Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 164

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Chapter 164

「Put your hands over there and turn your a.s.s towards me……」

「Geez, if you move too much, your wound will open up again . 」

「It’s already healed . We did it the whole night yesterday after all . 」

「Geez, you pervert~」

「Ahem, you guys seem busy . 」


When I went to pay Gido a visit at his house, I can hear sounds of a couple who were just about to get it on . Not to mention the window is wide open so everything is exposed .


Gido rushes out in a hurry .

「If you want to do it, I can go kill some time and come back later . 」

「Also put that thing away . 1」

He was literally just about to put it in as Gido came out to the entrance with his d.i.c.k out in the open . Some pa.s.sing girls shrieked lightly .

「Kyaa! He’s exposing himself . 」

「But he has a pretty big thing despite his cute face, don’t you think? I wanna give it a little taste~」

「U…… please come in . 」

「I’ll be intruding . 」

The married Gido was given a house in Rafen for free . It’s a rather small place with just three rooms, but it should be enough for him and his wife .

As I enter the house, I can see his wife restlessly fixing her underwear . Just like I thought, I came at the wrong time .

「So…… what brings you here today?」

「First, you did well protecting Celia . 」

To show him thanks, I urge Celia to bow deeply to him .

「I just did what was natural! It’s obvious that protecting the chief and his women falls under my list of duties . 」

「Aegir-sama’s woman……fufu」

It looks like Celia’s in a good mood .

「And I did tell you that if you survived, I would give you something good, right?」

「I already received my reward though . 」

Of course I gave him a special reward in the form of gold . However, he protected my precious Celia and escaped death, so I feel he should be rewarded more than that .

「You can get something else too . Anything you want, let me know . 」

「……then could I have two horses? I don’t have any horses for my personal use, and my wife told me she wants to travel far away every so often too . 」

I see, the mountain nation treats horses like a person treats their legs .

The girls should all like to ride too so they’d naturally feel a little unsatisfied if they don’t get to take a long trip once in a while . Rafen is quite populated now so they’d have a little trouble with a horse-drawn carriage .

「Alright . I’ll give you two horses…… and tell someone to leave them in a nearby stable . Will that be fine?」

「Yes! That’s sufficient!」

Alright, now to give Gido an extra prize .

「Can you come out for a little right now? You’ll be back home before the evening . 」

「Yes, it’s fine . 」

Next, I direct a smile at Gido’s wife .

「Sorry for disturbing you like this . Tonight, you two can make babies as much as you want . 」

「Geez…… chief~」

I take Gido along with me to one of Rafen’s best inns smiling all the way .

On the way, Celia pouts and tells me to try not to go overboard before leaving for a sweets shop .

「An inn ……?」

「You’ll understand when we get there . 」

「Feudal lord-sama, the preparations are complete . Please, follow me this way ……」

The shopkeeper came out to guide us and led us to the inn’s best room .

And then I opened the door .

「「「Welcome, feudal lord-sama . 」」」

「Hey . 」

「T-this is-!?」

Alcohol and a huge feast was prepared on the table in the large room, while six women wearing thin silk clothes come greet us .

The women’s clothing are so thin that their underwear can be seen through them . Looking closer, there is a single hole in their underwear which allows us to have s.e.x with them while they remain clothed if we so desired . I had a bunch of the highest cla.s.s girls from the city’s brothel come over .

「But I already have a wife……」

「You dislike things like this? If you think you’ll upset your wife, then I could have the women go back, but you could at least enjoy the feast?」


Gido takes a glance at all the girls . A grinning woman drew her hands close to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to emphasize their shape . Another woman slowly rolled up her thin clothing and revealed her white thighs .

「You like girls, don’t you?」

「I-I love them!!」

The girls respond to Gido’s shout with high-pitched squeals .

Well, let the party begin .

「This kind of thing isn’t bad, is it?」

「No, it’s almost like a dream come true……uu……」

The two of us sit side-by-side on the sofa as we each have one girl sitting next to us, bringing meat, fruit, and alcohol to our mouths one after the other .

Gido is enjoying alcohol from the girl’s mouth right now .

