Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 148

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Chapter 148

–Aegir POV–

Capital: Goldonia

「You used quite a bit, didn’t you . 」

「It’s fine, this is the portion I’m offering . It would be annoying if anything out of the ordinary were to happen . 」

This army of mine which arrived in the capital consists of a fighting force with 4000 from the regular army, 4000 bow cavalry and about 600 from the reserve troops who are accompanying the transport unit . All members of the army, over 8000 in strength, will be heading straight to the capital, but a large amount of horse-pulled wagons are sticking closely behind them, following the soldiers after they depart from Rafen .

The caravan of over 100 wagons are all carrying wheat flour, transporting my portion of tax which was harvested from my territory as an offering to the capital .

I also had to prepare for the war and was told to hurry, plus I had a colossal amount of wheat to transport and didn’t want to use the wagons, so I entrusted the transportation to Claire’s Flitch Company . Of course, I had to pay the transportation fee, but if some of the goods were lost for any reason on the way, there was a condition in the contract stating they would compensate for it, however…… .

「We stuck close to you from the beginning to end . 」

「She’s saving money on escort fees . I’ve completely lost in this regard . 」

They followed behind us without separating too far and didn’t even bring along the minimum amount of escorts to protect them . My territory, especially the road leading north towards the capital, has no problems in terms of safety for the most part . However, the area in Erich’s territory which continues to the capital, isn’t one where you could camp outside at night without stationing guards to keep watch, although it isn’t experiencing any political strife either . Of course, it is safe to a.s.sume a group of peerless bandits who would try to steal from an entire army does not exist . There was a small incident before though .

「Then it would have been cheaper just to borrow the wagons . 」

「Easier said than done . There’s no way to win against Claire when it comes to business and money talks . 」

I only have the advantage when battling her in bed .

「Hardlett-dono! The va.s.sal lords’ armies seem to be running late . 」

「Leave them, it’s nothing to fret about, they’ll come eventually . 」

「They’re really useless, aren’t they . 」

Myla sighs at Irijina’s loud remark .

This convening of troops includes all the territory n.o.bles, so naturally, me and the other neighboring territory n.o.bles are sending soldiers as well .

At first glance, 8000 total soldiers may seem like a decent amount, but a large majority of them are conscripted peasants, who were not given much training, meaning the difference in skill between my soldiers is clear as day . There was also the time we conducted a training exercise, where a squad of 1000 was beaten black and blue by Myla and her 200 troops .

「More importantly, the problem is the mobility speed is too slow . 」

Leopolt doesn’t seem to have much expectations of them either . However because of their standing, they’ll probably be deployed close to me .

「They’re a wall . If they don’t arrange themselves well, they will become a hindrance to us . 」

「Don’t screw up that part . Don’t be so obvious when using them as sacrificial p.a.w.ns, you hear?」

「Yessir, I’ll be more discreet . 」

「It would be nice if Erich took command over them though . 」

That probably won’t happen, since even I’m not willing .

「That brigade……」

「Yeah, no doubt about it . It’s Lord Hardlett’s army . 」

「So that’s the black flag……」

As the merchants and travellers pa.s.s beside us, they whisper something to each other .

「They even know about the flag . 」

「It appears you’re quite famous in the capital . Aegir-sama’s feats make the best gossip material after all . 」

I guess the poets and storytellers are embellis.h.i.+ng my accomplishments .

「He cut away 10 people in one swing of his spear……」

It’s probably closer to 8 .

「He ma.s.sacred everyone even though it was 20 against 1……」

I could do that if it’s necessary, otherwise I’ll stay back .

Why would I do something so dangerous?

「He’s able to satisfy 30 women all at once……」

That is actually true .

Plus, 20 of them got pregnant .

As I respond to those unfounded rumors, the lords’ armies finally catches up from behind us . It wasn’t like we were marching in a hurry, so why did they get separated that far even while we’re walking at a normal pace .

「Leopolt, I’m heading to the palace so take the army to the garrison . Myla, you do the same too . 」

Leopolt has no rank, so it would be troublesome if it starts an argument with the other n.o.bles . Myla has a rank, but there is a silent understanding that she’s my woman too, so she’ll probably be able to push her way through .

「Yessir . 」


The Kingdom’s army, while hurriedly constructed, includes 8 divisions totalling 120,000, so there’s no way they could be left outside the gates of the capital . That’s why a garrison was constructed on the outskirts of the capital, ready with a large barracks and parade grounds for the troops to be stationed . The garrison grounds appears to have spare room so the army I brought with me is taken there as well .

「But 120,000? They did well to gather that many . 」

If I gathered even a tenth of that, it would ruin me financially .

「We won’t lose in terms of soldier quality though!」

Celia, who often watches over the training of the soldiers, puffs out her chest proudly .

