Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

–Aegir POV–

「How is she doing?」

「Same as usual, she’s crying endlessly . 」

Rita answers after she brought food and drinks to Celestina’s room . Her heart must also hurt from seeing the girl cry so much as she also has a pained expression on her face .

Inside the room, a court lady, who was brought along during the escape from Biado, is accompanying the girl . The reality where her father and Lavoy are gone and both brothers are trying to kill her may be too heavy for a 10 year old girl .

「If her heart is pained to this extent, it may affect her health . 」

「You’re right . But with that said, trying to get her to smile is impossible for me . 」

I only know one way to comfort a crying woman but it’s not like I could do that to Celestina . When I sigh at the thought of this predicament, the door of the room opens slowly .

「Her Majesty wants to see you, Lord Hardlett . 」

After being prompted by the court lady who appeared behind the door, I enter the room .

When I saw her previously, she was lying prostrate and crying on the bed, but today, Celestina is sitting at a table wearing her formal wear . As soon as she sees me, she pounces on me and hugs me .

「I am……I have become all alone . 」

「I’m here and that maid……Monica is also here . 」

「That’s right, Your Majesty, Monica will follow you no matter what!」

「……Keigo . 」


「I dislike keigo! It makes me feel like I am the only outsider!」

Fumu, I guess there isn’t anyone to reproach me anymore .

「Alright, Celestina . Is this okay?」

「Using such casual tone with Her Majesty! How rude of you!」

「It’s fine . I don’t mind if Monica does the same too . Besides, I’m no longer a Queen anymore……」

「That would be quite the honor . 」

I continue to pat Celestina as tears well up in her eyes . This is all I know how to do if I can’t use my tool .



「Father’s last words were to treat you as my brother . Aegir won’t treat me horribly like my real brothers?」

「Of course not, there’s no way I could do something horrible to someone as cute as you, Celestina . 」

Silence surrounds the room for a while and the only thing which can be heard is the soft sound of her hair being stroked .

「I’ll believe you! From now on, Aegir is my brother, so I’ll have you love me as your little sister . 」

A bright smile lights up her face again, though it feels like forever since I’ve seen it .

「Yes, you will eventually be brought back to the Malt Kingdom and once again be raised up as the Queen . 」


「Haha, my bad . 」

Celestina puffs her cheeks . But she’ll have to forgive me when we’re in a formal setting .

「I have no intention to return to being a Queen……surely they’ll think I’m a bad child from this incident and be upset, would they not?」

I couldn’t firmly disagree with that statement . If Diego didn’t do something so strange and ruled over the land himself, such a rebellion would not have happened . It doesn’t matter how much the citizens like him, since a child, who is unable to do anything, being King would cause dissatisfaction to build up amongst the n.o.bles .

「That isn’t the case at all! Those lawless fellows have all lost their minds……」

「That’s enough Monica, I already know . It’s because I’m a no-good child that father and grandpa died and my brothers tried to kill me . 」

Tears form in her eyes again .

「We don’t have to talk about that right now . 」

I hug the girl, who looks like she’s about to cry, close to me .

「Your father said so as well, didn’t he? You will experience hard times and fun times and plenty of other things and grow up into an adult . Whether you return to being a Queen may not be decided, but I will protect you no matter what you do . 」

「……yeah . I’m safe . I’ll be protected by my brother and grow bigger . 」

Umu, she’s stopped crying . Just when I thought everything was fine and was about to separate from her, Celestina hops up and presses her lips against mine .

「I gave my brother a kiss!」

「Hiiiee! Her Majesty has kissed the lips of a man-! ……nnm . 」

Monica was so shocked she collapsed .

But since her cheerfulness is back, let’s just take this as a good thing .

「It’s a tad small, but it’s quite the nice bath . 」

Awhile after that, I enter the bath together with Celestina for some reason . I guess getting in the bath was the correct choice since she hasn’t left the room at all and only had Monica wipe her body .

「For Her Majesty to enter the bath with a man……aaah, my goodness, if something happens by chance, how do you intend to take responsibility!?」

As if that would happen .

At first, I told Monica to go with Celestina and take a bath but Celestina insisted no matter what that I come in as well, so the three of us are here now .

I’m sure this is how Celestina usually acts, getting naked without hesitation and rus.h.i.+ng to the bath, while Monica hurriedly covers her body with a cloth to hide her from my eyes .

「I don’t really mind, I have pretty normal taste . 」

「That’s not the problem! If I may humbly say, Her Majesty’s naked body is not something to be shown to any man!」

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are completely flat, with nipples like small dots, the area from her shoulder to her a.s.s is straight, her childlike body has no volume and the clean slit that I caught a glimpse of when she raised her legs to get into the bath is hairless and not puffed out . There’s no way something like that would arouse me .

「Rather, I actually prefer it this way . 」

Monica desperately covers Celestina’s body, but she was rather careless about herself and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s are exposing themselves . Because she works primarily in the bedroom, her pure white b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s are nicely shaped, and her pretty v.a.g.i.n.a and a.s.s probably haven’t been broken in by a man yet .

I want to grab that a.s.s firmly and push my meat rod into that brand new p.u.s.s.y and take her virginity . And then I’ll take my shaft out and stuff her a.s.s next, going deep…… .

「Nu- not good . 」

「Wha-! As I thought, you’re l.u.s.ting for Her Majesty!! Your Majesty, you must not look!!」

「What’s going on, I can’t see anything if you cover my eyes . 」

My d.i.c.k bulges and gets erect from Monica’s naked body . It surely isn’t something a little girl should see . I’ll wash myself and let it calm down .

As I scrub myself slowly, Monica covers Celestina’s eyes while glancing over at me once in a while .