In addition, we have two girls each who sit on the floor with their hands on our thighs, licking our exposed d.i.c.ks and gently caressing our b.a.l.l.s .

「Gido-san? Gido-kun? I personally want to call you Gido-chan . 」

「Are you okay with that? 」

「You can call me whatever you want…… just take it in deeper . 」

「Like this? Gido-chan? 」「I’ll give Gido-kun a kiss here too . 」

Gido enjoys the slurping sounds the women make while sucking on his c.o.c.k and groans, throwing his head back in pleasure .

「Hahaha, the women are wonderful and the food is delicious . 」

I bite down on the drumstick held out for me by one of the women and thoroughly rub her b.r.e.a.s.t.s while I’m at it .

「Aahn, what incredible muscles . I’ll be taking your s.h.i.+rt off, ‘kay?」

It wasn’t just me, Gido’s upper body is also being stripped .

Then, the two girls at my crotch exclaimed .

「This ……are you kidding me? 」「Hieeeh~」

I wanted to get sucked like Gido, but they prodded at me with their fingers .

「It’s not like anything strange is attached or anything . 」

「This is more than enough……uhyaa~ there are actually people out there with something like this . 」

「I heard from my senpai that the feudal lord was incredible but I never would have thought it’s something like this . 」

「Don’t tease me, I’ll turn into a beast, you know?」

I put a hand on each of their heads and the two girls take their place on either side of my d.i.c.k, then slide their lips along my length .

「As usual, the chief’s d.i.c.k is so huge . 」

「You think so? Yours doesn’t look too shabby either . 」

Gido’s d.i.c.k is much smaller than mine, but fairly large compared to Kroll’s from what I remember during the time we played in the water a while ago . The tip’s also quite thick so I’m sure women consider it a fine piece of equipment .

「That’s right, Gido-kun is pretty big . 」

「You’re what, 16? At this size, it’s enough to be considered a big c.o.c.k . 」

「d.i.c.ks this size are my favorite~」

The girls praise Gido’s d.i.c.k while continuing to lick him .

「However, as a man, I admire the chief and his large d.i.c.k . Compared to that, I’m nothing . 」

「Fufu, this thing’s amazing~」

「It’s like licking an iron rod . 」

「It feels like it could lift up an entire woman . 」

The girls over on my side stir up the girls on Gido’s side in a provoking manner .

「You shouldn’t compare yourself to that . I’ve been working as a prost.i.tute for 10 years since I was 13 and I’ve never seen anything like that . 」

「Right, right, that thing’s just a special case . 」

「There are plenty of guys who are half as big and boast how big their d.i.c.ks are . 」

It seems each group of three girls have seen their share of guys . The girls chat amongst themselves while the two of us remain silent .

「You wouldn’t be able to do this if it’s that big though . 」

One of the girls takes Gido’s entire d.i.c.k and even his b.a.l.l.s into her mouth .

It’s true that because I’m big, she won’t be able to do that with mine .

「Well hmph . All three of us will be licking and stroking this one together then . 」

Six hands and three tongues simultaneously stimulate my shaft, as I unconsciously let out a groan .

「I-it’s true you can’t do that unless you have a super big d.i.c.k……」

「But that’s finnee~, we’ll be eating this cute Gido-kun . 」

Gido was pushed down onto the sofa as the girls suck on his lips and nipples . The woman latching onto his crotch makes loud slurping noises while she continues her f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o . Even with a wife, there’s no way a 16-year old boy could endure this attack .


The young man holds down the woman’s head and desperately swings his hips .

「Geboh! Nnggh! Nn……nn……」

The violent e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n deep into the woman’s throat made her furrow her eyebrows briefly, but she quickly gulped the liquid down . As expected of a veteran prost.i.tute .

「The face you make when you c.u.m is so cute . 」

「Yaahn, my heart is feeling all tight~」

The women aside from the one sucking on Gido’s d.i.c.k is taking a peek at his face as he o.r.g.a.s.ms desperately and getting all happy .

「We’re just playing around, you know?」

「I’m so……sorry……aah……」

Gido becomes powerless as I think about c.u.mming soon too .

