Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

–Aegir POV–

「This is amazing . 」

When I return to the mansion in the capital, the one who greets me as usual is the erotic Melissa . A bewitching woman like her may be the most beautiful when she’s in her thirties . Noticing that I’m staring at her thigh, peeking out from the large slit in her dress, she purposely moves it slowly to tease me .

There’s also Miti, who has pretty much become a woman, and Alma, who is trembling as usual . Kroll has been chopping wood every day to heat up the bath and is still definitely a child, but he’s become a little more manly than before .

But most importantly, there’s Maria . She has cut her long hair and she’s smiling while holding her bulging stomach .

「You got pregnant?」

「Yes, I couldn’t contact you earlier because of the war . 」

I approach Maria and gently stroke her stomach . Maria closes her eyes while smiling . But then she lets out a unhappy and subdued voice later .

「Um……this time you fought Treia in the war, right? Roleil has also become a battlefield?」

I already know what Maria is trying to say .

「I met your mother . She’s a nice and candid woman . Of course, she’s fine . 」

「Ah……is that so……? So mom is alright……」

I hug the flimsy Maria . As expected, she’s worried .

「Of course . I wouldn’t hurt such a nice woman . She’s on the older side, but she’s pretty in her own right……」


Oops, I said too much .

「Well, why don’t we eat and take a bath……」

「Please wait . 」

My shoulder was grabbed tightly .

「Mom is……already 45 . Twice as old as Aegir-san . She’s already an old lady . 」

Her stomach is large and she’s pregnant but she’s still pretty strong .

「A good woman is still a good woman even if she’s aged . 」

「Y-you s.e.x beast!!」

Shortly before introducing the girls I brought along, I got hit by one of my beloved women . The strike from the powerless Maria felt like a feather though .

After that, I bring the girls to the bath after the introductions are finished . It doesn’t look like there is any issue with this .

「That’s because Aegir-san always increases the number of women . They’ve gotten used to it . 」

Melissa smiles, exposing her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s while doing so . Miti is helping Maria to wash her body . It won’t be long before she gives birth so she can’t stay in the water for a long period .

「Although I could never have imagined that this bath would feel small . 」

I kiss Celia, who’s gotten slightly miffed at this situation with so many women .

「It’s my first time for a bath……how amazing . 」

Leah soaks in the bathtub after was.h.i.+ng herself . Because of Kroll’s efforts, the temperature is maintained from the occasionally flowing warm water, but he seems to be immensely curious about what’s going on .

Irijina is playing around with Pipi……hey, Pipi is sinking . Luna, Celia don’t just sit back, go help your comrade .

By the way, Myla isn’t here . After she introduced herself, she went to tell her family to come to the capital . It’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to embrace her today but it was hard to stop her after seeing how happy and fidgety she was . I’ll embrace her until she faints and p.i.s.ses herself when she comes back, so she can go .

「In any case……it’s gotten bigger than before, hasn’t it?」

My d.i.c.k, sticking out above the water, is poked lightly by Melissa . When I sit in the bathtub and I get hard, it sticks out like that .

「Yes . It’s gotten one size bigger and his technique is considerably……」

「He f.u.c.ked 30 people two times each in one night, if I recall correctly!」

Celia answers, but Irijina says something unnecessary .

「Thirty!? Hyaa-……」

Even Melissa sounds surprised, as she plays with my d.i.c.k . Miti, who’s was.h.i.+ng Maria, widens her eyes in surprise and puts a hand to her mouth . It’ll get even harder now .

「So I’ll also be joining tonight……since I think Melissa-san will really die if it was only her . 」

「I guess so……alright . Then I guess you can be affectionate with everyone . 」

After saying that, Melissa comes over to my side . Irijina comes over on the opposite side so I hug both of their shoulders . Luna and Celia get on all-fours while remaining in the bathtub and strokes my thighs while looking up at me . My meat rod swells uncontrollably and the entire head of my shaft extends above the water .

「Aaah……I want it . 」

Leah opens her mouth to envelope me, but Melissa stops her .

