pride as a woman was hurt a fair bit and it seethed her down to her guts .

「Yeah, I couldn’t just kill him and it would be troubled if I let him off easy . 」

「Hmm, well I might have shown him a good time though . Call him here . 」

The aforementioned slave trader appears .

But I couldn’t recognize him right away . It happened just three days ago, although his face remains the same after careful confirmation . Yet I still could not picture the corrupt merchant as this plump, smiling middle-aged man wearing a red miniskirt which only reaches up to his thighs and a similarly red ribbon on his head .

「Cute, don’t you think? He told me he wanted to work with us, did I do something bad?」

「 ……no, it’s not a problem . Treat him well from now on……」

I absolutely could not see how his current appearance was indicative of favorable treatment .

Before I knew it, the naked Madam comes right next to me .

There’s a heavy smell of sweat and an intense heat just from being beside him .

I want to knock him back and walk away but I still have business I need to address .

「I have another favor to ask……」

「……oh something like that…… incredible…… fumu fumu……」

There were several things I wanted to say but it went well for the most part .

With that, things should be fine even in a state of emergency .

「So…… would the feudal lord-sama also like this play with this little one ? It was only three days, but everyone helped train his a.s.s to create the best and stickiest a.s.s . 」

「Ufuun, look here~~」

The former slave trader leaks out a creepy falsetto voice and lifts his dress up slightly, but I avert my eyes .

「He was a little too c.o.c.ky and ended up really gaping wide from having four at a time though…… the hole’s practically as big as his a.s.s . 」

I don’t want to hear anymore . I’m going back home .

The unjust, corrupt merchant is dead .

The person here is an okama in the outskirts with a broken-in a.s.shole .

I need to get back to the mansion and take a bath .

And then I need to heal myself by taking care of Celia .

I half-heartedly give them my regards and then leave the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden .

The voices can still be heard from the other side of the closed door .

「Madaammm~~~!! It’s impossible to fit the morning star! Won’t it break……oghheeeeehh~~!」

「Quit your whining! We’ve all been down the same path before . It’ll be fine so just leave it to me . 」

「No waaay–! It’s insideee—!!」

I can’t hear anything .

I take Myla who’s waiting for me by the entrance and walk back home while muttering complaints along the way .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 23 years old . Winter . New Year

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . King of the Mountains . Friend of the Dwarves .

Citizens: 152,000 . Major Cities – Rafen: 21,000 . Lintbloom: 3300 .

Troops Commanded:

Private Army: 5000

Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 1000, Cannons: 8

a.s.sets: 41,700 gold (Nonna’s Exclusive Bath -50) (Absolutely Secret Special Expense -200)

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword

Family: Nonna (pregnant wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (nursing), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Alma (♀), Kroll (♂), Melissa (lover), Maria (betrothed), Rita (pregnant head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (pregnant playwright), Pipi (lover), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughters), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (sons), Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (suffered a fracture), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (lover/Luna’s follower), Myla (security officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (happy), Tristan (re-charging), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)

Mother: Marceline, Daughters: Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie (Taken into custody)

Other Country:

Celestina (Queen of Malt), Monica (lady-in-waiting), Claudia (pregnant/in conflict), Clara

s.e.xual Partners: 144, children who have been born: 32

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