「Um…… do you want me to take it in my throat too?」

「Would you like to try?」

「Ahaha, I’d rather not . I’ll probably die . 」

「Then I’ll count on you to take care of both sides and my b.a.l.l.s too . 」

「「「‘Kaayy . 」」」

One tongue from each girl crawls on my member from the left and right while the other one positions herself under me and sucks on my b.a.l.l.s . Eventually my meat rod starts twitching, signaling it’s about ready to release its load .


My vertically erect meat rod sprays out its stored s.e.m.e.n and after it splashes the ceiling, I direct my d.i.c.k at each of the girls to plaster their faces with my juices too .

「Wabbh! Kyaa!」

「Uwah! So hot~」

「Myaah! It’s so sticky~」

As if the force and volume of my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n was something unusual, the three girls on Gido’s side stare blankly in surprise too .

「It reached all the way to the ceiling……」

「More importantly, look how much there is, it just gushed out like a fountain . 」


I look at Gido and grin .

It was like I was saying “How’s that? I’m taking the girls on your side too . ”

「Kuh……I’ll try my best so that it doesn’t happen so easily!」

Gido pushes down the women around him .

「Kyaah, noo~ I’m being raped~♪」

「Waahn, save me~♪」

「Noo, forgive mee~」

Their screams don’t sound like they dislike what’s happening at all .

It looks like they’re getting serious over there now .

「Shall we go too?」

I move to the bed and lie down . My c.o.c.k hasn’t lost any energy at all and is standing tall like a tower .

「It’s about time . 」

「This thing will go inside……」

「I’ll go first . If I get skewered and die, please send my money to my family . 」

There’s no way you’ll die .

「Here I go……uu……ah……guu……uuugghuu–!!」

The woman spread her legs as far as she could and climbed on top .

Let the fun times begin .

Several Hours Later

「How was it, Gido? Did you enjoy that?」

I lay the three unconscious women on the bed and call out to Gido, who is having an orgy on the sofa .

「Gido-kun’s all worn out . 」

「But he did c.u.m once each with everyone . 」

「Yeah, he did his best! It was an admirable effort . 」

He’s still wet behind the ears if he gets worn out after just four shots .

「What happened over there was incredible though . 」

「I was worried with all that intense screaming . 」

「All of them pa.s.sed out too, uwaah that place is all stretched out . 」

「I can……still……go on . 」

Gido stretched his hand up in the air as if trying to grab the ceiling .

「Well, then this will be the end as promised . 」


The three other girls helped the fainted ones onto their shoulders and left the room .

「Ah……it’s all over…… ?」

Gido sounds a bit sad .

His d.i.c.k looks completely wrung dry and has shrunk to the size of a kid’s thing .

「No, we’re just getting to the good part . 」

I go to the room next door and bring a girl with me .

As soon as Gido saw that girl, he jumps back and tries to hide his crotch .

「Luna-sama! Why!?」

「It’s so she can give you your well-deserved praise . 」

Luna removes her clothes and sits down naked beside me .

「Just to confirm for the last time, you’re okay with this?」

「Yes, it fills me with great joy to know Gido has proven himself useful to the chief, and I have no objections to offering a reward as long as the chief allows for it . 」

「I-is it by any chance-!?」

Judging by where this conversation is going, he probably knew what kind of reward he was going to receive .

Gido’s soft d.i.c.k once again starts to swell .

「Do you want to embrace Luna?」

「Of course!! Are you going to let me do it!?」

He’s so loud .

「You’ll have to ask her yourself . 」

「Luna-sama, will you let me!?」

「Fufu, I’m ultimately the chief’s woman so I can’t let you use my baby-making hole, but if it’s the back one……this is just a one time thing, a once-in-a-lifetime reward . 」

Luna gets on all fours and turns her a.s.s towards Gido, then spreads her a.s.s apart with her hands .

「Luna-sama’s a.s.shole……haah, haah!」

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Gido starts losing his sense of reason and was about to pounce on Luna, but I hit him before that happens .

