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75 The Little Harem King!

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Early the next morning, Nick entered the palace and headed towards the kitchen. The kitchen was, contrary to Nick's expectations quite modern. The stoves weren't the stone ones he had seen in those medieval tv shows, instead, they were metal made artifacts that used Spirit stones to release fire.And the kitchen even had a freezer to keep things cool and fresh that worked on the same principle as the stoves. In fact, it was all just too clean and tidy that it annoyed Nick who was there for an authentic medieval experience.

As Nick was busy inspecting the Kitchen the guard from the previous day rushed in. The guard's name was Luke, twenty-two years old he became a guard because his father wanted him to be, or at least this was what he told Nick yesterday when they chatted in the middle of their tour.

"Head chef, the Emperor requests breakfast!" The guard immediately saluted Nick before he pa.s.sed down the Emperor's orders.

"You heard him, get to cooking, but make sure to bring it to me for an inspection before you serve it to the Emperor!" Nick who received the orders calmly then pa.s.sed it down to the other chefs working in the kitchen.

After deligating his work Nick then walked out of the kitchen and began slacking off around the palace. The reason he didn't personally cook it, was because he felt it was a waste of time, why cook it when he could just heat the food others made and turn it into a delicacy.

Then, in the middle of his random stroll, he was surprised to run into little Dean. What was surprising about this situation was that Dean was standing in front of the Emperor's bedroom.

Nick sighed lightly as he shook his head at the little guy. Dean sure didn't know how to talk to the ladies, he was just too young to compare with a pro like him.

Walking up beside the kid, Nick starred in contempt at his little compet.i.tion, before he opened the door and walked inside.

Inside the bedroom, beside the open window sat a beautiful short-haired girl, who seemed to be enjoying her self so much that she didn't even notice that Nick and Dean were there.

"Hi, there little Emperess!" Nick greeted, making sure he was loud enough to catch her attention.

The woman then calmly turned around and smiled lightly as she spoke in a rough voice, "Who the f.u.c.k are you?! Get the f.u.c.k out of here before I begin my morning with some a.s.s-whooping!"

Then the lady sat down on a chair as she spread her legs comfortably and began picking her nose

"..." Nick.

"..." Dean.

The lady was acting like a typical gangster as she spoke and kept on staring at them in a questioning manner.

"Sorry that we disturbed you madam. I'm the new head chef of the palace, and I just came here to ask what this lady will be having?" Nick cautiously said.

"Oh, sorry about that, I've been on edge because I've heard about some little pervert that kept on giving love poems to every woman in the palace, apparently he calls himself that Harem king!" The girl explained her earlier behavior.

Dean immediately hid the piece of paper in his hand.

Nick facepalmed, so that was why Dean had been acting strange lately. He had recently thrown away one of the comics he had bought from the system after he finished reading it.

It was a story of a man who wrote poems and mesmerized hundreds of women, and although the comic didn't have anything age-inappropriate, it still ended with the guy marrying a hundred women. From the looks of it, Dean had found the Comic after he had thrown it away, and was now using it as a guide book!

Just thinking about how the random comic book he had thrown out was able to influence someone's life so positively gave Nick a sense of pride and joy.

Then, after admiring Dean for a while, Nick immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed away the piece of paper in the boy's hands and handed it over to the gangster Empress.

The Empress who then read the poem was stunned and began staring at Dean in amazement. She had never expected the famous trending pervert would be just a little boy.

"Please educate him for me Empress. But don't take it too far, a couple of slaps on the b.u.m will do!" Nick who sold out Dean calmly walked out of the room.

And under Dean's terrified and pleading eyes began closing the door. But midway he was interrupted by the Empress.

"No problem, leave it to me. I had two little brothers so I know how to teach them a good lesson! And by the way, please bring me something light for breakfast, like a grilled boar or a roasted heavenly eagle!" The gangster Empress said.

"Oh, what terrible luck, I officially start work tomorrow, so I won't be working today!" Nick said as he continued his attempt to shut the door. The woman was too f.u.c.king crazy. If those could be considered light meals then what was her idea of a heavy one, a large stone statue with ketchup?!

And there was no way she would now if he was telling the truth since she will be leaving an hour later anyway. But then the gangster-like lady vanished from where she was and grabbed the door.

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"But didn't you say that you came here to asked me what I will be having?" The gangster Empress asked solemnly.

"It's alright don't worry, you can tell that my cultivation isn't that high right? How could I possibly rob the vault with my current strength?" Nick reasoned as he attempted to convince the simple guard. And after a couple of minutes of swearing and promising Nick was given the directions to the vault.

Following the instructions, Nick soon arrived in front of the vault and was surprised to find that there was only one guard stationed there unlike the toilet he saw yesterday, which was quite heavily guarded.

"Stop right there head chef! This place is restricted, only the Emperor and the crown prince are granted access!" The lonely guard spoke out.

The guard was incredibly powerful, his cultivation at the peak of the transcendence realm. But Nick wasn't too worried since he only came here today to get a general sense of the security.

So, nodding politely Nick walked back to his residence and had Peter prepare the carriage for a stroll in the city. He wanted to see if he could find any of the materials on his main mission list in the markets and auctions.

But on his way out he overheard a weird conversation going on, at the other side of the large residence.

"So, what do you guys think of the Supreme chocolate?" Maggi asked.

"It's amazing little sis, but it was just too small! If only you had given us more." Nick recognized this voice since it belonged to one of the fatties Maggie had struck the previous day.

"I'm sorry, but one bar of chocolate can only be broken into twenty or so pieces, and so you can understand how hard it was for me to give you two one each! But if you work with me, and you let me strike you once a day in front of Nick, then I promise that you will receive two each from then on!" Maggi proposed.

"Where would this strike take place?" The other fatty from yesterday asked.

"That, it will be on the useless thing between your legs. For some reason, Nick enjoys. .h.i.tting it!" Maggi proclaimed.

"..." Nick was super depressed, when will someone understand that he didn't do it because he enjoys it, but because he believed it was necessary for some people not to produce little versions of themselves!

And just as Nick expected he heard the two fatties hobbling away from the little demoness.

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