The Emperor's System


64 The Hidden Mission Part 2

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The guards were stumped, what should they do with this shameless fellow? But to their relief, their captain soon came over, and after asking them the problem they hurriedly explained their current predicament, the captain gazed at them with disdain before he headed over to Nick and said."Sir, you can't say that, if it were as you say, and these people were indeed one person, wouldn't they all be sharing one cloth?!!" The guard captain was used to dealing with the scheming merchants so he didn't even consider Nick as a threat.

The other guard began to laugh, their captain sure was smart, he answered the man's dumb mathematical problem, with a dumb logical answer while not forgetting to mock him a little on the way!! Pride couldn't explain how the guards felt right now!

Nick then stared at the captain wide eye, before endless excitement filled his eyes, "So, you are saying that as long as people have no cloth on, they can enter the city for free?!!"

The guard captain was then stunned inturn, when did he say such a ridiculous thing?!

Dean, Maggi, and Peter immediately held on to their clothes with dear life, Nick wasn't shameless enough to undress them to save a couple of stones right?

The guard captain instantly saw how the kids reacted and knew that there was no way the kids would allow Nick to undress them, so he nodded at Nick in an amusing manner, go ahead, let's see if you dare take off your cloth in public!

Seeing the guard nodding Nick immediately jumped of the carriage before he hovered a few meter in the air and spoke while using his energy as an amplifier!

"Ladies and gentlemen, today, in celebration of the guard captain's birthday, every naked person will gain free entry to the city!!! Be it man woman child, if you're naked and you let the guard captain see you, you will be granted free entry into the city!!!"


Everybody immediately separated into two different groups. one group was scorning and cursing the disgusting guard captain that enjoys watching such a thing, what kind of beast enjoys watching naked babies?!!

Another group, which was mainly consisted of commoners dreaming of seeing the imperial city before they die, were hurriedly getting undressed, all of them chatting and laughing as they pointed at each other's bodies and praising each other...

Most of them even began calling the guard captain to show him what they got, men included...

Nick's eyes stung and got watery as soon as he saw a middle-aged man twerking, these people were perhaps crazier than he was...f.u.c.k, what do you mean, they were perhaps crazier than he was, they definitely were. just looking at the old grandpa using his walking stick as a strip pole one could see that!!!

The guard captain began to sweat and shiver, he had f.u.c.ked up this time, how was he going to explain this to the n.o.bles and generals in the Empire? But then he turned to find Nick back in the carriage looking at his nails like he did nothing wrong, d.a.m.n, how can this guy be this vindictive?!!

"Sir, please clear up this misunderstanding, tell the people you were joking and I swear I will wave your fee so that you won't need to pay anything!!" The guard captain could only do it this way.

If he said that he didn't say it, he would only be insulting the hearing of the cultivators, most of them had probably heard what he said to Nick and could help Nick vouch for it, so he could only have Nick admit they were just playing around and that the captain didn't mean any of it.

Nick saw the smarty pants captain conceding and smirked, he then calmly took out four Origin stones and threw them to the captain before he said in the same loud voice he used previously, "Hmph, you want me to strip naked, keep dreaming!!! I would rather die than service you for a mere thousand Origin stones!!"

After saying this Nick had Peter enter the city calmly, whatever happened next had nothing to do with him.

Uproar, what did they hear, a thousand Origin stones to service this man?!! Immediately every commoner and low-level cultivator ran over to showcase their talents!

"Sir, wasn't that too harsh?" Peter who seemed to be troubled over the matter asked.

Nick could only sigh heavily, he also felt it was kind of harsh that he had to pay four Origin stones to enter the city, where was the kindness in humanity, why was it only him that kept nothing but kindness in his heart.

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After the commotion settled a little the third prince made his way into the city, and without delay he headed straight to the palace.

"Father, I found this wine deep in the forest, when I found it, it was resting in deep in an abandoned cave, I present this to you, father!" After saying this the prince handed it over to the Emperor.

The Emperor wasn't all that impressed at first, but then he saw tiny numbers on the bottle that made him change his mind, the numbers were 2020, the Emperor immediately grew agitated, didn't this mean that the wine was aged for twenty thousand and twenty years?!!!

"Good lad, who knew that you would bring me such a treasure, come here, let father give you a hug!!" The Emperor was so excited that he jumped up and gave the prince a hug.

" have finally hugged me...wuuu!!" The Prince immediately lost it, he had yearned for this kind of affection ever since he was a child but had never been fortunate enough to receive it, but finally today he did.

"It's okay boy, you did good, its been hard on you!" The Emperor said all this with a smile while his eyes stayed glued to the bottle of wine.

But after a few minutes, the Emperor ran into a problem, the prince wasn't letting go!! No matter how hard the Emperor tried the boy just hugged him and drenched him in snot and tears, the Emperor's heart grew pained, sigh, this was his favorite robe! This was exactly the reason he never gave any of his kids' affection, they were all big criers!!!

"Calm down son, go and fetch two of wine, let's drink this miracle wine together!" The Emperor said, trying his hardest to console his son.

Only then did the prince reluctantly let go of his father and run over to get some, returning not a minute later.

Then the prince opened the wine, respectfully pouring his father a gla.s.s, and only after he filled his fathers gla.s.s did he dare pour himself some.

The Emperor who was smiling then stopped his son and grabbed the bottle to pour his son the wine, honored the prince held up his gla.s.s, but was stunned to see his father purring him five drops carefully as if he didn't want to waste anymore, and while doing so he kept on looking up to see his expression as if asking if this was enough.

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