「When you return home today, make sure you show your wife some love too, okay?」

「Eh? You can’t expect me to get it hard after all that . 」

「Your wife was left hanging right when she was about to have s.e.x and she’s waiting for you still feeling aroused . No man would dare to leave his woman alone while they’re not satisfied . Get it up no matter what and give her at least two shots . 」

「If it’s an order from the chief, then I will!3」

Luna came back later with a smile on her face, telling Gido how he was quite the impressive man, instantly getting him hard again as he returned home .

He should be just fine with that .

「Are you really fine with this?」

When it became just the two of us left in the room, Luna snuggles into me .

「Hm? With what?」

「Another man entered my a.s.s . This kind of thing is unfaithful in my opinion ……」

「You didn’t hate it, right?」

「I’m not hateful towards Gido but I’m concerned about the chief’s feelings . 」

「It’s something I suggested . I don’t mind as long as you’re not against it . 」

It would become another troublesome problem if Nonna and the others found out about it so I secretly rented out this inn .

「……What luxurious and unbearable s.e.x it was with the burly chief and the young Gido . 」

「You’re over-exaggerating, allowing him to use the a.s.s is nothing serious . If you’re so worried, I could dig out your a.s.s right here and now . I’ll overwrite it for you . 」

I rest my half-erect d.i.c.k on Luna’s face .

「If that is what you wish, I will answer accordingly……I’m sure it’ll cause hemorrhoids . But it might still be fun . 」

Luna uses her tongue to lick me clean and inserts a finger in her a.s.s to start preparing herself .

–Third Person POV–

Goldonia Royal Palace: The King’s Bedroom

「Enough, stand down . 」

「Y-yes, Your Majesty! I humbly thank you for allowing me to offer you my body!4」

This is the bedroom of the King of Goldonia, Alexandro I . Just now, the maid who was by the King’s arm jumped up while still naked and exited the room with her clothes in her arms . She rushed out in a hurry in spite of being naked with s.e.m.e.n dripping from her crotch .

If the maid were to displease, even just slightly, Alexandro I, who was in another war and is now the ruler of the largest nation in the Central Plains, she knew that her own life and her family’s lives could be blown away like a single leaf . If she was told to stand down, hesitation would not be tolerated – an act like exposing her own naked body to others is an insignificant problem .


The King felt nothing after making love and slamming his l.u.s.t into the girl not too long ago . It was night already and he needed to sleep soon .

No matter how much the palace guards were searched and had the inside of their bodies examined, it would be utterly ridiculous for him to have anyone beside him while he slept .

「The number of people after my life is the same as the number of stars in the sky after all . 」

The King mutters to no one in particular .

At this point, he could only stop talking like a King when he was talking to himself .

a.s.sa.s.sination by a woman while the target is sleeping has been a common plan since the dawn of time . It might be unthinkable to be killed bare-handed by a delicate woman, but that isn’t impossible once asleep .

「There’s no way I can trust a woman . 」

The war with Magrado is over and the countries opposing him have disappeared for now . A portion of the influential individuals in Stura have shown their desire to be annexed peacefully so they are not a threat . The southern nations are currently under investigation by the information officers but there is a low chance for them to oppose Goldonia and go to war anytime soon .

In that case, the biggest problem which has come to the surface is the successor problem . The King is 32 and doesn’t have a wife let alone a child, while the minister is suggesting he should prepare an heir . Of course, it still doesn’t seem like something he can solve yet .

It’s not like he doesn’t have any options . If the King so desired, any n.o.ble would ecstatically offer their daughters to him . Even if the King designated one of their wives, there wouldn’t be a small number of n.o.bles who would accept without hesitation and send them to him .

That’s why the problem lies with the King .

「A woman with few maternal relatives, healthy and obedient, not an absolute idiot…… yet not too intelligent either . 」

Those are the conditions for the Queen Consort as recommended by the minister .

「I don’t want some spineless woman though . 5」

Besides, no matter how much he tries to choose, he probably would never place his trust in anyone . He advanced to the throne with the use of betrayal and scheming . It wouldn’t be a mystery to anyone if someone took his spot using the same means .