「Leah-chan……was it, could you let Maria do it? Look, she can’t really be embraced like this . 」

「Y-you’re right . I’m sorry!!」

The bowing Leah and the slightly flushed Pipi gets on top of my face with their a.s.s .

「Excuse me, kay? 」

「Pipi too!」

I grab the two large b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the two women I’m hugging .

「You can be a little rougher if you want~」

「Same here! It’s more manly if you do it to the point that it hurts!」

Celia and Luna start rubbing my a.s.s after rubbing my thighs .

「I’ll use my chest on your thigh . 」

「If you could raise your b.u.m a little more……I’ll use my finger to comfort your unclean hole . 」

Miti, embarra.s.sed at the erect p.e.n.i.s, supports Maria and places her on a wooden stool in the water . It seems Maria uses this in the bath .

「Will it be possible?」

「Of course……then I’ll be taking it in now . 」

Maria slowly takes the c.o.c.k in her mouth and bobs her head once she gets used to the size .

I lick the a.s.s and v.a.g.i.n.a of the girl on top of my face while getting showered in juices, grab the b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the women on both sides, and get my hips and thighs pleasured while fingers are entering my a.s.s in an alternating fas.h.i.+on . The important meat rod is getting sucked by the woman who got pregnant from my seed .

「This is the best……it’s splendid . 」

I express my true feelings without holding back . The women get more excited and move even faster and more intense .

In a flash, Leah sticks out her tongue and sprays her love juices, as Irijina and Melissa suck on their nipples while they fondle their b.r.e.a.s.t.s . Celia and Luna’s thin fingers in my a.s.s are also unbearably good .

I unconsciously start pus.h.i.+ng my hips up . Pipi, getting up on my face in turn, also clings to me feeling a little fl.u.s.tered .

I can’t get enough of this; this might be the ideal scenario for me . I close my eyes and throw my head back to enjoy the pleasure, causing the other girls to start crawling their tongues all over . I’m starting to feel like e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. but I want to enjoy this a bit more, so I suppress the urge . Each time I did so, my meat rod expanded .

「It’s so big……」

Melissa unconsciously let out her voice .

「It was monstrous before too, but this thing is still growing, isn’t it……」

「Yeah, I also think that it’s getting bigger every day . 」

Celia agrees as well .

「Pipi is a little sad . If it gets this big, it won’t fit inside me . It’ll burst my stomach . 」

「It’s certainly oversized if we compare it after seeing other guys! We probably couldn’t even feel it if short and tiny guys enter us!」1

Irijina’s a bit too loud so Kroll, who’s outside, dropped something in a panic .

「That’s fine though, isn’t it? Since we’re Aegir-san’s women after all . 」

「Of course . As long as Aegir-sama is satisfied, we’ll widen our holes as much as needed . 」

「Me too……I don’t care what happens as long as master f.u.c.ks me . 」

「It’s a female’s duty to serve the master, there’s no reason to be confused about stretching out your hole . 」

When everyone started to cling to me, I inevitably reached my limit . Not even half of my swollen c.o.c.k is in Maria’s mouth . But she’s still trying her best to take me in all the way in her throat, almost seeming like a single thrust would push me into her stomach . That would be too cruel towards a pregnant woman though .

「Maria! I’m c.u.mming! I’ll spray it on your entire body!!」

I get up from the water and stand in front of Maria . It seems like an enormous amount will be released, if I do say so myself . If I erupt in her mouth, it might cause her difficulty in breathing, which is dangerous for a pregnant woman .

「Go ahead!」

Maria has also resolved herself and pushes her face forward .


I stroke myself intensely and was just about to release but four hands extend from behind me to grab my c.o.c.k . Celia and Luna’s white hands are holding my c.o.c.k and rubbing it as well . It seems they’re fine with me just releasing my seed .


With a tremendous sound, my seed pours on Maria and her face is instantly becomes a plastered mess .

「On your stomach too!」

I spray a large amount of seed on her enlarged belly, the place where my seed resides . Unlike how I normally stroke myself, four hands are each rubbing their own way, causing my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n to spray every which way in an irregular rhythm .