She’s so cute, and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are getting bigger too .

「Waah! Why are you grabbing them!?」

If you’re going to stick out your chest in front of a guy, they’re obviously going to get fondled or sucked on .

「You haven’t changed at all . Count Hardlett . 」

I turn around at the sound of a voice to see the information officer, Rebecca .

So she returned to the capital .

「Did you put in a good word for me with the King?」

Maybe it was too early to say it, but Rebecca pounces towards me to cover my mouth, then looks at her surroundings . Then she complains, whispering in an angry tone .

「Are you trying to ruin me by saying that in the middle of the city?!」

「Sorry, that wasn’t my intention . 」

After confirming there isn’t anybody concerned with us nearby, Rebecca talks in a subdued voice .

「As your subordinate said, I made my report with the various manufactured information . Because of that, I am now the head of the information officers, the chief information officer . 」

Good for her .

「But that is for our mutual benefit, and that was since then . 」

「My subordinate told you that he could provide the funds or manpower as necessary, didn’t he?」

「Won’t that be bribery!? There’s no way I can accept that!」

That’s unfortunate, since Adolph said things would be easier if we could get an information officer on our side .

「Haha, I’m joking . Actually, do you have a little time to spare?」

「Yes? I can create some time if it’s something beneficial . 」

「It must be some sort of fate to be reunited here like this . How about coming back to my mansion for a quick round……」

「I have to complete my duties, so if you would excuse me . I pray for your good fortune . 」

Aah……there goes that tight, little a.s.s .

I want to fill that tiny a.s.shole of hers with my rod someday .

「You tried to hit on her again?」

「I got shrugged off though . 」

「If you get even more girls, even if it’s Aegir-sama, you won’t be able to hold out . Your thing will fall off . 」

「I’ll just have to train more so that doesn’t happen . 」

I reach for Celia’s a.s.s .

「Muu-, am I her subst.i.tute?」

「No, you’re my cute Celia . 」

「Geez, you’re all talk! Aah! Wait……」

My fingers slide into her short pants and find their way into her a.s.shole and v.a.g.i.n.a . Celia is at the mercy of my two fingers, skewering her from the front and back . We’re in the middle of the city, so there won’t be any pedestrians who would pay attention or be surprised at where my fingers are going – they’re all unrelated .

At the royal palace, the King gives out his usual speech and mentions things like fighting hard, devotion, feats of war and victory, but I don’t really remember much of it .

The important thing is that I am no longer part of the reserve army, but am now appointed as the commander of the Kingdom’s army . I will need to ask Erich about the details later .

Right now, I need to return to the mansion to do something more important .

「What a nice view . 」

「I’m prepared……」

「This looks fun!!」

「This kind of lewd thing!」

「This is a kind of amus.e.m.e.nt too . 」

「Onee-chan……this is embarra.s.sing . 」

「Pipi’s a.s.s has gotten bigger too!」

Celia, Irijina, Myla, Luna, Ruby and Pipi have lined up their a.s.ses .

There is one more a.s.s from the person I left in charge of the mansion, Dorothea .

「Doesn’t it turn you off if my old, dirty a.s.s is here with all the other young girls?」

「It’s certainly a little loose . 」


The a.s.s of the person who would be 43 this year doesn’t look fresh at all . But this worn out a.s.s is enough to arouse me . I spread open the a.s.s cheeks of the embarra.s.sed woman and roll my tongue across the mature lady’s genitals and a.s.shole .

「Look . 」

「Yes? Hiiiih!!」

I push my d.i.c.k in front of Dorothea as she turns around .

「How is it? It’s big, isn’t it . 」

「You’ll surprise me if you put something so big in front of me so suddenly! You have to let me prepare myself a little . 」

「Your a.s.s and your p.u.s.s.y made it like this . There’s no way I’m unhappy you’re here . 」

「It’s like this because of me……」

Dorothea unconsciously speaks of the condition of my d.i.c.k, grabbing it gently and crawling her tongue along the length . Feeling happy that she was the one who decided to service me, I smile softly and hold down her head lightly .

「How is my thing? Go ahead and say it . 」

「It’s so thick, like a tree trunk . 」

「Is that it?」

「No, it’s long and thick like a log, and it’s so hard like a rock……it’s so dark, like it’s lacquered with charcoal . The rugged muscles and bulging veins……it’s like a monster born to devour women greedily . 」

「How does it feel, knowing you will be eaten by that monster soon?」

「I’m sure it’ll hurt and be agonizing……yet enjoyable and unbearable . 」

「Well said!」

I can’t hold back any longer either . I slap Dorothea’s a.s.s before holding her down with both hands, pus.h.i.+ng my d.i.c.k against her as she gets on all fours .

