Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 139.5

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Chapter 139.5

Home Country – Allies


21 years old . Blonde hair . Way of addressing protagonist: Count-sama, Count

Tristan is a natural tactician, his knowledge stretching into many different topics, but is lazy, hates any form of work, and has no sense of responsibility . He loves tea and reading books above all else, and is below that of an amateur in terms of martial arts, not even able to ride a horse . He constantly sighs and expresses an excessive amount of negative statements . He was forced by the protagonist halfway through to follow him to Rafen and work for him .


15 years old . Mountain Nation . Black hair . Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (Aegir-sama)

Gido belongs to the protagonist’s escort squad . He has a natural sense for battle . He has a wife with the same age as him but he is in love with Luna . He admires the protagonist for a lot of different reasons .

Rebecca Blaze

22 years old . Black hair . Height: 155 cm . Not Curvy . Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett, Count

Rebecca is an honorary Knight affiliated with the Capital’s department of information . She was the eldest daughter and a former knight, working as an official in the palace but the King recognized her talent and a.s.signed her to the information officer position . She is average at martial arts, but she is sharp, excelling at scheming and detecting schemes .


23 years old . Brown hair . Height: 163 cm . Voluptuous and soft . Way of addressing protagonist: Feudal lord-sama .

Leticia is the elder sister of the siblings who migrated from Goldonia to Rafen . She has a calm personality and a soft body, with plump lips men are attracted to . Because she has a nice body and she lets her guard down often, she is frequently raped . The protagonist has given her a small restaurant in the best district in Rafen .


14 years old . Brown hair . Height: 155 cm . Flat chest . Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

Sharon is Leticia’s younger brother, who has a gender-ambiguous appearance and voice, easily mistaken to be a woman . He works at the small restaurant with his sister . He has fallen in love with the protagonist and wants to offer him everything . He is training his a.s.s so he can accept a man .


22 years old . Chestnut-colored hair . Height: 168 cm . Buxom, ideal figure (created through extreme training) . Way of addressing protagonist: Count-sama

Lilian climbed up to be the lead actress in Goldonia, but was banished from the theatre troupe after they found out about her work history, and was later invited to Rafen . She has a pa.s.sion for acting stronger than most people . Being a tremendously beautiful woman, drawing the eyes of many, she earns the favor of the protagonist and seeks to reach greater heights .


?? years old . Dwarf Tribe . Way of addressing protagonist: Pal

Balbano is a strong male dwarf, particularly stronger than most males in his tribe, and also possesses a smithing skill that stands out . He acknowledges the protagonist as his friend .


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60 years old . Representative of the Fire Nation . One-eyed .

Pablo Dalas

23 years old . Prince .

Pablo is Diego’s second son, who is arrogant and violent and ill-natured . He believes he possesses military prowess and tactical genius . He has a civil faction more or less, but his popularity is zero .

Lavoy Borbon

55 years old . Regent, Marquess .

Lavoy is an ordinary man but was appointed Lord Regent because the other choices were worse than him . He spoils Celestina just like Diego does .

Meldus Brutus

35 years old . Margrave .

Brutus is the Malt Kingdom’s best soldier but is rising up against the Kingdom .

Babon Mulney

40 years old . Marquess .

He is a Marquess but doesn’t hold a position . He is one of the people who received the t.i.tle on the Queen’s whim and doesn’t have many redeeming features besides being a good person .

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