Maria, quickly getting her entire body covered in sperm, falls over spellbound and scoops up the juices into her mouth . But my e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n isn’t over yet .

「On Miti too!」

「Heeh!? Me??」

I point my c.o.c.k at Miti, who’s supporting Maria, and fire my remaining seed . The majority of it got on Maria, but I still had enough leftover to cover Miti’s face .


My seed gets stuck on Miti’s face and finally my c.o.c.k gets a little softer, sinking back into the water .

「Fueeeeh……it got sprayed on me……」

Miti spoons a little of the s.e.m.e.n on her face and licks it, but then lets it run off in a hurry when she realizes that we were looking at her .

「Hey, Aegir-san! You shouldn’t get it on Miti . 」

I got Melissa angry . Oh yeah, she really treasures these kids……but Miti is already 16 years old . It’s about time for her to be screwed by a man . She’s become a rather pretty girl, and it might be nice if I was the one to do so .

Noticing my gaze, Miti turns red and looks down .

And the orgy continues on the bed .

「Aoooh! ……It’s only half……」

Melissa is pus.h.i.+ng herself on my c.o.c.k in the cowgirl position and using her finger to rub the part of my meat rod still left outside .

「There’s still room, all the way in the back, isn’t there?」

「Yeah……here I go . Ooooh……ooooh!!」

As Melissa lets out some growl like a beast, my c.o.c.k enters her womb . Since Melissa’s v.a.g.i.n.a has gotten roughed up, it is easier to penetrate into her womb, plus her erogenous zone is also there .

「It’s in……it’s been so long since my womb got pierced like thisss!!」

The other girls are watching with their mouths wide open as she moves her waist roughly and rubs my d.i.c.k with the insides of her body .

「No way……there’s still some left……I knew that Aegir-san has gotten bigger . 」

Up until now, it has always gone in up to the root, but there’s a little bit still not inside this time . It seems Melissa isn’t satisfied with herself as a woman though .

「Putting it all the way in ……is my……aaaaaaaah!!」

She pushed her own hips down forcefully to squeeze the rest of my c.o.c.k in, and when Melissa was finally able to get it up to the root, the shock caused her to spray her liquids everywhere and collapse on the spot . The entrance of her womb naturally started to convulsing, as well as the entirety of her v.a.g.i.n.a, and although I feel slightly sorry for Melissa, it feels good for me . I might as well e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e too .

「Fuun! 」

I pulled my rod halfway out and then push it back in up to the root . She sprays her love juices again while I erupt deep into her womb . Around that time, Melissa regained her consciousness and started to match the movements of her hips with mine .

「Well, I’m at a loss……it’s a large c.o.c.k even I can’t handle . Sooner or later, you’ll run out of girls who could handle it . 」

Melissa sinks into the bed while panting and joking lightly . Looking around, she sees that the other girls are also spreading their legs open and waiting for me to thrust into them with my d.i.c.k . But it wouldn’t be any fun if I just did so normally .

「In that case……would you like to try some rape-play ?」

Melissa takes out kimonos made out of rough cloth for everyone from the wardrobe .

「It’s pretty cheap so don’t worry about tearing it, plus you can get a different feel like this, right?」

Having everyone wear those clothes made it seem like the girls are from a poor neighborhood .

「Now, you can choose the girl you like to attack and rape . 」

I don’t really get turned on from raping someone, but this is just playing around . It’s better to just go with the flow and enjoy myself .

「Nooo! Stoooop!!」

「Be quiet!」

I push Celia to the floor on her back and grab a hold of her neck . The crude kimono gets torn loudly and her nicely shaped b.r.e.a.s.t.s emerge . Without a moment’s delay, I put my mouth to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and roll my tongue around her nipples .

「Nooo! Sto-……let go!」

Celia hits my head repeatedly while I continue to suck on her . But I ignore the feeble resistance and move myself between her legs, pressing my d.i.c.k against her slightly opened slit .

「You’re already wet, don’t you actually want it?」

「Y-you’re wrong! That’s just me being scared . 」

「Give it up, you can’t escape anymore!!」

I grab Celia’s shoulder, sticking out from the torn clothes, and push my c.o.c.k in all at once .


