The Emperor's System


7 Prick Of A Servan

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Mathew was having a nightmare right now, he had dreamt about the day his young master would ask to train for years. But today it actually came true, he was so excited when he saw his young master sitting on the boulder as he felt this was a new chapter in the history books of the family.As the most talented member of the family that has ever existed had started training and he had the honour to be his teacher. But before he could marvel at the happy occasion it happened, the thing that made him want to gouge his eyes out.

First everything was going well as the young master opened the first page, usually the power of the word on the first page would echo around someone's head to test their mental fort.i.tude, and he was glad to see that it didn't even affect the young master which meant that not only did the young master possess heavenly talent, he actually also had great mental fort.i.tude.

Then before they could go to the second page it all went to s.h.i.t, as a mysteries golden beam came out of nowhere and hit the book, and before he could even react the book started to get covered with golden radiance.

The weird thing about all this was after that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't move an inch, as if he was being restricted by some mysterious force. Then to his horror the book started to burn until nothing was left.

When the family head and the elders hear of this, then he will be executed publicly.

Eyes bulging, red and in the brink of insanity, he furiously grabbed Nick by the shoulder and started shaking him.


But in his anxiousness and rage he forgot to control his strength, causing Nick heavy internal damage.

Nick had been excited when he saw the Dragon in his dantain, because it would be absorbing energy all the time meaning that he doesn't need to sit cross legged to cultivation, and could continue cultivating even while sleeping.

Sadly, That excitement all went away, as he saw his servant Mathew grab him by his shoulders and start shaking him back and forth. Pain racked him as he felt his internal organ bursting one by one.

He couldn't even scream from the pain since a large volume of blood rushed into his throat. All he could do was gargle and choke as he tried to beg for his life while thinking.

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'What in the entire f.u.c.k, is this? Is this some sort of cruel joke that fate is playing on me? I was so happy to be alive, so grateful for another chance in life, so grateful for being as talented in two lives, not a trash person like most of the main characters in novels.'

Mathew eventually returned to his senses and realised his mistake when he saw the blood drenched Nick having trouble breathing.

Loosening his grip, he watched as Nick fell heavily to the ground. Staring at his hand he started pacing while muttering to himself "At least I could have had a clean death before, but now, after injuring the young master to the point of nearly killing him, death will be a fools dream. I will definitely get torture to death."

As images of all the kinds of torture he would go through kept flashing in his mind he finally sighed and began to walk back to the hardly breathing Nick on the floor.

"Forgive me young master for I have failed you, giving my life is one thing, but the torture I will go through, if they hear I nearly killed you is another. But know that I will always love you young master." Crying as he spoke he grabbed Nick, and carried him toward that thing, the thing that was in the most restricted area of the family, the thing that only a handful of people have the right to stand in front of.

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