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67 Be Bold

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"Hey!! You can't do this, let us go!!""That's right, just because you guys have weapons doesn't mean you should act like bullies!!"

"Brother, please let me go, I'm starving here!"

The people by the gate were starting to riot! They have been held here for three days now! Sure the soldiers brought them rations, but they weren't nearly enough both in terms of quant.i.ty and quality.

But the most miserable ones in this situation were the naked people. They had all been excited at the thought of entering the city, so as a form of celebration most of them threw their clothes away! Yet now because of that, they were suffering through the bitter cold!

Listening to all their whining a certain soldier that was in the middle of the large surrounding army was unable to take it any longer! He had just arrived at the scene and didn't really know why they were blocking off the area, but he did know that the one that gave the orders was the General himself.

This soldier was at the back of the army, so he couldn't even see the ones that were whining, but he wanted to let those people know who was the boss here, while at the same time gaining the admiration of his comrades, it was a win-win situation.

"Shut up! This was an order from the General himself! And anyone that ignores it shall be stripped naked and flogged by me personally!!" The soldier roared out.

The soldier then saw all his fellow soldiers staring at him wide-eyed! Then as if they were showing him the due respect, the ones in front made way to let him through, as if saying, bro, you're so cool, please handle these people for us.

Chest welling up with pride the soldier steadily walked forth, every step showing his determination as a soldier! Then finally the soldier stood face to face with the complainers, and before he could retreat his fellow soldiers moved back into position, closing his only way back!

"What did you say?! Strip us naked and flog us? Fine then, we're already halfway there, go ahead with the flogging! Maybe that way my b.u.t.t will get some heat!!" A nasty wrinkled up old man walked up eagerly.

It was at that moment that the soldiers knew he f.u.c.ked up! He had chosen to say the least scariest thing possible to these perverts!

"Move away old man! The boy is mine! Come to here boy, let us warm up each other!" This time it was a nasty wrinkled up old woman that said this.

The nasty wrinkled up old man was stunned, was his wife going to cheat on him?

But, at this time, the surrounding area that had always been stinky to high heaven, was suddenly engulfed by a pungent yet mesmerizing smell. The smell was so incredible that all soldiers, commoners, and cultivators stopped their bickering and began a thorough search for the source of this heavenly aroma.

A few seconds later countless eyes all shifted to the front of one particular carriage. In front of this carriage, were a group of people sitting around a campfire grilling a large piece of juicy meat! What made this group unique other than their calm demeanor was the weird thing covering all their faces.

This group of people happened to be Nick, Peter, Maggi, and Dean. During their stay here for the past three days, they have stayed in the carriage eating, drinking, and playing, not the least bit affected by the nasty smell due to Nick purchasing a weak ventilator.

But the kids who have missed Nick's cooking begged and pleaded for him to cook. This was why Nick purchased the highest grade masks from the system which could filter out most toxic substances farts included before he dared to go out and cook for them.


A few minutes ago, back on earth.

"Hey honey, great news, I've got the masks! Yes, the most incredible kind. I had my friend in the CDC hook me up. Yeah, honey with this mask we don't have to fear some b.i.t.c.hy Coronavirus, we can even reuse the mask as many times as we want!" A man was talking to his wife on the cellphone.

Then suddenly, behind this man, a hand emerged eerily, but the hand didn't take any action as it instead politely waited for the man to finish his call, it wasn't one of those rude hands after all.

Then as soon as the man finished the hand said, "Woman, am I right?"

"Tell me about it my wi..."


The hand didn't like people that complain about their wives to others! If you have a problem keep it to you're self, I only asked if you were talking to a woman, why are you blabbing so much?

Then the hand opened the box of masks and took away four before vanishing, but not a minute later the hand appeared in the middle of a random bathroom and began washing for thirty seconds, it didn't want to catch the virus when all it did was smack some idiot!

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"Cough, actually, I shaved it myself! Because..." The man was about to tell them the reason when he got interrupted again.

"Ahh, then are you a monk?" Dean asked.

"No, monks would never join the army! I think its more likely that he's part of some bald special forces that require its members to shave their heads!" Nick suggested as he rubbed his nonexistent beard.

The man was furious, why didn't these people just ask him?! They didn't even give him a chance to explain as they kept blabbering on and on. The real reason he was bald was because of his old girlfriend.

Years ago when they were still young and courting each other, she had said this in the middle of their stroll, 'I like a man that is both bold and brave!'

Immediately the next day the love-struck man went and shaved his head and joined the army! And to even prove his undying love for her he had paid half his savings to a high-level cultivator to destroy all his hair follicles so that they wouldn't grow back!

But when the girl saw him again she was stunned, what the h.e.l.l happened to the fellow? And when she heard the reason she became even more stunned as she said, "But darling, I said bold, not bald..."

Then she left him...

"So, which is it badly?!" Dean asked, wondering if he or Nick were right!

"Well, you big brother was right, I was previously in a powerful secret force under one of the princes!" The man said.

"..." The man's commanding officer.

"..." One of the naked women which also happened to be his old girlfriend.

"..." His bold head, but it was a head after all, what do you expect it to say...

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