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76 Judging A Book By It's Cover!

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Nick was starting to feel helpless, why couldn't the kids just be all pure and sweet like the ones he saw in movies. Why did the ones he adopted seem like defective products? One was a little pervert that hits on anything that moves, and the other was a mercenary that would do anything for some chocolate!"Master, the carriage is ready." Peter came in at the most opportune time as he woke Nick up from his helpless state.

And it was then that Nick saw a little hope, so what if they were two bad eggs, weren't they now with him? Since kids usually follow the example of their elders then there was nothing more to worry about, right?! With a role model like him around it was impossible for the kids to turn out bad.

Slowly as Nick was praising himself, the carriage left the palace grounds and soon entered the main street. From the information Luke gave him, there was only one shop which sold extremely rare materials, and this shop was called, Radiance Pavillion!

The Pavilion was the second largest building in the city, second only to the Palace itself! So Nick didn't have any problem locating this Pavillion and pretty soon the carriage was parked right in front of it.

"Excuse me sir, but you can't park here! This place is for Vips only!" A st.u.r.dy young man walked up and immediately requested that Nick remove his carriage from the area and park it elsewhere.

"Hey! What makes you think that I'm not a Vip, huh?!" Nick who already had one foot out the carriage door asked, angry and curious.

"Let's see, where should I begin, the carriage that only poor cultivators drive, the clothes that look fancy on the outside but are not from any famous brand, and most of all, your etiquette that suggests you were raised in a barn!" The young man didn't mince his words at all, completely aiming to demolish Nick's confidence.

"Wuuuu...I can't believe you, just because I love dressing like the common people and enjoy a frugal life you are looking down on me?! Peter, Wuuu, please call a couple of palace guards to hand this man a beating! Only then can my honest and pacifist heart gain peace!" Nick who seemed to really hurt emotionally ordered.

"W...wait?! Palace guards?! Sir, can I ask what sort of position you hold in the palace?" The young man now sweating asked cautiously.

"Ummm, I don't understand you're question, If you mean what is my job, that would be the head chef, and if you mean what is the current token that represents my ident.i.ty then that would be the general's token, but if you are referring to my personal connection to the Emperor, that, he called me Brother yesterday, I don't know about today though?"

Nick's every word were like nails that struck the young man's heart, why did he have to be ill-mannered today of all days. But the hammers to those nail-like words, was the general's token Nick was playing with as he said them!

He rarely ever fell into these situations because he was always cautious with guests for fear of their hidden ident.i.ties. But yesterday his boss had specifically told him to stop trash from entering the Pavillion!

The young man had been told to start learning the art of judging books by their cover, and surprisingly he was amazing at it! Just today he had kicked out six peasants that were planning on simply taking a casual stroll in the Pavillion.

But this time he had hit an Iron wall, he had truly messed up! It was at this time that a large army of soldiers and several luxurious carriages with high-level beasts carrying them parked right beside the pavilion.

"That's him, daddy! He called me a peasant and made fun of my weight, he even called me a lowborn whose mother was so poor that she could only breastfeed one breast since she had to rent the other out!" A slightly chubby boy hopped out of one of the luxurious carriages.

"Me too! This ugly b.a.s.t.a.r.d said that I couldn't be rich because my clothes weren't made by famous designers like Gutti and Lui Baton! He even said that my parents couldn't afford them even if they sold me to a brothel"A young woman dressed in shabby clothing cried out as she stepped out of another carriage, dragging a bald muscular gentlemen with her.

"But not as a prost.i.tute, remember, I said that too!!" The desperate young man tried to prove his innocence dearly.

"Yes, I remember you said I should work as a cleaner that cleans up the mess after the deed because no one would take me for free let alone pay for me!" A young woman dressed in shabby clothing cried out as she stepped out of another carriage while dragging a bald muscular gentlemen with her.

Nick truly felt bad for the young man, these people were bullies, why did they dress up so shabbily if they were so rich? Did people enjoy showing off so much that they would resort to such levels of deception?

But just as the young man was about to lose hope, he saw the armed soldiers quickly stepping up and silencing the rowdy crowd.

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"Shut up all of you! How dare you make such a commotion when the one truly wronged here is our little General?!!" The captain of the armed guards roared out!

Was it too much to ask for a beating?! Was it too much to ask to be ordinary and receive the punishment he deserved?!!

Smack!! Bang!! Ding!! Dong!! Dosh!! Potong!!

Nick who was on top of the carriage just a moment ago soon appeared beside the young man and began to rain punches, slaps, and kicks generously!

"What are you doing?!" One of the army soldiers roared out.

"What do you mean? I'm following the Crown prince's orders!! Didn't he say to hit him, why are you all standing there?!! Are you perhaps planning to rebel?!!" Nick counted as he continued to rain a beating!

Everyone was stunned, what do you mean you're following orders? We can all see the Crown prince trying to tell you to stop, but you keep kicking him in the face, preventing him from saying a word! And why is your carriage driver joining in, he's even using a broom to conduct the beating!

To Peter these days were the most exciting, ogling the Emperor's wives, chatting randomly with the palace guards, and even smacking the bottom of the crown Prince! His only dream now is to one day use this very broom to wack the b.u.t.t of an Emperor himself!

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