「How is it? Is it good? It feels good, doesn’t it?」

「Please stop……pull it out, please . 」

Celia sobs as she shakes her head left and right, but a grin appears on her face . Even though she’s acting, it seems she couldn’t hide the fact that she’s happy .

「Look, here it comes, my seed is going to burst out!!」

「Please stop! Not inside! I’ll get pregnannnnt!」



Celia is pretending to push me away but her legs are wrapped around my waist . Even so, I release my sperm while Celia is continuing to refuse me and pus.h.i.+ng against my chest .

「Fuu……How was it?」

「It was quite refres.h.i.+ng to have you refuse me……but for your legs to wrap around me so tightly, did you want it that badly?」

「It couldn’t be helped . I was truly happy deep down in my heart……I’ll act even better the next time . 」

After the intense s.e.x, Celia seems to have gotten tired, so she took a pillow and fell asleep .

「Hardlett-dono, don’t……we are superior and subordinate!」

Irijina’s body is too big so even though she wore the clothes, her v.a.g.i.n.a and a.s.s is completely exposed . Still, I tear the clothes around her chest and thrust my d.i.c.k against Irijina .

「Irijina, this is an order from your superior . Be quiet and stick out your a.s.s!」

「Such an unreasonable order is against the way of a knight……stop……you can’tt!」

My d.i.c.k pushes its way inside, spreading her insides apart .

「Aaah……I’m getting f.u.c.ked……Hardlett-dono, please have mercy……anymore than this and-」

「You will stick your a.s.s out this way, until I finish having fun . 」

I pull both of Irijina’s hands back as I continue pounding away at her . Irijina just obediently takes my c.o.c.k while her hands are pulled back and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s sticking out .

「What a nice a.s.s……how is this?」

I insert the d.i.l.d.o, that Maria could no longer use because she’s pregnant, into Irijina’s a.s.shole . It seems much smaller than my d.i.c.k but Irijina’s hole is being spread apart so much that it seems like it’ll rip .

「How is it, does it feel good getting both your holes attacked!?」

「Please stooop……I-I’m going to diee . 」

「It’s rubbing inside and it feels good……aah, I’m c.u.mming . I’m gonna release everything . 」

Irijina turns backward to look at me .

「Don’t! It’s dangerous for me today! I’ll get pregnant . 」

「Wouldn’t that be fine……? If you get pregnant, I’ll keep you as my mistress! Get pregnant, Irijina!!」

The sound of a forceful e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n resonates .

「Uwaaah!! Don’tttt!!」

After our bodies trembled, we separate from each other . Even though she was acting, I really came, so my s.e.m.e.n drips out from her crotch .

「How was it?」

「It was amazing……with my a.s.s……together……」

Irijina collapses and falls asleep beside Celia . It seems that the acting is more stimulating than usual and she felt more turned on .

「Y-you shouldn’t! I’m married, so I can’t do anything to be unfaithful!」

Luna is acting as a married woman . I don’t know what kind of book or play she got this from, but I’ll play along .

「It’ll be fine, ma’am . Your husband won’t know . ……here, look at this . 」

I wave my c.o.c.k in front of Luna .

「Uu……it’s big . 」

「It’s bigger than your husband’s, isn’t it? This will now go into you, ma’am . 」

Luna steps back to resist, but she stumbles on the bed and falls on it . With a couple of quick steps from me, I climb on top of Luna and kiss her nape .

「You went on the bed yourself, so it’s fine, right?」

「T-that’s not it……I just tripped, and definitely not some sort of invitation……」

Without saying anything, I tear Luna’s clothes from the neck area all the way to the hem .

「What a beautiful p.u.s.s.y and b.r.e.a.s.t.s . This will belong to me from now on . 」

「What foolish things are-! Everything is my husband’s……」

I rub my c.o.c.k against her entrance of her v.a.g.i.n.a .

「From now on……I’m your husband!!」

「Aah!! Please sto-……aaaaaah—!!」

I plunge my meat rod deep into Luna and bite her neck at the same time .