「Would you like to take a closer look?」

I stand up and thrust myself in front of her eyes .

「Please stop it! Aah, it’s resting on Her Majesty’s head!」

「What are you talking about, stop covering my eyes . Mu, something hard is on my head . 」

While Monica is expressing her distaste, she continues to stare at my engorged c.o.c.k .

「What size……almost like a giant serpent . 」

「Move your hands . 」

It’s better if Celestina doesn’t see it .

I force my hard c.o.c.k down and enter the bathtub . Of course the tip would stick out from the water’s surface so I’ll turn a small tub upside down and cover it .

「This is like something out of a dream . I’ve taken a bath with plenty of maids in the palace but n.o.body ever gets into the bathtub with me . My brother is prejudiced towards me too……」

「I will enter with you whenever you desire during your time here with-「Keigo!」I’ll come in with you at anytime . 」

「I’m happy-」

As Celestina is getting spoiled by me treating her like I’m her real brother, Monica is muttering something to herself .

「If such a large d.i.c.k were to go in by mistake, then Her Majesty’s genitals would be destroyed? No, it might be instant death . I have to do whatever I can do prevent that……」

I told you it won’t mistakenly happen .

「I’m the wife, Nonna . 」

「Similarly, I’m Mel . 」

「I’m Carla but……a little girl?「Hey! Lower your head!」What?!」

Finally coming out of her room, I took the chance to introduce Celestina to my family .

「I’m Celestina! You may address me by my name . 」

「What’s with this kid, acting all high and mighty- mogah . 」

Nonna shuts Carla up with her b.r.e.a.s.t.s .

「Fumu, so you have three wives . 」

「Well, as a Goldonian Count, three wives is pretty natural . 」

「I’m Melissa . I am his mistress . 」



「Yoguri . 」

「It’s Miti . 」

「I’m Leah . I’m the partner for his s.e.xual desires……」

Each woman on the team greets her .

「There’s a lot of you . My brother is quite the l.u.s.tful one . 」

「How many people are you surrounding yourself with?! There’s a limit to how slovenly you can be!」

I was just about to introduce them to the 30 women in the annex though .

「Now I’m sure I can’t lower my guard anymore than this! If I relax even for a second, you’ll rape Her Majesty!」

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As Monica is getting all excited, Celestina takes a bite of the snacks Nonna prepared beside her .

「You really know how to use your subordinates, or rather you just leave everything to someone else . 」

You know, Adolph, you were unhappy when you were in Arkland and had nothing to do, right? Isn’t it nice now? There’s plenty of work for you .

Side Story: Mansion of Immorality

「Monica, Monica~」

「What is it, Your Majesty?」

「My brother is doing something strange . 」

「Lord Hardlett is? What do you mean by strange?」

「Umu, I went to Nonna’s room to get some of those rare treats but……」

Monica’s face tenses as if she had a bad feeling about where this conversation would be going .

「My brother was riding on top of Nonna . 」

「Aah……my goodness . 」

「And he was holding her arms tightly while swinging his hips . Nonna was screaming like she was in pain but there’s no way my brother would treat his wife horribly . Besides, Nonna was going “do it more” and such……」

「Aaaaaaaah, not good, Your Majesty! It is too soon for Your Majesty to learn that!」

「Is that so? As I thought, I’m still just a child……」

「A-anyways, would you rather go for a walk? The sun’s rays feel quite pleasant . 」

「Muu……that’s right, I remember now!」

Monica’s face tenses up again .

「It was when I was exploring this mansion . My brother had taken one of the maids into a room . 」

「Aaah, as I thought!」

「When I took a peek, my brother had his peepee out and the maid was putting it in her mouth . It’s something you use to pee and it’s dirty, so why would you put it in your mouth?」

「T-that man is indiscriminately-……」

「There’s also that time when my brother took Carla out for a walk in the garden . 」

Monica felt relieved that the conversation has finally moved to something wholesome .

「Aah, a walk? Then, that should be fine . 」

「Carla was on all fours and barking like a dog . My brother was slamming his hips so loudly against her from behind . What kind of game is that? Carla just went ahead and peed too……」


「And there’s also……」

「There’s more!?」

Celestina points behind Monica .

「Why is that servant floating in the air? You can kind of see through her too . 」

Like a broken wheel, Monica turns stiffly to look behind her . Casie is dressed up in a maid outfit, dangling upside-down from the ceiling and smiles a few centimeters from her face .

(Good morning, I’m Casie, nice to meet you . )

Casie manipulates the doll’s hand and places it lightly on Monica’s shoulder .


「Nn, nice to meet you . 」


「Aaah! Monica collapsed! Someone, is anyone around!?」

(Oh dear me, goodness gracious, what a mess . )

Monica faints after foaming at the mouth, causing Celestina to panic and Casie to get 10 times more fl.u.s.tered than the little girl . Having lost her mind, Casie repeatedly causes the walls and floor to rumble and creates a great uproar throughout the entire mansion .

By the way, the reason Casie was wearing a maid outfit is so she can dress as a ghost of a maid of the mansion who makes advances on the sleeping master every night and rapes him .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 22 years old . Summer .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . King of the Mountains . Friend of the Dwarves .

Citizens: 142,000 . Central City Rafen: 16,000

Troops Commanded: 3700 (excluding bow cavalry)

a.s.sets: 46,800 gold (Fresh Recruit Call-up -600) Loan: 20 000 gold

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword

Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared s.e.x Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (Big c.o.c.k Lover), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Celestina (Refugee Queen), Monica (Lady-in-waiting)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)

s.e.xual Partners: 128, children who have been born: 31

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