「I’ll be eating Dorothea first, help out . 」

「「Okaaaay . 」」

In an instant, the other girls crowd around Dorothea’s body, sucking her t.i.ts, legs and neck, indulging in her flesh like a group of hungry zombies .

「This is-! Everyone, stop, this is embarra.s.sing!」

「My apologies . But these are Aegir-sama’s orders . 」

Celia playfully bites Dorothea’s c.l.i.toris as she explains herself .

「The Chief’s orders are absolute . 」

Pipi and Luna takes one breast each into their mouths and pulls on them .

「Stoooop it!」

「There is no time for ……that!」

I forcefully slam my hips into her, using enough momentum to make a thud sound . My meat rod ignores all resistance and instantly pushes its way to the deepest part of her body, creating an impact strong enough to shake Dorothea’s rather small body violently .

「Hahaha, your mature hole feels quite good . 」

「Please put it in slower~!」

I climb on top of her, licking her back and rocking my hips gently . I decide to attack while clinging to her, using more of a grinding, circular motion rather than a hard thrusting movement .

Her womb is getting penetrated by my d.i.c.k in the doggy style position, her c.l.i.toris is being bitten, her nipples are being teased, and her lips are being kissed in a slightly aggressive manner, causing the woman to tremble like a toy . This kind of scene absolutely can’t be shown to the orphans .

「It’s feeling better . Let’s release the first shot . 」

「Please wait! If you let it out inside, I’ll get pregnant . 」

Fumu, Dorothea treats the children in the orphanage like her own kids and has decided not to have any herself .

「Then, it can’t be helped . Face this way . 」

I pull my d.i.c.k out of her body and thrust it in front of her face . If I slather the contraceptive now, it wouldn’t be as effective and I want to get my s.e.m.e.n in Dorothea’s body once after such a long time .


I put my c.o.c.k slowly into Dorothea’s mouth as she takes deep breaths . As I pa.s.s through the inside of her mouth, I wait until it slides down her throat and almost approaches her stomach before holding her head down .

「I’m letting it out . Bite down lightly . 」


Dorothea’s teeth sinks into the root of my d.i.c.k . At the same time, my d.i.c.k squirms violently in her mouth .



「It’s making an incredible sound . 」

「It sounds like a thick vein exploded!!」

I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e in a way Dorothea doesn’t suffocate, finis.h.i.+ng up in a short period of time . With the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n done after a few seconds, I pull out my d.i.c.k after it has gotten partially soft . Dorothea immediately collapses on the bed exhaustedly .

「Geho! Gaho! ……what an amazing o.r.g.a.s.m, it feels like I drank an entire bottle of water . 」

「I just shot my love inside you . 」

「You’re good at sweet-talking, aren’t you . 」

Even so, Dorothea lies on my arm and smiles . I would give her a kiss, but she really stinks of s.e.m.e.n, though I guess it’s obvious she would .

「The kids might have heard that, you know?」

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「Stop with the jokes . Besides, the children have had their fill with the feast Hardlett-sama provided them and fell asleep . 」

「But our disadvantage on sea is obvious . 」

「Umu, we have rebuilt our forces to a certain extent, but……not enough to face the enemy head-on . That’s why we split our forces in three, to prevent the enemy from concentrating their forces . 」

「It’s going to get rough . 」

「But it’s the only realistic method . There’s no way they could have established a full-fledged navy force greatly surpa.s.sing the one from the autumn of last year . 」

It’s pointless to gather numbers for a navy using money alone, since a veteran fleet of 10 s.h.i.+ps can easily annihilate a fleet of 100 s.h.i.+ps filled with amateurs . This is fundamentally different from a land war, where even amateurs can fight to some degree just by swinging a stick or a sword .

「It’s not like I have any experience with naval warfare and the like after all . 」

「If the enemy’s navy shows up in full force, there won’t be any need for you to forcefully charge in on your own . It just means that other areas will not be as concentrated in terms of strength . 」

Well, if that’s the case, we should just take it easy .

I really just want to settle things quickly though .

「Then head over as soon as you have arranged your squad . There is only two weeks left before the ceasefire ends but we want to mount our attack as soon as the time ends if possible . 」

「I understand . Then, let’s go, Leopolt . 」

「Yessir . 」

「And also!」

Erich’s unusually raises his voice .

「That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Kenneth seems to have gotten His Majesty mixed up in some sort of scheme . I’ve let him do as he wishes for now, but let me know when he gets in your way and I’ll give him an earful . 」

There is bad blood between the two of them as usual .

Side Story: Kroll’s Nighttime Activities

–Third Person/Kroll POV–

「I can’t hold it anymore……I’m c.u.mming miss!! Uuuu!!」

「N……ahn . Nnn-, you came a lot, didn’t you . Nice work . 」

Kroll moans as he lays on top of the voluptuous woman for a while before separating from her body . s.e.m.e.n slowly leaks out of the crotch of the plump woman on the bottom . The woman uses a finger to scoop some of the fluid and smiles after licking it .