「Ouch! What are you doing?」

「This is the proof……that you accepted my c.o.c.k . 」

I bite her on the nape of the neck, but not hard enough that would wound her .

「How-……how did this happen, this will be discovered by my husband . 」

「You’re already my woman . Your husband will give up and only suffer . 」

I rock my hips in a daze as Luna trembles . She was enduring it by biting on her finger at first, but eventually uses both hands to cover her face, and finally wraps her arms around me and starts moaning .

「Didn’t you hate me? You were being forcefully raped, but now this will just be you cheating . 」

「I-I don’t mind anymore……I could care less about my husband……I will obey you……and this large c.o.c.k forever!」

「Well said . You’re already my woman!!」

I lift Luna up, pus.h.i.+ng my c.o.c.k as deep as I could and then e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e . In contrast to her appearance, Luna has a tight cavity and it gets quickly filled to the brim with my s.e.m.e.n, so much so that you could tell her stomach has expanded on the outside .

「I came a lot . Maybe you got pregnant?」

「Yes, surely I will get pregnant, and I will raise it as your child . I won’t be a nuisance to you, so please rest a.s.sured . 」

「Alright, I’ll call for you when I feel like doing it again . Come immediately, got it?」

「Of course . 」

Luna spreads her legs open vulgarly and crouches, then licks all the juices off my rod and makes it clean . This is slightly different from rape, but this might be nice too .

「How was it?」

「I’m speechless……this feeling of arousal deep in my heart cannot be expressed……」

……If I don’t monitor this one, she might cheat on me .

Leah, who was next, was incredible .

「Gyaaaaaah!! It hurrrtttts!! I’ll dieeeeeee!!」

I rip her clothes as usual and as soon as I penetrate her, she lets out an agonizing cry, like she’s dying .

「H-how is this?」

「Ow, ow, ow, ow, hiiiiiih!! Help meeeeee!!」


It’s supposed to be just play-rape, but if she makes it so realistic, I’ll get turned off . Leah hasn’t been in the best environments in the past so she’s probably used to this kind of stuff . When I continued to rub her insides with my slightly softer meat rod, I could tell from the undulations that she’s pretty aroused, but it didn’t calm her screaming .

「It hurts! It hurtssss-! My p.u.s.s.y is getting torn aparttt! It’s painful, I’m gonna dieee!!」

「H-hey……are you really okay……?」

「Yeah, just acting . 」

Oh, of course . With that, I continue to move my hips .

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「Gyyaaaaah!! Someone help meeeee!! Oh G.o.d! Please kill meeeee!!」


Miti puts her clothes back on and leaves Melissa, then approaches the large-bellied Maria . If it’s Maria, she won’t be so violent .

Dorothea’s Orphanage

「I see……so you laid your hands on Miti . 」

「I was a little forceful but I don’t think I made her unhappy . I intend to continue looking after her too . 」

「Mother . I was surprised to get raped, but I don’t hate my master……」

「You have plenty of happiness as a woman . I don’t think Hardlett-sama will be someone who makes a woman sad either . Miti, falling in love with a gentleman who loves women means that you will often feel jealous, but please do your best to make him happy . 」


「Leave it to me . 」

「You will have the pleasure of being raised……but you will also experience sadness from being away from me . It’s complicated . 」

「Yeah, mother has raised me and I have grown so big now . Thank you, mother!」

The two girls hug each other, so the atmosphere isn’t right for me to ask whether Dorothea wants to go one round with me . Besides, I have another request as well .

「Dorotea……I have a suggestion for that . 」

「What is it?」

She separates from Miti and turns to look at me . As I thought, she has a straitlaced personality, and it shows in her eyes as well . She’s slightly older, but still a woman I’d like to embrace .