「It should be the same for that woman too . 」

He thought about the maid he slept with just for fun, who told him with a smile how she loved him and how it was such an honor . He’s brought her to bed many times already and developed quite a friendly relations.h.i.+p with her . It might not be possible to make her the Queen, but he could make her his concubine and have her bear his child . However, a thought suddenly came to his mind .

[If I was this girl, how would I try to kill me without being detected?]

Being a proficient schemer, the King immediately thought of several methods .

The King’s mind continues to turn .

“If this woman was sent to me, who would it come from?” “If a child is born and status is taken by them, what would they do?”

He could not stop thinking about these various situations .

In the end, that maid was banished from the palace and she gave the King one final look before leaving, saddened by the sudden order . 6

「I have no proof and no feeling of certainty . But the fact that it’s a possibility is enough . 」

The King mutters, almost trying to persuade himself .

Since then, the King treated all women only as an object to deal with his s.e.xual desires .

Once he relieved himself, he would immediately order them to leave .

Men were treated without exception either and while he would speak to the ministers, he definitely did not trust them .

The guards would all monitor one another and those who reported suspicious behavior were rewarded .

「Someone who I can trust from the bottom of my heart…… does not exist . 」

For that reason, he also induced his two great meritorious retainers, Kenneth and Erich, to turn on each other . At the very least, the two of them won’t conspire together and aim for his own life . Both of them are prevented from acting since if either of them has any thoughts to do him harm, it would give reason for the other to act in response .

「But to doubt him too…… this is laughable if I do say so myself . 」

Count Hardlett, the man who was just promoted to Margrave .

A wild and s.e.x-driven man, who is understood to be the furthest from scheming and conspiring, but the King’s suspicious heart could not stop and information officers were sent to investigate him .

It goes without saying that he turned out to be clean, and it made the King want to curse himself for being an idiot .

「His actions are ridiculous but simply for his own pleasure . If I lived in that way, I wouldn’t have any worries either . 」

He openly declared his desire to make the beautiful mother and daughters his own at the trial . That was a vulgar act unrelated to haggling or calculating profit-and-loss . But taken another way, the man could not be someone who could deceive another person to betray them .

「So he likes women, alcohol and delicious food . 」

What a joy it would be to live while only thinking about those things .

「But I can’t . I am the King of the powerful nation of Goldonia . 」

At that moment, a woman’s voice could be heard from the other side of the door .

「May I come in, Your Majesty?」

It was the voice of the information officer, who he told to report directly to him even if it was in the middle of the night .

「Enter, what do you have for me?」

「Marquess Hoover is hatching a plan to harm His Majesty . 」

「Is that so……?」

The King was not surprised .

He knew that if someone would rebel next, it would be this guy . He was also aware of how coldly he treated that person .

「Tell me the details . 」

People are creatures who betray others – the King is always exposed to the danger of being a.s.sa.s.sinated and having people rebel against him . The throne is situated at the top of a steep cliff . If he isn’t careful, even the slightest misstep could cause him to fall flat on his face and kill himself .

「I will not trust a single soul ……I will not let anyone, my wife nor my child into my heart . 」

The King tells himself while listening to the information officer .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 23 years old . Winter . New Year

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . King of the Mountains . Friend of the Dwarves .

Citizens: 152,000 . Major Cities – Rafen: 21,000 . Lintbloom: 3200 .

Troops Commanded


a.s.sets: 41,950 gold (Gido’s Reward/Wild Merrymaking -50)

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword

Family: Nonna (pregnant wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared s.e.x Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Alma (s.e.x beast), Kroll (s.e.x beast), Melissa (lover), Maria (betrothed), Rita (pregnant head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (pregnant playwright), Pipi (lover), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughters), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (sons), Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant/lover), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander/ hemorrhoids), Ruby (lover/Luna’s follower), Myla (security officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (happy), Tristan (shut-in), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)

Mother: Marceline, Daughters: Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie (Taken into custody)

Other Country:

Celestina (Queen of Malt), Monica (lady-in-waiting), Claudia (Pregnant/In conflict), Clara

s.e.xual Partners: 143, children who have been born: 32

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