「Okaaay, then please move your hand . 」

The woman’s large b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggle as she uses a wet towel to gently wipe Kroll’s d.i.c.k clean before laying down beside him .

「Did it feel good today?」

「Yeah, it was the best . Unbelievably so . 」

Kroll buries his face into the b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the woman next to him, letting out a m.u.f.fled voice as he stuffs his mouth with her nipples .

「Ahaha, that tickles……but is this okay? It might just be me boasting, but this place isn’t one of those sketchy brothels, and I also take a relatively high amount of money . 」

The prost.i.tute being hugged by the male, who still has a childish air about him, is not one where any random drunkard can easily get their hands on .

「Yeah, it might be impossible everyday, but I can manage somehow by saving up some money . 」

「Oh yeah, you’re working at the feudal lord-sama’s place . Nevertheless, this is the fourth time you dropped by this month, are you really doing okay?」

This should be a good source of revenue for a prost.i.tute, but the girl was sold into the s.e.x trade because of a loan and eventually landed in Rafen . The memories of the smile of her younger brother in the past would overlap with Kroll, causing her to unconsciously feel concerned for the boy in front of her .

「I’m fine . I’ll get by somehow . 」

「Don’t go committing crimes, ‘kay? The feudal lord-sama seems to be scary, and if you so much as steal from him, you’ll be dismembered . 」

The woman wouldn’t want to see this young head of his hung in the plaza .

「I won’t do anything like that! It’s almost time……so I’ll be going . 」

The bell, which tolled when time was up, rings quietly .

「Oh I see, thanks for today as well . I want you to come again……but be careful not to overdo it . 」

「Yeah, I’ll come back soon . 」

The brothel district is still bustling as if it was daytime, but it’s bedtime for those unrelated to the red-light district . Naturally, there isn’t anyone awake in the mansion in which the boy lived . ……or that should have been the case .

When the boy quietly opens the door to the servant’s room and returns inside, the candle stand suddenly lights up and the shadow of a person towers over him .

「Kroll, come here for a second . 」

It was Melissa, standing imposingly in her sleepwear .

「Where did you go?」


「It was an adult shop, wasn’t it !?」


Kroll was dragged into Melissa’s room and made to sit on the floor, where Alma and Miti are gathered around looking worried .

「I heard about it from Sebastian-san . You’ve been asking for advance payment of your allowance and your salary recently!」

Compared with the other servants, Kroll has deep ties with the members of the household, so they were quite flexible when it came to things like advance payment . He’s already secured meals and a place to stay so even if the entire sum was paid in advance, he wouldn’t be struggling to survive .

「If you get caught in something like prost.i.tutes at your age, you won’t become a decent adult when you grow up!」

Melissa slams the table, making Kroll duck his head between his shoulders . It wasn’t the greatest impact, but it seems to have an effect on Kroll because the usually kind Melissa has gotten angry .

「You know about my past, don’t you? I’m speaking from experience here . I can tell you many stories of men who ruined themselves because they got addicted to prost.i.tutes!」

Melissa being a prost.i.tute herself as seen her fair share of men like that . She doesn’t want Kroll, who she considers as one of her own children, to become like that .

「……From now on, you are forbidden to get any advances on your salary . I’ve already told Sebastian-san, so it’s useless to ask secretly . 」

「No way, that person’s waiting for me……」

Kroll looks up towards Melissa as if pleading for mercy, but it didn’t seem to have any effect . Melissa knows best that the ‘I’m waiting for you’ line said by prost.i.tutes isn’t that believable .

「We’re done talking! I won’t tell you to stop going, but you’ll have to play around using the allowance you get every month!」

Despite him getting allowance, it isn’t the largest sum . It’s questionable whether he can go once a month with that amount .

「I-I’ll become a fine man like Hardlett-sama too……」

「Don’t be so impudent with such a small p.e.n.i.s! Say that after you start making a living!」


And thus, Kroll’s adventures to the brothel were stopped .

Aegir Hardlett . 22 years old . Autumn . Wartime .

Commander of Third Army Corps

Subordinate Squad: 46,000

Private Army: 8000 (Units brought to battle only)

Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 4000

Cannons: 10 (1 Genuine)

Kingdom Army – 2 divisions: 30,000

Neighboring Va.s.sal Lords’ Armies: 8000

Not strictly under the command of the protagonist .

Additional – Rafen Defense Squad: 1000

Military Subordinates: Leopolt (Deputy Commander), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi (mascot), Tristan (house-sitting)

Current Location: En route from Goldonia’s capital

Achievements: —

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