「I want you to be in charge of managing my mansion in the capital . 」

「The mansion……? I’m terribly sorry but I have my hands full with just looking after this orphanage so I definitely don’t have any time to spare . 」

「I know . That’s why it will be fine if you just brought the kids along with you to this mansion . I think it would be much easier to live there than this breezy place . 」

「Oh my……to live in a n.o.ble’s mansion……」

「Actually, I want to take Melissa and the others, along with Miti, back to my territory . But I don’t have many people I can trust to look after the mansion, and it will deteriorate if it isn’t used . I will give you a maintenance fee and a wage for looking after the mansion, and the children could become servants . It should be easier for you and the kids to live there rather than here . 」

As expected, Dorotea looks surprised .

「You would leave your mansion to me and the kids, without even knowing our backgrounds……?」

「I don’t know about your backgrounds but I know your character . 」

After Dorotea considers it for a short period, she bows deeply .

「Then if you would please allow me to, I humbly accept your offer . 」

「I’ll show you around the place . I’ll be leaving next week so you can come over whenever you want before that . 」

When Dorotea raises her head, I approach her and quickly steal her lips . I slip my tongue into her mouth and prod the insides for several seconds before letting go .


「You were so attractive, I just couldn’t help myself . Think of it as the proof of our contract . 」

「What a flirtatious gentleman……I can imagine the future hards.h.i.+ps for Miti . 」

Dorotea wipes her mouth after, but her cheeks are tinted with a slight blush .

I leave Miti here, whose mouth remains open and is at a complete loss for words, and head back to the mansion . I’ll let the mother and daughter sleep together for tonight at least .

And on the day of departure, the entire family is gathered and getting ready for the journey . The girls aren’t the only ones coming with me, but Kroll and Alma are also coming . Kroll is already quite grown up and has the resolve to come with me, while Alma is still scared, but should be fine if she sticks to Kroll . It seems like she’s constantly thinking about Kroll .

The children are coming along so Melissa has no reason to stay here, and since Melissa is going, Maria said she would come too, resulting in a chain effect that caused everyone to accompany me .

What worries me is the chance that Maria, whose stomach is already quite big, would give birth during the winter trip, but there is also a solution for that .

「What an incredible carriage……so something like a six-horse carriage exists . 」

It’s a large-sized carriage that Kenneth gave me as a present for being promoted to a Count . He gave it to me, so I accepted . But it seems Celia is worried about a variety of things .

The carriage is considerably large so it couldn’t be used within the capital, thus it was waiting for us outside . On the other hand, land is the only thing that Rafen doesn’t lack, so the roads are large and there should be room for this carriage to run .

The interior has plenty of s.p.a.ce and cus.h.i.+ons have been prepared as well . Moreover, the cha.s.sis itself is made with the Olga Federation’s latest technology so it wouldn’t feel too b.u.mpy even on rough ground . A heating instrument has been prepared as well, so Maria could travel without worrying her body will get too cold .

「This is amazing……as expected of Goldonia……」

Myla, who has returned with gifts from her family, is also surprised when she saw the carriage . Her rank is a Goldonian Baroness, but besides that, her position is still unstable so I designated her as a house guest/mistress for now . Although she keeps telling me not to call her a mistress and just call her a soldier .

「But……why is there a bed in the back?」

Celia speaks in a somewhat snappy tone .

「It’s so that Maria can rest comfortably . 」

「 ……It’s not for Aegir-sama to use to embrace a girl, right?」

That as well .

When all the family members got on the carriage and I was about to give the order to my soldiers, I heard an angry voice shouting .

「Like I said, I won’t let you hitchhike! What are you thinking, it’s rude!」

「Well, could you somehow……I am indebted to Hardlett-sama……」

「Are you an acquaintance of the Count?」

「No, once in the city……」

「If it’s like that, then everyone has seen him during the parade, you idiot!!」

「Don’t pick on my sister!」

「I wonder what it is, shall I go take a look?」

Celia sticks her head out the window of the carriage . If you go, you might make it worse, so I’ll go .

「What’s wrong? What’s all the commotion about?」

「W-well, Count Hardlett! Sorry for disturbing you . These girls are asking us something ridiculous like letting them come along……」

When I came to look, I see a calm-looking beauty and a lively young girl . They look familiar .

「These girls claim they’ve seen Count Hardlett before, so I’ll just chase them off immediately . 」

「Hardlett-sama! You saved my sister and I in this alley, didn’t you!?」

「I am truly thankful . 」

Oh, I remember . It’s the girl who was getting raped and her younger sister . I seem to have a thing for rape lately……I guess I should treasure my girls more .

「Fumu, so you want to come with us?」

「Yes, we have been working at a bar in the capital but we were just fired recently……」

「I didn’t do anything wrong! I only kicked away the perverted old man who touched my sister’s b.u.t.t!」

I don’t need to hear more .

「So, you want to come to Rafen?」

「Yes . I heard that many people have been gathering in Rafen recently and there are more jobs……and also I believe it’s might be some sort of fate that is leading us to work in Hardlett-sama’s territory . 」

「But my sister doesn’t have the strongest body, so she can’t walk in the cold weather . That’s why……I was asking if we could ride in an empty wagon!」

Fumu, I don’t particularly mind, since two females are almost like baggage . Of course, I can’t bring two girls, who I don’t know the names of, into the carriage with my family, but it’s fine to let them get in one of the other wagons .

「Just let them get on any one of those wagons, it should be empty since it’s on the way back . 」

「Ye-……well……then this would set an example for the others……」

I look over and see a line of several people following after us . If they follow behind the army, they won’t have to worry about bandits or monsters . There is a risk that the soldiers will do something, but I guess they trust my army somewhat .

But my army marches at a high pace, so there’s a risk they might get left behind . If I let them ride in the wagons, they might creep and crawl around . I feel uneasy letting some unknown people ride with the supplies .

「Then it would be like this . 」

I hug the shoulder of the gentle and voluptuous woman and bring her in for a kiss . Her body stiffens initially, but she relaxes soon after, leaning herself against me . Her plump and hot lips are really nice to suck on, and although she isn’t fat, her entire body is soft . She would definitely get raped if she were to walk around at night .

「Puhaa……you’re good at kissing, aren’t you . 」

After we swapped spit for a while, I separate my lips from hers and hug the shoulder of the younger sister next .

「Yo-……you can’t . I-I’m a bo-……nnh!!」

Compared to the elder sister, her lips are thin, her body is smaller and doesn’t have much meat . When I continue to hug her and fondle her a.s.s, she tightens up and acts strangely .

「Puhaa……Hardlett-sama……this……I’ll become strange . 」

The younger sister is pressing against her crotch and is bent over . I guess she got wet .

「As you’ve seen, I’ll have these two entertain me . You can let them get on one of the wagons . 」


The soldiers let them get on an empty wagon . We had a small commotion, but I want to hurry back to Rafen .

「Another two girls……」

「Celia, if you frown all the time, the wrinkles between your eyebrows will become permanent . 」

「Don’t ma.s.sage my face please! Aaah~, it won’t be able to go back to normal~」

「Pipi will do it too!」

「Me too!!!」

「I will as well, although I’m weak……」

「Me too……」

「Stop it, Pipi! Runa-san, you too……oowww!! Irijina-san, you’re tearing me apart!! ……how dare you touch me! I’ll kill you, you little brat!!」

Alma is desperately trying to protect Kroll from getting kicked by Celia after he got a little overconfident and touched Celia’s face . It seems Irijina has gotten fond of the sensation of her cheeks and is continuing to rub them with her herculean strength, while I pet the screaming Celia’s head and play with Leah’s hair, who is sleeping on my lap .

I wonder if Nonna and the others are doing well . It would be nice if she didn’t get into any arguments with Adolph about unnecessary spending .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 21 years old . Winter .

(Traditional age reckoning)

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count . Feudal Lord of Entire Eastern Area of Goldonia . King of the Mountains

Troops Commanded: Private Army – reorganizing

a.s.sets: -300 gold (Labor Cost -100)

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear

Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant), Rita (maid), Catherine (lewd), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared s.e.x Slave), Yoguri (???), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Ruby (Luna’s follower), Alma, Kroll, Miti (lover)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)

s.e.xual Partners: 88, children who have been born: 9

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